Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Have A Winner In Our "Where Is Centinel" Contest!

Ladies and gentleman, meet the fellow that I have now come to believe is the mysterious Centinel. AKA Todd Ruiz, former political writer of some consequence for the Pasadena Star News and ex-editor of their now duller than death Under the Dome blogsite. (In that sad case he is actually missed.) This guy even cussed me out there once, which, given what we're revealing here, adds personal joy to this discovery. So how am I so certain that this actually is the elusive spiritual leader of the once prominent Foothill Cities Blog? The self-styled Centinel of the San Gabriel Valley? I'm not, actually. But I have been presented with a pretty compelling (if somewhat circumstantial) case, and I'm going with it. Life on the edge, that is what being Eric Maundry is all about.

The winner of this contest first came to my attention on February 17, @ 3:44 PM to be exact. That is when her post under the "Anonymous" rubric first came to my attention. There had been quite a few guesses up until that point and, just like my own desperate attempts, they were mostly improvisations out of not a whole lot of information. This Centinel person had obviously hidden his tracks well. But this particular Anonymous made a post that convinced me that here was a person who knew quite a lot about Pasadena, the newspaper writers there, and its once vibrant blogosphere. 

I was always under the impression that Centinel was a journalist or someone closely associated with the City of Pasadena. He/she seemed very intelligent and well informed about the goings on in Pasadena. I thought he/she may have been Todd Ruiz, the former political reporter for the Pasadena Star News. Or he may have been one of the editors or journalists who work for/contribute to the Pasadena Weekly. If Centinel is not a journalist, then I am guessing he is a former City Councilmember, like Paul Little.

Now if you read my response to this informed post, you'll see that I totally bit on the Paul Little angle. I asked some questions, and assumed that I had figured something out. But the next day I received the following e-mail, and it was then that I started to believe we really had our man.

The reason I thought Centinel may be Todd Ruiz is the fact that he stopped blogging at the Foothill Cities blog around the same time he announced he and his wife (significant other?) were moving to Marrakesh. See his blog (here), and the Foothills Cities blog from the same time periods of mid-December 2008 through January 2009.  Additionally, Pasadena's Most Electrifying Man, Aaron Proctor made the comment on February 17, 2009 at 9:20 AM, while referring to Centinel, "Last I heard he got on a plane with Big Bopper and Buddy Holly." I thought he was implying that Centinel has left the state/country, not that he was dead in a plane crash in an Iowa cornfield.

Circumstantial evidence? Sure. But the pieces of the puzzle fit quite snugly. Buddy Holly died when his plane crashed. But Centinel? He no longer existed because that guise was dead once its owner hopped a plane to Camelville. And that he would have two blogs would make sense. One was where he hung out with the people who knew him, and on the other he put on his Centinal face and yapped with the lokes about stuff like interstate construction techniques and PUSD school board candidates. And remember that last e-mail I referred to in the original article? The two word response to my inquiry about his whereabouts, "Life happens?" That would certainly fit as well.

And then there is this passage on the Aaron Proctor Effect where Pasadena's now exiled Most Electrifying Man reveals the following:

Former journalistic Superstar and a good acquaintance of mine, Todd Ruiz, is moving to Morocco. Marrakesh to be exact. I guess Todd's a huge Crosby, Stills and Nash fan. Who would have thought it? Seriously though, I wish my erstwhile friend and his lovely female companion (the elusive "Ms. Vanity") good luck.

Aaron Proctor, of course, was the star contributor to Foothill Cities when that site was in its prime.

The final piece of the puzzle can be found be on the Foothill Cities site itself. As you will quickly surmise, it is pretty much doornail dead. There is no vision or drive, just two guys from Monrovia very comfortable with the notion that their city is interesting enough without them having to try and make it actually seem that way. The FC is now empty because the fellow who was the life of the party left it all behind for a new life with his main squeeze in Morocco. 

So who is our highly informed winner of a six pack of Modelo Especial? I have not been given permission to reveal her identity here, so I will not. But big props to "Anonymous!" As far as I can tell, you've cracked the biggest local blog mystery of all.


  1. so he was a dirt after all

  2. Sir Eric can always find the truth.

  3. But why Morocco? There are two things that
    place is famous for, Hashish and what was
    once known as the "English sin."

  4. Okay, now we know who Centinel is/was.
    What about the other guy who ran the website?
    He seemed like a decent sort. I don't think he was a pal of the dirts.

  5. Dirts usually hang with dirts, though, don't they?

  6. I'm not sure he even knew what a dirt was
    when he got into the mess he ended up with. But it certainly helped to bring it out in

  7. Centinel must have been familiar with dirt greed and tactics, since he came from the Star-News. And the Star-News writes extremely slanted regarding Sierra Madre. Jacqueline Knowles came from the Star-News as well, and she was a major dirt, a fierce and arm-twisting supporter of No on V.

  8. You are most assuredly wrong. But carry on.

  9. Prove me wrong, Clarice. Prove me wrong.

  10. Paul Little is the bigger Rat, so it might be him as well, but Little's writing is very gratuitous, while Todd (as he is affectionately called) has the "cool" style

    he's a great writer really, just got caught up with the WRONG crowd

  11. Virginia - Thanks for the great vote of confidence on this! You and I are going to have to compare notes. I figured that even if I was wrong this would flush old Centsie out. But outside of some cryptic mumbling over on the Footsie, not a peep. Something I am taking as a big confirmation. Heck, even the male Ann Coulter in Philadelphia is keeping his yap shut on this. Something not ordinarily associated with his skill set. Though, of course, it was his loose lips that tipped my contest winner off.

  12. Can you imagine how much cash Todd had to of been paid to keep up a ruse like this one??

    It a lot of work to write under and alias! (although, again, this guy can write!)

    Who bailed out of this fraud, him or them? (my bets its him)

    And you won't get much out of the clan at the FC, Frazgo and the likes, they are still moping over the loss of AP!

  13. Todd Ruiz and Centinel aren't the same person.

    Trust me. I met Centinel. It's not Todd. Although for a while I even thought it was Todd.

    When Centinel went on his honeymoon, Todd had disappeared as well.

    Although these things above are very telling, they're merely coincidences. Not the same person.

    - AP

  14. oh yes, Aaron, we trust YOU

    and since we trust you so much, can you tell us who supported you when you were in Pasadena?

    also some details on your police visits?

  15. Questions continue to be raised because the denials just ring so false. Like why all the fuss over something that really isn't all that important? The FC Blog is moribund and its contributors scattered all over the globe. So why is it so important that the TR/Centinel connection be expunged? The level of caring here is just a little too intense.

  16. LOL why is it so important you find out? I know who centinel is and it ain't TR.

  17. Anybody who uses "LOL" in a post obviously doesn't know jack, much less anything else.

  18. Pasadena Uber AllesFebruary 25, 2009 at 7:45 AM

    Wait a second. Aaron, are you suggesting that Todd Ruiz went on his honeymoon with Centinel? Oh dear, this just won't do!

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  21. I know that bullying is a big part of
    the repertoire of you two fine gentlemen,
    but this site will not serve as the venue
    for it.

  22. Bullying is not just a repertoire, its Media Manipulation.

    (so are these the "biggest guns" the Centinel backers can send out? a worn-out AP?)

  23. and wow, has "media manipulation", been taken to a new level (to say the least!).

    how many personas did Todd Ruiz occupy? I can think of at least 3.

    thanks so much, Sir Eric, for uncovering this big game.

  24. What a Boy's Club this whole thing is with Aaron, Todd & Frazgo.

  25. It's March 2009 and you guys are still talking about me. That's just wonderful. *wipes eyes with a Kleenex* I didn't know you cared!

    - AP

  26. The point is, Mr. Aaron Proctor Gangsta'/Goth/Suburbanite, not Anything about YOU,

    You, we are very, very glad to be rid of!!

    The point is that YOU, were almost completely embraced by our corrupt, right-wing Media, and that is not good.

    That is what we will be discussing and investigating for as long as it takes, on the timetable of Justice,

    and certainly not yours!