Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So here's a bit of a mystery, or two ...

Yesterday there was some euphoria on The Tattler because it appeared that the Pasadena Foothill Democrats had removed all references to our good friend Susan Henderson from their site, and that this should be taken as a sign that our concerns had been respected because they did the right thing. All because of the work of this 2 month old upstart of a blog. And I shared in this sense of achievement as well. 

But when I returned home from work and checked things out, I discovered that this was not a perfect joy. While the gateway to their redesigned site does give the impression that there was indeed some kind of change, it is a subtle one. And yes, Susan's page appears to be gone. But if you use the link I provided on yesterday's post (click here), up pops that very page! Now there could be a couple of reasons for this. It might be that this page was orphaned because it just wasn't pulled down properly. And that as soon as they realize this it will happily vanish. Or it could be that the Pasadems don't even care to know that we're talking about them, and nothing has really happened at all. Always a possibility. You know how people can be.

But I do a lot of marketing stuff with websites and their hosts at work, and I suspect something a bit different. You'll notice that on the gateway page there is now a thing that asks for a user name and password. My suspicion is that little has really changed here outside of the fact that they don't want folks like us snooping around their site any more. In other words, we're being locked out, and only the chosen can gaze upon the entirety of this now non-inclusive site. And the sole reason we can still access the page in question is that whoever put this shiny new security system in place really didn't know what they were doing.

You have to remember that our local organization Democrats have not exactly been kind to small residential cities such as ours, rather preferring to cast their lot with high density developers and The BIA and all the usual barbarians. Folks who don't care much about preserving quaint foothill cities such as ours. (Not that our local organization Republicans are much better, mind you. When it comes to redevelopment money, it's all snouts to the trough.) And don't forget, it was the strikingly similar San Fernando Democrats who blessed us with that esteemed young gent, Joe Mosca. And if he didn't turn out to be a shorts and sandals cutout for the condo-riffic lifestyle, I don't know who is.

So here's another question for you. On the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats site there is a list of said Young Democrats identified as Top 2009 Sponsors. And listed among the "Valley Girls & Guys" portion of this menu is "Joe Mosca, The Gas Company." Now all the other politicians on this list are situated by the names of the cities they represent as
elected officials. So did Joe win an election in some place called The Gas Company? Maybe it's somewhere out by Indio? If so, that's certainly news to me. The only other person I've ever heard of that works for The Gas Company is Hank Hill from the Fox TV cartoon classic "King of the Hill." I wonder if Joe knows him, and if so, can he get me an autograph?

Now Joe's page on the well-designed and very useful City of Sierra Madre site lists a whole slue of organizations that he works with that ain't us. Most of them SCAG related. But I don't see anything whatsoever about The Gas Company. Has he been hiding something from us again? Is he not proud of this association? I'm sure they have him in an office job and not out reading meters. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

You do realize that we're pretty much on our own here, right? The political parties don't actually represent us, and the newspapers that once shed an occasional light on the shenanigans of local government have fired most of their reporters and are now concentrating their remaining efforts on pleasing the last of their advertisers. Remember when Molly Okeon formerly of the Pasadena Star News used to show up our city council meetings? (I used to get calls from her sometimes. She was on a mission to find out who Eric Maundry was.) So when's the last time you saw a Star News reporter at one of our city council meetings? Outside of mudslides there hasn't been a real Sierra Madre story there for months. And now the Los Angeles Times has announced that it is dropping the "California" portion of their paper. L.A.'s largest newspaper will no longer have a section dedicated to local news.

One of the things that truly impressed me during our last city elections was the kinds of folks that showed up at MaryAnn MacGillivray's meetings. Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, independents, mugwumps, all different political stripes of people, and all united by one idea. Saving this town. It's like the usual politics stopped at the city line, and what took its place was something very different. And far better. I can't help but think that we were on to something. That other stuff just seems so artificial to me now.


  1. Sir Eric, take heart. Remember the pace of the wheels of justice.
    You're so right about the way the people of our town come together for the sake of the town. As long as we don't talk national politics, we're all great political friends!
    Thanks for this further investigation, and it looks like it's time to let the Pasadems make their own decisions- they've got all the information they need. Hope the denial is not too expensive for them!

  2. Hey, what qualifies as "young" in the Valley Girls & Guys?
    My teens do not consider Mr. Mosca to be a "young guy."

  3. Between the "Valley Girls & Guys" and Joe's MySpace page, maybe there should be a new term for these guys.

    ADD - Adulthood Delayed Democrats

  4. Perhaps Joe works for the Gas Company because he is full of beans?

  5. Sir Eric,

    I agree with you. The website only looks like it has changed but it really hasn't. We can't see what is really going on.

  6. Although the login on Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills seems mysterious, because there is no criteria listed for logging in, I do think they have changed the website for good. Here's why: (1) Susan Henderson told spectacular lies to the board of the DCPF (2) The DCPF cannot taint the candidates it endorses (3) the DCPF cannot taint its donor list and ability to raise money.
    That said, these are small towns and if Susan Henderson is seen representing the DCPF in any way, at any meeting (and these are small towns with people out and about)that would create a hugely embarrassing situation for the DCPF that would impact their mission.

  7. Not paying the nanny tax has sunk a political career or two. Not paying the nanny or housekeeper at all is the end of the road for a public figure.

  8. Let's hope there's not a cover-up that would enable Susan Henderson to continue on her path of ripping people off. Her organism continues to adapt and repel one insecticide after another.

  9. Political organizations are pretty much
    like private clubs. None of this surprises
    me at all.

  10. Anonymous at 9:10:
    Good post! You are reading this right on.

    Does anyone know if "Susan's paper" is out with a new issue this week?
    Has she taken down the Observer logo, as she was ordered by the court to do?
    How many copies did she have printed?
    I have found it near impossible to find any copy downtown. She sure couldn't be printing many copies.

    Anyone interested in the Special City council meeting tonight? 6:00 pm at City Hall.
    They are going to discuss our lobbyist getting us money from the "B.O. bailout" I suppose, and what to use it for.

  11. Since most of this "stimulus package"
    is supposed to go towards repairing infrastructure and creating more mass
    transit, I'm not sure what it is we'd
    qualify for. It is also supposed to
    create infrastructure work jobs. At
    least that is the aim. God knows what
    will really happen with this $ should
    the likes of Sacramento get their hands
    on some. Be very curious to see the
    outcome on this one.

  12. The Capitol Mall is due to get a new lawn as part of the "stimulus package". I am not joking either.

  13. Personally, I'm betting that Joe has taken on some kind of representation of The Gas Company as part of his lawyer duties. He was a bankruptcy lawyer at the time he was elected to City Council and he lost or quit that job (I don't know which and I don't much care). I suspect he's doing what Bart does--wangling some level of financial reward from his "service" to government. Let's see . . .

  14. I know one thing, roia:
    There are 4 attorneys who sit at our city council meetings. Mayor Zimmerman, City Attorney Levin, John Buchanan and Mosca.
    If you needed legal advice, which two would you ask?
    I know who I would go with.....clue......they are both left handed. LOL LOL

  15. Can we all try to be a little UP beat. SM City Council are all good people. To desent in a civil way is the most American we can be.

  16. By "desent," do you mean "dissent" or "descent?" Or "decent?"

  17. Anon @ 10:21, good people can make bad decisions, be bad policy makers, and bad leaders. I agree about the need for civility, but not to the point of obliviousness. Do you think we can have both civility and accountability?

  18. To Anonymous at 10:34:

    Are you inferring that to maintain our National Mall is a joke? I hope not. The Nations Mall is at the center of the Washington "triangle" with The White House at the north point, Jefferson Monument at the south point, Lincoln Memorial at the west point and the Capitol building at the east point. In between these landmarks and bordering the mall is, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, Korean War Veterans Memorial, National Museum of the American Indian and many other points of interest that make this sight historic and irreplacable. The National Mall is Americas Front Yard, so to speak, and we need to take care of it, and if that means putting new sod in it, then that is what we do, if it means replacing concrete and steps that are in disrepair, then that is what we do. Sodding the Mall may not "create jobs" outright, but it may prevent some people from losing jobs, no data either way, doesn't matter to me. It's time we take care of the "stuff" that makes America America, our stuff, our parks, our roads, our power grid, our sewer lines, water lines, etc.. These things are not a joke, we need these things, we require these things, we demand these things. My father was a WWII vet and that memorial that was just built in the last 10 years is a tribute him and the men and women who contributed in their own way to make this country as great a nation it is. Shame on us for letting the Mall get into the state of disrepair it is in the first place. We've let too much slide for too long, time to get to work, here in America. Time to invest in America for Americans, and just so you know I am by profession a Union Journeyman Ironworker, Local 416 here in Los Angeles, so, yes I am involved in "construction". Hopefully I will get back to work with some of the Stimulus money. I belong to a Brotherhood of men, and some women that take extreme pride in the work that we do, building this country. My brothers, and sisters have built some of the greatest American monuments in our history, Hoover Dam, Golden Gate Bridge, World Trade Centers Tower 1 and 2, Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building..you get the picture. So if we need to put some sod in our "front yard" please don't call it a joke, it actually means something, bigger than me, bigger than you.

    Thank you,
    Rod Diener
    Ironworkers Local 416
    "Building America since 1896"

  19. I also wanted to add to above:

    If you post, use your name, from what and who are you hiding from? If you have an idea, opinion, thought, own it. I do, always will, if I make a mistake, I own it, if you don't agree with what I believe, say, write, that's cool because I own it.

    Rod Diener

  20. And yes I do know a triangle has three points, I didn't make up the reference.

    Rod Diener


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