Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hangin' Out On MySpace With City Councilman Joe Mosca!

(01/04/09 note: Joe's MySpace page has been taken down. Alas. But thanks to the Google Cache system, you can now access it here!)

It is not often that you get to see a local city politico reveal himself in quite this way.  But then again Joe has never been your typical politician! And while he does identify himself here as Joseph Mosca - 36 years oldMale - Sierra Madre (the 36 being only a year or so light), we'll always know him simply as our Councilman Joe. So let's see what we can find out, shall we?

Joseph Mosca's Details:
Status: Married
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Education: Grad / professional school
Occupation: Attorney / Councilman

I guess we should start with Joe's Libra thing. After all, Zodiac signs are always a great conversation starter. On the positive side, "Librans are sensitive to the needs of others and have the gift, sometimes to an almost psychic extent, of understanding the emotional needs of their companions and meeting them with their own innate optimism ... They are very social human beings. They detest conflict between people, so they do their best to compromise with everyone around them ..." However, Librans, like all of us children of the Zodiac, have a dark side as well. "The negative Libran character may show frivolity, flirtatiousness and shallowness. It can be changeable and indecisive, impatient of routine, colorlessly conventional and timid, easy going to the point of inertia, seldom angry when circumstances demand a show of annoyance at least, and yet Librans can shock everyone around them with sudden storms of rage." Oh my!

As I'm sure everyone knows, on a MySpace page you get to identify your favorite rock star, and even link to one of that artist's songs! Joe has picked the British pop sensation Howard Jones for his page, with the selected tune being "New Song." It is an effervescent and light track, and quite danceable as well. Howard first became famous as part of the MTV boom of the 1980s, right along with such pop icons as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Devo, and Sting. Using the new and exciting music video format, Howard enchanted a generation with his positive and upbeat sound. He has just released his 25th Anniversary Triple Live (!) Concert Tribute CD. And wouldn't you know it, he has a MySpace page as well! If you want to know more about Howard and what he is up to today, check him out here.

And now we've arrived at what MySpace is most famous for, and that is Friends. After all, that is what MySpace is, right? "A Place for Friends," as they like to say. On his site we can see that Joseph Mosca has 9 Friends. I'm not sure if that is a lot, but I seem to remember him having more a few years back. But a couple of them do look interesting! Icon, a gentleman seen pictured here on one very sporting motorcycle, describes himself this way: "Young at heart - slightly older in other places." And, "I can only please one person a day." Hmm. Icon is a 52 year old Capricorn who does not smoke or drink. He says his mood is "nervous," which to me means he should lighten up and have a nice glass of merlot. Another friend is the Rev. Norm. He is a straight white Caucasian Taurus who attended Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma. He describes himself as being "fast, athletic and flirtatious," and likes Elton John, Rod Stewart, Sting, and the B52s. Rev. Norm is the assistant manager of a Tulsa area golf course, and is pictured here standing bare chested on a putting green holding the pin. Fore!

For the rest you're just going to have to check out the site yourself. Have a great day and we'll see you again soon!


  1. My Space? Isn't that for teenagers?

  2. Why would anyone be surprised with Joe's My Space page, as he has always shown his narcissistic and adolescent side..........this just makes it all a better laugh. This is what a grown man spends his time doing?

  3. He is supposed to be working in our city government. This is exactly why we do not want him re-elected. He is not thinking of the people of SM. He is thinking of. Gee, Who is he thinking of?

  4. I wish I could get interested in anything about this turncoat.

  5. Uh oh. Did our little Joey slip his adult supervision

  6. Wish I had as much free time as Joe appears to have.

  7. Ho hum.....I agree with roia.
    The infant Mosca is B O R I N G.

  8. If you go to Joe's site and click on his picture, an ad for a Punk and Goth dating service comes up.

  9. Hmmm. I wonder what kind of questions they would ask when you sign up for a Goth and Punk dating service. Number and location of your piercings? Any abdominal tattoos of Darby Crash or Sid Vicious? Exactly how many times you have seen Twilight? Straight edge, screamo or old school hardcore? I mean, somebody must have worked out all the data and other criteria. I'd love to get a look at it.

  10. What a refreshing blog. So full of insightful information. Joe has got to be kidding. Who did we vote for? Why does he need to go on line to get friends? Thanks for the info.

  11. Jan, we voted for the happy looking guy who obviously loved his dog, and said he liked to hike in the hills. We didn't know that the dog wasn't his. We didn't know that he was a will-o-the-wisp who would say whatever he thought would please whoever he saw as more powerful. Joe is an embarrassment to our community. Thank goodness the council acted the way it did. Imagine having that hopelessly inarticulate man as mayor!

  12. I would hope that somebody will bring up astrological signs at the next city council meeting.

  13. Myspace=
    1.home for teens with time on their hands
    3.freaks in general in need of a life

  14. I wonder if Joe secretly harbored (or still does) the desire to be the Mime in chains that used to appear in those Howard Jones videos back in the day?? I think the guy's name was Jez. What a goof - he probably thought he was so cutting edge. Does this guy sit on MySpace when he should be working, hmmm?? Sir Eric - it is hereby your duty to find a photo of this dope rocking a Flock Of Seagulls hairdo from those "lost years"!! I bet it exists!! P.S. Sting sucks too.

  15. Janie - Thanks for the info! I will certainly do my best to find Jez!