Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joe Mosca Serves On SCAG Committee That Assigned Our RHNA Numbers

The role of SCAG in assigning the unfair RHNA (Regional Housing Needs Assessment) numbers Sierra Madre was allocated became a leading topic here this week as the actual addresses of the homes affected became public. Should these SCAG authored RHNA numbers end up being enforced here in Sierra Madre, a revived Eminent Domain statute could very well be used to remove current owners from their homes and leave them to the mercy of the marketplace.

The Tattler has now begun to hear from residents who could actually lose their homes should SCAG's RHNA numbers become City policy, and we will be telling their stories in the weeks to come. It is very important that actual faces be put to this unfolding tragedy so that the real story can be accurately told. Some of these residents are quite poor themselves, adding a sad level of irony to the suspect claim that their evictions are due to a desire to benefit low income persons.

And in a stunning new discovery, The Tattler has now learned that Sierra Madre City Councilmember Joe Mosca, identified on the City of Sierra Madre site as being a member of various SCAG entities, actually serves on the committee that cooked up the RHNA numbers that are having such a negative impact on this town. This grouping, known as the Community, Economic and Human Development Committee (CEHD), is described on SCAG's site as follows:

"The role of the Community, Economic and Human Development Committee is to study problems, programs and other matters which pertain to the regional issues of community, economic and human development and growth. This committee reviews projects, plans and programs of regional significance for consistency and conformity with applicable regional plans ... The CEHD Committee has oversight of the Growth Visioning and Growth Forecasting processes, as well as the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, the Intergovernmental Review effort and the monitoring and analysis of the Regional Economy."

If you click here you'll be taken to this page and will be able to see the names of all the members of the CEHD. Joseph Mosca is listed there, but not as a City Councilmember of Sierra Madre. Rather he is attached to an organization called the San Gabriel Valley COG, which is in reality a sub-organization within the SCAG regional bureaucracy. I guess in the world Joe lives in that connection is the more prestigious.

Residents facing the possible loss of their homes through the RHNA process are being encouraged to attend upcoming City Council meetings to discuss what has become an extremely unhappy episode in their lives. It will be interesting to witness the discussions they will be having with Joe Mosca as they describe their fears and anguish from the podium. 

It is the intention of this blog that each and every one of them will be made aware of Mr. Mosca's personal connection to their plight.


  1. I guess Joe feels a need to filter his participation in the assassination of the Village of Sierra Madre by interposing the San Gabriel Council of Governments between him and the City of Sierra Madre. Like we might not notice. And lest we not forget, Bart Doyle was there when all this happened in the first place. I occasionally believe in coincidences, but not when it involves this kind of stuff.

    Somebody ought to check on the zoning at his place. It seems like the zoning ordinances were never made consistent with the general plan after the Institutional zone was put in place. Stopped by you know who. No Canyon zone and no effort to go through town reconciling new general plan designations with the old zone ordinances. And one more thing, the general plan ON ITS FACE reveals that the city's park space is inadequate. So why are we stressing about fitting more people into a place htat already has inadequate recreation area? Because there's no development money in parks and plenty in low cost housing stuff. Ya think?

  2. Great post, TV!
    "The assassination of the Village of Sierra Madre"
    What a great call!

  3. That picture of Mosca was on one of his campaign photo cards, I understand he "borrowed" the dog for the pictue?
    Anyone know if that is true?

  4. So let's see, our little Joey serves SCAG, helps in the creation
    of RHNA numbers, and then from his august seat on the Sierra
    Madre City Council tells us all that there is nothing that can
    be done about it? Naw, no conflict of interest there!

    Maybe if the time comes Joey can personally help little old
    ladies out of their homes and drive them to the city line.

  5. Joe is simply a scam and con political artist. He flat out lied to me about his views on Sierra Madre and I cringe when I see him in town.

    The only friends he has are realtors and the developers.

    He should be excused from any council meetings where this topic is discussed or any topic remotely related to development. It's obvious he as a conflict of interest and the only interest he serves is self serving.

    Any discussion I have with my neighbors I don't hesitate to point out (with examples of fact) of what Joe is doing and it's only for Joe. He doesn't love Sierra Madre, he only loves Joe.

    If we all tell 10 people and they tell 10, eventually Joe will catch the vibe that his snake oil salesman days are over in Sierra Madre.

  6. I'm sorry he lied to you 9:06.
    He lied to dozens of us, took our time, our money and our trust.
    Thank you for not forgetting!
    Thanks, Sir Eric and other posters for not letting us forget.

  7. Joe went to represent Sierra Madre when Sierra Madre was appealing its RHNA numbers. He did not say a word.

  8. old kentuck

    Joe isn't sorry he lied to me, you and thousands of other citizens.

    Joe is all about Joe
    He's a Political Hoe
    Watch Joe Go
    Go Joe Go
    Go Somewhere Else
    And Lie Some Mo

  9. Just remember Joe is controlled by Bart Doyle and the BIA and CAR.
    Enid Joffe was controlled by them.
    Glenn Lambdin is controlled by them.
    Rob Stockley is controlled by them.
    John Buchanan is controlled by them.
    KARMA BELL, who God forbid, was nearly elected, by deception to the office of city clerk last year is not only CONTROLLED BY THEM, SHE IS EMPLOYED by them!
    I fully expect Sir Eric with the volunteer help of every single researcher and reporter on our board, exposes each and every one of these DEVELOPMENT PUPPETS.

  10. This is wild. Just wild. How do these
    people sleep at night?

  11. It's pretty simple friends.
    If Mosca runs for re-election, we make sure he is defeated.
    If he doesn't run and they put some "undercover dirt" in his place....our investigators are sharp enough to spot it, we'll expose them as a BIA/CAR operative and they will also be defeated.
    Simple. We make sure we have the majority of slow growth honest people to be on our council who have the people's interests first call-not Bart Doyle's or Glenn Lambdin's.

  12. Fed Up - I heard that when Joe went to the RHNA number meeting with SCAG he recused himself. Which sounds to me like he knew he had a conflict of interest? You know anything about that?

  13. whaaaaattt?

    Joe recused himself from a SCAG meeting because he had a "conflict of interest"?

    who or what did he have a conflict with?

    obviously he has a conflict of integrity, ethics and morals when dealing with the issues of Sierra Madre instead of his political dreams.

    Joe is all about Joe's hapless ambition.

  14. Check back to Sir Eric's Monday column.
    Item #5.
    <4) One of the ways that the City of Sierra Madre has been able to lower its RHNA number to 26 low income units is through the use of "Granny Houses." Granny Houses, which are more commonly called Guest Houses, are mostly out of code bungalows that owners generally rent out for the additional income. The deal that the City is offering to the owners of these quaint cottages is that if they agree to turn them into Low Income Housing, City Hall will make sure than any code issues are easily taken care of. This being the best and most amenable way to retire the onerous SCAG imposed RHNA burden. That so many redevelopment advocates such as Karen Warner and Bart Doyle are aghast at this idea is pretty telling. It would preclude the building of multi-family high density housing, which is where the money their patrons desire is to be found. And obviously that is all they really care about.> Maundry, April 6th

    Anyone think this eminent domain threat is just the usual dirt scare tactic, they used this same bs during Measure V. They want to get Measure V changed so they can build their multi-story mixed use projects?

  15. Don Watts has told me he has no problem receiving e-mails directly,if you have a fear about confidentiality, or ease dropping via the cities e-mail site , e-mail him directly at, he promises complete confidentiality regardless whether you are pro or con on an issue...

  16. Sir Eric, from your article last Monday:
    "By threatening this town with low income block housing in single family neighborhoods, are they in reality trying to make downtown condominium redevelopment an acceptable alternative?"
    You've got a clear understanding of the development game plan style, Sir. It's that feint within a feint within a feint stuff, and thanks for being good at thinking!

    Joe is an embarrassment to the community. CDJS is right to look ahead & plan. Anonymous about telling 10 who tell 10, is looking ahead, too.
    If he's true to form, Joe will walk door to door, selling himself - we need to anticipate & prepare.

  17. Don's the best!
    I still want to know whose Golden Retriever that is pictured with Mosca.
    I know someone told me he borrowed that beautiful dog for the photo shot.
    It did make Mosca look better, the fraud!
    You could be right. I wouldn't put anything past the desperado dirts.

  18. anony 1:55 - lol AT Joe, not with him

    if he really borrowed a dog for an All American photo op, then he is a fraud but that's what he's been all along

    he was indeed a fraud when he stated his views on Sierra Madre, which was based on whomever was in front of him

    how silly of us to vote him in and fall for his sham of a self

  19. Sierra Madre business ownerApril 9, 2009 at 2:12 PM

    Remember the Sarganian/Teegarden campaign to defeat the HMZ by scaring everyone about their property rights? One of the early leaders in Measure V, who lived on Carter & Chaparral, left Measure V & hooked up with the realtors over it. Anybody have a clearer recollection of what happened there?
    There were a few mailings that went out, & SargTeeg got a big response.

  20. I never noticed before that the dog is looking away. Now we all know how that dog felt- Mosca is a mess, and I agree with other posters - he's a liar.
    We can't think he'll go away easily. He'll hustle all the less politically aware Sierra Madreans, spouting any old thing they want to hear. On the whole, we're too trusting.
    Look at the cons that got by us - Henderson and Mosca. Fooled a lot of people.
    Good thing Sir Eric is getting the word out.

    I remember the HMZ property right debate - it was one of the things that helped the developers at One Carter. Rallied the citizens to end up ruining the hillsides.

  21. Yes, I remember that.
    They tried to make all folks above Grandview believe their property was in danger of being controlled by Hillside Zoning code. It was a very clever and successful scam. They fooled a lot of homeowners.
    Sandy Sarganian was the girlfriend of late Jim Snider of Cumquat/Qunt fame.
    Teegarden was an attorney for Dorn Platz.
    Sarganian was suppose to be the exclusive realtor for the One Carter Estates.
    Very clever scheme to get more liberalized building deals for those scabby developers of our destroyed hillsides.
    I think Judy Webb Martin may have ressurected the idea. Although it was used during Measure V by the BIA and the CAR money to fight Measure V. They sent out a post card with picture of a 7 story apartment building super-imposed in a Sierra Madre residential area.
    It was to scare people....."see, if you don't let us build downtown, this is what will happen to your neighborhood" Problem was the card was so bogus, people laughed at it.
    So.......they try again.
    Remember all the canned phone calls we got, sometimes twice a day.....some dirt ex-mayor warning us all of the dangers of Measure V.
    As long as someone posted Don Watts' email, everyone should send him a thank you for fighting for us, message. Don gave up a lot for Sierra Madre. He was threatened by ex-mayor thug we all know and dislike. He was blacklisted for job contracts....he was threatened and served with bogus lawsuits by dirt wonk, Beth Buck, which cost the man thousands of dollars out of pocket.
    Mayor Zimmerman also went through hell at the hands of these dirts......these two councilmen really went to bat for us all. We owe them a lot. At least say thanks, next time you see them on the street.

  22. Anonymous 2:30, you are right on. Thank you to Don Watts, and thank you to Kurt Zimmerman. We wouldn't have this town if it weren't for them. Remember the slogan for Measure V? Take Back Sierra Madre. The developers & realtors took it away, and it was a big fight to take it back - lots of time and energy.
    One thing - Teegarden was the DornPlatz rep for the project, not the lawyer. The lawyer was Watson. DornPlatz always uses women in public, & each of that rat's projects has a woman coordinator.

  23. 2:23 You're right!
    Golden's know!

  24. Thanks, 2:39
    Teegarden did seem like a "public relations' type. So did Sarganian, but of a different type of "public relations"
    Musta been a big disappointment for her to lose out on all those Mansions to be!
    I'm sure she's selling real estate to other suckers elsewhere, maybe.

  25. whatever happened to that Sarganian chick?

    she was all in front of everyone touting privleged knowledge and was at every council meeting (even thought she didn't live in Sierra Madre) just because she was counting on the commissions as the "exclusive" agent for One Carter and Stonehouse.

    I never listen to the rants of a straight commission salesperson or scam hacks who forcasts doom and gloom and extreme hatefilled reactions to those that oppose their bloodthirst lust for sales commissions, damned those who get in their way

    Joe is one of those scam hacks who is only in the city for his own gain and ambition - but let's give him credit for profiteering on the good nature of the citizens and for being able to bamboozle the locals. The dude moves into to town and seized an open opportunity, but it's time for him to go.

    Citizens ought to crowd the community communications portion of the city council meeting ripping Joe a new one

    and let's not forget John B was and still is an intregal part of this disruption of Sierra Madre

    if these two have one shred of integrity entact, they'll offer up their own homes as ripe for razing for "affordable housing"

  26. You can't help but wonder what Joe says to his SCAG pals when they ask him about Sierra Madre. I'd bet real money that he winks and tells them he's got under control. Assures his laughing listeners he's just got everybody completely fooled.

  27. Our experiences with the developer(s) of One Carter and Stonehouse have been good teachers- fear is their biggest weapon, and they will pay big bucks to wage a campaign that way.
    We must anticipate them - maybe we could have a people's Initiative requiring "up zoning" to be voted for by a popular vote, The developers and realtors won't want to take that to a vote because they know they would lose.
    Best of all, that way, no public officials with a hidden agenda would be able to force development. A people's Initiative will bring out BIA/CAR to fight it ($$), but it is better than having this fight every 5 years. Developers won't have any way to sue for development if it is the will of the people to put zoning changes on the ballot. Can I hear an “Amen”?

  28. Sierra Madre business ownerApril 9, 2009 at 3:22 PM

    Amen & Amen. What a great idea. What do we do? How do we get that Initiative together?

  29. DAY and SM Business Owner: There are two ways that you can do it. First and easiest would be to have the City Council put it on the next ballot and the voters would vote on it. You would need a majority of the council to do this. Just like the UTT (Untold Truth Tax).
    The second way and much more difficult. Have it put on the ballot by circulating a petition like Measure V. You would need to get 10% (I think, you would need to check) of the registered voters to sign the petition. Then it could to to a vote.

  30. oops it wasn't the utt it was the uut. my bad
    ol'kentucky you are 100% right

  31. Ahh, I thought it was funny.

    I was looking at Glenn Lambdin's bio on Sierra Madre, and I was confused by something I read there. It says that he was born in 1956, and joined the military when he was 17. It also says that he "...served 4 years active duty during the final years of the Vietnam conflict." Now according to the last US troops withdrew from Vietnam on 3/29/73. Which is the year Glenn turned 17. So what he is saying here is he joined the military when the war in Vietnam when it was just ending, right?

  32. Thanks Pasta.
    Do you think we could ask our city council to get us out of SCAG and put together a people's Initiative to make a city vote mandatory on any "upzoning"?!?

  33. Bip,
    Glenn never served in Viet-Nam to my knowledge.
    He was in Germany, I believe, or England where he met his first wife, Ann.
    I never heard him say he was in Viet-Nam.

  34. And I'm not sure he did. But go to, click on his column page and read the bio.

  35. Sorry, I never read that thug's column.
    Don't like the guy, never did.
    He's a bad person. Bullies people. Especially enjoys bullying women.

  36. At public comment you can ask to have it put on the agenda or you can talk to a council member and maybe they will put it on the agenda. Be very specific about what you want and think it through carefully about any unintended things that may result.

  37. Let's discuss what those resulting unintended things could be. Any ideas? Because I'm gut wrenchingly distressed about what eminent domain and SCAG could do to Sierra Madre's future. I'd like to see our zoning and development so tied up that the bia, real estate ho's, and big time contractors would just drive right on by. But it would be good to know what could result from our actions.

  38. I would suggest if you are going to speak to a council member, just make sure it's Zimmerman, Watts or MacGillivray.

  39. Sierra Madre GirlApril 9, 2009 at 6:10 PM

    It might be kind of mean spirited to say it, but it sure would be nice if Joe Mosca left the city council after delivering NONE of the goods to his keepers. What happened during Joe's term? Measure V, leaving SCAG, and putting all "up-zoning" to a public vote.

  40. Paddy O&#39;SheaApril 9, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    SMG: Good point. Whatever they invested
    in Joe, the return has been dismal.

  41. The last combat troops left Vietnam March 29, 1973.
    Glenn Lambdin is an unmitigated liar.
    Always has been, still is.
    It is shocking this Lambdin creep served on our city council.

  42. Bill Coburn's online paper?
    Wonder if harriet will print the thug's column?
    Hope so.

  43. I specifically recall Glenn telling me at Mary's Market that he served in Vietnam

    Can't believe he lied to me about something like that and then waves the patriotic banner

  44. 8:50, thanks for posting that - it's a terrible lie.
    My ex-husband was a Marine, served in Viet Nam for 6 months until he was wounded, in 1967. He used to say how there were phonies around who claimed service, but the vets could tell.
    Of all the things I've heard about Lambdin, that could be the worst.

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