Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dunn vs. Henderson: The Berkeley Fallacy

On several occasions Susan Henderson had claimed to her colleague in the Deuxamis / Mount Wilson Observer partnership that she held advanced degrees in both law and business from the University of California, Berkeley. And apparently this was pretty much a part of Henderson's modus operandi when it came to issues of personal legitimacy. In a San Francisco Examiner article entitled "State Demo Chief's Resume Disputed - Party Official's List Of Degrees Doesn't Check Out," staff writer Lance Williams laid the story out this way:

"To the people who hired her as an executive director of the California Democratic Party, H. Susan Henderson looked terrific on paper - law degree, M.B.A., successful entrepreneur.  But Ohio State University, where Henderson's resume claims she obtained a B.S. degree in business, says no one by that name - or Henderson's maiden name, Poole - ever graduated. University of California officials say they have never awarded a law or business degree to anyone named H. Susan Henderson or Poole either, although her resume claims both a law and a graduate business degree from UC campuses. The State Bar says she is not a California lawyer."
 And, as was reported on The Tattler a few days back, currently on the Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills site for their cable access news current affairs show "At Your Doorstep," host Susan Henderson is identified as being a Berkeley graduate.

During the preparation phase for the trial, the legal team for Katina Dunn subpoenaed documents on many matters from the concerned institutions and parties, and inquiries were made as well.  One such inquiry was made of the University of California, Berkeley, in regard to the education claims of the defendant in this case. A document denying any knowledge of Susan Henderson having attended Berkeley was sent in reply, and read into evidence at the trial. In a Tattler Exclusive we are reproducing the information found on the document for your review. Actual copies of this document are on file here.

------------------- ---- --- -- --   -    -    -
University Of California, Berkeley
TEL: 510-642-1883

August 28, 2008

This is in regards to the request for academic records for the person(s) listed below:

H. Susan Henderson aka Harriet S. Henderson aka Harriet Henderson Carpenter
DOB: xx/xx/xxxx
SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx
Case Number: GC039149

Enclosed please find a letter indicating the University of California, Berkeley, has no academic records for the above named person. 

Any questions regarding this matter should be referred to Karen Silverson at (510) xxx-xxxx.

Anne M. De Luca
University Registrar
---------------- --- --- -- -   -    -      -

There will be more on this case in upcoming Tattler editions.


  1. Looks like the only degree Susan holds is a PhD in BS.

  2. Funny how the only people impressed by education are those not having much.

  3. I don't agree, Anonymous.
    Susan fooled a lot of well educated people.
    I for one am far more impressed with integrity than a degree. (I don't have a degree, myself, except in life)
    I'm sure Bernie Madoff has a degree or two.
    So does impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I know of no one impressed by those two.

  4. Is there anyone with less credibility than Susan Henderson?

  5. There's one thing about this that is very elementary. Why lie about something so easily verifiable? Anybody could do what was finally done--seek verification. People consider it too challenging to ask an applicant to produce a photocopy of their law school transcript, yet that would have put an end to all this long ago. Of course, when a suede shoe artist waltzes into town and insinuates themselves into a position of "respect" the community isn't really in a position to ask. Until now. So consider this a request: Susan Henderson, whoever you are, please publicly post your transcripts for all the degrees you claim to have. If you have any.

  6. I agree with Roia, Susan needs to provide proof that she has the degrees she claims. I wish someone in a public forum would challenge her to provide this information.

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  8. To Anonoymous:

    What make you cry the fact she lied or got caught?

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  11. Two posts deleted due to hate speech.

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  13. I'll bet your mother would feel ashamed if she heard you talking that way.