Friday, January 9, 2009

(Tattler Exclusive) Dunn vs. Henderson: The Verdict

(Note: There is quite a lot of information on this matter to cover, and it is going to take more than a couple of postings to fully discuss. But it is safe to say that the claims Susan Henderson has made about the outcome of this case to various Sierra Madre entities can now be categorized as untrue.)

Katina Dunn, Plaintiff,
DEUXAMIS PUBLISHING, INC., a California corporation; SUSAN HENDERSON, an individual; and DOES 1 through 20, inclusive. Defendants.

Case NO. GC039149

This case came on regularly for Trial on December 8, 2008 through December 9, 2008 in Department R of the above-entitled Court, the Honorable Edward C. Simpson, judge presiding. Plaintiff, KATINA DUNN ("DUNN"), appeared by her attorney of record, LAURA V. FARBER of Hahn & Hahn. Defendant, H. SUSAN HENDERSON ("HENDERSON") appeared In Pro Per. Witnesses on the part of both Plaintiff and Defendant were sworn in open Court and examined and exhibits were admitted into evidence. After hearing the testimony, reviewing the evidence and the arguments of counsel, the Court rendered its decision as follows:

Based on findings of fact and application of the law, the Court issued a Judgement for DUNN against HENDERSON on the shareholder derivative claims brought against HENDERSON for breach of fiduciary duty.

WHEREFORE, by virtue of the law, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that DEUXAMIS PUBLISHING, INC. ("DEUXAMIS") has a judgement against HENDERSON in the amount of $41,994.74 on the basis of HENDERSON's failure to provide capital contributions to DEUXAMIS.

WHEREFORE, by virtue of the law, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that DEUXAMIS be dissolved.

WHEREFORE, by virtue of the law, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that due to HENDERSON'S misappropriation of design, masthead and formatting of the Mount Wilson-Observer, that injunctive relief be granted against HENDERSON and that she be required to eliminate use of the word "OBSERVER" in all Mountain Views-Observer newspapers, published both in print and on website and on any other documents bearing the name, "Mountain Views-Observer."

WHEREFORE, by virtue of the law, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that DUNN as a shareholder having successfully brought a shareholder derivative claim on behalf of DEUXAMIS, is the prevailing party against HENDERSON.

Dated: DEC 30 2008

Edward C. Simpson
Judge of the Superior Court

(Much more on this later ..)


  1. Why did this "bogus attorney", Susan Henderson represent herself in a court trial?
    I heard the story about how she told all the Kiwanis people that she had WON her case against Katina Dunn.
    She left the courtroom and went straight to the meeting and made the fallacious announcement.
    I also heard that Fay Angus, Diane Shear and Nancy Shollenberger were in that courtroom audience when that verdict came down.

  2. Hopefully this will set the record straight and Susan's staff and the community will finally understand that they have been used and lied to.

  3. Everyone needs to pass this article to everyone they know.

  4. There's nothing like the original document

  5. Wow, this is shocking!
    Who is supporting this woman?
    Why is the City of Sierra Madre publishing her legal notices?

  6. What do they call a person who acts as their own attorney in a court trial?
    Oh yeah.....a loser.

  7. Actually the phrase goes something like "anybody acting as their own lawyer has a fool for a client.'

  8. We stopped reading the Mountain Views Observer during last April's city election.
    When we moved here in early 2000, we had a problem getting registered to vote.
    My daughter and I called the city clerk, Nancy Shollenberger.
    Nancy was so gracious and helpful. She came down to city hall, met us there and helped us get the matter cleared. She is such a high class lady.
    We were just horrified to read the terrible things this woman (Henderson) printed in her paper about Mrs. Shollenberger.
    We couldn't understand how anyone could print such mean spirited comments about this sweet lady.
    After reading the transcript of this court case
    and this woman, Susan Henderson's shady past....I now understand.
    Sir Eric Maundry:
    Thanks, we sure appreciate your columns.
    Nice to hear the truth for a change.

  9. Can somebody read the official document into the public record at the next council meeting?

  10. Pretty sure someone will.
    Thanks to Sierra Madre Tattler we now have the official document.
    I know a lot of people in Sierra Madre are very disgusted with this case and "the astonishing H.Susan Henderson".
    Thanks to Kevin and Katina Dunn for enduring this for us all. I wish I was confident the Dunns would get the settlement due them, but based on Susan's past....
    I just hope any of you dirts reading this website will finally believe the truth. Hey, we all got fooled as well. Stop buying into her "spin".

  11. Wow! This is quite a story!

  12. Sir Eric,
    Are we going to get anymore installments to this drama this weekend?
    I hope so.......I ran into a couple of people from Sierra Madre in the Arcadia Mall today, we were talking about this.....they are anxious for more information. They were pretty shocked at the whole thing.
    Most people didn't know about it at all.

  13. Ms. Henderson needs to admit she lost and she needs to fold up her paper and pay her debt. Is it a problem. Do we need to send this to the various organizations which still welcome her, so that the truth be known? Why and how can she still publish her terrible rag as if she has done nothing wrong. The worst part of this is she has no shame and will continue to behave this way. It is a huge tribute to Katina and Kevin for their strength to go after what was legally and morally theirs in a world which is filled with gossip and vindictiveness. Sadly, the goodness of the Dunns was taken advantage of, but the support of the majority of the town is not in favor of the evil of people who have tried to ruin it for their own selfless, greedy, pathological, masochistic and toxic needs.