Saturday, March 21, 2009

Smoker Kids Equate Themselves With WWII Military Heroes. Plus "Stop The Sierra Madre Smoking Ban" Founder Is Art Director For Mtn. Views "Observer"

Just a big wallop of wackiness from the "Stop The Smoking Ban" kids today. Bringing it to a whole new level of absurdity, the Slack Pack has now taken to equating their so-called struggle with the sacrifices made by those who served this country in the military during some of the bloodiest and most harrowing struggles of the 20th Century. Using the image of a WWII Army soldier, here's how they put it on the poster reproduced here:

"Protect the rights of smokers, the rights of businesses and the rights granted by a free America that SMOKERS died to protect."

Somehow I just can't imagine that members of the Greatest Generation sacrificed their lives on the battlefield so that studded and tattooed kids in 2009 can wile away the hours out in front of Beantown blowing smoke at passers by. To trivialize the service and sacrifice of our military heroes in this manner is just about as outrageous as it gets. 

And honestly, could their politics just be any worse? It's like they've now shot themselves in the collective foot with a howitzer.

And wouldn't you know it, when something bad happens in this community, a Mountain-Views "Observer" connection is not very far behind. This from the article "Smokers band against proposed ban," printed in the March 2nd, 2009, edition of the SGV Tribune:

"We feel we're being demonized. We feel cigarettes are being demonized. We're being made second-class citizens," said Allison Kirkham, a co-founder of 'Stop the Sierra Madre Smoking Ban.' 'It's only a little further down the line that we'll be told to smoke in alleys or out in 
back.' ... Kirkham, who works as an art director for local newspaper the Mountain-Views Observer, founded 'Stop The Sierra Madre Smoking Ban' with three other smokers."

Once again the Mountain-Views "Observer" finds itself on the dirty side of an issue. Anybody surprised?


  1. Even kids as clueless as these obviously are should be aware of the damage they are doing to their own cause. You couldn't hire professional actors to portray smokers as being bigger idiots than these guys.

  2. 6:37
    You got that right....these people have really crossed the line.
    My late Dad was a WWII purple heart vet.
    I really resent the sorry likes of these low-lifer/no lifer punks attacking Sierra Madre.
    Their own cities won't allow their loitering/smoking in coffee houses, so they have decided with the predictable help of Harriet S. Henderson's little gang of losers, to pull a stunt like this.
    You punks are going to lose, big time.
    I can't imagine our city council, any of them, voting in your favor. You haven't a leg to stand on. You would sure serve yourselves better to put your time and energy into quitting your deadly addiction than this losing fight.
    You really think you're going to defeat winning champion athlete Sharon Prevsner and her "stroller moms"? You're delusional.

  3. Well, talk about self-absorbed. I have yet to find any evidence of a constitutional or other natural justice right to smoke. Even if you just cut to the chase and called it a right to kill yourself, you would not have any collateral rights to take anybody along with you by exposing them to you method of choice.

    As for WWII vets--or any vets for that matter--get real. Ridiculous.

    Lastly, I didn't know there was any art associated with Henderson's paper. So why do they need an Art Director and what does she do?

  4. Exactly what were these BUTT HEADS thinking/smoking when they dreamed

    I would also like them to show us where they are grandted the RIGHT to smoke.

  5. NEWS FLASH....


  6. Let's see, because they smoke cigarettes they think they have something in common with war heroes? My my. And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

  7. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks!!! Somebody call the rubber room,
    we got some live ones here!

  8. Wow...just when you thought you've seen everything....and the saddest part about it that they really believe the smoke that they blow....

    Hope everyone is planning on attending the city council meeting on Tuesday evening..might even want to bring popcorn...

  9. My father served in WWII, Army Air Corp, before they called it the Air Force. He didn't die from a japanese bullet or a german hand grenade or an italian mortar round, no, he survived the horror of the war.What killed my dad was made right here in the good 'ol US of A, provided to him free of charge during the war by the war department,produced by RJ Reynolds. So I guess my dad fought for his "right" to die a horrible death from lung cancer from cigarette smoking, geez, a little ironic I'd say according to this twisted line of logic. Don't insult that generation of Americans with your contrived and illegitimate argument, grow the **** up!!

    Oops, almost forgot, Mom died from emphysema, great weight loss program, you should try it.

  10. Well there you go. They're not slackers, they're freedom
    fighters! They are their own worst enemies, in so many

  11. No one knew how dangerous/deadly cigarettes were in those days. They were glamorized in the movies.
    I used to smoke when I was young. It was thought of as "cool".
    To this day, I regret ever smoking in the house with my children and my poor grandmother who had emphysema, she was a non-smoker, in a home with smokers. It's hard to forget that, even though I didn't know what I was doing at the time.
    These days, you people DO KNOW. Give it up before it's too late.
    The fact that your current President smokes is not a good example for anyone, especially the young.

  12. Tuesday evening the City Council will be discussing this item. Please come to the meeting and show your support for the "No Smoking Dining Restrictions." These restrictions will allow everyone to enjoy dining without being subjected to smoke. As the owner/chef of one eating establishment in town said, "I am a smoker, but I do not want to dine where there is smoke. It ruins the experience."

  13. The Stroller Moms are going to put on quite a presentation. It should be a slam dunk for them.
    Anyone not attending, be sure and watch on will be most informative.
    Old Ky predicts a unanimous vote in favor of restrictions on smoking in dining areas.
    Sharon Prevsner? If you're reading this....THANKS. You sure have my vote for Citizen of the Year!

  14. Old Kentucky - Thanks ...

    What we really need is your VOICES on Tuesday...Please bring your family and friends...the council wants to hear from you!! The council moves based on what it's citizens please join me on Tuesday ...

    Thank you!

  15. You got it, Sharon.
    If I get there early, I'll even give up my seat in the chamber to a "stroller mom".

  16. My father quit smoking when he worked in an office in NY that had mostly non-smokers and they asked him to go outside. Eventually, it got to be such a hassel and non-social experience that he went to a hypmotist to get help to quit. He did quit and was so happy and proud of his accomplishement. Later he ended up back in Chattanooga where everyone smoked in their offices and he went right back to it. He suffered in that job and felt stressed and went back to smoking only to later retire...then he got a job he LOVED... was loving life, but back still on the cigarettes....and found out he had incurable lung, throat and plural sack cancer. Was given 6 months to a year to live and had to leave the job and get his affairs in order.

    He said "I always said one day this shit will kill me, but I never thought it would". In 1993, when he died, the cigarette companies were still debating the deadliness of their product and claiming it "was not addictive". He went from a 195lb. man to 170 or so and withered away to a crooked, frail, man in a lot of pain that no drugs could sooth....and still said he was so addicted to cigarettes that he would just go on an smoke them as long as he could get himself to the front door to have one. He'd go outside so he didn't burn the house down by dropping the cigarette on his blanket from unexpectadly falling asleep due to the effects of the massive pain pills.

    Sgt. John Allen Mayes died November 1st, 1993 from smoking cigarettes. He did fight for our country and deserved the truth about what commercial cigarette companies were offering. They offered a shorter life. He never saw my son. Please don't shorten my son's life too with the ignorance. Let his life and the lives of so many other honorable veterans who lived thru the wars and died at the hands of the cigarette companies stand for something. Let us learn from them and move forward in a positive, healthy way. We can die from so many unpredicitible things...this is predictible. Perhaps the ban would encourage even one person to stop happened with my father in NY...or help even one avoid the deadly, commercially profitable addiction to start with.

  17. Thanks for posting that for us Kelly.
    It was difficult to read.....I'm so sorry your dad didn't live to see his grandson.
    Please come to city council meeting Tuesday night and support Sharon's "stroller moms".
    Your post just might save some poor soul's life....I read something like you wrote back in 1970, tossed my pack of Winstons and haven't smoked since.
    Thanks again, Kelly

  18. That is a heartbreaking story. If anything, we owe it to our children to get this thing passed.

  19. Kelly, pease read your post Tuesday evening.

  20. Yes, please read this to the people, Kelly.
    There are a few people who still maintain "social rights" are their "right".

  21. So glad to know my Dad's life experience can still help to promote change :) Thanks for your comments...I'll be there Tuesday!

  22. Ok this is for Bill Coburn. I tried to post on his editorial page, but it said my comment must first be "checked" before it can be posted. Ok. Not really sure what that means but hopefully he'll post it. In his new "comment" regarding the proposed restriction Bill states that Kelly and I have misunderstood him and he doesn't think non-smokers should police smokers. Let me state that I didn't misunderstand him. Bill stated and I quote: "Most, though admittedly not all, smokers are considerate of non-smokers and will be happy to move away while smoking, or put it out until you’ve left, if they are asked politely." To be fair, if the smokers were practicing what Bill was preaching, we wouldn't be having this discussion, now would we?

    As far as the new signs at the restaurant are concerned. They don't work. I was there last week, tables full, people eating and two folks lite up right UNDER the sign. That says to me that it requires legislation.

    Now Bill also asked about Wisteria, 4th of July etc. Pasadena as the Rose Parade, Glendale has the Americana..these are huge events, place for their respective cities. Cleary they are getting it done. I have the 11 page economic report from Beverly Hills that they did for an entire year AFTER the ban went into effect. I'm happy to share that along with the studies done at outdoor eating establishments to anyone that would like them.

    I want Bill and everyone to know that NOT ONE ban has been recinded since they went into effect. That's pretty telling, isnt' it?

    Bill stated and I quote: "Long term, I think we will probably be better off if we have an outright ban on downtown smoking". Bill, I agree, and the time is now.

  23. Bill has the tendency to examine each side of the issue, and then claim he has argued in favor of each one. A shape shifter to use the sci fi term. Very passive/aggressive.

  24. Bill Coburn!
    What are you afraid of? A "stroller mom" can shoot down your arguments?
    Sharon Pevsner and her growing group of supporters have an argument you will be NOT be able to dispute. You know that, if you've been reading this blog.
    You'll sure as hell know it more, when you listen to the City Council meeting tomorrow night.

  25. Ok, in fairness to Bill ...he printed my response.

  26. Okay, Bill, you're off the hook.

  27. Bill was against it before he was for it.

  28. he's still not sure what he's for...

  29. But I still haven't found
    what I'm looking for ...
    woo ah woo ah woo oh

  30. Sharon said,

    "As far as the new signs at the restaurant are concerned. They don't work. I was there last week, tables full, people eating and two folks lite up right UNDER the sign. That says to me that it requires legislation."

    At any time, any business/restaurant can ban smoking, without any law or government involved. Do we really want the nanny state to do things that we can do for ourselves.

    Incidentally, does anyone consider the layoffs that will occur due to a drop in business at these establishments? No, they won't go bankrupt, but they will lose sales.

  31. The surrounding cities who have restricted smoking in these areas have not lost sales, they have gained sales.
    This will be the case here in Sierra Madre as well.

  32. It will be so nice once tomorrow night's CC meeting is over and we don't have to hear any more BS from the annoying smoker people. It is just such a tired bunch of crap they're peddling.

  33. are there statistics that those establishments have gained business?

    i personally won't go somewhere that bans outdoor smoking. why not let the business make the decision for itself? if i feel a city council wants to "parent" me and tell me what is good for myself, i will frequent businesses in another city. this IS an issue of personal freedom. let people make decisions about their personal health in th econtext of their family and in conversation with their doctor, not blanket decisions from above. i'll light my cigar up elsewhere, thanks.

  34. The Mtviews observer had both a pro and con piece
    in their paper last month

  35. Sierra Madre GirlMarch 23, 2009 at 8:51 PM

    What paper?

  36. if you mean what date it is FEB 28 - Issue 9
    page 10 in the lower half of the Mtview-Observer. it is on line if you are interested.

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