Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday. Do You Know Where YOUR E-Mail Is?

I'm getting all kinds of e-mail lately. Some of it funny, some informative, some rather odd and making no sense whatsoever. Not that I mind, I've always admired chaos in others. It's certainly a luxury that I cannot afford. And sometimes it is stuff relayed to me that its authors would probably wish I did not see. Why some writers let their secrets run loose on the internet is beyond me. This is a time when information, any kind of information, could fall into the wrong hands, compromising your interests in surprising ways. And there is always the distinct possibility that what you've had to say will not be perceived in its proper context. Never has the security of your stuff been more important. After all, something bad could happen to it. Like maybe seeing it reprinted on a blog. You know, like this one?

Thought I'd copy you all on what I submitted to THE Magazine this morning! I've nominated Susan as one of the area's Fifty Fabulous Women Over 50. My nomination is below. If you would like to nominate someone (including Susan), just follow the directions below!

From: Chris Bertrand
Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 9:o9 AM
To: Steve Tobia
Subject: Nomination for "Fifty Fabulous Women Over 50": Susan Henderson

Susan Henderson decided to undertake starting a community newspaper, now called the Mountain Views Observer, amid the financial struggles and disappearances and of large and small papers across the country. Regularly, we hear of the demise or reconfiguration of major newspapers nearly every month whether filing bankruptcy, ceasing publication or switching to online only distribution. Amidst this daunting financial model, Susan felt compelled to bring true local news, particularly Pasadena USD (sic) school news, not just press releases, back to
Sierra Madre, Pasadena and its surrounding communities. The financial, time and personal commitment required of this attorney, mother, Kiwanis volunteer and now publisher regularly draws on but never depletes the amazing reserves of this remarkable woman. So many thought starting a newspaper here just couldn't be done. You've done it, Susan. Persevere, live strong and publish on!

Chris Bertrand
Marketing Services
Read "One of a Kind" every week at

(**end of e-mail**)

The childish innocence of the writing style aside, there are a few problems with this nomination for a coveted THE Magazine "Fifty Fabulous Women Over 50" designation. First of all, Susan Henderson is not an attorney. As was clearly revealed during the pre-trial discovery phase of the now legendary Deuxamis Trial, Susan Henderson cannot even lay claim to being a college graduate, much less a licensed legal practitioner. And, as a result of this trial, Susan's paper is no longer to be referred to as "The Mountain-Views Observer." It is now known as "The Mountain Views News." Which was the name of a paper the publisher of THE Magazine, Steve Tobia, started some time back. As a matter of fact, he actually sold that very paper to Susan Henderson! So does anybody really think that Mr. Tobia is likely to believe that a paper bearing the name of something that he himself created was actually started solely by Ms. Henderson? I personally have my doubts.

No, this poorly thought-out mess clearly is not going to do. But does that mean the nomination of Susan Henderson should not prevail here?

A quote attributed to a personal hero of mine, Ambrose Bierce, goes something like this: "Awards are often given by the wrong people, to the wrong people, and usually for the worst possible reasons." And in that spirit I second this nomination of Susan Henderson for a THE Magazine "Fifty Fabulous Women Over 50" designation. It would be a very fitting recognition.

We can only hope that she'll have to buy an ad there to get it.


  1. I wonder if Pat Birdsall and Rich Johnson wrote similar "nominations"?

  2. I'd like to nominate Rich for this if possible.

  3. Bertrand makes an interesting comment:
    " Susan felt compelled to bring true local news, particularly Pasadena USD (sic) school news,"
    I've wondered for a long time as to why Susan would want to persist with this "paper".
    She has contempt for most of the people in Sierra Madre. She has been exposed in court as a liar and a cheat.
    A few months back, Sir Eric wrote a column about her participation in the Pasadena Democratic group. She told them the same lies she told all of us in Sierra Madre.
    She may be trying to get on the Pasadena School Board at some time or another. Would have run this time around, except for her legal troubles? She is delusional, for sure, and would never get elected to anything.
    She has always been more interested in Pasadena than Sierra Madre.
    I'm wondering if maybe now her plan is to wait until the Pasadena Star News folds up, then try to replace it with the Mountain Views Pasadena News?
    Just a thought. What do you all think?

  4. When the "Fifty Fabulous Women Over 50" edition of THE
    comes out, I wonder what percentage of the winners will
    be real estate agents?

  5. I wonder if Steve has nominated himself.

  6. Sir Eric!
    How about having a column once a week:
    Dirt Loser/Liar of the Week Award?
    I nominate Glenn Lambdin this week for his narcissistic and fallacious column on Bill Coburn's website!

  7. Isn't it illegal to claim to be an attorney when it's not true?
    I'd like to see Ms. Henderson's REAL resume....

  8. I nominate Susan Henderson as Liar of the Year!
    A friend of mine is doing jury duty, she happened to meet a lady from Sierra Madre while the potential jurors were waiting to get selected. This nice lady had lived here in Sierra Madre since 1941! They chatted about city politics, and the lady mentioned to my friend "what happened to that paper we had"?
    It's terrible now. My friend explained what had happened and told her about the Sierra Madre Tattler....she took down the website address, and was very excited to get home and read this board. She didn't get selected, my unlucky friend did. So, if you are reading this, nice lady at the court building......welcome aboard! Remember, Sir Eric's column is printed in the Sierra Madre Weekly ( a good guy paper)! Please pick up a copy or two and share with friends!

  9. It is unfortunate that a lot of people believe what is in that paper. Last night I overheard two nice senior ladies talking about the incident at the Tea House. They received their information from the MVO/MVN. I tried to tell them the police side of what had happened. They said if Susan hadn't printed the police side it was just hearsay and Susan would print it if it was so. Too many people believe if it is in print it must be true.

    How do you stop evil?

  10. Pasta,
    we need to always take copies of the Sierra Madre Weekly with us to any city meetings and/or events, get folks reading Sir Eric columns.
    As for Henderson....please print and copy documents from the court case she just lost, hand them out to these naive people who still believe in Henderson.
    Obviously, some of her fans are former fans, otherwise how would Sir Eric have gotten this email he posts today.
    Someone on their mailing list obviously reads the Tattler and has checked out the facts on this and wants the truth to continue to be out there.
    We will eventually get the word out to every one and anyone who values truth will shun Henderson and her paper.

  11. THE Magazine is nothing more than a vanity rag.

  12. If Henderson is in Kiwanis does that mean that she and her paper are generally accepted as believable? Does that mean the information on this blog is not generally known?

  13. Having her own paper does give Susan a soapbox. And her bias towards those who would exploit this town for profit through high-density over development is obvious. But that said, I seriously doubt that having the MVN on your side really makes all that much of a difference. Just ask Karma Bell or Enid Joffe.

  14. She's not entirely believable, George.
    I was at her Kiwanis talk about her "paper", the one where she said "is this 1959 Mississippi or Sierra Madre"?
    She got a few questions, one from one of the long time Kiwanis members, and it wasn't exactly friendly. Questions were cut off after that.
    I know this man's daughter reads this blog.
    In fact there are probably far more people who read this blog than read Henderson.
    It's getting more and more every day.

  15. How many people read this blog?

  16. Hey Curly:

    I love it..I think, in addition to realtors, you may find a car dealer's daughter nominated too. THE Magazine should be called THAT KISS ASS RAG -pure advertising vehicle.

  17. Yes but it sure is PURRTY!

  18. Susan does not have a soapbox. She has a cat litter box and it is full of cr*p.

  19. 11:25 - Hard to say. A small city blog covering in-town political coverage isn't going to rival Steven Colbert. A lot of people do seem to know about it, that much is certain. But this blog is releatively new, having only come into existence late last December. I would think the readership of this blog combined with the Sierra Madre Weekly reprints dwarfs anything the MVN is getting, though. There is always that frustrating - and large - group of people who don't read or care to know about anything. And that is by far the largest part of any community, even one as supposedly politically charged as this one.

  20. Sierra Madre business ownerApril 10, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    That lack of participation is frustrating, Eric. During Measure V Susan was hustling the slow-growth people. She gave speeches as the woman who had all the "really high up in the Democratic party" experience, and was vetted to me personally by some of the most paranoid people in town - that's how good a con she is/was. However, she was fond of one saying that was repeated a lot, and probably is even true:
    "Only 10% of any population is active in politics, and that includes the people on every side of an issue."

  21. And that is the key. Targeting the right audience. The activist community that this blog talks to is pretty much the coequal antidote to the money crowd. It has been a 52% to 48% break for a while now, with the good guys always somehow maintaining that edge. The string of failures that the other side is experiencing as of late (the $1 million lost budget, SCAG's RHNA eviction campaign, the 1 Carter disaster, Susan's defeat in Court) certainly isn't helping them, though.

  22. It's true most people don't have the interest or time to pay attention, to local or state or national elections. But when it's time to vote in Sierra Madre, people listen to the debates, and read the candidate's campaign literature for the most part. The slow growth platform holds the majority votes.
    That is what elected Zimmerman, Watts and turn-coat Joe. It is what elected strong candidate MacGillivray over a weak and struggling Joffe, especially at the Kiwanis'debates, which were televised. MacGillvray was clearly superior.
    It will be what elects Zimmerman and Watts again. It is what will defeat liar Mosca.
    Good luck to any dirt who wants to try their luck against Mayor Zimmerman in a debate.
    He'll hand you your head. Honest Don Watts will hold his own against all takers, as well.
    A third candidate will win due to default....Mosca will not be re-elected.

  23. I just wonder what this guy thinks is meant by the term "fabulous"? I mean, really? I would hope this might include saving a life, helping someone who needs help, contributing something selflessly, and this woman isn't even miles away from these standards. She's eons away.

    I'm also laughing at this guys reconstructivist history. Susan started that paper? Get serious. Not even in her dreams. Stole it from someone is more like it and I would hope stealing would disqualify someone from being "fabulous."

  24. TV,
    Chris Bertrand is a female. A pathetic little follower of Henderson, there are a couple of them that write for her paper. Disgusting, yet pathetic. Little losers following a con artist.
    This woman, Bertrand was actually in the Pasadena Court room a few times, and heard all the damning testimony against Henderson, and also heard the judge admonishing Henderson for embellishing the truth, time after time after time. The judge ruled against Susan and on April 15th, will decide what her penalty is for contempt of court.
    Henderson lied about her education, she lied about the scandal with the Dem. Party in San Francisco. She lied to the Pasadena Dems.
    She lies on a regular basis to the Kiwanis, telling them she actually won her case against Katina Dunn, the founder of the paper, The Mount Wilson Observer. She stole Katina's format and even part of her name, Observer, which Judge Simpson ruled she had to change by January of this year. She waited 4 months, finally changed the name. She still is using Katina's format she stole.
    In yet, Chris Bertrand and a few other of her "writers" (I use that term loosely) continue to promote her. Naive residents who don't bother to check the facts about this woman, continue to defend her.
    Good news....many of the people in Kiwanis and other civic groups Henderson has infiltrated are on to her. One man in Kiwanis, an ex-mayor, is on to her, I'm sure. He is too sharp to not see through her bs.
    The word will eventually get around town to everyone.

  25. Susan is a fraud. Just a pompous waddling ass.

  26. I wonder wehat Susan wrote on her application when she joined the Kiwanis Club. Anyone have a copy? Sir Eric would love to post it.


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