Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Sierra Madre Tattler Presents: Annoying News!

(Note: From time to time The Tattler will step back from the haps here in Sierra Madre to take a look at some of the stuff going on "out there." We were originally going to call this "Beyond Michillinda," but then decided that would just sound like the cutesy-pie pap you can read in Good Housekeeping or The Magazine. So we're sticking with Annoying News because, let's face it, most news is.)

Picked this one up from L.A. Now: "710 tunnel soil sample drilling begins Tuesday" "Here's one sure to provide a little indigestion to those who have been fighting the 710 extension for years: Caltrans this week started to drill for soil samples to see if it's geologically feasible to build a tunnel to complete the 710. The road currently ends along the city of Los Angeles-Alhambra boundary but was intended to run north to a junction with the 210 and 134 in Pasadena ... Caltrans is saying the drilling will be route neutral. By that, the agency means that it will test soil in the coming months to consider a wide variety of routes instead of just the traditional one it has looked at for years that runs pretty much straight north along the LA-Alhambra line and then straight up the gut of South Pasadena ..." So let's get this in order. The good folks of South Pasadena have for years beaten back attempts to have the 710 run through their town, and you have to salute them for their courage. But now Caltrans wants to see if they can't just build a tunnel under the town and get it done that way? They just never stop, these people ... And this really is a pretty scary precedent if you think about it. Having failed at above-ground development in Sierra Madre, are proposals for 5 story beneath the surface structures just around the corner here? No word if John Buchanan or Joe Mosca have called for a secret $125,000 Underground Specific Plan (USP) study yet.

From Fox & Hounds Daily: "Thirty Trillion - Up In Smoke!" "Of all the grim economic statistics produced in the debacle of 2008, one really nailed me as I reviewed the news of the first day of 2009: 'The World Federation of Exchanges, which tracks stock markets in 53 developed and enrging economies, said that some $30 trillion in market value evaporated through the end of November." That does seem like a high price to pay for a couple of sub-prime adjustable rate home mortgage loans.

As if you didn't have enough reasons to avoid taking public transportation already (aka - "the trains that go where you don't"), this from LAist: "No Pants Subway Ride Coming To Los Angeles" ... "It's that time of year again for New Yorkers to get a fill of riding the subway with no pants on. Luckily (or the opposite depending on how you feel), this year the annual Improv Everywhere event is spreading across the nation including Los Angeles on the afternoon of January 10th." Gets kind of chilly down there in the subway. As my mom would say, "Poor dears, they'll catch their death." I'm wondering how the gang bangers will take this. They're generally pretty conservative on social issues.

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    Made my day, Sir Eric

  2. If memory serves, it was a majority on the South Pasadena City Council that gave the final approval to the tunnel, after the decades of struggle and persistence shown by their community. Imagine, a city council betraying their constituents like that.

  3. Did not know that. I wonder how many Laker tickets, "Summits," barbeques, and junkets to Cabo San Lucas that cost SCAG ..


  5. Even better, an agenda. Just copy & paste in google:

  6. Stay fresh, my friendJanuary 8, 2009 at 10:48 AM

    Are you sure those junkets were to Cabo? I hear they were actually to Tijuana.

  7. Sir Eric - you are the man.
    I like the Annoying News very much, thank you.
    Anyhoo, I live on the East Coast and I commute every day from New Jersey to Manhattan. To clarify, it's currently not the time of year to ride the subway with no pants on, it's actually the season in which you board any random elevator in Penn Station to get to the trains and the elevator is full of a very rank ammonia-like odor of urine!! Thank God there's no puddles to dodge! 'Tis true, it actually happened this morning as I was in the morning cattle call with my fellow commuters.

  8. Janie: Yes, and as a fellow NY subway rider myself I have to laugh at the attempts to romanticize public transportation here in L.A. County. Thanks for the memories!