Sunday, February 8, 2009

Congratulations to Mayor Kurt Zimmerman

Sir Eric was reading his Sunday New York Times this morning, and out from amongst the many edifying sections contained therein tumbled this quality printed glossy magazine entitled Southern California Super Lawyers 2009. And listed amongst those (got to get the verbiage right here) chosen few lawyers recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer in Super Lawyer Magazine is none of that Sierra Madre's very own Mayor Kurt F. Zimmerman!

Now this being a publication about lawyers and seemingly written by lawyers, there is a section that carefully details in the most specific language available to the English speaking peoples from this or any other world what exactly a Super Lawyer is. Allow me to quote as follows:

First, this is not a popularity contest (as are many of the "top lawyer" lists you see published these days.) We back up our considerable polling and peer evaluation efforts with a detailed research process that evaluates each candidate based on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. Second, unlike other lists that rely on a one-dimensional methodology, our process includes checks and balances that produce a diverse listing of top lawyers. Third, we have a series of safeguards built into our database, and procedures in place to prevent lawyers from campaigning their way onto the list, or engaging in any sort of "cooperative" voting. We also take steps to ensure that the list is not dominated by lawyers from large firms.

On other words, the only way most of us could afford the services of one of these guys is to vote him (or her) into office. Which somehow we were lucky enough to do.

Now I must tell you that I didn't see John Buchanan, Susan Henderson or Joe Mosca listed amongst those lawyers (real or imagined) chosen to appear in this esteemed publication. But perhaps I am jumping the gun here and I'll just have to wait for next week (or maybe the week after) when my copy of Good Luck To You, Sonny, Lawyers Magazine 2009 shows up in the Mountain Views "Observer."


  1. Congratulations, Your Honor.
    I cast my vote as a voter/resident of Sierra Madre for Mayor Kurt Zimmerman....SUPER MAYOR!

  2. How fortunate and blessed we are to have a person of that quality to be serving our city of Sierra Madre!

  3. Very nice and no doubt well deserved recognition.

  4. Sometimes we get lucky in spite of ourselves. Kurt
    gives us the kind of quality leadership this place
    hasn't had in a while. It's nice to see him getting
    some well-deserved recognition.

  5. We won't forget Mayor Zimmerman during the terrible fires last April. We were evacuated and couldn't stay at the evacuation center with our pets. Dozens of people were sleeping in their cars or in the park with their pets.
    Mayor Zimmerman was out talking to the people in the middle of the night, and as soon as daybreak hit, apparently arranged for our pets to be housed free of charge at Pasadena Animal Shelter. It was a blessing to us.
    I recall telling the Mayor of our plightat 1:00am and the shocked look on his face that the people and their pets were in trouble.
    We sure are lucky to have this man as our Mayor.

  6. That is why Kurt was voted MAYOR instead of Joe.

  7. Joe wasn't voted Mayor because 1500+ people signed petitons a few months earlier to have him recalled for lying to the voters.
    Kurt is a leader. Joe is not.

  8. What great news for a Sunday morning.

    Congratulations Kurt!

  9. Kurt, you may be a super lawyer and a great Mayor of Sierra Madre, but you're also a damn nice classy guy. You make us proud.

  10. Add me to the list. Thanks for your service, Kurt.

  11. Sierra Madre business ownerFebruary 9, 2009 at 2:38 PM

    If Mayor Zimmerman hadn't come along, we might not have had a town left to fight for!
    Thanks Mayor Zimmerman, and thanks for all those times you had to stand alone.