Friday, August 14, 2020

18 US Code Section 1701 et seq. makes intentional delay or obstruction of the U.S. mail by anyone a Federal Crime

Mod: Isn't it time some of our state Attorneys General went to the Supreme Court and got this law enforced?

Potential Legal Remedy For USPS Sabotage (Daily Kos link): Our first priority must be to get votes counted without depending upon intervention by the Court. This means dropping off mail-in ballots at designated collection points rather than depending upon the Post Office, or voting in person. As various commenters have said, depending upon the Roberts court for a favorable ruling cannot be plan A.

With that said, we should also be urging state AGs to pursue this legal remedy as set forth here.

Of the many things we must do to make sure Trump cannot stick around after January 20, 2021 is to prevent any criminal interference (domestic and international) with our electoral process that keeps the Democratic victory from being seen as anything other than the rout it is.  In short, there must be a Bluenami to keep key people (like the SCOTUS and military leaders) in line.

This means the current effort by Trump and his cronies to cripple the U.S. Post Office and defeat vote-by-mail must be stopped at once. A House bill directing Post Office chief, Louis DeJoy, to maintain mail delivery service levels that existed on January 1st of this year will not pass the Senate and so offers no hope. Relief must be sought from the Judicial Branch immediately (as Glenn Kirschner said on the radio this morning, “yesterday.”)

What Kirschner didn’t say is that one or more of U.S. states which use 100% vote-by-mail in their elections (Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Colorado and Utah) should be made a plaintiff in any lawsuit against Trump and DeJoy, so that under the “original Jurisdiction” rules in the constitution THE CASE CAN BE BROUGHT DIRECTLY TO THE SUPREME COURT, COMMENCING WITH A REQUEST FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION.

Writing the pleading should take an hour. As usual, Trump has already made the best case against himself by (1) saying  vote-by-mail means no Republican can ever be elected; (2) openly lying about a supposed difference between absentee voting and vote-by-mail (a distinction without a difference); (3) stating openly that vote-by-mail is okay in Florida (where he lives and had just been told the GOP has won many elections using it), etc.  Clearly, the motives behind what is happening are not fiscal, as claimed, but rather blatently political and unlawful.  18 US Code Section 1701 et seq. makes intentional delay or obstruction of the U.S. mail by any person a federal crime.

Elections are run by states, for better or worse. Trump’s current efforts shatter this barrier and will disenfranchise millions. In addition, the ham-handed way in which it is being done - by crippling the U.S. Post Office - will bring irreversible harm to pensioners, retirees, veterans, the elderly, the sick, the handicapped and others by delaying or blocking benefits, payments, tax refunds, medicines and more. Small businesses that ship products overseas are already shutting down due to delivery failures.

It is reported Trump plans to sue many key states on or soon after Election Day to stop all counting or inclusion of mail-in ballots. We cannot wait for that to happen… every day of delay after 3 November in declaring a winner makes it less likely the SCOTUS will allow counting to resume. It will be 2000 all over again. C’mon state AGs! The best defense is an offense. Get together and drop the big bomb on this unholy, unprecedented and unconstitutional behavior NOW, while there is still time.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Foreword for Michael Cohen’s book is out — and it contains allegations of deviant sex acts and a backchannel to Putin

Mod: Uh oh, the foreword for Michael Cohen’s book is out today — and it contains allegations of deviant sex acts and a backchannel to Putin. Get the popcorn ready. 

The foreword for Michael Cohen’s book is out — and it contains allegations of deviant sex acts and a backchannel to Putin (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen was unfairly targeted by judges attempting to silence his tell-all book slated to be released before the election. However, Cohen prevailed and his new book Disloyal: A Memoir. The true story of the former personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to be released by Oct. 6, according to Amazon, but Cohen had initially said he hoped to have it out by the end of September.

Cohen has already released the foreword of the book on the site for the book, which is getting so much traffic it keeps crashing.

“From golden showers in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch and kill conspiracies, to silencing Trump’s clandestine lovers, I wasn’t just a witness to the president’s rise—I was an active and eager participant,” it says, among other things.

He recalled his shocking and revealing testimony to Congress in which he outed the president for unethical and questionable behavior and urged others to rethink their support.

“To those who support the President and his rhetoric, as I once did, I pray the country doesn’t make the same mistakes as I have made or pay the heavy price that my family and I are paying,” Cohen recalled, “exhorting them to learn from my example.”

“Pulling over at a service plaza, I gassed up and headed inside for a coffee, black no sugar,” he described. “I looked around to see if I was under surveillance or being followed; a sense of dread consuming my thoughts. Who was that FBI-type in the gray coat or the muscle-bound dude a few paces behind me? The notion that I was being followed or stalked may have seemed crazy; but it was also perfectly logical. I wasn’t just famous—I was perhaps the most infamous person in the country at the time, seen by millions upon millions as a traitor."

President Trump controlled all the levers of the Commander in Chief and all the overt and covert powers that come with the highest office in the country. He also possessed a cult-like hold over his supporters, some of them demonstrably unhinged and willing to do anything to please or protect the President. I knew how committed these fanatics were because I’d been one of them: an acolyte obsessed with Donald J. Trump, a demented follower willing to do anything for him, including, as I vowed once to a reporter, to take a bullet.

Mod: A link to the Cohen book website is here.

Trump Spoof Sputters: Kanye West Is Polling at Just 2% With Black Voters

Mod: The sad thing here is Kanye is suffering from some acute psychological challenges, and is being taken advantage of by certain very unscrupulous people. It is clearly abuse.

Kanye West Is Polling at Just 2% With Black Voters (Spin link): Kanye West’s presidential campaign hasn’t made any inroads since a poll last month showed him polling at 2%. According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, the rapper/mogul/presidential candidate is still only at 2% overall and only has 2% of the Black vote as well.

By comparison, the “No Opinion” option of the poll has 9%.

Also, the New York Times reported that West met with Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner in Colorado last week.

Last week, West admitted that he entered the race in order to hurt Democratic hopeful Biden’s chance at taking the White House. “I’m not denying it; I just told you,” West said in a text (yes, really) interview with Forbes, which recently spoke with West about a wide range of issues — including his life as an anti-vaxxer and experience with COVID-19.

It’s been a tumultuous month for West. After making his 4th of July declaration, West was somehow polling at 2%. He had a rambling campaign “rally” in South Carolina and managed to drop songs in between his political machinations. Even his pal Elon Musk told him that running for the country’s highest office wasn’t a good idea, and the insane Tesla boss is right. Despite all of this, West nonetheless landed on the ballot in Oklahoma, though he failed in New Jersey and Illinois after submitting invalid signatures.

Could Kanye West Be Charged With Electoral Fraud? (Vanity Fair link): Given that he didn’t announce his candidacy until July, Kanye West’s presidential bid has been an uphill battle from the start. But now, his campaign is facing a brand-new hurdle to appear on ballots in November, in the form of suggestions of potential electoral fraud.

The rapper has filed petitions to appear on the presidential ticket in 10 states, but so far has only managed to secure a spot on Oklahoma’s ballot, although he has many petitions pending review. While he managed to meet the filing deadlines for Illinois and New Jersey, the two states are now throwing West’s eligibility into doubt after both announced that the majority of the signatures submitted as part of his petition are invalid.

The latest issue has come in West’s home state, where Chicago’s WTTW reported that he was 1,300 signatures short of the necessary 2,500 needed to appear on the Illinois ballot. A hearing officer determined that only 1,200 signatures submitted were valid after the 46th Ward Democratic committee member, Sean Tenner, was inspired to take a closer look at the rapper’s petition. WTTW reported that the petition submitted by his campaign with the help of GOP officials in Wisconsin is also being challenged.

Last week, reported that West’s campaign withdrew his petition hours before a scheduled hearing to determine his application’s validity after an elections lawyer questioned over 700 signatures his team submitted. West submitted 1,327 signatures to the New Jersey Division of Elections ahead of the July 27 deadline. Two days later, Florham Park–based elections attorney Scott Salmon says he found hundreds of suspicious signatures with issues including no last name, no municipality listed, people who were not registered to vote or didn’t live in New Jersey.

Mod: More at the link.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Donald, Ivanka Trump donated to Kamala Harris' campaign 3 times

Donald used to like Democrats.
Mod: Back when Donald Trump was a supporter of Democrats his gold colored wallet was often open for those running against Republicans. It looks like his identity crisis is returning to haunt him.

Donald, Ivanka Trump donated to Kamala Harris' campaign 3 times ( link): President Donald Trump wasted little time launching attacks on Sen. Kamala Harris Tuesday after it was announced Joe Biden named her as his vice presidential running mate. But as recently as six years ago, Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, were donating to Harris' campaign for California attorney general.

According to the California Secretary of State's office, Donald Trump made contributions of $5,000 in 2011 and $1,000 in 2013 to Harris' re-election campaign. Ivanka Trump made a $2,000 donation in 2014. Ivanka Trump now serves as a top adviser to her father in the White House.

After Tuesday's announcement, Trump quickly tweeted a campaign ad that dismisses Harris as “phony” and says she and Biden “jointly embrace the radical left.”

At a White House press conference later in the day, Trump said he was “a little surprised” that Biden chose Harris. Trump said Harris “was very disrespectful to Joe Biden” during the Democratic presidential primaries, and said “it’s hard to pick somebody that’s that disrespectful.”

Trump is trying to paint Harris as too far left, saying she wants to raise taxes, slash funds for the military and ban fracking.

He’s also noting her tough questioning of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearing.

"She was extraordinarily nasty to (Justice) Kavanaugh," Trump said, returning to a word -- nasty -- that he used to describe his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump last month had said Harris would be “a fine choice.”

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

"Joe Biden nailed this decision": Obama praises Kamala Harris VP pick

Mod: That Kamala/ Pence debate is going to be weird. He doesn’t like to speak to women without Mother present.

"Joe Biden nailed this decision": Obama praises Kamala Harris VP pick (Axios link): Former President Barack Obama released a statement Tuesday celebrating Joe Biden's selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate and calling it a reflection of Biden's "own judgment and character."

Why it matters: Obama recognized Harris's talent early on, in 2013 famously calling her "brilliant," "dedicated" and "tough." He and former First Lady Michelle Obama remain two of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party and are scheduled to headline two nights of next week's Democratic National Convention, where Harris will also give an address.

Full statement:

"Choosing a vice president is the first important decision a president makes. When you’re in the Oval Office, weighing the toughest issues, and the choice you make will affect the lives and livelihoods of the entire country – you need someone with you who’s got the judgment and the character to make the right call. Someone whose focus goes beyond self-interest to consider the lives and prospects of others.

Joe Biden nailed this decision. By choosing Senator Kamala Harris as America’s next vice president, he’s underscored his own judgment and character. Reality shows us that these attributes are not optional in a president. They’re requirements of the job. And now Joe has an ideal partner to help him tackle the very real challenges America faces right now and in the years ahead.

I’ve known Senator Harris for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake. Her own life story is one that I and so many others can see ourselves in: a story that says that no matter where you come from, what you look like, how you worship, or who you love, there’s a place for you here.

It’s a fundamentally American perspective, one that’s led us out of the hardest times before. And it’s a perspective we can all rally behind right now. Michelle and I couldn’t be more thrilled for Kamala, Doug, Cole, and Ella. This is a good day for our country. Now let’s go win this thing."

American Wimps? Silence as Trump kills 10s of thousands, destroys Social Security, Post Office, plots election fraud

Mod: Face it, Trump does what he does because he believes that only a few will get off their asses and try to stop him. 

How Did Americans Become Such Wimps? Silence as Trump kills tens of thousands, destroys Social Security and post office, and plots election fraud (Common Dreams link): Nicole Winfield and Lisa Marie Pane at the Associated Press write at the unbelief with which Europeans are staring at the United States, as we head for 300,000 dead from the coronavirus and our economy shranks 33% on an annualized basis last quarter, and we just appear to be all right with that.

Not only are we perfectly willing to toss grandma in an early grave on Trump’s say-so, but we are supine as he openly engineers the destruction of social security and medicare, and of the post office, on behalf of himself and the billionaire class he represents.

That is after we sat by while he completely gutted all environmental regulations that got in the way of corporations making money off poisoning us. I don’t think the neutering of the EPA has even been reported on daytime cable news, though the prime time magazine shows on MSNBC have at least brought it up.

Americans imagine themselves rugged individualists. A cartoonist did a satire on us showing brawny guys, shirts off, with the logo “Rugged individualism works best when we obey.”

In fact, Americans are masochistic sheeple who let the rich and powerful walk all over them and thank them for the privilege. We have become wimps. The word wimp may come from “whimper.” It was used in a newspaper 1920, and then not again until 1960. Since then it may have been influenced by the character of “Wimpy” in the Popeye cartoons, who did not have much gumption. He was only good at mooching off people in search of a hamburger.

I always thought Americans were the plucky Popeye, who knew how to get iron in their diets and show some spunk. Turns out we have been reduced to begging for our meals.

The rich figured out in the 1980s that Americans are all form over substance, and if you put up for president a Hollywood actor like Ronald Reagan who used to play cowboys, they would swoon over him. In 1984 when Reagan ran against Walter Mondale, I saw a middle aged white Detroit auto worker interviewed who said he woudn’t vote for Mondale because he was a “panty-waist.” Reagan took away their right to strike and took away government services by running up the deficit and cutting taxes on the rich simultaneously, then claiming the government couldn’t provide the services the people had paid for because it is broke.

Reagan raised the retirement age from 65 to 67. Why? Most young people don’t realize that their health will decline in their late 60s and they often won’t actually get any golden years.

What did Americans do in response? They just bent over and took it.

Actually, it is the French who are much more like Americans imagine themselves to be. President Emmanuel Macron last December tried to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. I can’t understand why. France has persistently high unemployment as it is.

In response, all hell broke loose. Some 30 unions went on strike, and they supported each other. Trains were interrupted. Trucking was interrupted. Life was interrupted. A million people came out into the streets. But one poll had 61% of the French approving of the strikes.

Mod: Much more at the link.

Monday, August 10, 2020

White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Donald Trump to Mount Rushmore

Mod: Now why go and ruin a perfectly good roadside attraction? Put Donald up there and the infants in their car seats will start bawling.

New York Times: White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore (CNN link): White House aides reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process of adding additional presidents to Mount Rushmore, the New York Times reported.

Mount Pervmore
According to a person familiar who spoke with the Times, Noem then greeted Trump when he arrived in the state for his July Fourth celebrations at the monument with a four-foot replica of Mount Rushmore that included his face.

Noem has noted before Trump's "dream" to have his face on Mount Rushmore, the Coolidge-era sculpture that features the 60-foot-tall faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

According to a 2018 interview with Noem, the two struck up a conversation about the sculpture in the Oval Office during their first meeting, where she initially thought he was joking.

"I started laughing," she said. "He wasn't laughing, so he was totally serious."

"He said, 'Kristi, come on over here. Shake my hand, and so I shook his hand, and I said, 'Mr. President, you should come to South Dakota sometime. We have Mount Rushmore.' And he goes, 'Do you know it's my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?'"

Sunday, August 9, 2020

NBC News: Trump facing massive electoral vote wipeout as campaign continues to flounder

link here
Mod: NBC News has now come up with their first electoral collage "battleground map" of 2020, and it certainly isn't looking too good for Failure 45.

Trump facing massive electoral vote wipeout as campaign continues to flounder: MSNBC election analyst (Raw Story link): Based upon current state-by-state polling, which is naturally subject to change, MSNBC’s resident election analyst predicted Donald Trump will suffer an embarrassing defeat in November unless his campaign can come up with something to stop his collapsing approval numbers.

Standing before a US map, analyst Steve Kornacki broke down for host Yasmin Vossoughian the president’s uphill battle to get within striking distance of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “What we have here is our first look from NBC at what the electoral map looks like right now,” he explained before adding, “Things could change.”

“Remember, Trump had 306 on election night, 2016. How many does as he have as of now in August? We think he only has 125 in the bag and we think Biden is sitting there at 334 — these are the states that are solidly Biden and the states that are leaning Biden.

“What we’re seeing is big gains for the Democrats,” he continued. “Where are the Democratic gains on this map from 2016? Six states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin — we talked about those — all of the polling in those states have been very encouraging for the Democrats, plus Arizona and Florida — that is a big one, 29 electoral votes — and North Carolina. Those six states, we think, right now, are leaning toward and moving toward the Biden column and those six states add to what Hillary Clinton had: 334.”

Kornacki added that the Trump campaign is now being forced to play on defense by trying to keep the states they won in 2016 because they have made no inroads on states Clinton won.

Mod: Be sure to check out the video. - Let's remember that along with everything else, Donald Trump is a 'total pig'

Mod: As the author of this finely crafted opinion piece reflects, "What kind of man was disco-era pals with Jeffrey Epstein, and wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well? You know what kind." I am sure that you do. Read on anyway.

Let's remember that along with everything else, Donald Trump's a total pig ( link): Can we put aside for the moment Trump's corruption, ignorance, incompetence, arrogance, racism, stupidity, criminality, greed and buffoonery, and just deal with the fact that he's a pig? You know what I'm talking about. Look at one of the photographs of Trump and his wife Melania alongside their good friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and you've got the whole thing in a proverbial nutshell. I mean, do you have any photographs of yourself with a convicted sex offender and someone accused of procurement in a child sex ring?

Trump does. You've seen them. They've been all over the place, especially after Trump responded to a question at a White House press conference last month about Maxwell's arrest for allegedly procuring, grooming and abusing teenage girls by saying, "I just wish her well, frankly. I've met her numerous times over the years ... I just wish her well, whatever it is."

Think about that. Trump said he was supportive of an accused sex offender the first day he returned to hosting daily coronavirus briefings in the White House after a three-month absence. It was supposed to be a reset for his campaign, a chance for Trump to seize the spotlight and make a stab at getting his poll numbers up.

Hmmm … let's see … I'm down in coal country in Pennsylvania, I'm down in Michigan's Rust Belt," I'm even struggling in Texas, so what's my best move? Oh, I've got it! I'll take the side of a billionaire's daughter who's accused of providing young girls to my good friend Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in a Manhattan jail rather than face federal charges for sex trafficking minors. That's the ticket!

Watch the tape of Trump's press conference. He responded to the reporter's question on automatic pilot. You know why he told the world he wished Ghislaine Maxwell well? Because he knew about what was going on with her and his friend Jeffrey Epstein all along. Because he couldn't help himself. Because he's a pig.

(Later on in the article ...) There's another rich guy in town, you see him around all the time. He's at the parties, he's at the openings, he's at the fashion shows. You hang out with him. He's a member of your club down in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago. You know him well enough to know that he likes his girls "on the younger side."

It's kind of a joke in your crowd, that bit about Jeffrey liking them "on the younger side." You have him to a party at your Palm Beach club for 28 "calendar girl" contestants, and there's a camera crew there, and they get a shot of the two of you whispering in each other's ears, watching the girls, pointing out the hot ones, just two dudes doing what dudes do, showing off, cracking each other up, like it's all a game, because you're important enough and you're rich enough and you're well-known enough that you can get these 28 young women to come to your club for some specious event, and you can goof on them with one another like a couple of frat boys at a keg party checking out the chicks.

video link here
Have a look at this piece of tape from 1992. Listen to the generic "disco" playing in the background. Check out Epstein's "cool" denim shirt and Trump's pink tie and his "hip" bopping to the hideous music. You know what you're watching? You're watching a couple of pigs.

Jeffrey Epstein? He's going to turn into an indicted and convicted pig who gets indicted again and kills himself rather than face a wagon-load of charges that he trafficked and sexually abused dozens of teenage girls for a long, long time.

And Donald Trump? He's going to turn into an impeached pig who brags about grabbing women "by the pussy," who pays hush money during his first campaign for president to at least two women to cover up affairs he was having outside his marriage, who is accused by more than two dozen women of various kinds of sexual harassment and abuse over a period of decades, who becomes known for his antipathy for strong women in politics because he simply cannot stomach women who stand up to him and refuse to take his misogyny and racism.

If all Trump ever did in his life was to be friends with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, that would be reason enough to consign him to the sixth ring of some kind of hell we haven't even imagined yet. At the very least, he knew who they were and he knew the disgusting, illegal stuff they were doing with little girls. And you know what kind of man that is?

A pig like Donald Trump.

Mod: The entire essay is available at the link.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

New York Judge Denies Trump's Bid to Delay Defamation Suit From Woman Alleging Rape

Mod: The lawsuit includes a request for a sample of Trump's DNA to determine the source of "male genetic material" found on the alleged rape victim's dress.

Judge Denies Trump's Bid to Delay Defamation Suit From Woman Alleging Rape (Time link): A New York judge knocked down President Donald Trump’s bid to delay a lawsuit from a woman who accused him of rape, ruling in a decision released Thursday that the presidency doesn’t shield him from the case.

Pointing to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the president isn’t immune from a New York prosecutor’s criminal investigation, Manhattan judge Verna Saunders said the same principle applies to E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit, in which Trump’s lawyers have argued that the Constitution bars presidents from being dragged into lawsuits in state courts.

“No, it does not,” Saunders wrote.

The decision allows Carroll — who’s seeking Trump’s DNA as potential evidence — to keep pursuing her suit. She says he slurred her in denying her claim that he raped her in the 1990s.

“We are now eager to move forward with discovery so that we can prove that Donald Trump defamed E. Jean Carroll when he lied about her in connection with her brave decision to tell the truth about the fact that Donald Trump had sexually assaulted her,” said her lawyer, Roberta Kaplan. Email and phone messages were sent to Trump’s lawyers about the ruling.

A perfect what?
Carroll, who was a longtime Elle magazine advice columnist until December, went public last year with an allegation that Trump raped her in a Manhattan luxury department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. She said it happened after they ran into each other and bantered about trying on a bodysuit.

Trump said Carroll was “totally lying” to sell a memoir and that he’d never met her, though a 1987 photo showed them and their then-spouses at a social event.

Carroll is trying to get a DNA sample from Trump to see whether it matches as-yet-unidentified male genetic material found on a dress that she says she was wearing during the alleged attack and didn’t don again until a photo shoot last year.

Mod: Much more on this at the link.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Decadent Don: As Virus Rages and Stimulus Stalls, Trump Heads to Bedminster for a 3 Day Weekend of Golf

Mod: A US president that couldn't care less about the American people.

As Virus Rages and Stimulus Stalls, Trump Heads to Bedminster for a Weekend of Golf (Towleroad link): As the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 topped 160,000, and with 6 million at risk of being unable to pay their bills due to expiring federal unemployment benefits, President Donald Trump headed to his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey on Thursday for a three-day weekend. reports: “Trump arrived at Morristown Airport at 9:21 p.m., and his Bedminster golf club at 9:32 p.m., according to White House pool reports. … Trump is expected to depart on Sunday following a fundraiser at a private house in Deal.” There are no public events on Trump’s schedule for Friday.

‘Robbing us blind!’: Photo of Trump exiting Air Force One leads to angry allegations against his ‘decadent lifestyle’ (Raw Story link): President Donald Trump is taking a few days off to focus on what seems to have become his full time job: getting re-elected. Trump jetted to Ohio on Thursday, held a campaign-style event at a Whirlpool factory, paid for by the U.S. taxpayers, then headed off to a fundraiser where he raked in $5 million.

Trump will headline two $250,000 per person Hamptons and New Jersey fundraisers this weekend, and at least one other where the price of entry will cost up to $50,000.

Meanwhile, a photo taken by CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller has many spitting mad. “Pres Trump steps off Air Force One in Morristown NJ to transfer to Marine One for the short flight to his golf club in Bedminster,” Knoller tweeted Thursday night.