Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Which Joe Do YOU Know?

I like to explore the internet and uncover the many wonderful things to be found there. And what makes it even more rewarding is that I get to share these things with the growing readership here on The Tattler. And sometimes you can find the most amazing things. Like did you know that Joe Mosca has three very distinctly different story lines happening at the same time on the web? It's true. Now you could say that maybe its because of sloppy image maintenance. Or that perhaps Joe really does have an Eddie Haskell-like ability to craft a unique story for whoever he happens to be speaking with at the time? Or maybe it's just that he forgets stuff sometimes. That can happen to anyone. And who knows, maybe there are more than three? That just happens to be where I stopped.

The first Joe can be found on his personal website. This is something designed to promote his political career by hopefully helping him create and maintain the public image of being a warm and fuzzy guy. Unfortunately the writing style is rather cloying, and it all comes off like he believes he's writing for the cerebrally challenged. Get a load of this small hillock of effluence:

"For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be an attorney, which I think was because many of the great leaders of our country had been legally trained and because the legal profession is a helping profession."

Now I know quite a few lawyers, and I can't think of many that would describe their difficult profession in quite that way. Tough minded? Sure. Hard-nosed courtroom warriors? Without a doubt. Determined to do what it takes to bring their client's cause to a just conclusion? Of course. But Mother Teresa? Mmm, not sure about that.

So exactly who is the Joe we're speaking of now? Here is the description he provides:

"Professionally, for about eight years now, I have been working as an attorney in the area of insolvency law. I work mostly with small businesses and individuals to aid them in achieving financial independence and overcoming financial hardships. I very much enjoy my work and really feel that I am making a difference for my clients."

The second Joe is to be found on the always helpful City of Sierra Madre website. (As an aside, it is a lot more than just a resource for weather updates, and you really should spend more time there. I do, and the rewards are palpable.) On this site we see less of Joe the lawyer who cares and more about an ambitious and rising young Los Angeles County bureaucrat:

"(Joe) serves as the City Council liason to the Sierra Madre Community Services Commission and to the Sierra Madre Elementary School. Additionally, he represents the community as a member of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, League of California Cities, Environmental Quality Committee, Los Angeles Metro San Gabriel Valley Governance Council, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), Community, Environment, and Human Development Committee, Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Managment Audit Advisory Committee ..."

Whew! It does go on. You can only wonder how he finds the time to continue caring for his clients. Of course, many of these positions are SCAG related, an organization strongly committed to bringing high-density overdevelopment to quaint little foothill cities such as ours. And in the name of saving the world, of course. But this does raise a question. How is it that a politician elected by the voters to work as their City Councilman would want to take on jobs in outside governmental organizations whose agendas are largely antithetical to the interests of the people who first elevated him?

The third Joe is the one the fewest people seem to know about. This from the Leadership Southern California Class of 2009 Fellows site. (You can link to it here, and when you do scroll down to page 7).

"Joseph Mosca Public Affairs Manager Southern California Gas Company: Mosca practiced consumer and corporate bankruptcy law from 1999 to 2008 and is now employed by Southern California Gas Company, Sempra Energy Utilities. Additionally, Mosca was elected to Sierra Madre's City Council in 2006 ..."  

(Ned Lamont, the Connecticut Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Joe Lieberman for that state's U.S. Senate seat, posted an interesting piece on his blog comparing Sempra Energy to Enron. You can link to it here.)

So there you have it. Quite an adventure. So which Joe is the one that you know? The lawyer with the tender touch? The rising young L.A. County bureaucrat? Or the middle management mouthpiece for The Gas Company? It's almost like we don't really know the guy. 


  1. The person we see depends on his backer's agenda.

  2. To say that Joe has authenticity issues
    is like saying chickens lay eggs. Pretty
    damn obvious.

  3. Didn't Joe and Henderson hit town about the same time?
    Both quickly got into the political scene, via betraying their supporters.
    I find the picture you posted, Sir Eric, difficult to look at. At least three of the people shown are some of the worst people in town.

  4. Nice hat. Reminds of one of the characters from that TV show The Wiggles my kids used to watch when they were babies. I think his name was Captain Feathersword.

  5. The Joe I know sat and chatted with me for awhile, answering my questions very sincerely--very carefully--won my support and in his first night on the dais screwed me and my supporters royally. And has ever since. He's a cheat and a self-aggrandizing politico--business as usual of the worst kind. Apropos of someone else we know and hate -- and he claimed for months, I never met the man.

  6. Roia - I think a lot of people feel as you do. It is just emabrrassing that we were taken as badly as we were. Joe has been the longest running bad date Sierra Madre has ever seen.

  7. Roia,
    You just described the Joe Mosca we all know and regret voting for.
    Sir Eric?
    Please put up roia's comment at 10:48 am....it's the best comment of the month.

  8. Have any of us really met Joe? Is
    there a Joe? This from Wikipedia:
    "Zelig: a nondescript man who has the
    ability to transform his appearance
    to that of the people around him. He
    is observed at a party by F Scott
    Fitzgerald who notices that while
    mingling with the guests, Zelig sings
    the praises of the affluent classes
    in a refined snobbish accent, but while
    in the kitchen with the servants, he
    seethes with rage at the fat cats in
    the snarl of the proletarian."

  9. Sounds like quite an ambitious gentleman. And don't forget he's a dad to. If you want to get anything done give it to a busy person, get a life people!

    p.s. please post with your names, what and who are you hiding from?

    Rod Diener
    19 year Sierra Madre resident

  10. Rod - Enlighten us on Joe's accomplishments. I think the point here is that Joe is more involved in other things than he is the affairs of Sierra Madre.

  11. News on the U2 front:

    At a gig Bono asked the audience for total quiet. Then, in silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds. Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, "Every time I clap my hands, a child dies in Africa."

    From the front of the crowd a voice with a broad Scottish accent pierced the quiet...
    "Well, then stop doin' it then, ya evil b*stard!"

  12. I worked on the recallFebruary 24, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    The Joe I know looked right at me and said "I am in favor of a public vote on the DSP." That was before the election. After the election, somehow the "in favor of a public vote" morphed into something mumbled about "Maybe an advisory vote," and then worse still, transmuted into, "Why would I present a project to you if I didn't think it was the best thing for you?" His puzzling changes cost the town a tremendous amount of money and energy.
    I wish I knew the Joe that Mr. Diener knows. The one I know thinks nothing of lying.

  13. I wrote ambitious, he knows what he's accomplished. And you've never been "lied to" by a politician before? Wow! Can I have directions to your perfect little planet you live on? Sounds exciting!

  14. Lilly White
    99 year Sierra Madre resident :-)

  15. Hmm, obviously we are not going to get a vigorous defense of Joe Mosca from Mr, Diener this evening. Guess we'll just watch some Captain Feathersword instead. Captain?.

  16. Rod,
    yes, we have all been lied to by politicians, however, we are fortunate enough to have three neighbors, serving on our city council, who haven't lied to us.
    Three of the councilmembers have kept their promises.
    Mayor Zimmerman and Councilman Watts promised they would protect Sierra Madre from the over development plan of the DSP. They kept their promise....at great personal expense, both financial and personal and in Don Watts case....his own personal health!
    Mayor Pro Tem MacGillivray gave us the same promise and has kept it, also at much of her own expense. MacGillivray also promised the peole in the canyon, she would help them put together a Canyon Zoning Committee. That has happened.
    We are unbelievably lucky in Sierra Madre to have 3 very capable representives who represent us, the residents, not just Bart Doyle's BIA and the CAR.
    These three council members have a large following of very grateful constituents. We are committed to supporting their efforts on our behalf, and your behalf, Rod.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Anonymous @3:31 PM,
    You show who you are by attacking people's families.

    Joe said he was in favor of an advisory, not binding, vote. It's on tape. You choose to ignore the fact that he told his supporters he was in favor of a binding public vote on the DSP. Then he changed. Check out the council meetings at the library. You don't have to believe me because you can listen to the meetings yourself.

    And now I am going to ask Sir Eric to remove the part of your post that ignorantly slanders family members and perfectly displays the worst of our city.

  19. Good work AnonIII, you successfully defended the Sierra Madre Tattler blog from a pirate attack.
    Captain Feathersword and his gang tried to sink our ship!

  20. Rod Deiner you ask why people speak freely under anonymous tags and that is exactly why - freedom. If, for example, a person would attach their name to a comment about Council Member Joe Mosca, and it wasn't as flattering as he would like it to be, there would be nasty repurcussions. Mosca or his pals take revenge on people. Besides their ideology, that is why they are members of the "Dirt" party of the city, because of their tactics. Everybody knows this except you.

  21. Pasta already told you why Rod, in the smoking thread, why do you pretend not to know?

  22. Regarding the 3:31 post - I've never figured out why it is "dirts" have an inability to resist vicious personal attacks. The instinct to bully and smear must be very strong in these folks. And that was about as nasty an example of the illness as I've seen in quite some time. Perhaps it is genetic, and therefore they are immune to the kinds of inversion therapy we try and use on them here? No matter, thanks for mopping up this noxious spill. We have each other's backs here, the mark of true friendship.

  23. It is similar to the bully blogging some kids do, and that is the key word - kids. I showed copies of the Downtown Dirt postings to a Ph.D once and the response was "very childish."
    None of the dirts are known for intelligence. They just lash out in a primitive level of response.

  24. Is it just another coincidence that a blog item was pulled for nasty attacks on families on a thread about Joe Mosca? I wish Mosca and his pals would take the high road and lead from wisdom. If that happened, Mosca would have many more supporters. He is a polarizing figure because, when questioned, he and/or his pals really lash out. Beyond his votes, this is what makes him really controversial. If he can't control his fans, then he is not much of a leader. People have figured out where negative stuff comes from, this is a small town after all. He and his pals have got to grow up. They only create more hatred. Mosca forgets politicians have to have a "thick skin." If it isn't him, he's got to rein his pals in. They're not doing Mosca any good, he'll get blamed for their actions.
    If Mosca has any aspirations for higher office, this hatred will follow him. He better get his act together.

  25. I hope Joe Mosca never aspires to a higher office.
    First of all, he is a liar. He betrays supporters.
    He is a painfully boring speaker, without an original thought in his head.
    Most important, he is a sell out.......just another puppet for the BIA and Bart Doyle's little gang of dirts.

  26. Mosca has got to move from crass to class

  27. What kind of person will attack the innocent?

  28. Captain Feathersword or maybe Harri S. Henderson. Two main suspects, could have been Lambdin. It's being investigated. ISPs are often telling.

  29. These people need to change their strategies, definitely not 21st century politics. They are in danger of being known for their tactics, rather than positions on issues. That is why there is so much negativity here. People remember the bashing of outspoken seniors from the defunct attack websites and Henderson's columns later on. Snider, Henderson and Buck made fun of them for being at the podium during city council meetings. About the dumbest thing you can do to win an argument.

  30. Don't forget Mosca, thinking his mic wasn't on, telling one of the towns most respected seniors, volunteers, Barbara Cline to "get a life" as she was leaving the podium.
    Impudence doesn't endear Mosca to us at all.
    For the record, Barbara and her husband, Lee, a former councilman, hosted a fund raising coffee at their home for Mosca. He accepted their money and support and then mocked Barbara for stating her opinion at public comment.
    Impudence, Mosca. No wonder people are calling you Captain Feathersword. You exhibit childish behavior on the council.

  31. The Clines are great volunteers. I have a lot of respect for them. They and their daughter care very much about the city, we are lucky to know them.

  32. Caring for the city is "the life" for many residents, why is it implied that is a less than noble effort?