Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Update 12/25 7:49 AM - Red Flag Alert Canceled

The city's Red Flag Alert is canceled, with L.A. County going to a Phase 1 forecast. And from what we've been hearing at Tattler Weather Central from the Nat'l Weather Service guys, it looks like the big rain event so many predicted went north. So based on all that, we're changing our flag from a dire Red to the less ominous Yellow upgrade you see below. Looks like Santa delivered a big old Xmas present to Sierra Madre.

Click here to see what's up on the City of Sierra Madre site.

The National Weather Service has no alerts or warnings for Sierra Madre up at this time.

The NOAA - National Weather Service's very cool looking graphics and radar scans can still be found here. Check this out.


  1. Sir Eric!!!!!
    Look at the picture on your webpage!!!
    It looks as though a giant mudslide is streaming down Baldwin from One Carter....with people running in a panic.
    Pretty scary stuff.

  2. Bruce says it doesn't exist. He's blaming the panic on tainted donuts.