Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Has Joe Become A Christ-Like Figure To His Followers?

An anonymous one page letter was sent out to a very select group of Sierra Madre recipients. The print was spare and precise. It had no return address, was postmarked somewhere in The City Of Industry (which I guess we must now refer to as "The New Jerusalem"), and rather than a handwritten address its eventual destination was indicated only by a very officious looking printed label. It was obviously intended to be mysterious and all, and maybe somewhat threatening as well. Like you might be struck by thunderbolts and the occasional volley of brimstone if you didn't take it seriously enough.

A copy of this letter was given to me, and I've posted a copy here for your examination. If you click on it you will get to see it in nearly its original size.

Now the theological implications are not all that readily apparent to me. While it is true, as Matthew has said, that one should always be kind to God's weakest creatures for those are the ones He loves best, I'm not sure that category includes City Councilmen, Rotary Club Members, RHNA number establishers, members of the California State Bar Association, or guys who belong to 7 or so organizations with the word "Governance" in their names. No, that all seems rather "Mighty Whitey" to me. And that anyone that deeply enmeshed in the local power structure should be seen as an oppressed and piteous creature of God just doesn't strike me as being very authentic or believable.

But the line that has really thrown me is the one where it says, "When you wrong Joe, you wrong Jesus." Now that seems to be a bit of a stretch to this errant sinner. I honestly never would have picked THAT guy as the Second Coming. Not even as a long shot.

So will we be witnessing Joe's martyrdom this evening? Will being passed over for the Mayor's job for the second time be his own personal Gethsemane? And will we, the non-believers, face an awakening too terrible to contemplate, and from which there is no succor or escape? You know, like being at a Community Redevelopment Agency meeting that goes on for all eternity, and you just never seem to be able to leave?

Anyway, I'll see you at City Hall tonight. Should be quite a party. And stick around for the Utility Users Tax Oversight Committee appointments. There might be a surprise or two in there somewhere. You just never know what's going to happen in this town.
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Click here for Joe's infamous (and not very Jesus-like) "Get a life" video.


  1. This is Really BIZARRE..SCARY!

  2. I guess the dirts figured out that slandering abd defaming decent citizens on the Cumquat, Qunt and Downtown Dirt websites, slashing people's tires, smashing their car windows out,stealing yard signs, blowing up or damaging their mailboxes, late night harassing phone calls to women alone, leaving dead animals on their porches already had their signature on it?????

    So....this is their new tactic to intimidate people who don't agree with them?

    You DIRTS have hit an all time LOW. Just when we thought you couldn't get any lower.

  3. Help, I want to make a copy of that letter but can't. How can I print that up for show and tell, I would like to take it to town for coffee.

  4. Thanks for posting this Sir Eric. Shocking report, but people need to know the truth about Mosca and his supporters.
    I urge everyone to watch the YouTube video of Joe disgracefully mocking Barbara Cline with a "get a life" comment when he thought his mic was turned off.
    Far as I know, he never apologized to Barbara for that scabby comment.
    That one comment alone, Joe Mosca, disqualifies you from being our Mayor....EVER.

  5. Helping Hand.....
    Thanks, very good idea.
    Someone help HH.

  6. Listen to the tape of Joe....did I just hear him sarcastically thank Barbara Cline for being hostile? Buchanan tried to defuse him, but then he made the "get a life" comment.
    You know Mosca, Barbara was one of the last people in our group who stuck by you, the woman was so hurt by your betrayal she didn't want to believe. She genuinely liked you, Joe. She likes people. She dedicates her life to helping others.
    Something you would never understand, now would you?

  7. Can't seem to capture that letter, I'm leaving at 8:30, for show and tell, that letter would be so informative to the right people who are unaware of this information. Thank you.

  8. HH
    I just tried to print it, doesn't work.
    There is a way, wish I could help.
    I guess all our "techies" aren't up and around yet.
    Check back later in the morning, I'm sure someone can help.
    Sorry, it was a great idea.

  9. helping hand,
    if you're at Beantown, just pull up the Tattler online....show it to everyone, including the Utube of Joe insulting Barbara Cline.
    If anyone won't let you use the computer?
    Take their picture, Sir Eric will post it.
    I think our illustrious leader Sir Eric Maundry is at work right now, or I'm sure he would help you.

  10. Greetings all woh would like a copy of the letter. Place cursor over the letter. Right click mouse select save picture as, and left click. It should be in your pictures folder.
    Neuroblast Films
    P.S. I have made a short movie with text and compressed the audio to replay the "Get A Life"
    clip with ease.

  11. Thanks, good idea, here it is for those who want to print it.

    “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people,
    that you do unto me.”
    -Matthew 25:40

    Jesus’ words make no exception for gay people.

    When you wrong Joe, you wrong Jesus.
    When you belittle Joe, you belittle Jesus.
    When you choose yourself above Joe,
    you choose yourself above Jesus.

    City Council is only for four years.
    Being Mayor is only for one year.
    Your actions are yours an eternity.

    It’s much easier to say what is right than to do what is right.

  12. Whoever sent that letter is seriously disturbed.
    If you are reading this, please get professional help.

  13. This letter should be reprinted and handed passed out to the audience tonight as they arrive for the city cuoncil meeting.

    I always find it ammusing that "evil doers" always claim god is on their side, that is except for Glen."

  14. I don't think Jesus feels the same way.

  15. WWJD??? Denounce the money-changers, no doubt. ""And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold, saying to them, "It is written, `My house shall be a house of prayer'; but you have made it a den of robbers.""

    Unlikely that Joe Mosca, who has consistently sold out the residents of Sierra Madre, would be able to weasel his way clear of the wrath and judgement of the TRULY righteous. Using Christian principles to support such a one as Joe is not only offensive, it's a gross misrepresentation of those principles and the writer really ought to watch his or her p's and q's more closely. The sin of blasphemy is, so I've heard, punishable by an eternity of torment and damnation...!!!

  16. Sierra Madre business ownerApril 28, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    What does Joe mean, he'll take the hostility for the whole council? That wasn't hostility for the WHOLE council - that was an accounting for Joe. What do you call it when someone thinks of themselves as a scapegoat, as a sacrifice? Oh yeah. Some of the other posters already said it.
    The man has done it to himself - all you have to do is listen.

  17. That Shakespeare quoting woman is the one who should be on the council. Good for her!

  18. Nothing warms the heart and makes me feel the presence of Christ like scripture twisted into a threat of eternal wrong doing. Are we sure that letter came from a Christian? Not one by my definition.

  19. I think Susan Henderson wrote that letter.

    I heard one of her "cons" was that she was a

    preacher or paster of some church back east.

    This letter sure looks like something this

    Henderson woman would send anonymously.

  20. I think this letter was authored by a prankster and attributing it to anyone by name or any particular group is demeaning to this blog. We know that Mosca is not the person we want as mayor and we know why. Isn't that enough? Making up stories about Susan Henderson is loathsome. There is enough truth to print about Henderson without stooping to the level of "dirts".

  21. Give Joe credit,he has a lock on the lunatic fringe

  22. The Dirt tactics that have been used before go something like this:
    A dirt wrote the letter, but will claim that a slow-growther wrote it, to pretend like a dirt wrote it.

  23. What is surprising here is just how unsophisticated a campaign Joe has run. Discipline is nonexistant, as this bizarre mailing so obviously shows. For a golden boy this is a terrible effort.

  24. In reply to 10:17, I have no idea who wrote that letter. Given it's subject matter and tone, however, it hardly seems the work of a "prankster" -- i.e., there is nothing funny or clever about it.

  25. 10:17, what is the made up story?

  26. Message to Mosca!
    It seems to me, Joe, that you want to get your picture taken in a cheap JC Penny suit in front of the fire house just like the immortal 6 Mayors of No on Measure V fame!

  27. Listen to Mr. Mosca talk - how did he make it through law school????

  28. This letter sounds an awful lot like what Matt Bosse said to MaryAnn MacGillivray after the first time Joe was dissed on the Mayor's job.
    That is my candidate for this letter's author.

  29. Yes, you're right, Curly.

    I was standing next to MaryAnn that night, I

    heard what Matt said to her. In her usual classy

    way, she gave him a sincere look and replied

    "Gosh Matt, I'm really sorry you feel that way"

    Matt had told her she was "unChristian"


  30. What's really ironic is that MaryAnn actually

    likes Joe Mosca, personally, and she likes Matt

    and his family. She told me that after the Forth

    of July parade, where she had met the family.

    But, personal likes and dislikes do not enter

    into something as important as being the Mayor

    of Sierra Madre. Nor do partisan politics (Dr.

    Janice Nelson Hayes).

    Our city council will do the right thing tonight.

  31. 10:17

    Hello anonymous Dirt and Harriet Susan Henderson supporter.

    It is true that in her previous life, before moving to California, Susan Henderson was (or pretended to be) a Christian Minister. The story is not made up and is verifiable.

    Believe it or not, some people in Sierra Madre know how to do research, and had Susan Henderson figured out long ago.

  32. Dear Sierra Madreans, In keeping with my philosophy of rendering unto Ceaser and all that I must hereby recuse myself from this city government intercine squabble. I have found throughout the centuries than those that invoke my name to make a political point usually have in mind the exact opposite of my teachings in mind. Sorry for the mix-up.
    Yours Faithfully, Jesus Christ

    P.S. Please tell my advance man at the Congregational that his building is too high!

  33. Joe winning tonight would be equivalent of walking on water.

  34. Very funny Anonymous 1:15 pm, but Ceaser is correctly spelled Caeser and intercine is not a word (I'm presuming internecine is your intent). No wonder things are so screwed up down here! You can't spell.

  35. Dear Blessed, thanks for the nit-pick I was in a hurry. Gotta stop this Swine Flu thing.
    Eternal Love, J.H. Christ

  36. Is somebody talking smack about Sid Ceasar? Better watch yer step, pal.

  37. The audio didn't pick up all of Joe's comment, he was actually mumbling to himself, "I need to get a life" and the audio only picked up him flipping the vebal bird to some old lady, we only heard "get a life" in the audio.

    Joe moved here to launch his political career, who else moves into a town and immediately he mounts a political campaign because he "loves" Sierra Madre. Kinda freaky if you ask me.

  38. Hey 3:46....It worked for Bart Doyle, Tonja Torres and Enid Joffe. Why wouldn't it work for Joe Mosca? LOL ;-)

  39. Joe hasn't done one
    good thing for this community, not one.
    He's betrayed most of the residents who supported him.
    He's committed to SCAG and Bart's BIA.
    He's brought in a major political party to interfer in our local politics, something that has never been the tradition of Sierra Madre.
    Joe Mosca should not even be on our City Council.
    He is no damn good for Sierra Madre!
    I strongly urge Mayor Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray to not be intimdated by his dirty political tricks. I'm confident you people will stand up for Sierra Madre and just say NO TO JOE!!!!!!!

  40. Attn: Anon 3:46
    You are wrong and a liar. I have compressed the audio to amplify the lowest audio signatures, while reducing all higher decibels. All that did was bring frorth the "get a life" statement with all its venom. I have posted the enhanced audio cilp with text for ease of viewing.

  41. I can't imagine a better lot of folks to stand beside tonight to protect our little town and what we believe is right. Thank J.H.Christ for Old Kentucky, all of the Anonymouses, Pasta, Curly, Sam, HPG, Johnny Dollar and all of you, especially Sir Eric!

  42. Let's all get down to City Hall by 6:30 to celebrate Kurt, celebrate MaryAnn and celebrate Don.
    They've done one super job for us all this year.
    Let's continue the winning streak!

  43. Major props to Neuroblast Films for stepping up and making video happen here. They deserve some a big long loud round of applause.

  44. Yeah! Neuroblast Films!
    Tapes don't lie, Joe Mosca, plus we have eye and ear witnesses who heard exactly what you said.
    Don't try to do damage control. You said it, we heard you, now everyone who choses to hear the truth can do so.

  45. left click on document to enlarge it, right click on document, click on "save image as", save to desktop, name is already given as "jesus joe", save, go to desktop, open document named "jesus joe", print.

  46. All we got was 2 cents?

  47. Ata girl Ms. Angus!!



    Leaping CUCEs!!!!

  50. We really need better lighting at the podium.

  51. See, and they accomplished that with the ratty little field they already have!

  52. Give the girls the new soccer field, look how cute they are!

  53. YEA!!! Maryanne!!!

  54. Im gonna cry :(

  55. But she'll put an addition on to her house without pulling permits!

  56. Whew - we dodged the bullet of having a liar as mayor.
    Now if we could just find a way to have Buchanan learn that he could say twice as much in half the time...

    7:51 - I guess that means that is the kind of shenanigan you would pull if you were in that position, huh?

  57. Did you hear some of J's crew calling him smart? Intelligent? He even got one "brilliant"...
    I'm gobsmacked

  58. Sierra Madre GirlApril 28, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    Shirley Moore was fabulous, as always. The girl can articulate her point of view, and is as accurate as she is ethical.

    Joe is now even more insignificant than he's been since the slow-growthers won the majority.

  59. My favorite moment from Joe's supporters - when the woman said he was in favor of 2-30-13. Oops. Somebody better tell he she's supporting the wrong guy.

  60. Thank You Bad Karma & HPG,
    I am glad to be of service to our little town.
    Please send any video and or pictures, that may help to :
    Thanks Again

  61. Congratulations to Mayor MacGillivray and Mayor Pro-Tem Watts.
    I think we're going to have another good year!
    The best people won.

  62. Anonymous at 4:35. You're confused. The motion Council Member Zimmerman originally made was to put the FINAL VERSION of the DSP on the ballot. Joe never thought, as your email suggests, that he was voting on putting an unfinished DSP on the ballot. In fact, what he said at the Council meeting was that he wanted an opportunity to see if he actually liked the final version before he would vote to put it on the ballot. Of course, when he was running for office he promised that it would be the voters and not Joe Mosca who would decide whether to reject or approve the DSP. Watch the video of that Council meeting if you do not believe me. Joe, John and Enid voted Zimmerman's motion down. Joe subsequently moved to implement a timeline for the completion of the DSP and to put the final version of DSP -- whether he liked it or not --on the ballot (what Zimmerman had proposed), but with one important difference -- the Council would decide at some later date whether the vote was binding or advsory (i.e., just a survey). Of course, a survey is not the same thing as affording the voters the opportunity to approve or reject the DSP. Watch the video of that City Council meeting if you do not believe me.


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