Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Pasadena Star News Editorial On Sierra Madre's Million Dollar Rainbow Audit

Rushing off to work, so I can't write about it now. But maybe you will? It looks to me to be a pretty positive spin on the situation.

And we still scooped them by 12 days ...


  1. Sir Eric,
    perhaps the PSN should pay you for your reports?

  2. Who knows, maybe the private audits will turn up another pot of gold. So how incompetent were the likes of Joffe, Buchanan, Lambdin, and the rest of 'em? That they allowed this City's record keeping to get so sloppy on their watches is just ridiculous.

  3. I was happy to see the PSN gave some credit to Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman.
    It's about time PSN.

  4. Sorcercer's ApprenticeMarch 24, 2009 at 10:45 AM

    You may think it was sloppy bookkeeping; I think it was intentional. They had big plans for the village and some of those plans could only be accomplished by scaring the bejesus out of the community by making them think the city was on the verge of bankruptcy. Think about it! Isn't that why you voted for Measure V?

  5. Sorcerer's ApprenticeMarch 24, 2009 at 10:54 AM

    Whoops... meant the UUT... too many potions on the fire...

  6. I voted Yes on Measure V.
    At the time:
    I didn't know about the financial "crisis" we were in, anymore than the dirts knew the financial crisis we would be in, nationwide.
    I just intuitively knew that the DSP was a blueprint for disaster.
    Don Watts explained it to me one day , he spelled it out, just what would happen if the DSP went through. He told me this was the reason he ran for city council....because he did know, as an architect, and concerned citizen, how dreadful the plan would have been for many reasons.
    Don was right. All you people who were fooled into voting No on Measure V? You need to thank Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman and all your neighbors who saved your butts!
    We would be in the middle of a nightmare right now, had they not stood up and fought for us all.
    Thanks, Watts and Zimmerman. Thanks for standing up for the folks!

  7. I tend to agree that it was way worse than mere incompetence. The reason for this conclusion is that there was so much resistance to trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing. Sir Eric and others pointed out repeatedly that the City's financial reporting was not up to date and that which had been filed showed adequate funds. So I'm not completely buying the mismanagement thing. Certainly there was mismanagement, but if that's all it was, why did they struggle so hard to resist? Wouldn't a legitimate government want to be shown a surplus? As actually happened? And worse, why did we knuckle under to the threat of economic coercion? One simple word says it all: Fear.

  8. Remember Alma Mays? Her son was SM's Treasurer. She went before City Council on a number of occasions asking repeatedly about the audits. Rob Stockley speaking as a "banker" insulted her saying she didn't know what she was talking about. So much reluctantance, indeed! A City Council intent on subverting the City to its own interests in spite of intelligent citizens willing to speak up!

  9. Never underestimate the capability of some for carelessness and incomptence. It may look like a conspiracy, but how do you know it wasn't really because City Staff back then took up John Buchanan on his suggestion and spent lots of office time reading The Cumquat?

  10. You have to be concerned as to why John, Enid and Joe, then John and Joe fought issues so aggressive that Don and Kurt and later Don, Kurt and MaryAnn fought for.
    Buchanan, Joffe and Mosca were ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS on the side of Bart Doyle's developers.
    As recently as the Library event for Ray Bradbury, John Buchanan was observed in attendence there with Bart. So much for those who say Bart is out of the picture. Make no mistake about it, the gang of ex-mayors along with Mosca are still fighting, not for the folks, but for the developers.

  11. Lady Catherine and Marie Rose, well said!!!
    I do remember that wonderful Alma Mays - have missed her obvious good sense and her quest for accountability.
    So we need the forensic audit - and while we're at it, let's have a forensic investigation of just how the General Plan became the last little detail in the SMCC building expansion.
    SM needs two forensic investigations to bring the truth to light.

  12. Toad stew, snake brew,....Sorcerer's Apprentice @ 10:45, keep brewing that truth potion in that big cauldron of yours. Many citizens of S.M. are in need of a spoonful of that recipe. You are sooooo right on!

    That was NOT sloppy bookkeeping, but an intentional move to keep the residents in a state of "financial" FEAR so that more taxes could be raised.

    I say mix up another batch of that truth potion and pour it into the city's water. Heaven only knows what will happen when the potion trickles down to City Hall. POOF!