Sunday, January 4, 2009

So when SCAG hosts a shindig, guess who pays for the hors d'oeuvres and cocktails ..

Would you believe the same folks who coughed up $170,000 in the failed campaign to defeat Measure V? Yep. Our pals at SCAG, the quasi-governmental organization working so hard to save us from ourselves, the very handmaidens of redevelopment responsible for our 138 "units" RHNA "housing allotment," and folks who would work to deny this quaint foothill city needed state funding and grants should we be found out of compliance with their rather onerous desires, takes money from our old friends the BIA and California Association of RealtorsThe very folks who would profit quite handsomely should those darned RHNA ("Regional Housing Needs Assessment") numbers take effect.

Talk about one big old conflict of interest ...

Last May those endlessly busy bees at SCAG threw a wickiup called the Annual Housing SummitHere's how it is described on their site:

Every year, SCAG convenes the Regional Housing Summit, a conference bringing together local elected officials, policy makers and housing experts to focus on the many issues facing the housing situation in Southern California. In the past, these well attended summits have featured high profile speakers including former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Henry Cisneros, members of the State Legislature, leading developers and top financiers.

Think of it as feeding time at the aquarium. With the "leading developers" and "top financiers" being the sharks, and "local elected officials" being the chum.

So anyway, if you click here you'll be able to check out the "sponsors" list. All the generous folks who ponied up for the libations and the rooms are listed there. And it includes our dear friends from not all that long ago.


  1. There site is down right now.
    We'll try later to access it.
    I notice this shindig was last May.....before the financial/real estate/mortgage crisis.
    I wonder if SCAG's old friends, Bart's BIA and Judy Webb Martin's pals in CAR will be up for footing bills for anymore campaigns against the good people of Sierra Madre? The dirts have lost 3 straight elections. Three strikes and your out?

  2. Yeah, I haven't been able to access it lately. Seems to have gone down around 7AM. If it doesn't come back soon I'll start pulling stuff off the cache and replacing them in the article ..

  3. I have a birthday coming up. Do you think they'll pay for the beer?

  4. @He-if you're an elected official the bet the answer would be YES! :)

  5. SCAG links are back up. I've included a direct link to the "sponsors" page.

  6. A few months ago the Los Angeles County Economic Development Council had their big awards dinner at Santa Anita. Awards were given to the big builders/developers etc. Our Councilman Mosca was there in all his glory.

  7. Ahh! You must be talking about the fabulous Eddy Awards gala! I hear it was quite the big old thing. Click!

  8. Looks like that dinner was in honor of Rick "Dancing Waters" Caruso, the fellow responsible for The Grove in Aracadia. Amongst other places. Big time user of eminent domain.

  9. The EDDY was held at the Beverly Hilton, This one was at Santa Anita Race Track. Sounds very similar.