Friday, January 16, 2009

Tattler Product Review: The Dover Parkersburg 610 Galvinized Metal Water Bucket (2-Gallon)

(Note: I did not write this product review. Rather it comes to us from the pages of and apparently represents the opinion of an actual customer. A friend of mine pointed this out to me and I thought it important enough to share.)

This Bucket Changed My Life! May 13, 2003
By Ari Brouillette

The highly versatile Dover Parkersburg 610 two Gallon Galvanized Metal Water Bucket was recommended to me by my friend Jim. Jim is something of an amateur consumer products testing buff and assured me that when it came to galvanized buckets the Dover Parkersburg reigns supreme! Jim had previously turned me on to the Swiffer WetJet Mop Total Cleaning System and the Hoover Quik-Broom S2561 so I knew he wouldn't (mess) around when it came to my metal bucket needs.

At first glance the Dover Parkersburg 610 is clearly a step above the competition, the smooth galvanized exterior is indicative of the more modern electracoat process which produces much less bubbling and insures a uniform surface. Jagged Edges? Not on this baby! Also of note are the two horizontal ripples which are placed 6 inches from the base. A simple structural analysis and crush test showed the slight corragative additions to be more than simple decorations, they actually produce an increase in tensile strength of 35.7% when compared to smooth walled galvanized buckets of the same carrying capacity.

Although I have used the Dover Parkersburg less since installing indoor plumbing, I display it with pride knowing that I own the best 2 gallon galvanized bucket in town.

Three comments of note:

Warren Campbell asks: But how does it stack up against the Dover Parkersburg 12 Qt galvanized Metal Water Bucket 612?

David Cormier asks: What are the stacking capabilities of the Dover Parkersburg 610? Is the corragative additions a problem for multi stacking? Is weight an issue when stacking more than 5 buckets?

Bons says: Thank you, sir! I had hemmed and hawed for hours over whether or not the Dover Parkersburg 610 was the one for me. I just wasn't sure it was what I needed. But thanks to your review I had the courage to go ahead and get one. I will never trust another bucket for my water porting needs ever again!


  1. This really should be in one of those....
    "baby come back" commercials!

  2. The problem with the Swiffer Wet Jet Mop is durability. While it is a great product great while new, the decay curve is decidedly robust.

  3. Nope, the trouble with the Swiffer Jet Mop and most of their products is they are very expensive to use.
    I love the commercial where the mariachi band is singing under the lady's window "baby come back"
    Clever commercial.....but there products are not very cost effective, imho.

  4. Who knew this topic would be refreshing?
    The swifter is actually more hygienic - you throw away the cleansing cloth. The problem with mops has always been that the dirt accumulates in the cleaning process, unless you empty the bucket repeatedly and start fresh with each few feet. But the drawback is the "throw it away" mentality that has made our landfills such a stew of near-eternal pollution. And, as Old K points out, the swifter products are very expensive - especially the refills.
    Thanks Sir Eric, for this odd break from our polluted political stew.

  5. I thought one was supposed to use two buckets while mopping - one for fresh water, and one to rinse in after each mopping. The second bucket needs to be emptied and refilled frequently during a cleaning job.

  6. Two buckets is the way to go, no doubt on that one. But the irony is you often spend as much time cleaning the fresh water bucket as you do whatever it is you're working on! Which is why some people I know have used more. And that probably explains David Cormier's questions on Amazon regarding stacking and weight issues.


  8. I use my carpet "steam" cleaner for do all my tile floors. The brushes do the scrubbing and the machine sucks up all the water. It only takes one gallon of hot water. No dirty mops to wring out, no buckets, no back breaking work, no rinsing. Try it if you have one. You'll never go back to the mop.

  9. Hey this is high science at its best. The guy even gave it the crush test. Here's someone that could be handy in anyone's neighborhood when advice might be needed. Thanks Sir Eric for this timely information--I was going to mop the kitchen floor one of these days. Now I know what equipment I need.

  10. Buckets never did much for me. Now all that has changed, thanks to this article.

  11. Sir Eric!
    Is the Tattler offering special "deals" on these Dover Parkersburg 610 two Gallon Galvanized Metal Water Buckets?

  12. I don't want to start any rumors here, but in the upcoming contest I'm working on a Dover Parkersburg 610 could very well be the first prize.

    I just need to confirm availability.

  13. Undisclosed RecipientJanuary 16, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Hank - I was just on the site. Current price is $5.99, but a used one is $4.86.

  14. Old Kentucky, that's a great youtube of Hank Williams Sr. Thanks!

  15. Do tell, what is the contest?

  16. There will be a contest announcement in about a week or so.

  17. Rumor has it, we're catapulting pumpkins, is that true?

  18. They're out of season. And besides, Uncle Buck is on vacation.

  19. Perhaps, mudslide races at One Carter?

  20. I like bowling down Baldwin.

  21. If that mud comes off One Carter, down Baldwin is exactly where it will go. Too bad none of the 4 council members responsible live in the mud's path - it might have made them more careful beofre they gave approval to that terrible plan.

  22. One of the lots has been turned into a debris basin. I wonder if that will be disclosed to potential buyers.

    Maybe we can use Sir Eric's buckets to clean up a past City Council's mess.

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    For all you horse lovers....there are some interesting YouTube videos.
    Clocker and Bloodstock agent Larry Zap is entertaining.
    Mary Forney is probably known to many of you in Sierra Madre, she's a great gal who has lived her all her life. There are lots of Forney family members here in town.
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    The latest in several good horses from New Zealand, Royal Taat won the 7th race on Jan. 14th.......THE SIERRA MADRE PURSE........hmmmm.........;)

  25. Still waiting for that contest...Cat got your tongue?

  26. Good things come to those who wait.

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