Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Carter Estates Auction: Update

Tomorrow is the day the semi-vertical mud flat known as 1 Carter Estates goes on the block. For anyone planning to attend, the particulars are below. 

The Sierra Madre Tattler will be making a lowball bid, so if you are not prepared to deal with strong 3 figure competition, then you might just want to stand back and watch.

Order #30154484
Instrument #052712484
Auction: 12/19 @ 11:30AM
Pomona Superior Courts Bldg (outside)
350 West Mission Blvd
Opening bid set at: $51 Million Dollars, or best offer.

One other thing: A new Washington Post - ABC News Poll shows 63% are already hurt by the economic downturn. Can anybody really believe that in an economy as bad as this one there are still people who will be willing to buy multi-million dollar McMansions, and in a fire and mudslide zone? Talk about your dead business model ..


  1. Hey. According to the 1 Carter city 2005 meeting meeting notice you attached, we're takling about 63 acres. $51,000,000 for 63 acres? Just how much are houses going to cost up there?

  2. Mikey: My bad. That $51 million includes the Stonehouse
    properties. Still a lot of dough, though.

  3. I hope the Sierra Madre Tattler sydicate doesn't go over $100. It just ain't worth anymore than that. Taxes will be way high, not to mention the liability we may have when the big mudslide hits all those homes on Carter.
    Let's start a Santa Anita betting sydicate instead. Hey, it's better than stocks or real estate right now.

  4. Sir Eric!
    I just heard they had NO bids on Carter or Stonehouse.....I also heard a couple of your people were in attendance.
    Why didn't we put a bid in?
    Oh, yeah, I forgot, you used to write for the Mountain Views Observer......I guess they wouldn't accept our check! LOL