Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Art Talk: Is the Developer @ One Carter Actually Sierra Madre's Very Own Christo?

Are you at all familiar with the work of an artist who goes by the name of Christo? He's gotten lots of press over the years for not only his ability to erect these huge fabric works that cover vast acres of land (thus the unfortunate term "Landscape Artist"), but also the astonishing ability to raise the millions of dollars it takes to turn his dreams into reality. 

Christo is, of course, a true celebrity wildly adored by the art world and critics everywhere, and often his works are greeted with the kinds of effusive praise that I've quoted here below:

"The effect is astounding. To be in the presence of one of these artworks is to have your reality rocked. You can see things you have never seen before. You also get to see the fabric manifest things that cannot usually be seen, like the wind blowing, or the sun reflected in ways it had not before .. The effect lasts longer than the actual work of art. Years after every physical trace has been removed and the materials recycled, original visitors can still see and feel them in their minds .."

And if you find this as impressive as I do, I have some very special news for you today. It appears that artistic genius has manifested itself in a place many in the art world would have found to be unlikely in the extreme. Can you believe that here in Sierra Madre, on the muddy and rock strewn slopes of the construction site known as One Carter, artisans of strikingly similar skill and vision have been busily constructing landscape art all their own, work of a singular grace?  

Behold Sierra Madre, we give you "Protective Plastic Rain Sheathing That Rises To The Sun." 

Now my meager words cannot do honor to what we are witnessing. So we here at the Sierra Madre Tattler have brought in the world renowned art critic Arthur Cornrye-Michellinda to give his description of what it is we are seeing here. Arthur?

"Yes, Sir Eric, here we are awed by tactile materials prosaic yet mighty, textile but possessing an ethereal power heretofore unappreciated. 'Protective Plastic Rain Sheathing That Rises To The Sun' takes us from the slough of day to day human existence and invites our spirits to soar to places of which we have never dared before dream. Who could fail to sense the true greatness when brought before so majestic a sight? Do you have a Kleenex? I fear that I am about to cry."

The next time you are in the neighborhood, please do stop by and see what all of the excitement is about, will you? "Protective Plastic Rain Sheathing That Rises To The Sun" will be in place until the rainy season draws to a close, or the mountain liquifies and flows down Baldwin Avenue and out onto the 210. Whichever happens first. And at this point, it's anybody's guess.

This has been Art Talk with Sir Eric Maundry.


  1. Be sure and say thanks to Tonja Torres, John Buchanan, Enid Joffe and the INFAMOUS Rob Stockly for giving the green light to Dorn Platz and co. to destroy this property in the first place.
    Thanks, three ex-mayors and Tonja....who thankfully, due to the wisdom of the Sierra Madre voters was not returned to do any more damage.

  2. Sir Eric, thanks for the good laugh.
    How about some additional titles?
    "Multidimensional Plastic Flowing"
    "McMansion Breeding Ground"
    "Precursor to Even Greater Ugliness"

  3. More Art Talk, please!

  4. Art Talk will be a regular feature, right along with Product Reviews and Annoying News.

    By the way, in the current issue of The Sierra Madre News they dedicated an entire half page to The Tattler. It's the issue that is out there right now. And in something that took me totally by surprise this morning, Metro Transportation News links to this site as well.
    Go over to the 'Sites Of Interest' part of this page and click on the Metro link.

  5. Congratulation, Sir Eric.
    This is a great website.
    I can't wait to log on in the mornings and read your latest.
    You have exclusive scoops the mainstream SGV media has to read here.

  6. Don't forget to thank Bruce Inman for letting Dorn Platz grade durning last year's rainy season.

  7. Sierra Madre business ownerJanuary 27, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    So does this mean that the bank that now owns One Carter by default is in the banking business, the development business, and the arts? It would be a perfect setting for a performance piece, starring the Council of 2004 (minus the sensible, prescient George). Perhaps a musical number...

  8. Good idea. We could call it "The Fab Four Mud Run." Filming would be essential.

  9. Looks like a giant slip n slide. Can we sell tickets?

  10. I'm also for thanking Bruce Inman for permitting them to grade in the winter. Isn't there an ordinance about this? Oh, but I forget, ordinances don't apply to dirts.

  11. Roia, the Public Works Director and the City Manager are allowed to give exemptions to developers to grade during rainy seasons. I kid you not. The initial exemption in October '07 was given by Messrs. Inman and Gillison.