Monday, January 12, 2009

Harriet Susan Henderson Takes A Page Out Of Ann Coulter's Book & Tells A Big Fat Ugly Whopper

            page (n): last leaf of a dead tree;
            whopper (n): something a person in trouble might tell

"This is one case where we Republicans don't mind a defection." - Victoria Harrington, GOP spokeswoman

A news writer's fantasy: The politically controversial editor and publisher of your city's newspaper of legal record turns out to have a secret and hugely scandalous past, one that involves some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party at the time. What could be a better story? And that news was broken right here, on a blog just one month old.

And now the next wave of activity has begun. Let's jump in and check out the latest action ..

Harriet Susan Henderson has now published in her Mountain Views "Observer" some rather bizarre denials about a news item reported on this site regarding her role in a Democratic Party political scandal a while back. A scandal that, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, involved party swapping, false claims regarding educational and legal credentials, and the misuse of a party credit card for the purchase of such things as lingerie and golf junkets. Things that ended up in her hastily leaving a highly prestigious party gig. All of which is backed up and can be read elsewhere on this site. And here, too.

Look at it this way. If what was reported is as false as she claims it is, shouldn't Harriet just produce the degrees and prove everyone wrong? The Masters Degree in Business, the Berkeley law degree, the State Bar credentials. Prove the naysayers wrong! Rescue your reputation! Cough up the goods! But, of course, that will never happen. Because if these claims are false, wouldn't Ms. Henderson still be the high ranking Democratic official state she was the first time this matter came up? Rather than grubbing out a weekly news rag in a small and out of the way SGV city? Of course she would. The credentials in question have never been produced because they just don't exist. If they did they'd have shown up long ago.

But I suspect even Ms. Henderson knows that her denials here are laughably weak. Because if they were creditable would she then have felt the need to follow this up with what is an ugly and unfounded lie?

In a nutshell here it is:

"By the way, the mystery that they keep trying to exploit is the fact that I am 56 years old and my oldest child will be 42 on his birthday. At my own request, long before knowing any of these people. They were sealed not because of any wrongdoing, but because of the bigotry and narrow mindedness at the time."

First reaction: Who could possibly care? As far as I am concerned, God bless anyone who has kids. It is the hardest thing anyone will ever do, and anybody taking that daunting plunge deserves all the credit in the world.

Second reaction: Absurd red herring. Nowhere was such a thing printed on this site, and up until having read Ms. Henderson's unfortunate and frankly embarrassing column, I knew nothing about this aspect of her life. I invite anyone to scour this website and find any reference to such information. Nothing has been taken down, all of my posts are still here and as originally written. This is little more than an ugly lie told, I suspect, in hopes of distracting attention from a cracking good news story she'd prefer nobody read. 
Bluff called. More to follow in the weeks ahead.


  1. Notice how H. Susan Henderson first invokes the bible in her newest column and then - to hell with the Good Book! Devilish indeed!

  2. The name of this blog certainly lives up to both of its definitions: A teller of tall tales, and/or the shrill loud cry of a shorebird. Maybe someday a modicum of truth and reality will seep into this blog. I tend to doubt it.

    I'd like to say nice reporting and researching the truth. However, I would then be "tattling."

  3. Dear sir or madam. With so much evidence (newspaper articles, court documents) provided here for you to look at, and your subsequent state of deep and hazily communicated denial, I'd say your behavior is quite similar to another kind of bird. An ostrich, perhaps?

  4. Thanks for telling us the truth, Sir Eric.
    Congratualtions to Katina Dunn for winning this case against Henderson.
    Congratulations to Kevin Dunn and his film, Vicky Christina Barcelona for winning a Golden Globe award last night! You are always winners in our books!
    Thank you Katina and Kevin for winning Measure V for us. You nice people are a credit to Sierra Madre. We are proud of you!

  5. H. Susan Henderson or who ever you are, if the reports/articles which have been posted on this blog and printed in the San Francisco Chronicle are untrue...PROVE IT. Post or publish your degrees from the schools you claim to have graduated. Anyone who has as many degrees as you claim, should have those documents at your fingertips.

  6. H. Susan Henderson's latest column begs analysis. The inference is drawn she would like to slap around Mr. Crawford and Ms. Dunn. From her column: " 'Okay, but after I turn the other cheek, can I hit them then?' Of course, we all thought it was a great response..." Of course?
    Mr. Crawford has done the community a service by alerting any hapless citizens from losing owed money for cash or services to a person who may not pay them back.
    As with the Ponzi scheme, some people are paid back, to keep the game going, and others will never see payment.
    Also a matter of public record are a number of other judgements against H. Susan Henderson - and also against her other aliases.
    H. Susan Henderson would hope to garner pity points by referring to her past as a young, single mother. She apparently has no pity for other single mothers, widows and other assorted hard-working people she owes money to.
    Finally, H. Susan Henderson parses her degree fallacies by putting forth the notion some citizens are saying she did not attend either school. That is not the case. What is being said is that she claims to have degrees from these institutions.
    What would Bill Press say now, if he knew H. Susan Henderson was playing the same game she did a decade ago, without rehabilitation or remorse?

  7. Brilliant commentary by anonymous post 6.
    Shame on H.Susan Henderson.....although she is likely immune to shame. Only regrets she has been found out.

  8. I just read Susan's do we know even one word of it is anything but her usual spin on the truth or outright lie?

  9. Scandal Madre. There is just no place like it.

  10. Deranged--her, not you, Sir Eric. A bizarre line of discussion (can't call it reasoning). What next? And I know there is a "next."

  11. Sir Eric--
    You do the public a great service by exposing the facts and calling in the bluffs. Keep it up!

  12. Odd to see the publisher of the
    paper reacting so poorly here.
    After all, she was hardly merciful
    to MaryAnn and Nancy during the
    past election.
    What goes around, as they say.

  13. Where is this article that Ms. Henderson has written? The printed paper is always too difficult to find, so I am used to looking online for it - but it isn't a new edition.

  14. Anne Coulter and Susan Henderson: arrogant, energetic, righteous, paranoid and probably adored by Bill-O, Rush and Joe the Plumber...We need to keep those girls in our prayers so they can save themselves. No one else cares to.

  15. Day,

    You can get a copy outside of Bean Town. They are stacked up next to the waste container.

  16. Thanks, anonymous. It's still not online. For a while I've been wondering how the erratic publication schedule squares with the "legal" in legal notices.

  17. There was a court hearing this morning in Judge Simpson's courtroom.
    Susan Henderson filed a request to have all the records of the case Dunn vs Henderson SEALED. She did not want the public to know any of the facts that Sir Eric has posted on this website.
    Well, Judge Simpson refused to hear anymore about this, refused to grant sealing the case.

  18. Thanks Diane. I will be posting an update on this breaking development very soon.

  19. I thought the job of a newspaper was to promote the truth and free speech, not have the facts sealed up. Thanks Diane for the update.

  20. Apparently Miss Henderson is of the opinion that hers is the only opinion in town that should be heard. And should anyone attempt to express an opinion contrary to what is accepted as reality in the one woman alternative universe that she lives in, well then it is just the most awful thing that has ever happened and you're going to get yelled at.

  21. Wow, I can't wait for Sir Eric's scoop for us.
    Please post it early so I can read it before I have to go to work!
    One of my neighbors wanted to know why the city of Sierra Madre continues to do the business of contracting her the legal notices?
    Surely, in light of all this evidence against her, the city could award the legals to someone else?
    I know I resent them paying her. Her paper is rarely out on time, it is not delivered, just dumped off in the throw away bins.
    So is the Sierra Madre Weekly......why can't they do our legals?

  22. Way to go Fay! For those of you who may have missed the City Council meeting, Fay read the judge's decision stating that Katina won the suit. Catch it on replay.

  23. Yeah! What goes around comes around, she is scandalous----theif.