Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breaking: Judge Says H. Susan Henderson Willfully Disobeyed Judgement Of Court

Breaking news from Pasadena. Issue is continued usage of "Observer" on MVO masthead despite Judge's order to remove it.

Witnesses heard the Honorable Edward Simpson of the California Superior Court address the following statement to H. Susan Henderson: "I am not buying into your explanations or excuses."

Court Order to Susan Henderson: "You are hereby ordered to appear on 4/15/09 at 8:30AM to show cause, if you have any, why you should not be adjudged in Contempt of Court and punished accordingly, for willfully disobeying the Judgement of this Court made on December 30, 2008, in the above-entitled action. "

Witnesses later noted that Susan Henderson, out of earshot of the Court, seemed angry, lashing out at the Plaintiff's attorney.

Now it's between the Court and H. Susan Henderson.


  1. For God's sake! Give us the latest! Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. It ain't the crime that causes the time. It's how you handle the case that gets folks in the most trouble. Just ask Tricky Dick.

  3. I heard she stormed out, not even getting the court order papers from the courtroom.
    I also heard she raved at Katina's attorney, who never even spoke at the hearing....she didn't have to....the judge said it all.

  4. If Ms. Henderson is "adjudged in Contempt of Court," does anyone know what punishment is involved in "punished accordingly"?

  5. So she had a temper tantrum? It's a good thing she didn't have a hose with her, or she would have given the court a Sierra Madre Hosing Down.

  6. You can only wonder what planet Susan is on that she believes she can play chicken with a Superior Court Judge and win. Day, my understanding is that jail time is a possibility in cases like this, particularly when the defendent seems intent on ignoring the Judge as blatantly as Henderson has. No Court can allow its decisions to be ignored, otherwise what authority would it have? This Judge will make his verdict stick, no matter what BS Susan pumps out. Susan has for years been somehow able to skip out on the consequences of her actions. I suspect that all comes to an end on April 15.

  7. This is wonderful news. I guess having to
    take 'Observer' off the masthead will be
    seen as undeniable evidence that she lost
    her fight in Court. And all those people
    she told that she won the case will now
    know that the truth is nothing like she
    said it was. That to me is the best part
    of this.

  8. The judge will probably fine her. Though some judges whimp out on that. Really tough judges have been known to throw people in jail for contempt, but that is rare and usually not related to this type of civil ocntempt.
    MWO is the adjudicated newspaper of Sierra Madre right? That's the paper our city publishes all its legal notices in. An adjudicated paper has to have a certain circulation and a certain number of papers published. I think on at least one occassion late publication of that paper has caused things at city hall to need to be rescheduled. Anybody heard anything about that? Or am I wrong?

  9. The World's Largest Blossoming Plant - With Over 1 Million Flowers,March 12, 2009 at 2:02 PM

    A lawyer representing herself has a fool
    for a client, as they say. But since Susan
    is only a fake lawyer, does that make her
    a fake fool?

  10. As Mr Rogers used to say on his television program, "It's a good day in the neighborhood."

  11. Susan is a dishonest fraud.
    When are you dirts who support her going to admit that? How many bold face lies does she have to tell you?
    How many bad checks does she have to write?
    How many unsuspecting cleaning ladies does she have to cheat?
    How many more of her golf trips and high on the hog living are you going to help support?
    I guess it doesn't matter, does it dirts?
    As long as she prints your bullshit in her "paper", supports your highly dishonest candidates in office or running for office, it's okay? Is that it, dirts?
    As long as she prints the "columns" of a sociopath/psychotic ex-mayor?
    You dirts are as bad as she is.

  12. Well, this is very interesting. I love how this person blames everybody else for her problems. Like Katina's lawyer published the paper? Get serious.

    And by the way, Sir Eric, just how long did the hearing last?

  13. If I were an advertiser, I ask for a printers invoice and then some type of proof of complete distribution from the MVQ - Mountain View Quacks (formerly Observer). Playing devil's advocate, I wonder how many issues get thrown away each week versus actual readership.

  14. Is Susan saving and using her private trump card? Her partner is a Judge but certainly that can't get her out of a contempt of court order?

  15. Don't think her partner is a judge. She works for the L.A. Superior Court, Judicial department. She is or was an attorney, but is not currently eligible to practice in Calif.

  16. anony 6:52 - then that's another misreprentation Susan has made. I know that she said to several of us that her partner was a judge, of course we took her at her word and never checked the facts.

    not checking facts, sort of like the MV (formerly o)

  17. Anonymous As WellMarch 15, 2009 at 5:57 AM

    The new "Observer" is out, and it is still
    called "Observer." You can only hope
    that Harriet thinks she can get away
    with this, and that the judge won't have
    her dragged off to jail.