Monday, February 2, 2009

Tattler Special Report: Pasadena Democrats' Internal E-Mails Show New Henderson Revelations

Isn't it one of life's truisms that after a person's credibility is gone nobody seems to want to keep their secrets anymore? Certainly could explain why Susan Henderson's affairs are such an open book these days. That is, to anyone who cares to take the time and read.

I've been hearing from a number of people that Susan Henderson has been running around town saying the most awful things about myself and the wonderful blog that you are now reading. And apparently my crime here was reporting her recent defeat in Court in the now famous Deuxamis case. A case where her former partner at the Mount Wilson Observer dragged her to Court and proved that Ms. Henderson was not only in "breach of fiduciary duty" (translation: she screwed around with the company's money), but also that she had misappropriated the "design, masthead and formatting of the Mount Wilson-Observer." Which is the polite way of saying she stole it. And that she was ordered by the court to drop the world "Observer" from her paper. Something that Ms. Henderson seems bent on not complying with, and could earn her a big old contempt of court citation in the not too distant future. (Susan apparently justifies this by saying the case is on appeal, but that claim is laughably false. And isn't it a bit of a contradiction to say you're appealing a case you've claimed to have won?) It was also decided by the Court that "a judgement against Henderson in the amount of $41,994.74" was to be added to Susan's judicial feast of failure. All of which means she lost. Big time.

What I consider to be the strangest thing about this is Susan Henderson seems to be on a lone quest to suppress what is a very legitimate news story. To the point where she even stood before a Sierra Madre City Council meeting and loudly threatened to sue the Mayor for referencing her setback in a discussion regarding legal advertising. And Henderson has been claiming that word of her failure in Court is a lie, and it was actually she who won the case? Bizarre. Bizarre because anyone can go the Superior Court of the State of California website, type in the case number (GC039149) and see what really happened. (Unfortunately to see a copy of the actual settlement you'll have to pay $4.95. Bring your credit card, the state needs the dough.)

So Susan has been galumphing around Sierra Madre saying awful things about anyone she fears will discuss this stuff. And, of course, that would include me. But I thought I'd let all that ride. "He said/she said" journalism is an absurd pursuit, and I figured people would consider the source and make the correct call. Besides, she's got to shut up about it eventually and realize that people know the truth and it's time to move on. But then I was forwarded some very interesting email, internal to the Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills.

Myself and others had been attempting to warn the Pasadena Democrats regarding some incorrect information on their site regarding Susan. (You can see the original Tattler discussion on this by clicking here.) On it they identify Susan as being a Berkeley graduate, among other things. And as I've pointed out on The Tattler, the Berkeley connection is not only fraudulent but also strikingly similar to past false claims of academic achievement. But enough background, here's the e-mail trail. Some names are taken out, and I comment where I think appropriate.

From: Doug D------
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:40 PM
Subject: Born Again American

Barry, Don, and Tim,

My friend Katina Dunn, who had been managing editor of the Core Media Weeklies when I was writing articles for them, just won a lawsuit against H. Susan Henderson, reportedly a prominent Foothill Democrat with a show on PCAC. Among the various issues brought out in the trial, as covered in various articles here (Sierra Madre Tattler cited) ... were the issues previously reported in the "San Francisco Examiner" ...

- "H. Susan Henderson, onetime Republican turned executive director of the California Democratic Party, has resigned her $78,000-per-year post amid controversy over alleged resume-pumping and questionable expenditures on a party credit card ...
- "Henderson states that she holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ohio State University, but a spokeswoman said Ohio State had never granted to Harriet Susan Henderson or Harriet Poole, Henderson's maiden name. ...
- "Henderson's resume also says that she holds an 'M.B.A./J.D.' from the University of California, without specifying a campus. ...
- "Spokesmen at UC-Berkeley, UCLA and UC-Davis, the three UC campuses that have both law and business schools, said no such degrees had been issued to H. Susan Henderson or Harriet Poole.
- "Alameda County voter records show that in 1989, Henderson registered as a Republican at an Oakland residence, then registered again as a Republican in 1991 when she moved to another Oakland address.
- "In March 1992, when the Boxer campaign was getting under way, Henderson changed her registration to Democrat, the records show."

... Katina tells me that the judge in her trial denied Ms. Henderson's request to stop the dissemination of the information revealed at trial (as also reported in that blog, above.) Katina and I just thought that since each of you may have crossed paths with Ms. Henderson, you might like to know what's what ... All I know is that Katina is a good person; and as the judge determined, Ms. Henderson took advantage of her, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.
- Doug

From: Tim and Joan W------
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 9:14 AM
Subject: Susan Henderson

Mike, Karen, Ralph -
Someone just pointed out to me that we have a page on Susan Henderson on our webpage. Does anybody know why? Seems like her reputation has been mixed at best.

In a message dated 1/30/2009 9:45 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, (Ralph McKnight) writes:

Her info is still on the website because I left it on there after I quit maintaining it. (Tattler: As of 2/1/09 the site has been updated to reflect Feb 2009 DCOPF events.) Her reputation has not been mixed in the least. To the contrary, Susan has consistently published our activities in her newspaper (Tattler: Possible DCOPF complicity in the MacGillivray / Shollenberger MVO smears during the 2008 elections here?) and as, well, served the CDP excellently when she was it's (sic) executive director under Bill Press who, when I last spoke with him, still regards her in the highest esteem as do most of the CDP members and leaders from that period. (Tattler: Chronicle quote from Supervisor Angela Alioto: "With all due respect to the parties that participated in the resignation agreement, I believed from the beginning and I believe today that when any wrongdoing was shown, Susan Henderson should have been fired. I do not condone or accept her resignation." Additional reporting:"The case has turned into a major embarrassment to California Democratic Party officials, who reportedly have been receiving inquiries from the White House on why the matter has taken so long to resolve." Additional: "The allegations have also focused attention on Press, who has been the subject of conversations among leading Democrats about whether he should continue as the party's top official." He resigned shortly after.) As 44th A.D. Chair and Rainbow Caucus Chair of the CDP during her leadership, I found her leadership of the CDP to be nothing less than stellar. She is my friend and will continue to be my friend. I'm not certain why you included the articles below to be sent to me because they have no bearing on my relationship with Susan. Also not sure what the mudslinging is all about but I find this sort of claptrap repulsive." (Tattler: Evidence that when the affairs of voters in this district fall under the purview of Mr. McKnight, old school cronyism takes precedence.)

From: Susan Henderson
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 10:16 AM
Subject: Susan Henderson

"Thank you Ralph for your response to this foolishness. Regarding Doug's comments on what the judge said in the lawsuit, Katina Dunn was not awarded a thing (Tattler - Not true. Ref. Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. GC039149.) She did not win a lawsuit against Ms. Henderson (Tattler - again, not true. Case No. GC039149.) There was no finding of mismanagement (Sigh, not true. Case No. GC039149.) For anyone to state that, 'Ms. Henderson took advantage of her, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars,' puts them at risk of a lawsuit themselves (Tattler - What is this, the 6th time Susan has threatened a suit over somebody discussing this case? It's like she has lawsuit tourettes.) as there was no finding in the case stating the same and it is simply not true. Ms. Dunn LOST her attempt to collect thousands of dollars from Ms. Henderson and stop me from publishing my own newspaper."

There is more in this vein, including claims that tales of her flameout as the #2 Democrat in California were merely "sensational headline grabbers," and that I left her paper because she "chastised" me over some information I submitted. A wacky insinuation because, as people who followed the "Observer's" coverage of our last Sierra Madre election will tell you, furnishing bad info is hardly an impediment to advancement at her nightmare of a rag. Nobody has ever been fired by Susan for that one. Rather I, like many people in this town, left the MVO behind after she sold out her longtime supporters and friends for a better opportunity. Just like she sold out the Republicans in Oakland for a better opportunity with the Democrats. Or the person she called "amis" Katina Dunn. Or the people who love this town and want to protect it from redevelopment predators like her current pals. Susan Henderson is nothing more than a small time opportunist with loyalty to nothing but her own selfish pleasures.

Pasadena Democrats? Beware.


  1. Harriet S. Henderson is a liar. She lied in Judge Simpson's court and was admonished for it time after time. She LOST the case.
    She lied to Katina and Kevin Dunn, and all the people who fought for Yes on Measure V.
    When she was found out by these people, she then started lying to the dirts (the No on V political crowd).
    This woman is a grifter, loyal to no one.
    Especially not the people of Sierra Madre.
    She does not have your best interests in heart or mind, Sierra Madre.
    Don't believe me, go pay the less than $5 cost for the court records and see for yourselves.
    Surely all you dirts who GAVE HER "DONATIONS" owe it to yourselves to face the truth?
    Do it, Dirts. We did. Yes, it hurts to be made a fool out, but live and learn.

  2. There is an old saying "tell the truth and quickly leave town" LOL
    People would rather believe in their own illusions than face the truth.
    That's how Susan gets away with it.
    Keep after this fake attorney, fake friend, Sir Eric. Remember 45% of us still cherish the TRUTH.

  3. I can't believe Susan actually believed that she could keep all of this hidden. Does she really think her paper controls the opinions of people in Sierra Madre??

  4. Hell no, her paper is a laughing stock!

  5. On Planet Henderson everyone thinks just like she does. And Susan knows this, she hears their voices.

  6. The info is listed under "Media/P.R. Subcommittee - Susan Henderson Chair" on the Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills website.
    What would these people think about Ms. Henderson stiffing a Latina housekeeper out of $700 for cleaning her house and working her parties in June and July of 2008?
    This fact can also be checked, by the way.

  7. Was Ralph McKnight at one of those house parties? Then he would have seen Ana Ramirez working there.

  8. Susan has made derogatory racial comments to at least two people I know in town. Called them "crackers". One is a highly respected volunteer in Sierra Madre, a man who is anything but a "cracker" as Susan called him.
    She has also referred to the people of Sierra Madre as "bigots" being against people of color and/or gay people.
    I've lived in Sierra Madre for a couple of decades and have NEVER known anyone, with the exception of Harriet S. Henderson, making insulting racial comments.
    How about paying that lady (of color) what you owe her, Harriet?
    Oh yeah, I know what you're thinking, "show me anyone I ever paid with cash or a good check, and I'll pay her"

  9. On one of the news programs, an experienced "con" discussed the meaning of that term. He said it meant that people give the hustler their confidence - and Ms. Henderson seems to be an accomplished con. Even when confronted with the case number, there are those who have given her their confidence so fully that they cannot believe she doesn't deserve it.
    Thank you Sir Eric for continuing to bring light and clarity to this pitiful situation.

  10. Sierra Madre business ownerFebruary 2, 2009 at 9:57 AM

    Tattler, is there any way you can get this out to the non-online community?

  11. Business Owner: Unfortunately not. Some have been copying articles and leaving them in key locations, and for that I am very grateful. But what I have is what you see here. News can still be suppressed in this town, especially to that part of our community that is not on-line.

  12. Well, Sir Eric, your last sentence is a well-articulated description of the essence of Susan Henderson. That and fraudster. I can appreciate Ralph's loyalty qualities--they're admirable. They're wasted on her. She cannot be believed so all the stuff he's relying on to support his continued loyalty is just bogus. Too bad, too, because when the victims of fraud either wake up or are stung, they usually blame themselves. The thing about fraud is that there is something very believable involved. And somebody will buy it--at least for awhile. As for me, I'd be happy to see the back of her.

  13. Isn't Sir Eric's column going to be in the Sierra Madre Weekly now?
    There are always more copies of that paper in town than the Henderson rag.

  14. It does seem strange that none of the papers are touching this story. I guess it just doesn't compete with the more explosive stuff like flower club meetings and pancake breakfasts.

  15. As of today, the Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills has a NEW website and the innacurate information posited by Susan Henderson is OFF. Congratulations local Dems, you did the honorable thing.

  16. spell check: "inaccurate" - sorry for the typo

  17. I'm surprised the PSN doesn't pick this up.
    Oh yeah, they only print what Bart Doyle wants them to.
    They always support losing dirt candidates for public office in Sierra Msdre......they sure won't touch this.

  18. Anonymous at 11:56 - Impressive news! That's big!

  19. What a story! Can't figure out who Henderson thought she'd be fooling, and for how long. Wow!

  20. Pasadena Dems,
    sorry you got taken in, so did all of us in Sierra Madre. She is slick.
    You did right the right thing Pasadena Dems.
    I just wish our neighbors, the dirts, here in Sierra Madre would do likewise.

  21. Undisclosed RecipientFebruary 2, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    I hear she's on her way to the
    GOP offices to see about
    changing her party affiliation ..

  22. Sir Eric,
    Thanks to you, the Pasadena Dems probably were saved a lot of hurt and betrayal....not to mention money.
    I know you're a Dem, but as a fair guy, it might be nice to help out the local least give them the link to this website.
    Any Republicans on board here, please call home and warn your battered campaign workers.

  23. Pasadena Republican Club
    115 W. California Blvd. #170
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    (626) 793-2018

    Someone warn these people.....she may already be signing on over there!

  24. Now there's a scary thought. Susan Henderson and Sarah Palin in the same party.

    "You betcha me no money!"

  25. I believe she should amend her statement to "if it isn't true, it SHOULD be." Wishing cannot make it so however. Great job Mr. Maundry.

  26. Save the Pasadena Republicans!
    She'll rip off what little money they have left!

  27. Sierra Madre Tattler "Where Your Community News Comes First" for real. I borrowed that phrase from the Mountain Views "Observer."

  28. Sierra Madre Tattler - Your
    Friendly Neighborhood Muckraker.

    I got a question. Since the person
    using the word "Observer" on her
    masthead isn't really supposed to
    be doing that anymore, any chance it
    could be used here?

    "Sierra Madre Tattler-Observer"

    Has a certain flair, y'know?

  29. Liar, liar, pants on fire,
    Her nose is longer than a telephone wire...

  30. "In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted - for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things - some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards properity and freedom."
    - from Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech, January 20, 2009

  31. oops: "prosperity and freedom."

  32. Has anyone noticed that her paper is late again?

  33. "...Of all Animals of Prey, man is the sociable one."
    From John Gay's play, "The Beggar's Opera."

  34. Indeed. Speaking talents and avowals of friendship enable a sociopath to be good at the job.

  35. On the new Democratic Club of Pasadena Foothills website - the new private log-in section makes me a tad nervous - hope they're not hiding Henderson undercover.

  36. The Democratic Club would not be foolish enough to continue their involvement with this Henderson woman.
    We don't even know the half of all her suspect activities. Prior to 15 years ago....we don't know who or what she was up to.
    She has already cheated the Dems in Oakland.
    That is documented in the San Francisco Chronicle and was admitted into evidence at the Dunn vs Henderson trial (which is also well documented that Katina Dunn won).
    We keep finding out more and more about Henderson and none of it is good.
    Thanks to Sir Eric for publishing the facts, facts that are out there for all to read, they are in the public domain.
    Why is it the Pasadena Star News did not uncover this?
    Why is it these major papers did not uncover the information Sir Eric has posted here on the Tattler concerning Titan Corp. (Bart Doyle/Karma Bell connection) Transit Village?
    What about the South Pasadena Freeway scam?
    SCAG scam?
    If a man with a full time job, wife and children (Sir Eric) can dig these facts up and print them, why can't the mainstream media?
    I'm thinking they can, but they won't. WHY?
    God Bless you, Sir Eric, it's men like you who will save our towns.