Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fine Local Example Of How Redevelopment Operates

Local luminary Bart Doyle spoke at last year's SCAG Regional Housing Summit, an event sponsored in part by the BIA and the California Association of Realtors. You might remember them from the huge amounts of cash they ponied up in the failed campaign to defeat Measure V. Anyway, as a way of hipping the dazzled attendees to the lofty importance of those speaking to them at The Summit, bios were handed out, Bart's included. Here is what it said:

Bart Doyle is a former Councilmember of the City of Sierra Madre, California. He previously served the city in the capacity of Mayor, beginning in 1996 and again in 1999. Within the Southern Association of Governments (SCAG), he served as a member of the Community, Economic and Human Development Committee. In addition, he has held the title of President of the San Gabriel Council of Governments as well as Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's San Gabriel Valley Service Sector Board.

Now what exactly is the Community, Economic, and Human Development Committee (CEHDC)? It is the committee within the belly of the SCAG ogre that decides the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) numbers. RHNA numbers are used to force feed high density housing development into unwilling towns, something backed up by the full muscle of Sacramento. You might recall that it was this very board that laid the 138 "unit" RHNA number on Sierra Madre. But if you think our number was bad, check out the incredible 94,000 RHNA number laid on San Bernardino County in 2000! You can read all about that one here.

Now let's see, Bart Doyle belongs to SCAG, but also is a member of the CEHDC, which is the dovecote of dudes that decides RHNA numbers. And as we can see by the San Bernardino County debacle, they're not exactly shy about it. But consider this, Bart is also a senior executive of one of the biggest redevelopment outfits in L.A. County. The same one responsible for that El Monte Transit Village we discussed yesterday. And who stands to profit the most from the building of RHNA mandated high-density housing? Redevelopers, of course.

Really ties the bow, doesn't it?

One more thing. On January 9, 2007, the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SCAG lite), met to debate RHNA numbers. The SGVCOG is made of up SGV area City Councilmembers, Joe Mosca included. The meeting was called to order at 12:15  PM. You know what time it adjourned? 1:20 PM. Hardly time enough to finish a second cup of coffee. More anecdotal evidence that this is an organization that functions as little more than a rubberstamp for the BIA and the other concerned organizations really calling the housing shots.

(Note: SCAG/SGVCOG links are often down on weekends. I guess they don't dare work on their days off. Check again on Monday if you haven't been able to access them.)


  1. Sir Eric, I'm pretty sure that Bart Doyle was representing the City of Sierra Madre at SCAG when the original RHNA numbers went through anyway. Wouldn't that be the kicker? He runs down to SCAG, takes off his building industry hat, puts on his Sierra Madre City Council hat long enough to commit to these ridiculous housing requirement numbers and then hurries home to report our requirements. And try to enforce them. To use them to justify every broom closet that can be built in town? Pretty fishy.

  2. Question:

    How do you spell "CONFLICT OF INTEREST"?

    A. Bart
    B. Joe
    C. All of the above

  3. Yup. Perhaps more research will reveal Joe Mosca's participation in all of this.

  4. We have met the enemy, and they're all the same guy?

  5. Songbird: You can always tell who Joe Mosca is in a crowd. He's the one Bart is telling to roll over for a belly rub.

  6. Worst public official in Sierra Madre's history....Bart Doyle!!!!!!!!

  7. You can only wonder how they get away with this stuff.

  8. They get away with it because up until a couple of years ago, people were naive.
    They thought their officials were trustworthy.
    After we got ripped off on the One Carter deal, then the battle over Measure V, to protect the downtown from the type of development that is ruining cities all over Calif.......people started to wake up.
    However, it is much easier to be in denial, and not face up to these difficult problems.
    The dirts are a minority.....repeat a minority in Sierra Madre. They are a dangerous minority, unless we stay awake and alert.
    We are lucky to have Sir Eric and his research teams getting out these stories for the folks.
    Believe me, they all have better things to do, but they care about Sierra Madre's future.
    They don't stand to get any ill gotten gains from development. The Dirts do. We must stay alert and un-afraid. We will continue to WIN.

  9. How do we enforce the regulations about conflicts of interest?
    We had Rob Stockley making decisions about One Carter while working for a bank that had a financial relationship with the developer of One Carter, and we had at least one member of the planning commission making decisions about the dreadful DSP while having interests in a downtown business, and participation in a church that was impacted.
    What the heck?? Why didn't these people recuse themselves? Who was minding the store on those conflicts of interest?

  10. You forgot to add that The Esteemed Councilman B.D.
    was jury rigging and engineering laws for development, while working for the BIA...
    Am I missing something, but isn't that supposed to be illegal if he is the attorney for these sweethearts?

  11. Now that Bart isn't getting the $26.5 million anytime soon, will he still be able to afford the pleasure of having Ms. Bell on his payroll?