Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tattler Repost: The Ana Ramirez Interview

(Ed: Back in February of 2009 we conducted an interview with a housekeeper named Ana Ramirez. We thought we would repost it today. To be clear, the first 24 comments below were made the when this piece was first posted.)

Ana Ramirez
is a housekeeper with clients in Sierra Madre. She works very hard and for a lot less money than it would take to live here. It is a difficult life, and you need to ask yourself how many of the people that you know could survive if somehow the roles were reversed. Ana impresses you as being a kind and forthright person, someone you could come to think of as a friend. She is paid "off the books," something that makes her subject to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people. The purpose of this interview is to allow her to describe such an instance. Ana speaks little English, and this conversation was made possible by the kind assistance of an interpreter.

Tattler: Ana, thank you for taking the time to talk with us this morning. I understand that your health has not been so very good lately.
Ana Ramirez: Yes, I was taken to the hospital recently. The doctors aren't quite sure what the problem is and they did a lot of tests. The results should be in soon. I expect to have some of them Monday.
Tattler: Our prayers are with you, and we hope for only the best possible news.
Ana: Thank you.
Tattler: How did you first come to work for (Mountain Views-Observer publisher) Susan Henderson, a resident of some note here in Sierra Madre?
Ana: I was introduced to Miss Henderson by someone I was working for at the time. I believe it was either late in 2006 or at the beginning of 2007.
Tattler: When you first went to work for Susan, what were your experiences with her?
Ana: At the beginning I was treated very well. There were no problems. The checks she paid me with were easily cashed by the bank. I worked one day a week, usually Monday, and I was paid $125 for cleaning her house. Miss Henderson liked my work from the start and soon raised my pay to $130 per day. And then she raised my pay again, to $500 per month, with still no problem cashing the checks.
Tattler: But things did change, right? When did you first notice that things were starting to go wrong?
Ana: After 3 months or so, when I would take Miss Henderson's checks to the bank, the bank would return them to me saying there was not sufficient funds to pay me. I would take the checks back to Miss Henderson and tell her. She would give me partial cash and promise to pay the rest to me later. This condition lasted for a year. I got very tired of it and I told her that I can't stand this anymore. The bank keeps returning the checks and you won't pay me what you owe me. I have lost other clients, people who wanted me to work for them who would pay me what they owe me. You either stop this or I will go.
Tattler: What were your experiences working parties for Susan?
Ana: I didn't work a lot of them. The one that does come to mind was a 4th of July party. I cleaned her house the day before and the next day I worked at the party.
Tattler: And you were paid for that work?
Ana: Yes. $250 for the 2 days.
Tattler: Who was at that party?
Ana: It was for the people who work for her newspaper. And some of her friends that she plays golf with. And other friends.
Tattler: So you were nickel and dimed, and it continued for a year. And then you quit. How much money does Susan Henderson owe you right now?
Ana: $700.
Tattler: And when you try to collect that money, how does she respond?
Ana: When I call to Miss Henderson's house on the phone, she will not pick up the call. She sees that it is my number. When I call from a different number that she doesn't know Miss Henderson will pick up, and then tell me that she doesn't have the money and doesn't care that I need to have the money.
Tattler: Your son Mario has called on your behalf. He is bilingual and speaks English. When he calls to try and collect the money, what does Susan say?
Ana: She says "Me no money!" and hangs up.
Tattler: Me no money?
Ana: Yes. And hangs up.
Tattler: To my ears that sounds offensive. Do you have the same impression?
Ana: No, I don't believe it is offensive. But she is annoyed when I call, and she tells me to stop calling, that she doesn't have the money.
Tattler: You are kinder than I would be under those circumstances.
Ana: My sister has called her, and Miss Henderson tells her that she has no right to call her. Only Mario can call her now. And when Mario calls she hangs up the phone on him.
Tattler: Have you confronted her personally?
Ana: I have gone to her door, and when I knock on the door nobody will answer. Miss Henderson's car will be in the driveway, and I know that there are people home, but nobody will come to the door. And even while I was working for her, and she owed me a lot of money, she would take vacations to Hawaii and Rosarito Beach. She would always have lots of money to do that.
Tattler: Thank you for doing this interview, Ana.
Ana: Thank you.


  1. Ana, siento mucho esto sucediĆ³ a usted. La mayor parte de las personas en Sierra Madre son honestas y decentes. Esta mujer que debe usted dinero no es uno de ellos. Ella ha estafado otros, probablemente toda su vida. Sepa por favor que muchas personas oran para su salud buena vuelva.

    Mayor Zimmerman and Sandra Levin:
    Isn't there anything you can do to stop paying this Henderson our city money for those legal notices?

  2. This is so shameful. You hear about things like this happening,
    but to actually have it spelled so clearly is like getting hit in the

  3. Ana, your good health is in our prayers. I am truly disappointed that the rest of the people in Susan Henderson's home, including her partner, Elizabeth "Hattie" Harris, have not pitched in to pay you, because you were cleaning their stuff as well. This is sad.

  4. Gee whiz, money for golf and vacations but not for Ana Ramirez. I guess that's what you call living the high life on someone else's back. If you don't have the money, you stop the service, right? That's what decent people do. What makes Henderson think she has the right to free labor?

  5. I'll bet there have been a lot of "Ana Ramirez's" in Henderson's life.
    I'll bet there have been a lot of "Katina Dunn's" in her life as well.
    Honest people who have trusted her and been cheated and betrayed.
    I don't feel sorry for the California Democratic Party or the Pasadena Democrats or the Sierra Madre DIRTS, but I do feel sorry for Ana and Katina and the many others like them she has cheated.
    Shame, shame, shame on you, Susan Henderson.
    However, I doubt you ever feel shame. In your mind, you're the "victim". What do they call people like you? Oh yeah, sociopaths.

  6. con artists thats how they work

  7. sociopath is an astute description notice how susan henderson tells ana she doesn't care that ana needs the money

  8. Susan how can you sleep. If it were be I would have collected one way or another.

  9. Of course she doesn't care about Ana, archy2.
    Had Sir Eric not have outed her for this terrible behavior, she wouldn't have ever given Ana another thought.
    Had Katina Dunn not taken her to court, she wouldn't have remembered Katina.
    She uses people.....then tosses them.
    All you dirts reading this.....JUST YOU WAIT, if she hasn't betrayed or cheated you yet? She will.
    Unfortunately, I happen to know this Henderson woman, and I'm telling you all....she is no damn good!

  10. Pasta in her mind Susan Henderson is royalty. She steals from the poor and middle class to give to herself. I am sure she would like to tax us all to support her lifestyle. You could call it the "The Susan Henderson Golf Tax" or "The Susan Henderson Exotic Vacation Tax." Also, I am sure she would like us to erect a palace for her on the Skilled Nursing Facility site, which she keeps complaining is such an eyesore.

  11. To add to 9:53 - I also believe that a lot of what we see from Susan is based on a kind of contempt she has for this town. I think that in her opinion the average Sierra Madre resident is an affable dunce that can be manipulated for gain. She sees herself as being a political consensus maker whose invaluable services are available to the highest bidder.

  12. Well, in her deranged mind, she may be royalty, but to those of us who have had the bad luck of crossing her path.....she isn't worth a dead rat's ass.

  13. This dear lovely lady, who trusted and CARED, has been used and abused, and surely there is an attorney here listening to her who could help her through the steps of our court system and guide her through small claims court. Yes, they need paper work, but her words of consistent loyality, her proof of past working at her home, her family involvement and dates paid, etc., can all be used in court against Ms. Henderson. Remember what goes around coomes around, and Katina Dunn proved it. These 2 lovely women are just the beginning of a long saga in a story just waiting to be told in a town that has been shattered by Ms. Henderson and her Neaderthalls.

  14. Off topic, I know. But I was over at the "Stop the Smoking Ban" site,
    and guess who just joined as a member? Bill Coburn. (Cryptic aside:
    I wonder if Kelly knows?)

  15. The Ana Ramirez story adds a new dimension to the term "exploitation." Disgusting behavior and we are shocked certainly, but really not surprised. Haven't we grown to expect this kind of behavior from Henderson?

  16. Yes, roia, we have.

  17. Looks like Susan H and her significant other attended the
    Library Wine & Food Tasting last evening. At $60 bucks a
    toss that's $120! Looks like Miss Me-No-Money managed
    to pull together a few cents for the opportunity to swill
    some high end wine with the hoi polloi.

  18. Yeah or they got free press passes. How about a bumper sticker "Honk If You've Been RIPPED OFF by Susan Henderson."

  19. I like that Anonymous 3:59!

    Sir Eric? Do you know where we can get bumper stickers made:
    Honk If You've Been Ripped Off by Susan Henderson?

  20. How about?
    Honk if you've been given a bad check by Susan Henderson

  21. "MountainViews-Observer Publishers Do It With Paper."

  22. Good one, Pop......I think Sir Eric might just feel a contest coming on! LOL

  23. How about "Honk if you want to get rid of people who want to ruin Sierra Madre and are dressed like sheep"

  24. The Wicked Witch of Sierra Madre's TwinFebruary 21, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    .........and she dares to show her face in public after all she has done to so many good people. Do those who support her actually think they are not next in line for her gentle goodness?

  25. Is Ana still working around town?
    Did she ever get paid by Henderson?...oh, wait, that's a dumb question, I'll ask another one, anyway, did Katina Dunn ever get paid?

  26. What a horrible impression of Sierra Madre Ms. Ramirez must have. I hope she realizes that Ms. Henderson's behavior is an aberration.

  27. Ana Ramirez is a very sympathetic character but nevertheless participated in an illegal act - an undocumented worker, working for cash to avoid payment of taxes. Not only did Ms. Henderson knowingly engage the services of an undocumented worker, not only did she refuse to pay Ana for those very same services, but Ms. Henderson failed to pay taxes as an employer. I'm sure there are many similar cases of undocumented household workers in Sierra Madre albeit that they are mostly paid an agreed upon in advance wage but this one is particularly egregious because a vulnerable woman was defrauded by someone she trusted; someone who represents herself to the citizens of Sierra Madre as a local businesswoman and member of the civic community. It would behoove Ms. Henderson to pay Ana and put this unfortunate incident behind her. As to the court judgement against her in favor of Katina Dunn it looms over Ms. Henderson as a great dark cloud. Undocumented household workers and unpaid judgements have ended otherwise spotless careers - let's hope Ms. Henderson's misdeeds catch up with her sooner rather than later.

  28. This just in. 8 City of Bell officials arrested this morning. Justice *does* prevail when the cover is ripped off by good reporting.

  29. 9:31 If you persist in taking concepts like law and justice seriously, you will lose your place at the pancake breakfast.

  30. Poster 7:37. Sadly Kurt Zimmerman is no longer Mayor. We're stuck with Mayor um,um,um, Mosca.

  31. Susan Henderson is the first friend on Mayor Mosca's Facebook.

    Given her disreputable past, Susan would not be somebody I would include on my Facebook. Tells me a lot about Mosca's character or lack thereof.

  32. If you google Susan Hendrson, you'll find that Ana Ramirez and Katina Dunn are not the only people she's ripped off.

    That makes no difference, however, to our Mayor Joe Mosca who counts that awful woman among his close friends.

  33. Ms Henderson most likely got comp tickets for the wine taste in exchange for advertising and being a "member of the press". But, look, let's get on to better things than talk about Henderson's character (we all know she hasn't any -- character that is.)

  34. The corn's a poppinSeptember 21, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    The arrest of 8 City of Bell officials is only a step along the way to justice. Still to come are the courts, juries, verdicts, fines, and prison. Then the residents of the City of Bell will have justice. I'm so hoping that the moron and Nancy pants will not resign but wait for the indictments!

  35. The city of Bell officials just arrested should get the book thrown at them.

    What scumbags,Susan Henderson types to cheat some of the poorest people in Los Angeles.

    I think we are entering into a new paradigm, in which crooked politicians and their friends are going to be exposed and brought to justice.

    I sure hope so.

  36. The big Sacramento pols are hungry for small city officials to snack on right now. It's an election year.

  37. I know! Let's give ours!

  38. It is not a good time for city shenanigans to get aired out. At least from the perspective of the officials responsible.

    There's blood on the water and the sharks are feeding.

  39. 10:01, Mosca is not about paying attention. The man's strength is in saying Hello, How are ya? and Thank you. And that's about it. Glib is the word that comes to mind. So he'll apply his glibness universally, Henderson or anyone else is a potential supporter.

  40. Wow, lots of charges against the eight from Bell. They have been investigating them for months -- even before the Times expose. I wonder where they are going to find a jury? Looks like they may have to go to Iowa to find an impartial group. I for one think they should be thrown in jail for life!

  41. omg 11:13, that's a perfect description of the Mayor:
    "glib: fluent and voluble but insincere and shallow"

  42. Glib is a good description of Susan Henderson too.

    No surprise that she's Joe Mosca's good buddy.

  43. Mosca's not thinking long term. Having Susan Henderson as his BFF is not going to serve him well when he runs for the State Senate.

  44. On way Ms. Ramirez can follow up is to call out Henderson's complience on tax withholding, soc sec, and other benefits due (even on illegals) when income paid exceeds the threashold as is the case here. Benefits due the IRS also draw interest on the principle. By now it is a tidy sum.

  45. People better hope this Mosca creature doesn't run for State Senate or anything else.
    People like him are what's wrong with our Sacramento State Legislature, we can ill afford another a-hole politician up there.

  46. Moving to an area with a majority of Republicans is another dumb move on Mosca's part.

    He better pray for re-districting.

  47. I'd rather Mosca be in Sacramento than down here ruining our little town.

  48. Hey, this thread about slippery Sue!

  49. Susan is boring. Let's talk about what the four letter signers are thinking about; or what the Planning Commission did last week. Just sitting around bashing Susan is dull unless somebody out there has something new.

  50. 12:58, Republican majority?
    Last I heard, this town votes Democrat, like it or not.

  51. Last time I checked Sierra Madre was not quite populous enough to rate its own California Assemblyman or Senator, 1:20.

  52. I meant in the national elections, and oh yeah, the city council....

  53. You think we're going to send Joe to the White House?

  54. You think he doesn't want to go there?

  55. It would be like electing Caligula.

  56. No, no - Caligula was brilliant. Evil, insane, but brilliant.
    It would be more like electing Daffy Duck.

  57. AI - 173
    DEM - 2871
    DS - 1376
    GRN - 66
    II - 1
    IR - 38
    KY - 1
    LIB - 55
    NAT - 8
    NP - 9
    OQ - 1
    PF - 15
    RA - 1
    RC - 3
    REF - 3
    RP - 2975

  58. Skewed slightly to the crazee if you ask me...

  59. 1:44, just how many of those registered voters use water?

  60. I count 7,599 registered voters in Sierra Madre. How come we have such crappy voter turnout?

  61. The State Senate and Congressional Districts that Sierra Madre is a part of are firmly Republican.

    Joe has no chance at being a politico in Sacramento or in DC unless he: moves; becomes a Republican; or there is redistricting.

    He's not going anywhere after he steps down from the City Council. He's hasn't figured that out yet.

  62. 1:18. You might think Susan is boring. The rest of us, however, realize that's she's dangerous. After all, her paper helped re-elect a lightweight like Joe Mosca.

  63. While I don't doubt your reasoning 1:59 pm, he's certainly a candidate for lobbying. He's making all the right connection with corporations and politicians. And do you think for a moment Joe wouldn't convert from a Dem to a Rep if the opportunity for political gain presented itself?

  64. Absolutely 2:02.
    Underestimating the pro-development crowd cost us.
    So did overestimating the political awareness of the average Sierra Madre resident.

  65. Since Susan's contract with the city is up for renewal very soon, isn't the Ramirez story important?

  66. Either the Mountain Views News is a fishwrapper, only six people read it, and it's regularly recycled by the dozens according to this blog, or it's as you say "dangerous". Can't be both.

    She hasn't been late with a single issue in months. She is getting funding from somewhere. The City's contract is about $28K annually to print the legal notices, not nearly enough to support her, her lifestyle, her printing costs, her delivery expenses, etc. Somebody reads her paper.

    Re-open the ajudication issue. Demand that the City Manager investigate her circulation and subscription. Demand that if Susan doesn't produce the figures that the City go elsewhere. What's Susan going to do? Sue? If she doesn't comply it's hard to believe she'd have a case.

    Ajudication if not like the Supreme Court - it's not a lifetime appointment.

  67. 2:11, I think you can answer your own question. While Ana Ramirez' story is sad, dragging it out on a blog is not going to impact the contract renewal process. Nothing that's been said in this blog about Susan's resume, education, degrees or lack thereof, misuse of a credit card, or failure to pay Ms. Ramirez amounts to a hill of beans. She has not been prosecuted in a court of law for padding her resume; the Democrats didn't pursue her; and even Ms. Ramirez hasn't filed a claim. Mrs. Dunn did and was granted a judgement against Susan. However, that is civil not criminal.

  68. Apparently you can run for elective office even if you lie about your education, degrees, and mis-use campaign funds - or at least Christine O'Donnell thinks so.

  69. Ah heck, Mosca brazenly lied. Didn't matter to his supporters.

  70. I thought Suze had a great financial tip for maintaining your pretentious lifestyle in these troubled economic times: Don't pay the domestics.

  71. I don't think Joe Mosca can change his voter registration to Republican to get elected in this district.
    Bart Doyle tried that, tried to get the Republican Party to run him for State Assembly. They wisely turned him down, didn't want him.
    Last time I noticed Bart still had Obama bumper sticker on his car. It's so called Republicans like Bart which cause many people to register as Independent voters.

  72. Maybe they are hoping redistricting can gerrymander a nice Assembly District for
    Joe. Put the Democratic neighborhoods of Glendale and pasadena in with Sierra Madre,
    and voila! Sacramento Joe. A fighter who
    knows how to get things done. For all of
    us. Joe Mosca 2012.

  73. Isn't it wonderful that the police hauled off all those Bell criminals today? Under arrest!

    I only hope we can see something like that happen to our "bell types" here on the city council and city hall.

  74. Poisionous Politicians PinchedSeptember 21, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    6:01 It is absolutly wonderful, it is justice long overdue. 50 loans to city officials, 53 counts of malfesance, Fraud, etc .and well there is that 35 million dollar private bond, that will default on Nov 1, 2010, Dexia, all those Leungs that work there probably just a coincedence.

    But I was researching last night and found that Fitch who does the AAA, AA to BBB- to BB-, stock ratings for the wall street stock world of imaginary money and finance for those inclined to play the market. Fitch had been downgrading City of Bell GO's general obligation and pension bonds, when they got to BB- dropped them yesterday, "apparently refuse to rate," that must be the ultimately shunning in bondage buying or no more buying thereof. Bell has become a bond pariah.

    Rizzo will be found to be a grifter, all his credentials carefully constructed lies. Supported by a family of grifters, taught the craft from a young age.

    Taking down a whole city council!!! Exposure of 50 buyable city officials and need I say redevelopment afficiandos? Someone on Topix pointed out the FBI busted Robert Fierro of Commerce his wife and his sister in law last Thursday, and then the award dinner for George Cole, that friendly Montebello development group, like a domino effect. It is about 20 years overdue..the arresting of fat sodden with gluttonous power ticks like Rizzo and the development for the peoples own good types. I bet there are a whole bunch of very conflicted
    economic partners that hope they don't hear a knock on their door. How about you Editor? always fighting the good fight, Feeling Fine?

  75. Very clever!

    Did you know they had to break the Mayor of Bell's door in, he wouldn't answer the door.
    I'm trying to find out if they had to arrest him at gunpoint!
    Rizzo is siting in jail with a huge bail, not yet met.
    This is so great! Perhaps there really is justice afterall.

    These criminals are all going down, big time.

  76. The always skeptical Mod is taking a slightly different viewpoint on this, 8:48. Be sure to check out tomorrow's post.