Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Modest Proposal For The Skilled Nursing Facility Problem

Thursday I wrote about a possible solution to the much discussed Skilled Nursing Facility problem. And basically what the article said is that we could make very good use of this already medically configured compound if we turned it an Emergency Medical Center. Something this town desperately needs. And it comes with the added bonus of being a positive solution that could be accomplished for relatively few dollars. The response to this article was very good, and quite a few commented.

But let's face it, just because the people of this town might want such a medical facility is no guarantee they'll get it. The usual suspects could be doing all they can to keep this from happening. Why? Because they and their patrons would make a lot more money building stores and condos on the SNF site. Besides, if you're not throwing millions of dollars at a problem, they just don't seem to get it.

Look, isn't it at least a possibility that the guy who owns the Skilled Nursing Facility property believes that if he holds out long enough he'll finally get the City Council he wants? Which could enable him to build whatever it is he wanted to when he bought the place? And could two of our City Councilmen be encouraging him to think that this could happen in 2010? Certainly seems possible to me.

And is a solution now really in their interest? The urge to resort to political demagoguery here has got to be strong for them. Blame the Sierra Madre Boulevard blight on the people actually trying to do something about it, then praise those obstructing this economical and useful solution - namely themselves - as being the saviors. With high-density development being the solution, of course. Dirty politics? Naturally. But as anyone who lived through the Measure V election can tell you, that would be nothing new.
Just the way things are around here. We have some elected officials who work for the people of Sierra Madre, and then we have those who are little more than messenger boys for developers.

So look, maybe the problem here is that we're just being too nice about this. Perhaps we should roll up our sleeves and play a little hardball for a change.

So here is my modest proposal. If the current owner is refusing to do anything with the Skilled Nursing Facility property because he thinks he'll get a better deal after the next election, then he is for all intents and purposes contributing to a serious blight condition on Sierra Madre Boulevard. One that he is pretty much responsible for already. Blight, of course, being the term used to describe decrepit properties that need to be taken over so that the condition can be remedied.

So let's make this work for us. The Skilled Nursing Facility should be declared for what it really is, a blighted property. We have a redevelopment agency in town that could, if used properly, seize this property as blight under eminent domain. Property values are very low right now, and we could pick it up at a good price.

What do we do with it then? Well, with the current owner out of the way, and the obstructionists left to do little more than wonder what happened, I suspect we'll have no trouble finding a reputable medical concern willing to step in and bring to this community something we actually need. And when they do we should throw them a parade.


  1. That idea sure works for me.
    I share your concerns about the two errand boys for the developers, Joe Mosca and John Buchanan. They are puppets of the Building Industry Association and it's main operatives in Sierra Madre, Bart Doyle,Glenn Lambdin,Rob Stockly.
    These people and their greedy misguided friends have a plan, Sir Eric has spelled it out for you. They are currently spreading false stories blaming our Mayor, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray for the lack of developement in town. They fail to mention the economy. DUH.
    Poster ROIA commented that had we not passed Measure V, we would have a disaster, not just at the SNF, but Howies and elsewhere in the downtown area. Poster ROIA is absolutely correct, as usual.
    Sierra Madre would be Sierra Madre no more.
    Our city councilmembers, Mayor Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray are working hard to find a good solution so we can transform the SNF into a medical facility the town needs.
    Please support their efforts everyone.
    They deserve our support, both moral support and if needed financial support in next year's election to make sure Bart Doyle and Glenn Lambdin and Rob Stockley's dirts don't get back in control of your city.
    We all need to stongly support ANY and ALL CANDIDATES for CITY COUNCIL in '10 SUPPORTED by MARYANN MACGILLIVRAY. Easy choice, friends.

  2. Looks like the issues of the 2010 elections are already taking shape. And once again the issue is downtown development.

  3. The dirts have lost the last 3 elections, they will lose the next one.
    Every candidate they put up to run with Mosca is going to be vetted very carefully by the people in this town who are experts at it.
    They (the dirts) will probably put up a candidate who is well known, well liked, and isn't an ex-mayor or well known spokesperson for the dirts. However, make no mistake, he will be a WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

  4. What is the status of the application which the
    owners SNF submitted to the city which was quickly approved so they would not be subject
    to Measure V? Is there a time limit or can the owners wait until the economy gets better and build their 55 units plus retail?

  5. There are two for lease for medical facility signs on the property.
    I believe the owner, Mr. Kale is going with this and will even be willing to make improvements.

  6. Here's my modest proposal: Sir Eric, will you marry me?

  7. I certainly hope that Mr Kale is
    serious and not just managing
    time. This would be a big win
    for Sierra Madre.