Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mountain Views "Observer" Publisher Thinks Sierra Madre City Council Elections Are In ... 2009?

In her "Energy Wise, A Word from the Publisher and Editor" piece in the latest issue of The Mountain Views "Observer," the doyenne of this sleepy little rag, Susan Henderson, discusses what she believes will be the big challenges for 2009. And amongst this vast avalanche of effluence rests this precious little nugget:

"In April, we will have three City Council seats up for grabs. Joe Mosca, Don Watts, and Kurt Zimmerman's seats are open and whether or not they choose to run again, we need to make certain that we only elect those who are interested in truly representing the entire community and not just select groups of individuals..."

While I am not sure about "seats up for grabs," I do know that the election Susan is referring to doesn't happen until 2010.


  1. One of the 20 million reasons to ignore that paper.

  2. I'm not sure this blog is being all that fair to the horse.

  3. That paper makes very good bird cage liner.
    If you can ever find a copy. LOL

  4. Demo leader resigns under fire
    Questions over state party officials resume, credit card expenditures
    Lance Williams, OF THE EXAMINER STAFF

    Thursday, May 25, 1995

    (05-25) 04:00 PST CALIFORNIA -- H. Susan Henderson, onetime Republican turned executive director of the California Democratic Party, has resigned her $78,000-per-year post amid controversy over alleged resume-pumping and questionable expenditures on a party credit card.

    State party chair Bill Press announced Henderson's departure Wednesday, the same day The Examiner reported that she had registered to vote as a Republican barely two years before taking the $78,000-per-year Democratic Party post.

    The Examiner also reported that the University of California had no record of awarding Henderson a law degree and an MBA, as she had claimed on her resume, and that a Sunnyvale business executive said Henderson had failed to repay a $2,000 loan.

    A confidential news source said that California Democrats, who face the crucial 1996 election with a deficit of $1 million, would pay Henderson $25,000 in exchange for her resignation.

    In a press release, Press said he had ordered an audit of the state party's books, after receiving an anonymous letter contending that Henderson had improperly run up some $3,000 in spending on a party credit card for items including lingerie and a trip to Disneyland.

    Press said the audit found no wrongdoing, but said the matter had become so emotionally draining for Henderson that she decided to resign. He said she would work as a consultant for the party for an unspecified period.

    Henderson did not return phone calls. Press declined to respond to questions about whether he had known about Henderson's life as a Republican when he hired her or what steps he had taken to verify her resume. He also refused to comment on the reported $25,000 payment.

    Republican glee<
    If Press was mum, state Republicans were chatty about what they saw as financial disarray at the top of the Democratic organization.

    "My take would be that Bill Clinton and Bill Press attended the same school of financial management," quipped Victoria Herrington, spokeswoman for the state GOP. Referring to Henderson, she said, "This is one case where we Republicans don't mind a defection."

    San Francisco Supervisor Angela Alioto, a vice chair of the Democratic Party, said she was shocked to learn that Henderson had so recently been a member of the GOP.

    "She never mentioned that - she has posed as a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat," Alioto said. "To me, it's much more shocking to find out that she was a Republican than to find out (about the disputed resume.)"

    Henderson, a former Oakland business executive, was hired by Press in 1993 as a deputy executive director for Southern California, then was promoted to the top job last year.

    She presented an impressive resume: regional coordinator for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, East Bay field director for Democratic U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer's successful 1992 campaign, former president of the East Bay Area Club of Negro Business and Professional Women.

    Changing registration<
    But other parts of the resume don't appear to check out.

    Henderson states that she holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ohio State University, but a spokeswoman said Ohio State had never granted a degree to Harriet Susan Henderson or Harriet Poole, Henderson's maiden name.

    Henderson's resume also says that she holds an "M.B.A. / J.D." from the University of California, without specifying a campus.

    Spokesmen at UC-Berkeley, UCLA and UC-Davis, the three UC campuses that have both law and business schools, said no such degrees had been issued to H. Susan Henderson or Harriet Poole.

    Alameda County voter records show that in 1989, Henderson registered as a Republican at an Oakland residence, then registered again as a Republican in 1991 when she moved to another Oakland address.

    In March 1992, when the Boxer campaign was getting under way, Henderson changed her registration to Democrat, the records show.

    As party executive director, Henderson sat in on top-level strategy meetings and sensitive discussions about the Democrats' plans for winning California for President Clinton in 1996.

    In his written statement, Press complained that the anonymous letter about Henderson was "disgusting character assassination," but gave no details about why he had concluded that she had spent party funds properly.

    Party credit-card records show that in a three-month period in 1995 she ran up $12,000 in charges, including $74 at a Victoria's Secret lingerie shop in Washington, D.C., $220 at a golf course in Palm Springs, $137 at a Los Angeles beauty-supply outlet and $26 at a laundry. <


    This article appeared on page A - of the Examiner

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  5. So this article is saying that
    somebody donating to the Democratic
    Party that year might have bought
    Susan a bra?

    Hmm. Talk about being a party

  6. OMG. Susan in her VS undies paid for by the democrates.

  7. Hard to believe there are people
    who don't think politics can be an
    uplifting experience.

  8. Interesting how Henderson and Mosca hit this town about the same time.
    Both got their foot in the door of Sierra Madre politics by deception.
    Mosca got in with an influencial political group who was against over development of the town. Lied to these supporters, took their money, then betrayed them. Switched over to the dirts from the get go.
    Henderson got herself in with a very nice couple, an innocent woman who believed Susan was her friend. The woman was an editor of an Arcadia paper at the time, she got Susan in as a columnist.
    This nice lady, Katina Dunn, trusted Susan and when her husband, successful actor, Kevin Dunn financed the Mount Wilson Observer, Susan again got involved, suppose to have been a partner, but never paid the Dunns anything. She then betrayed them, basically stole the paper, forcing the Dunns to take her to court. They did and they won the case, hands down. Contrary to Susan's lies to the Kiwani club people.
    I feel badly for nice people who have been taken in by this grifter, be they dirts or Kevin and Katina Dunn. It hurts to be betrayed.
    Most folks I know, just wish Susan Henderson would leave town, just like she had to leave San Francisco area after her little "unfortunate incident" with the Democratic party (who like the Dunn's and the Dirts, were fleeced).

  9. The astonishing capacity for denial in Sierra Madre is what allowed people like Joe and Susan to succeed here.

  10. I hope no one in Sierra Madre has given this woman money!

  11. Old Kentucky, I think that not only have people given her money; they continue to do so!

  12. Hey, if the dirts want to support her and her paper.......let them.
    Just remember dirts.....she slandered Nancy Shollenberger and MaryAnn MacGillivray in the last election on a weekly basis....and they still LOST!!!!!! Nancy and MaryAnn still WON.
    I'm just sorry the Dunns ever got involved with this woman. The good news is they beat her in court....the judge admonished Henderson many times for not being truthful, then ruled in favor of Katina Dunn.
    Katina was hurt by this woman, she trusted her and was betrayed and cheated,forget about the money. Kevin Dunn went after her in court.....it wasn't about the money, it was about holding this woman accountable. It was about her hurting his Katina. I know Kevin Dunn and I know that hurt him the most.....the fact his wife was betrayed by a woman she thought to be her dear friend.
    Susan Henderson is no one's "friend".

  13. The hypocrisy of Ms Henderson is about as laughable as it gets.

    ""We must continue to exercise the power given to us as citizens and while using sound judgement elect competent, committed and honorable individuals to public office. And nowhere is responsible voting needed more desperately than right here in Sierra Madre."

    Who the hell is Susan Henderson to lecture anybody on responsibility, honor, and competence? When she was put into a position of honor and responsibility she took the company credit card and bought herself lingerie and beauty supplies. And on the dime of Democratic party contributors, people who thought they could trust the likes of her.

  14. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BOGaCL2PRyE

  15. Good point Sir Eric.
    Hey , dirts, don't feel badly getting taken in by this woman, She is slick as a gut.....has fooled people who are sharper and more sophisticated than we are.
    We all got taken. SMRRD got taken and so did the DOWNTOWN DIRTS. Like I said, she is no one's friend.

  16. I think poor Henderson has a
    lot on her mind these days. It's
    tough keeping all those stories