Saturday, December 13, 2008

Deuxamis? C'est La Vie! The Observer is no more.

As many of you already know, or were about to discover I'm certain, the acrimonious partnership that constituted Deuxamis Publishing recently came to a bitter end in a courtroom of the Superior Court of the State of California, N.E. Judicial District, Pasadena. 

Katina Dunn, who at one time constituted 50% of this newspaper publishing empire, sued and won her case against the current publisher of The Mountain Views Observer, her now former business partner Susan Henderson.

In Court Case # GC039149 (Katina Dunn, Plaintiff, vs. Deuxamis Publishing, a California Corporation, and Susan Henderson, an individual, Defendant), the Judge ruled in favor of the claims of the Plaintiff. In the process the Court found that Susan Henderson, who represented herself in court on this matter, owes Deuxamis Publishing the lordly sum of $41,900. And that upon payment of this considerable lump of greenbacks the partnership known as Deuxamis Publishing will be legally dissolved. Turned to vapor as it were, and cast into the brisk desert winds that so typify some of our weather here. Kind of like the current American banking system, if you think about it.

Additionally, it was also decided by this Court that Susan Henderson's publication, The Mountain Views Observer, must now and forever drop from its masthead the legendary Sierra Madre newspaper name, "The Observer." A change the Court ordered be made no later than early January, 2009.

Now we're not going to get into the nitty gritty of the actual court case today. There is a lot of speculation going around town about what exactly happened during the trial, but until we get our mitts on the as yet unissued official court documents, we will not be engaging in uninformed or idle chatter. Plenty of time for that later.

However, here at The Tattler we are intrigued with the issues raised by "The Observer" being legally hacked off from "Mountain Views." Taking the Observer brand away from Ms. Henderson's publication does present certain marketing challenges for her, and as a noted professional in the field Sir Eric feels it is his duty to step in and proffer aid. After all, and as a former columnist of that publication, it is always a gentleman's obligation to reach out and offer assistance to an old colleague.

So after much thought and some careful consideration, here are a few of our masthead recommendations for the paper's upcoming relaunch.

. The Lawn & Pool Picayune
. The John Buchanan Well-Shined Shoes Gazette
. The Skilled Newsing Home
. The Mountain Views Malarkey
. The Sunnyside Up
. Foothill Frolics

Now at The Tattler we are democratic by nature. And the kind of haughty hierarchical superciliousness that typifies the approach of some in this town is quite alien to us. We're with the people, gosh darn it. So we're going to open this discussion up to you! What would you call the paper formerly known as "The Observer?" And to spice things up a bit, we're going to offer a special prize to the person creating a name that we feel best exemplifies the spirit and mission of that publication. The prize? A full 30 count box of compact discs personally selected from Sir Eric's very own listening pile. And let me tell you, these CDs will not only be the work of artists that you have never heard of, but will hate as well. However, if you do put them on your shelf, your friends will marvel at your eclectic and surprising tastes in music. 

Just don't let anybody actually play them.

Good luck!


  1. Good gawd almighty. This isn't going to go over well in certain circles.

    Welcome back, Sir Eric. Good luck. You're gonna need it.

  2. Yippie,
    Sir Eric is back online!
    It's about time!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm suggesting a few names:
    1) The Foothill Prevaricator (because Lie may be too strong a word)
    2) The Sierra Madre Distorter (but that could refer to so many . . .)
    3) The Sierra Madre Concealer (It's not just for face cream, folks)
    4) The Sierra Madre Suppressor (that has a nice ring, doesn't it?)
    5) The Sierra Madre Swindler (might be too accurate)
    6) The Sierra Madre Imposter (this is a nice nod to the past)
    7) The Foothill Pretender (this covers a number of aspects of the publication)
    8) The Sierra Madre Misinformer (anybody can understand this)
    9) The Foothill Detractor and
    10) The Sierra Madre Mountain-Spews.

    Sorry I began to lose interest. Perhaps with any luck, we'll be rid of the rag and its ilk.

    As you for Sir Eric, I gather you must be hard-up for torture, can't stand the quiet life and have come back for your share of abuse. Good luck to you. I've always enjoyed your blogs/columns, but not necessarily the comments the generate.

  4. roia: The good thing about doing this on Google is that posting replies is so arduous a technical exercise that most 'dirts' will find it near impossible to do.

    I like your suggestions. Hopefully the Mountain Views ________ will take one of them on.

  5. The Mountain View Spew has a good spin....I mean ring to it. LOL LOL LOL

  6. The Baldwin Blowhard is a very good name, but I wonder if it might not be mistaken for few people in town. I mean, several citizens of the year come to my mind.

  7. How about Susan's spin zone?

  8. Whoa, Sir Eric, how do we post a link?

  9. I'm confused. So does this mean that I won't be receiving home delivery of the paper I'm not getting now? I guess my title would have to be "The Not In My Driveway News." So can i get the CDs now? I'd like to use them for Christmas presnts.

  10. Hopefully there will be no need for a new name because the editor and the paper will pack up in the middle of the night and leave town on one of Joe's MTA busses.

  11. Pasta: Like that.

    Of course, the mention of Joe does suggest a name. Perhaps "The Scagtown Chameleon Chronicle?"

  12. Good stuff!

    How about The Mountain View Whoopie Cushion?

  13. I like the name "The Turn Coat Tribune". The name works for the editor and her favorite canidate.

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