Friday, January 2, 2009

Exciting New Proposal for One Carter: The Glenn Lambdin Center for Spiritual Research!

A reader has sent in an idea that I think could very well be the perfect solution (or should I say "soul-ution") to the land use crisis we are facing at the moribund One Carter Estates site. With the possibility of high-end housing at this once pristine mountainside locale now about as dead as George W. Bush's presidential legacy, how can we truly move forward with one of Sierra Madre's most treasured locations?  This might be the most important decision we will make in 2009. And thanks to the e-mail that I received this morning, that path now seems crystal clear to me. We must build The Glenn Lambdin Center for Spiritual Research. A conceptualization of how The Center would appear was thoughtfully provided as well, and is reproduced above. 

As was discussed previously here at The Tattler, our former Mayor has made some of the most important contributions to local spiritual thought in the history of this small foothill city. And wouldn't we be remiss if we didn't celebrate with a center designed not only to keep this singular achievement first and foremost in the minds of our citizens, but to also explore and further this legacy as well?

The kinds of important issues that could be discussed at The Center:
- "The same pool of religious thought that brought the world Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is the same pool of religious thought that, in practice, has forced humanity to suffer millenniums of unthinkable atrocities of hate, murder, torture, bigotry, and worse." (Glenn Lambdin - "Losing My Religion: Part 1," P - 5, lines 4.5 through 8.)
- "Simply put, donkeys can't talk!" (Glenn Lambdin - "Losing My Religion: Part 2," P - 4, line 6.)
- "A few years ago, I heard a comedian, John Fernandez, at the Ice House in Pasadena. During his routine he threw out a statement. 'If there is a God, then God is God.'" (Glenn Lambdin - "Losing My Religion: Conclusion," P - 4, lines 1 through 3.)

Join us in this important work. When a volunteer for The Glenn Lambdin Center for Spiritual Research shows up at your door, please sign the petition. And give generously as well. After all, the future is coming. And we will all be there together.


  1. Glenn Lambdin.....LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  2. Who will he sue if he doesn't get his way this time? Will the BIA pay his legal fees again?

  3. Something tells me the Building Industry Association (BIA) won't have a lot of spare cash to throw around this time.
    Look at the record the dirts have.......The lost the City Council elections in '06, they lost Measure V. They lost the majority dirt vote in the council in '08. They lost their puppet candidate, Karma Bell....despite big bucks and that "paper" The Turncoat Tribune (aka...Mountain Views Observer)shamelessly touting Enid Joffe and Karma, which is okay, however their slander of MaryAnn MacGillivray and Nancy Shollenberger was not okay and it backfired. Glenn's "creepy" slanderous rant of MacGillivray was scary. Really scary.
    Glenn is their (the BIA) puppet, he sues his neighbors, is a notorious bully (especially to women) and absolutely UNFIT to serve Sierra Madre in any capacity.
    His "plea" to the city council trying to pursuade us to use the old church across from Sierra Madre school as a "historical landmark" was absurd. Since when has Lambdin been for preserving historical anything? All he is interested in is not using the property for any low income housing.....why? Because people, the DIRTS still cling to their fantasy of building up downtown Sierra Madre into Walnut St. in Pasadena Old Town. Not for low income housing either....we are talking high end condos. Not gonna happen Lambdin and the rest of you dirts......go p**s up a rope! Let the people of Sierra Madre alone.

  4. I know that this could be a coincidence, but I saw a face
    just like the Swami shown here on my toast this morning.
    Is it a sign?

  5. Charlie, your toast has mold. Time to toss it out like we did to our CC in the last two elections.

  6. Is there a source for Glenn's quotes here? I
    find them to be just a little farfetched.

  7. Eli: The original articles are cached on the Sierra Madre News. net site. You can access them by clicking on the links provided here:

  8. I keep looking at that picture and thinking that maybe it should be the inspiration for next year's Rose Parade float. It could be called "Foothill Spiritual Visionary." With the Swami head done up in light pink rose petals, of course.