Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Cumquat Is Back Up On The 'Net

Well, it looks like they just can't help themselves. The Downtown Investors Club gave their hearts to Jim Snider long ago (Jim is pictured here in a typical moment of whimsy urinating on a memorial honoring Sierra Madre's Boy Scouts), and they just can't stay away.

Now this isn't the first time The Cumquat has emerged from the primordial ooze of its well-deserved demise. I published an article about just that on the Foothill Cities blog sometime back, after which the re-emerged Cumquat disappeared in about 15 minutes. And wouldn't you know, that did just happen again. So we had to revert to using a ghost address. Which generally gives us about three weeks of continued viewing. 

There certainly is a certain degree of apparent shame to their love for The Cumquat. After all, why else would this new location have been deleted so quickly? And maybe it is the shame aspect that makes the experience so delicious for them?

The new location for The Cumquat can be found by clicking here. The actual web address was Which, as I noted, has now suddenly vanished. But Google shadow accounts have once again come to the rescue! As the old Raid insecticide ad had it, they can run but they can't hide.
The article I've cited above is one of those Fay Angus was referring to when she let John Buchanan have it over his unfortunate endorsement of the quasi-pornographic Sierra Madre Cumquat in a front page Pasadena Star News article. (A video link to this exchange can be found by clicking here.) No news on the then Mayor of Sierra Madre ever making it over to Memorial Park to clean off the desecrated memorial.

There are more articles posted and I can link to them if you wish. Or, just go to Google Search and type in the words Then click on the word "cached."

Now, of course, the big question that needs to be answered is who is this "Migwell?" With the Cumquat now little more than an historic artifact from the failed campaign to defeat Measure V (something that set the associated parties back a cool $180,000), the issue becomes who would want to revive this raunchy site?

And that took the vaunted Sierra Madre Tattler Research Team about 10 minutes. If you take the name "Migwell" (, and plug it into Google, this linked site comes into view. And if you scroll down the listed members of Echo Company (2nd Battalion - 9th Marines), you will find next to that "Migwell" e-mail address the name Arnold "Arnie " Perez of Sierra Madre, CA appears. Miguel (which "Migwell" is a play upon), being the name he uses these days, especially for his movie character actor roles. I guess it just has more flava than "Arnie."
The first time The Cumquat came back from the world beyond it was found linked to a site called PCA Today. I've supplied a couple of screen shots showing the Google link notifications to a pair of PCA Today hosted Cumquat articles. PCA Today, which stands for Perez Creative Assignments, is apparently Mr. Perez's photography business for those wishing to obtain publicity shots at reasonable prices. It is also a place where portly gentlemen are not advised against wearing shirts with horizontal stripes. You get what you pay for, I guess.

One more question. These articles were written by Jim Snider. Why is the author of this regurgitated Cumquat identified as "migwell?" Writer envy?

Dirts. They just never learn. You really do have to wonder what is wrong with them.


  1. Very Easy to point fingers isn't it?

    Get your facts right John...that's the Boy Scout memorial!

  2. Several of us really believe that Jim Snider, a pathetic end stage alcoholic never wrote any of that material, or very little.
    According to a lady in town who holds a PhD in literature, that "column" had at least 3 different writers.
    Most of us suspect: Lambdin, Perez and probably Joe and/or Matt Mosca/Bosse.
    Isn't Arnold Miquel Perez a member of the Library Commission, our library commission?
    Isn't his wife an elementary school teacher at Sierra Madre school?
    Isn't it true they were both sponsers and contributers to downtowndirt, mother of Cumquat and Qunt?
    Pretty horrifying.
    Really bad karma Miquel, to have used this poor departed Jim Snider and now ressurect this website. You are one sick dude.

  3. 11:10am - Change made. Thanks! Does that make it better for you?

  4. These perverts who wrote these columns had some sort of weird obsession with Boy Scouts, now didn't they?
    Check out the video where Fay is blasting Buchanan for endorsing this Cumquat, she was offended by the column on Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts distributing condoms. A few of you dirts thought that "humor". Hopefully, only a few of you. SIGH

  5. Interesting theory. Snider as human sockpuppet. A useful foil for people with so much to hide!

  6. Definitions of tattler:

    * noun: any of several long-legged shorebirds having a loud whistling cry
    * noun: someone who gossips indiscreetly

    Definitions of gossip:

    * noun: a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people

    Example: "The divorce caused much gossip"

    * noun: a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others
    * noun: light informal conversation for social occasions
    * verb: talk socially without exchanging too much information
    * verb: wag one's tongue; speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies

    Hmm? "Sierra Madre Tattler" -- What an appropriate name for that which is written in the guise of a dead actor with the author hiding behind a fictional name.

  7. Hmm. A poster calling her/himself 'anonymous' complaining about a someone using a pseudonym. Interesting, in a minor sort of way.

    But please tell me, good sir/madame, what is it you find wrong with gossip?

  8. Dear fellow anonymous,

    I'm not complaining, merely making an observation.


  9. Of course. Though all the definitions is a worrisome thing. Smacks of that very tedious habit employed Harriet "Dictionary" Henderson.

  10. Hmmm.....1:57 sure sounds like old Harriet Susan Henderson to me!
    When's your court date again Harriet?
    You know, where Judge Simpson is going to sanction you for contempt of court.
    Btw, have you paid Ana Ramirez, your maid, the lady you owe $700 to? The lady you hang up the phone on when she asks for her money with "ME NO MONEY"?
    Bet ya' haven't. You old fraud.

  11. I see what you mean by fat guys and horizontal stripes. Dude looks like he needs that thing they talked about on Seinfeld. A man-zeer.

  12. In the Snider picture, is it just me or does it look like the guy in the middle has a wet leg?

  13. Isn't ol' Miguel Perez the guy that the library board selected for the Board of Trustees and Enid, John and Joe voted for. Great guy for a library board in town.

  14. So what's to happen to the SNF, howies, Alverno soccer field, million dollar surplus...GOOD GOD we have the majority vote now, the guys **cking dead, these people are slithering back into the cracks they crawled out of, G DAMIT can we move on John?!!!!

  15. Come on. One for old times sake. How can you know where you're going unless you look at where you've been once in a while? There is nothing like a story such as this one to remind everyone just how far we've come. All I had to do is mention this and the 'quats scurried like rats. What better an indication of just how far they've fallen?

  16. Dear John,

    I got to thinking about this article you wrote about the long-gone Cumquat and how it has once again emerged from the "primordial ooze of its well-deserved demise," and, gosh, I guess what struck me was just how little I really know about computers and all.

    I suppose, being the super-sleuthy journalist you are, that you probably have some really expensive software program on your computer that alerts you every time these "dirts" attempt to revive this contemptuous excuse for satire, The Cumquat? Or, perhaps you have some really sophisticated browser that is capable of sifting through the millions and millions of web pages that exist in the cyber realm to signal any new emergence of the aforementioned filth?

    In any event, I sure would appreciate you sharing what technique you employ to detect these dastardly "re-emergence's."

    Currently, when browsing the web, I have to type a key word into a Google search -- or similar search engine -- in order to find something.

    In reading today's article I get the distinct impression that The Cumquat, in it's latest incarnation, just popped-up on your browser. I know that you couldn't possibly have gone looking for it. I mean, if that were the case then this wouldn't really be a story at all. Would it?

    So, anyway, like I said, I sure would like to know what advanced technology you use because I've been sitting here all day just staring at my browser waiting for this new "emergence" of the 'quat and, gosh darn it, it just hasn't happened!

  17. Nope. I went looking for it on Google. There are a number of things that I check up on, and that is one of them. A quiet Sunday morning being just the perfect time for such a thing.

    My theory is that Snider never really wrote very much of the material on the site. He was just a slap happy guy with a drinking problem, but he did have some pretty decent computer chops. His "friends" were the real source of most of this material, and they used poor Jim as a kind of shield so that their names wouldn't be attached to the questionable material there. I'm sure they slipped him a couple of bucks from time to time. And before the Measure V election there was a lot of it around on that side of the fence. Of course, his passing deprived them of their cover, and the site had to be pulled.

    But here's the catch. One of the real writers in particular is very proud of what he contributed to the Cumquat. And it kinds of eats at him that such fine material has to be hidden away like a dirty secret. So every once in a while he sneaks it on to the internet when he thinks nobody is looking.

    Bit, of course, somebody is. And when he gets caught he takes it down just as quickly as he possibly can. Like the bad little fellow he is. All of which makes me laugh and laugh.

  18. The Cumquat is a perfect symbol for the Downtown Investors Club. There's a polite fiction on top, and a lot of ugliness underneath. It isn't really quasi-pornographic, it is actually pornographic. Start with the names, "Cumquat" and "Qunt"? It had a very twisted obsession with male sexuality. It's hard to imagine that these writers had or have any loving relationships in their lives. Unhappily, an end stage alcoholic was perfect as the front-man, as it is common knowledge that heavy boozing ends a fulfilling sex life. All a drunk can do is make things up.

    Poster at 11:15 a.m., I am concerned that the husband of an elementary school teacher is getting a thrill out of putting the sites back up in a peek-a-boo fashion. Unlike some of the other posters, I think it's great that you find them, Sir. I remember those articles - they were nasty beyond description and an embarrassment to Sierra Madre. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  19. My pleasure. The question is, of course, why The Cumquat keeps re-emerging, only to be pounded whack-a-mole style back into the holes it crawls out of. maybe its dirt nostalgia? You know, their longing for a time when they meant something and people were afraid of them? Seems so absurd now ...

  20. You're right. As distressing as it once was, it is absurd now. Which leaves the rather grim motivation you mentioned - the bad little fellow getting pleasure sneaking, no doubt when his momwife isn't watching. yecch.

  21. Yes, but judging by the posts it looks like momwife has been defending her bad little man here today. Which is why I indulged her in some conversation. Quite a look into a dark little world it has been, too.

  22. Sir Eric, you are one of the men that makes this an honorable town.

    And I hope that isn't wifemom/momwife, because it isn't good for a teacher of young 'uns to be connected in any way with sleaze.

  23. To the dirts attacking Sir Eric.....
    hey, he caught you.....again!

    Why do you even try to compete with Sir Eric, posters like Day, Pasta and Mama Clem and many others? They have your number, they are smarter and have more writing talent than any of you.

    To Miquel Perez:
    I happen to also believe you, Glenn Lambdin and most likely Mosca/Bosse were the real authors of those filthy articles on Cumquat/Cunt.
    And I sure agree with are a disgrace and a real threat to your wife's teaching position.

    To the City Council Memebers:
    How about removing Perez from the library board?

    Enough is enough.

  24. "Sir Eric, you are one of the men that makes this an honorable town"....

    By speaking i9ll of the dead!

    I think not! How pathetic!

  25. Obviously the dirts have created a voodoo death cult around this guy. Hopefully live animal sacrifice is not a part of it.

  26. No one is speaking ill of the dead....we are speaking the truth about the unscuptulous dirts who used this poor man.
    You are the ones who should hang your heads in shame.
    You people are in for some very bad karma.

  27. The "us versus them" mentality that seems so pervasive among John Crawford's followers is certainly not consistent with the sense of community that makes Sierra Madre so unique.

    To arbitrarily label anyone who doesn't feel exactly the same as you do about any given subject or local governmental ordinance a "dirt" is indicative of a very small mind. It is that same small-mindedness that leads to prejudice and bigotry.

    It is not not healthy to lock myself so tightly into a particular mindset that I cannot allow for a difference of opinion. Neither is it an indication of a healthy, loving mind to call my fellow citizens names. When counseling people I often suggest that they allow for the possibility that their perceptions might change.

    I would like to think that the people of Sierra Madre -- that would include the people on this blog -- are capable of acting like compassionate adults and put this petty bickering, name calling and pointing of fingers aside and make an honest attempt to work together for the common good of this community.

    You decry the evil and wickedness that you perceived in the Cumquat and yet you engage in the same evil yourselves. Is it any less wrong than that which you rail against?

    Don't we have enough divisiveness and strife in the world already? Does it really serve the purpose of this community to cling to the narrow-minded us versus them mentality? Isn't that sense of community what really makes this town special? Isn't that what we should strive to preserve?

    I would implore Mr. Crawford to use his journalistic talent to bring people together rather than tear them apart. Try accentuating the positive instead of constantly dwelling on the negative. Quit encouraging and condoning name calling.

    Jim Snider and the Cumquat are dead. It's time to move on.


    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  28. Heroic speech and all, but what does this have to do with the reposting of the Cumquat to the internet? And is that, in your exalted opinion, an act designed to bring Sierra Madre together?

  29. 1L15
    You fail to mention that the "dirts" named themselves with their vile website,
    A website I suspect you sponsored?
    The difference between the Cumquat/Qunt and Downtown Dirt is that their information was fallacious and couldn't be backed up by any facts.
    Sir Eric backs his comments up with proof.
    As for poor Jim Snider, yes, he is dead, so why did DIRT, Arnold Miquel Perez resurrect his website?
    You give yourself away, by your comment on counseling people, 1:15.
    To quote Shakespeare:
    "will someone rid of us of this meddlesome priest"

  30. 1:24 sez: "To quote Shakespeare:
    "will someone rid of us of this meddlesome priest""

    I'm terribly sorry to inform you that it was the King of England, Henry II, that has been ascribed the honor of that, or a very similar, quotation -- Not Shakespeare.

    It [the quote] was directed at Thomas Becket, the Archbisop of Canterbury, who was later assassinated by the King's men.

    Quite an interesting story, actually. Thank you for reminding me.


  31. What does this have to do with the Cumquat being reposted to the internet? And how does this help bring Sierra Madre together? Nice to see that you know how to use Google, but please answer the question. Thanks!

  32. The point of this, of all that I have contributed to this thread, is quite simply that The Cumquat was NOT re-posted, nor did it "re-emerge" as claimed by John Crawford.

    By Mr. Crawford's own admission (see May 3rd @ 7:58 pm) he Goggled it. What did he find? An archived page. I will guarantee that if I Google Mein Kampf I will no doubt find a plethora of pages. Would that mean that the Nazi Party has "re-emerged" in Sierra Madre?

    This was a non story. Simply a resurrection of an old familiar bogeyman that always draws the ire of his [Crawford's] faithful.

    Using Google is obviously not a talent exclusive to me, now is it?

    Perhaps by allowing Jim Snider and his creation, The Cumquat, their rightful peace we can grow beyond the hateful words.

    Does that answer your question?


  33. Cheers!,
    Here's a little name calling for you - Go troll someplace else.
    The primary Downtown Investor Club method for mixin' it up has always been to do something rotten, get a reaction, and then criticize the reaction as though it were the cause. It is a kind of reverse mud slinging. Anyone know the formal description for that aspect of shenanigans?

  34. Denial, I guess. Doesn't matter. Hopefully this will be the last time The Cumquat will rise to the surface.

  35. Comparing Mein Kampf to The Cumquat is more appropriate than 2:52 might understand. And while they are both available on the internet, Mein Kampf's site isn't pulled down quite so often.

  36. 3:11,
    Denial, though omnipresent in all of us to be sure, isn't it - it's more of a twist. It's more devious, like doing something bad and then accusing someone else of doing it. The Downtown Investors Club has been doing it for years.

  37. It's called the "Luciferic Inversion"
    Turn truth into falsehood.
    "we DIC's aren't greedy, Sir Eric is".

    "we DICs and DIRTS didn't take $700K+ "donantions" from Bart Doyle's BIA and Judy Webb Martin's CAR, SMRRD did"

    LUCIFERIC INVERSION, that's what I call it.

  38. You know, the Cumquat started out as very funny and the articles were about topics such as cats and dogs. I knew Jim Snider and he was actually a sweet funny guy if not a bit weird. He was creative and had alot to offer. Sadly, his alcoholism got to him. To those of you who have never witnessed the decline and eventual death of someone close to you as a result of alcohol then I suggest you talk to someone who has. An alcoholic's personality is destroyed and their ability to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior is gone. The lucky ones get sober and after a very long time put their life back on track, the others, well they just die. Jim wrote all of the Cumquat himself, and was inspired by conversation he heard on the street. Stop disparaging people who suffer.

  39. So why do people keep putting the Cumquat back on the internet? If this is nothing more than what you say it is, why does it keep showing up on the net over and over again? Jim disparaged an awful lot of decent people, and sometimes in the most horrible ways possible. Nothing can excuse that. What kind of person would keep posting such terrible things?

  40. Jim Snider did not write those articles.
    The dirts who used him wrote them.
    They are the same people who would attempt to ressurect that vile material.
    The entire episode was an attempt by the promoters of downtowndirt to slander and defame, Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts, Kavin and Katina Dunn, Fay Angus, the Clines and others who opposed the DSP.
    Simple as that 5:48, and if you believe otherwise, you are naive or worse.
    I hope you're just naive. The people who wrote those articles weren't naive. I hold them responsible for what happened to that man, Jim.
    I do.

  41. Sierra Madre business ownerMay 4, 2009 at 7:00 PM

    This is a great example of the modus operandi of the Downtown Investors Club. Mr. Snider, rest in peace, made vicious and disgusting attacks on people, the then-mayor Buchanan supported him, the Downtown Investors Club complimented him, featuring him in city event photos, and the people who were attacked are criticized as being "mean" for calling out the attacks. I don't know if it's 'satanic', but inversion sure applies.

  42. 6:05 pm -- You are sadly misinformed. May I ask, did you know Jim personally? Did you ever even speak to him?

    No one used Jim. He was his own man and he was solely responsible for the content of The Cumquat.

    Jim was persona non grata in this town despite having briefly served as a volunteer in our Fire Department. He would walk into town every afternoon and sit in Kersting Court doodling. Passers-by seldom took notice of Jim. He just sort of blended into his surroundings.

    It was during that invisible period that I befriended him.

    Then he launched The Cumquat and suddenly people started noticing who Jim Snider was. Initially, as another Anonymous poster so eloquently stated, Jim's Cumquat was funny -- satirical humor.

    Soon funny gave way to cruel and hurtful comments. I spoke to Jim on more than one occasion about the tone his blog had taken. He would just shrug his shoulders.

    I also spoke to Jim about his drinking shortly before he retreated into his apartment one last time to die a sad-needless and lonely death.

    Jim was basically a good guy who found himself at the epicenter of a political controversy and he capitalized on that controversy in a way that seemed to garner him the most attention.

    No one was exploiting Jim! Jim, in his way, was exploiting the incivility and hatred that swirled around that whole Measure V controversy. He was there to add fuel to an already unnecessary fire.

    I guess it's easy to lie about the dead -- they can't call you on your lies. However, in this case there are just too many people who really know the truth about Jim and his Cumquat to allow your misstatements of truth to go unchallenged.



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