Friday, March 13, 2009

So What Was Glenn Lambdin Up To?

I've got nothing but questions today. I suspect that on this particular topic you have many questions as well. And just like me you don't have much in the way of answers. But the first step to solving any problem is, well, asking the right questions. So here is the first question: What exactly was former Sierra Madre Mayor Glenn Lambdin up to at last Tuesday's City Council Meeting?

I've discussed this topic with several people, and nobody really is quite certain about what the Michillinda Man was up to. All we can do is recap the details of this mysterious event and hope that maybe there's something that will be revealed. That is, if we try and remember all the details. And the whole event happened so quickly that I didn't even get to take any pictures.

So at first Glenn was to be seen seated there among the assembled, quietly working his jaw muscles. He gives the appearance of a person who isn't all that comfortable around his fellow human beings. Or, just maybe, he doesn't feel socially at ease surrounded by people not acknowledging the importance of his presence amongst them. But he does intently peer about to see if perhaps those near are coming around to fulfilling their obligation to him, eyes darting with sleek oblong head quickly moving this way and that. A man keenly aware of all that is going on around him, and none too pleased with what he is seeing.

Then suddenly he sprang for the dais, grasping in his hand a little silver disc with writing on it. I'm too far away to read what is written on it, he only pulled it out after he was well on his way to the microphone. But I suspect it wasn't anything intended to be humorous. No, like most everything he does, this was meant to seen as serious business. A dramatic performance designed to leave the room gasping with concern. He began to speak, a pronounced quaver in his voice, as if all his pent up anxiety and emotion was too much for his larynx to handle efficiently.

So here is what Glenn revealed while speaking during his public comment time at Tuesday's City Council meeting:

1) He had a recording in his hand. On a CD with words written on it. Secret words.
2) The disc contained recordings of people speaking to one another at a meeting held at a house. Maybe outside of that house.
3) Some of the people at this meeting were members of the City Council.
4) Members of the City Council are not allowed to talk to people about the important issues facing this town if some other concerned people aren't there as well. Like other City Council members. And a lawyer. And a dais with people in an officially designated setting.
5) To do so would mean risking legal complications due to something called the Brown Act. Not sure if it was Pat or Jerry, but it was an act.
6) Someone at that meeting was secretly taping what everyone was saying. And that marvelous person then gave the tape to Glenn. Or maybe the tape was made by Glenn himself? With a tape recorder hidden in a trench coat?
7) Glenn took the tape home and listened to it in his garage. And did he hear things that made him dream of making other people unhappy? Did the thought warm him? And he waited for this meeting before sharing his special secret.
8) And now Glenn was proclaiming before the entire Foothill Village of Sierra Madre that he was going to give this recording to our illustrious City Attorney because it contained the voices of people talking about things. Bad things. Or at least that is the opinion of Glenn Lambdin.

And then, as quickly as he began, he turned on his heels, careened up the aisle, and headed out through the meeting room door, slamming it loudly shut as he left.

So this is a small town, and it wasn't too very difficult to figure out what occasion Glenn was so cryptically referring to Tuesday evening. Apparently there was a group of people gathering at the home of a lovely couple, and they were brought together with the purpose of discussing the preservation of Sierra Madre's historical heritage. Everyone was invited. And two of our City Council members were there from the very beginning of that meeting, expounding on the magnificence of both the occasion and everyones' presence there. Another Council member did arrive later, but unfortunately for that person the meeting had largely wound down with the topics exhausted and people heading for the garden gate.

Now Glenn's contention here is that by discussing the preservation of the historical heritage of our town, these City Council members were engaged in the kind of collusion expressly prohibited by the Brown Act. They weren't just talking about old foundations of barns that once held horses, they were plotting stuff. And should the tape recording of their conversations reveal that decisions were being made without the involvement of all the people concerned, there would be big trouble in store for them.

Now it has been revealed to this observer that the two City Council members at this gathering for the entire time were John Buchanan and Joe Mosca. Which raises one more very big question. Why would Glenn, erstwhile friend and comrade of these two in many of the lost causes they supported together, be wanting to destroy their political and legal careers with a secret tape? Because that is what could very well happen if certain planets align and things are taken to their legalistic extreme.

Very mysterious stuff.


  1. I understand there were flyers put inside each city councilmember's packet (their information on the next meeting's agenda items).Inviting them to attend this gathering.
    I know they had at least two of these meetings, and they were mostly people who owned historical homes in Sierra Madre.
    Lots of people heard about the meeting, probably via flyers. I know a lady who attended one of the meetings, because she was interested in the subject.
    I was also informed by an expert on the Brown Act, that this meeting in question was not a violation of the Brown Act.
    So it is very strange that Glenn Lambdin would do this.
    However, Glenn Lambdin is a very disturbed individual. He is mentally unbalanced and quite possibly dangerous, in my opinion.

  2. Perhaps Glenn will explain this in his next "column"?
    Oh wait.......his columns never make sense either.
    Oh well, I'm sure this is about as important as Glenn thinks he is.......ZERO.

  3. I hope this won't discourage our councilmembers from attending public gatherings for fear of Glenn Lambdin hiding somewhere with a tape recorder and/or camcorder.

  4. sir: you are a brave and talented man to publish your opinions raw and at the same write them so well. Glen in his way also is brave.
    what was bait 'n' switch joe mosca doing back in WASHINGTON D.C. and missing the council meeting? we need to know more about joe's future political agenda.
    joe scalzo

  5. Joe was probably there to hang out with our lobbyist. He sees
    himself as a mighty fine schmoozer, and since Washington is
    printing funny money he figures he can bring some home. That
    would be my guess. Either than or he's looking for a job more
    interesting than being a flack for The Gas Company.

  6. Wait...maybe he wanted to be president of the "Stop the Smoking Ban" and he wasn't invited then his wife got in so he went an tape recorded all the kids...ya that's it!

  7. Now there's a way of helping create an atmosphere
    of trust and open dialog. Jerks running around with
    hidden tape recorders trying to trap City Council
    members. These people must be out of their little
    squirrely minds.

  8. Does Glenn need medication? His behavior is strange. I wonder if he hears voices.

    I hope the City Attorney addresses this at the next meeting to clear everyone.

  9. Wasn't Glenn Lambdin the mayor when he spearheaded the move to disband the Cultural Heritiage Commission?
    I seem to recall he was.
    Pasta, you are probably correct, Lambdin may be seriously disturbed.
    I respect Joe Scalzo, however, Joe.....Glenn is hardly "brave". He is a coward who likes to bully women.
    Several years ago, he wrote a post on a Marianne Williamson (well known spritual author and lecturer) website.
    He had a weird obsession with Marrianne Williamson and posted "I would like to spew green vomit on your bed". Several people saw the blog, he wasn't on the council at the time.
    He is one weird dude. How he ever got elected to public office is more of a mystery than the alledged Brown Act violation.

  10. It looks like the ex-mayor Lambdin has a zealot's mission. He is obviously campaigning against now-mayor Zimmerman, and has consistently been after next-mayor MacGillivray. Ex-mayor Lambdin seems to have a messianic complex.
    What I notice in his presence is his rage.
    And Sir Eric, I knew it was Buchanan and first-I-want-to-thank Mosca when you wrote: "expounding on the magnificence of both the occasion and everyones' presence there."

  11. G.L.'s exit was to mark his moral indignation.
    The man needs his own pulpit.

  12. How dare you. Prepare to hear from my attys.

  13. Off topic:

    Does anyone know anything about all the dump trucks on Grandview and Baldwin. I saw about 10 going west on GV yesterday and this morning about 10 going up bBaldwin.

  14. Good morning Pasta,
    Those trucks are from LA County, and they are cleaning out the county debris basin in the north of the Carter Estates.

  15. If 9:11 was Glenn, I have 2 observations.
    1) Welcome to The Tattler community. Nice to have you aboard.
    2) It would be sad to think that Glenn, certainly a fellow who can dish it out and with no holds barred, might not be able to take it as well.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. 9:55 - Sorry that you feel this way. We're talking about a former Mayor of Sierra Madre standing before the City Council and claiming to have a tape that contains evidence of Brown Act violations by elected officials. As such it is a legitimate topic for community discussion. And I am sorry, but we do have a policy about the use of obscene and abusive language here. That is why your post was deleted.

  18. "claiming to have a tape"

    Hey Eric...

    Last time I checked CD's weren't tapes. Get a clue, buck-o.

    ps - you're still cowards.

  19. 10:15,
    Glenn Lambdin called it a tape at the podium.
    Watch the replay.

  20. So just who is buck-o anyway, man?

  21. Here's What I Think and as such I feel you should all think just like me:
    1. If any of our City Council violated the Brown Act, then they are responsible for their actions. They are all well versed on that subject when they get elected. The Brown Act is there for a reason and no one is above the law.
    2. If GL or anyone else secretly taped, then they should be responsible for those actions.
    3. Church people should attend church and get right with their god and leave the rest of our little town the h e * * alone!!!!!
    4. Instead church people have to sprawl all over my little city as if their god will only let them into the promised land per the amount of asphault they have laid down. That's not faith man.
    5. I can disagree with your views GL, JM, JB, MM, DW, KZ and Sir Eric today and agree with you on something else tomorrow. It doesn't make me a bad person or you a bad person (though you can expect me to call you an idiot behind your back if you disagree with me because I am always right I am pretty sure).
    6. I will probably like you all if we sat down and had coffee even if we disagree on this or that issue. I don't agree with everything I've ever read on Sir Eric's blog and I think he's a very sloppy fact checker -- lots of mistakes which is sad because I think you do a service with the blog and I'd like to be able to rely on it factually too.
    7. That was a great squirrel picture!
    8. That was quite a dramatic city council meeting!
    9. This little town is a modern day Peyton Place!
    10. Would any of you sit down with a dirt, or S Henderson (okay her, I might not have cofee with) or GL (hey it is kind of sweet how he puts himself out there telling all about losing his religion)? Would you help GL fix a flat? Just curious. What's the three worst things GL did as a mayor that's made you hate him for bringing this forward? Did he do anything good? I have no idea. YOu tell me.
    11. So I would have coffee with you all, sometimes you're brilliant and sometimes you're idiots, I'm always right . . . What's the point of this ramble . . . a little less hate for our fellow SM neighbors when they disagree with us I suppose is the point. I'm guilty of it too, my blood's boiling over this Cong Church thing!

  22. I feel the people and our elected officials should engage each other in discussions that effect us both locally and nationally as often as possible. It is both our duty and their duty to encourage conversation about the topics of the day.

  23. Lets hear the "tape", can we get a transcript from it?

  24. We have a scrupulous city attorney who will figure this out.

  25. How do you know our city attorney is scrupulous?


  27. Yes, last council meeting was interesting. That meeting was a good example of the problems our little town has had to deal with. As far as Mr. Mosca being out of town, one can only guess that he is greasing the skids for his next job in politics, at our expense. Mr. Mosca doesn’t have the nerve to run for council again, his defeat would be worse than TT’s. With him deceiving so many of us during the election and all that he’s put this town through both emotionally and financially, it will be fun to watch his future in politics. I know there are enough well connected people in town that will follow this career and notify the appropriate people at the right time. Picking a good politician starts at the city level, if the politician turns on their supporters at this level you know they will always let you down and can never be trusted. Regarding Lame Again, this person was real chummy with Little Joe, after the election. Fortunately, over the years, those in a position of authority know the concerns a lot of us have had regarding this person’s reactions. Really liked the comments of Anonymous 11:16, I agreed with them on most items, very well put. Best regards to all.

  28. Just the facts writes:
    "Picking a good politician starts at the city level, if the politician turns on their supporters at this level you know they will always let you down and can never be trusted".

    Best comment of the day.

  29. I bet Joe will run again.

  30. I know Glen has seen this and you all are in A LOT of trouble, JERKS!

  31. Face it, the poor fellow got called out on his rather odd City Hall perfomance, and there isn't all that much to be done about it. He is a public figure and subject to the slings and arrows of public discourse. And if anyone doubts whether it was deserved or not, just go watch a tape of the meeting.

  32. 7:16
    We're in a LOT of trouble?
    Guess we better watch our mailboxes for bombs, Hide our cars from having their windows smashed out and hide our women from being bullied by Glenn?
    Lock your doors, don't touch the mailboxes, hide your cars and your women, residents.
    Glenn has seen this and we are in trouble.

  33. Glenn has "issues" with Zimmerman as a person and as Mayor. Said something stupid like "it happened on Kurt's watch" or some conspiracy theory hatched by the canyon dweller about Kurt.

    duh....didn't most of Glenn's city issues with Kurt actually preceded Kurt and most began when Glenn was on the council? Kurt is dealing with Glenn's, Dasterdly Bart Doyle mess.

    At least Kurt isn't caving in to the rants of developers or star struck by developers or looking to make a "mark" on the downtown of the city.

    Kurt seems level enough to follow the will of the citizens, which is a foreign concept to Glenn and those more enlightened than us common canyon folks.

    If Joe is absolutely manical or completely self absorbed, he'll run again for City Council and be ousted. However, if Joe's campaign calls and ask me in a "survey" my thoughts, I'll say that I'm all for good ole Joe and then vote against him and laugh at his expense while voting.

  34. Best guide for who to vote for.
    Listen carefully to the debates.
    Remember the councilmembers who kept their promises.
    I'll watch the debates, I'll go to coffees and ask questions of the candidates, just like I did in the last election, when my top choice was now Mayor Pro-tem MacGillivray. She won all the debates, and honestly answered questions at her coffees. She has performed exceptional on the council, listens to the people and keeps her promises.
    Whoever MaryAnn endorses will get my vote.
    I might add these candidates will also win the election.

  35. I can't wait for Jon Stewart to get a hold of Joe Mosca when he climbs his way to DC. Won't that be fun to watach. And, you know it will happen, just the way it did to Sarah.

  36. Well, before we all get our knickers in a twist, let's just hold on a minute. The Brown Act prohibits a meeting of a majority of a board (as defined by the statute, including City Council) to meet to hear, deliberate, discuss, etc. any action or item that is within the subject matter of the jurisdiction. So protection of historic buildings is certain within that element. However, does this tape, CD or whatever media Glenn Lambden chooses to call it, depict the three council members hearing, deliberating or discussing the subject matter. It sounds like it does not, if the description of the sequence of events is accurate. And of course, attendance at a public gathering is not a violation if the members of the body do not discuss the issue among themselves.

    And of course, turning this over to the City Attorney means absolutely nothing. The City Attorney is not some legal policeman for the City. She will not unilaterally review the tape, CD, video or whatever other media Glenn Lambden chooses to call it and report about whether it constitutes a violation of the Brown Act, nor will she report at a public meeting whether this is a Brown Act violation. The City Attorney is the City Council's attorney and will not just voluntarily run around enforcing the law according to what any given citizen thinks is important. So forget about the City Attorney coming back with one comment or another.

    As far as getting an invitation to all City Council members, does everybody understand the term, Set Up?

    And enough with the histrionics and drama at the City Council meetings. Give me a break.

  37. Set up? Perhaps. This needs to be found out.
    This type of treachery will discourage elected officials from attending anything.
    What in the hell is going on?
    If Glenn Lambdin thinks this will endear him to the community, he is delusional.
    This is the guy who filed a bogus law suit against Kurt Zimmerman and Kevin Dunn for the wording on the ballot for Measure V. Despite Lambdin's claims of victory in that lawsuit, he is lying. I was in the courtroom that morning. Lambdin has a lot in common with Susan Henderson.....they both are liars.

  38. Anonymous 7:16 PM said...I know Glen has seen this and you all are in A LOT of trouble, JERKS!
    Now this sounds like someone who knows him. Talks like a woman and says were in trouble. Only someone who really knows him would say that, maybe she is trying to warn us, maybe she knows how close he is to going postal, The question is, is she worried for him or us with what he will try to do. She might be literally trying to warn us to stop, after all, it does look like he’s pulled all his hair out.
    roia 12:57 has given some good information and has brought some calm to the whole performance for me, thank you. Anonymous 7:16 said,Lock your doors, don't touch the mailboxes, hide your cars and your women. Might be good advice, good thing is Glen practices hand to hand combat, he could even be an instructor. So what that mean is if he lays a hand on anyone he will be going to jail, that could be worse than washing down the side walk. Question, didn’t GL have a son that accosted one of our senior citizens a few years ago, wonder why that never hit the paper? Did this act get a PD response I wonder. On a positive note, we are so lucky in this town, think about it, a family has kept the Worlds Largest Blossoming Plant alive and well for all the world to see, we all thank you so very much. A good day to all.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Does anyone know if these folks hail from the Appalachians by any chance?

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Hey all, people's families are not appropriate matters for discussion.

  43. Yes. Stop doing that. Otherwise we're just like
    the people we complain about.

  44. was Glenn the real voice behind the SM Cumquat?

  45. You mean if someone's ADULT child goes around vandalizing windows in the commercial district, spraying graffiti on commercial buildings and selling crack, we can't comment on it here?

    Who's interests are you really serving here?

  46. There is a precedent. It involves some rather vicious attacks on other peoples' kids by some pretty reprehensible characters. So rather than try to differentiate the degrees of behavior, I try and keep the topic off this site entirely. And if you think that somehow makes me an accomplice of the dirts, then you're obviously not a reasonable person and there is no point in trying to deal with you anyway. Life is far too short for that. But look, if you feel that strongly about the topic, try this. If you go to the upper right hand corner of this blog, you will notice an option that says "Create Blog." Click on it, follow the prompts, and you'll have a forum of your very own. And then you can say anything your little heart desires.

  47. Thank you Sir Eric for having standards.

  48. If he could just pass them on to the rest of the posters.

  49. The whole town of Sierra Madre reminds me of high school. So many jockying into position for popularity and fame. Gossip backstabbing it really makes me sick. It sours living in Sierra Madre. If one wants to enjoy living here it is best to keep to oneself and not get involved. On the surface everyone is nice. But you cant trust anyone.


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