Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our favorite race track packs 'em in

A great afternoon yesterday at Santa Anita. Nice piece about the big day in the Pasadena Star News this morning:

Opening day crowds at Santa Anita hit a winner

ARCADIASanta Claus visited Santa Anita Park on Friday, bringing track management the second-largest on-track crowd on an opening day in the past nine years ... Santa Anita officials, concerned about the negative effect a struggling economy could have on its 84-day meet, were pleased when 33,112 turned out on a picturesque, brisk day for the opening of the track's 72nd season of thoroughbred racing ... The crowd was surpassed this decade only by the 34,590 who turned out on opening day in 2005. Santa Anita drew 28,295 the last time the track opened on a Friday in 2003.

The rest of the article can be found here.


  1. I was there. Only place more crowded was the Santa Anita Mall. I wonder how many people were taking back gifts, getting cash refunds and heading over to Santa Anita racetrack to try their luck?

  2. Now there's an idea for a Santa Anita promotion. Trade
    in your unwanted Chrimmus gifts for betting tickets.

    No ties or cologne accepted.

  3. Hey Fast Eddie,
    I have a friend who doesn't invest in the markets, only keeps enough money in a bank to pay his bills.
    He invests 6 figure amounts during the course of a year, makes between 5% and 10% ROI (return on investment).
    How much did you make in the markets and/or the banks this year? Me too. I'm going to start seriously betting horses at Santa Anita.

  4. Just as long as the stupid banks keep sending me new credit
    cards I'll be just fine, thank you.

  5. Cash on the barrel head at the track, Fast Eddie.

  6. I think a lot of people are feeling like they're luck will be better at Santa Anita than on NASDAQ--somebody ought to name a horse Bernie Madoff.

  7. I play the lottery a lot. I consider it a high risk investment with an outside potential for significant yields.

  8. "Why the Lottery is a Better Investment than Mutual Funds"

    Tom's Blog