Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tattler Scoops Pasadena Star News On Surprise Sierra Madre Budget Surplus Story By ... 12 Days?

Yesterday morning Pasadena Star News subscribers were stunned to read the following shocking news out of Sierra Madre:

"An independent audit of the city's finances  has found more than $1 million more in the city's reserves than had previously been thought - but not everyone in town is celebrating a windfall."

Astonishing stuff indeed. But Sierra Madre Tattler readers were hipped to all of this crazy action on, um, March 9? 12 days before the Star News got around to mentioning it?

"At tomorrow night's City Council meeting a rather shocking announcement will be made. Despite years of dire warnings about the parlous state of our fiscal affairs, it turns out that the truth is actually something quite different. Through 2007 Sierra Madre's finances are $1,036,000 to the good. In other words, we had a nice little surplus that year."

Of course, we do need to give the PSN at least a little credit. They are, albeit 12 days late, the first print news source to even mention this story. Neither the Sierra Madre Weekly, or our so-called paper of record, the Mountain-Views "Observer," have yet to touch it.

(Note: The MVO - still calling itself "Observer" btw - does have an article on this topic in the edition distributed today, 3/22. So let's put them in third place.)

The PSN article does go on to allude to the notion that the UUT Tax could have been presented by the City of Sierra Madre to the voters in an unfair and deceptive manner. Then under the stewardship of the lamentable Mayor Enid Joffe, we were told that Sierra Madre was going broke and that the UUT Tax increase had to be passed or we would face dire consequences. 

The City couldn't have been in worse hands at that time, and Mayor Joffe's proclamation of fiscal doom were based on accounting practices that would put most private business organizations into receivership. 

As it turns out, and despite the baseless nonsense on the matter by then Mayor Joffe and her predecessor, John "Never Met A Consultant He Didn't Love" Buchanan, Sierra Madre could be on track to run as much as a $46,000 budget surplus for Fiscal Year 2008-2009.

The article does go on to quote current Sierra Madre Mayor Kurt Zimmerman on his call for a repeal or at least a moratorium on the UUT tax increase. And again, while this isn't exactly breaking news here, it is nice to see that at least some news organization out there has picked up the story.

Just why did it take so long?  


  1. Top of the morning, and i woke up feeling more enthusiastic than ever about you the tattler..tossing out one lighted sticks of dynamite just since december,righteous. We can rescue this town yet so long as we don't stoop to the tactics of its enemies. today's example of the slumbering star news more stunning proof that the only way to get the news is to read the tattler. probably i missed it,but have you investigated the piece of property with the biggest question mark hanging over it in town, the long shuttered hospital house next to the congregational church? Is the old death house being peddled by new realtors? Congregational church buying it? forget it for now. keep holding the dysfunctional star news under the magnifying glass today

  2. I wonder if you can call what you read in the
    Star News "News?" Shouldn't it really be called

  3. Good news for the Tattler.
    I heard many of the PSN reporters read the Tattler. They probably read Sir Eric's scoop and waited a while to "pirate it" (no offense, Captain Feathersword).
    the old SNF is up for lease. Our competent councilmembers (3 of them) are trying their best to get some sort of appropriate medical facility there. It's very difficult in this economy.....the owners can't wait forever to see the economy pick up and develop the property, so they are open to leasing it.
    Mayor Zimmerman, Mayor ProTem MacGillivray and Councilman Watts are eager to see this property being used appropriately asp.
    We all are.
    As for the excess money.....this would never have happened with the "old development majority council". Again, Zimmerman, Watts and MacGillivray keep their promises to the voters.

  4. The Pasadena Star News doesn't have cute cartoons like Sir Eric's Tattler!
    Who would want to read the PSN?
    It's an "oldie, but certainly not a goodie"

  5. Joe: We do have a couple of stories up on this. One ran in
    the Sierra Madre Weekly. They can still be found here.

  6. We need to gut whatever it is we voted for in that UUT election and start all over again. It is unbelievable that we were asked to approve a tax hike when those asking for it had no real idea of what Sierra Madre's real finances were at the time. That there aren't angry crowds gathering downtown demanding the heads of the perpetrators is a sad commentary on our passive times.

  7. a la lanterne!

  8. I am surprised the Pasadena Star News ran the story at all.

  9. Pasta, they probably needed to put something of interest to the folks. This made them look good to those who don't read Sir Eric's website.
    They'll be trolling the Tattler for "scoops", you can bet on that.

  10. The new Mountain-Views "Observer" is on the streets, and it is still called "Observer." That contempt hearing Susan is facing next month at Superior Court in Pasadena could get mighty interesting.

  11. Contempt of court.
    I hope the judge throws the book at this fraud, Henderson.

  12. Pretty much the pattern with petty criminals. They get away with their little larcenies for years, and nobody ever shows the will necessary to bring them to heel. But then somebody determined comes along, does all the things that need to be done to get justice, and the scofflaw, assuming that he/she will once again be let off the hook like all those other times, realizes too late that in this particular instance that is not the case. Bring popcorn.

  13. I'm wondering if the MVO deleting the "observer" part of MVO or renaming the paper would constitute a breach of its "legally ajudicated" status in which case it would not be able to publish "ficticious name" and "public notices". There has to be some compelling reason why Ms. Henderson would so blatantly go up against the courts.

  14. I think the reason is that it would be an admission that she lost her case in Court. This after she had run around town informing all her club pals that the opposite is true. Susie is in an emabrrassing position, of all of her own making.

  15. Henderson is like a "turd that won't flush".
    We can only hope one day we'll be rid of her and her cheating and lying.

  16. By the way, does anyone have any idea who the City Council is thinking of disciplining at tonight's Special Meeting Closed Session? Could it be James Carlson for continuing to screw up the Council Meeting re-broadcasts? Or "whoever" did the back behind Council purhase of a new fire engine? Or are we still trying to quash Margy Tucker's lawsuit?

  17. Might be the back room folks that gave the wink and nod to the Congo Club for the New Life Center addition. The ones that enabled the end run around the CC. That would be my guess.

  18. The council must save the alleged million dollar surplus for the legal settlement with the family of the man shot by SMPD. Nobody should be surprised when a lawsuit is filed.

    Jeez, the man was shot, while in police custody, after he "allegedly" pulled a knife and he was shot at point blank range in the parking structure of the SMPD. That's kinda

    Uhhhhh, I just wondering, didn't the officer(s) frisk the guy before or after handcuffing him and transporting him to the station?

    Enquiring minds want to know just how quickly did the officer visually id a knife attack, step back from the prisoner, reach and pull the bullet out of his shirt pocket, load, aim and pull the trigger at point blank range?

    Or, if it takes 6 SMPD officers to write a traffic ticket, why are only a couple officers transporting a prisoner?

    Makes you wanna go hhhhmmmmmmmmm.

  19. I don't know the particulars of this event, so I reserve the right to change my comments completely! However, I've been noticing what seem to be unrealistic attitudes towards police.
    Isn't it common knowledge:
    1) Avoid police if you can. They tend to be people who are violent by nature, and have put that violence to good use (for the most part).
    2) Should you have to interact with police, SUBMIT. You must not argue, resist, flee - these things will anger their sense of order and you can get killed. If you have to cross paths, submit, and work out what results later.

  20. ? unrealistic attitudes?

    like expecting professionalism?

    certainly 6:46 you can't be defending violent by police who "for the most part" use natural violence for good use - "for the most part" is lol....but applicable in SM

    so, also, it's okay for SMPD to go all Rodney King (but our cops added deadly force) for resisting arrest?

    i guess it's unrealistic to expect realistic expecations from a PD who had a banner just a few years ago proudly displayed at the Wisteria Festival...."SIERRA MADRE SUCKS" and recently duped the city into a strong arm pay raise

    also anon, i would think that the Supreme Court would disagree with your common knowledge opinion that joe public can resonably expect to be killed by a police officer as a matter of course of nature, is that what you are saying?

    you may be right within SM but not in other city

    a few years ago you didn't read about 20 dui arrests a month by SMPD, now with several being way outside of SMPD's jurisdiction.

    ur right Also Anon, it's unrealistic to expect SMPD to stay withing a few blocks of our city borders instead of trapsing down Walnut Blvd or half way into search of crime stats

    however, the million ought to be kept for the shooting settlement because we all should expect a lawsuit to be heading our way