Thursday, May 7, 2009

Larry Wilson Checks Out Some Sierra Madre Stroller Moms

A good friend sent me an e-mail this evening that I thought I should share. I couldn't have imagined a better introduction to this post.

"Did you know that in the official City issued 3 ring binder with all the rules and regulations for council members, commissioners, etc, there is something of particular relevance to last week's Mayor selection? Under Tab #2 is 'Riggins Rules.' As you know, they are the suggested do's and don'ts for the conduct of public hearings and the deportment of boards, commissions, and other bodies. The concluding one, #39, says the following: 'Don't select a chairman on a seniority basis alone and don't pass an office along from member to member as a reward and honor.'"

Riggins Rules, of course, being a tradition for City Councils and similar organizations all over America. I wonder if Joe Mosca ever read them when he got his official Sierra Madre 3 ring binder? He being a fellow most mindful of tradition ...

So anyway, the young ladies of Sierra Madre apparently have an admirer. And it is a gentleman of some importance in the local journalism world, one most noted for the carte blanche contributor rights he enjoys at the Pasadena Star News. And Larry Wilson apparently likes spending his idle hours here in beautiful downtown Sierra Madre. And what does he do while he's kicking back and taking in the sights? Apparently he does a lot of watching. This from his "Sticking to their story column" printed in yesterday's PSN:

"... I did think it a bit odd the other morning not to hear a greeting called out as two stroller-pushing moms approached each other, one heading downhill on the Baldwin Avenue sidewalk, the other up towards the mountains. And both pushing wide-body jobs holding identical twins! Clearly there was not going to be enough room for both to pass. One would have to pull over. it was the downhill mom, with the boys, who did so. I watched, expecting smiles and chitchat as the mom heading north with the cute little girls of almost exactly the same age passed by. Nothing! Not a word exchanged, nor a smile, not a lamentation about double-diapering nor a bit of encouragement about the day to come."

Obviously Larry is a guy with a lot of time on his hands. But since it does look like he is inexorably taking us towards a point, maybe we should hurry and get to it?

"Weird. I could only imagine three things: That they're moms who are too simply familiar with each other; that they are old enemies, pre-twins; that both are congenitally shy."

Kind of disappointing. Now I wasn't there to witness this event, so this is guesswork on my part. But there are a couple of conclusions that seem far more likely than what Larry speaks of here. The first is that Mr. Wilson might never have raised any children of his own. As anyone who has will tell you, there is nothing more stressful than spending most of your waking hours alone with a demanding, bawling infant. And twins? Phoo! That will certainly harsh your mellow and make you forget your manners. If Larry did have kids, he certainly never listened to his wife when he rolled home from work.

But there is another possible conclusion. Perhaps both of these young women were aware that they were being this closely watched, it made them feel uncomfortable, and both wanted to get on their way just as quickly as they could? Sierra Madre is not without crime, and who could be more vulnerable than young women alone with twins? Of course, it is also possible that they were nannies. We do have them here.

So did you know that the intent of Larry's column (which is called "Public Editor" on the internet, an obviously too liberal borrowing from Wm. S. Burroughs' "Public Eye"), was to gripe about Joe Mosca being passed over for the Mayor's job? Really bringing up the end of the parade with that one, isn't he? Well, somebody has to follow the elephant. 

And somehow this little anecdote about stressed out stroller moms was supposed to be related to Joe getting the bum's rush for the second time. You know, that somehow we're just not nice enough to present him with the job he's so patiently waited for? And wouldn't you know it, when Larry finally gets around to dealing, it's the same old crap we saw all last week.

"And once again, a council majority passed over Councilman Joe Mosca for the honorary position of mayor, breaking with age-old tradition that he should rotate into the job by virtue of seniority."

As has been discussed before, there is no "age-old tradition" for picking Mayors here in Sierra Madre. And as far as time served goes, Joe is senior to no one on our City Council. As we all heard 50 or more times last week when this story was new, our City's history is littered with instances of City Council folks being passed over because their policies did not jibe with those of the majority. And isn't that how politics works everywhere? Did Al Gore become President in 2000 because it was his turn? Have we now just seen the first 100 days of the Cheney administration? Of course not. In the adult world those who have the voting power get to pick the people they work with. 

And this bit about the Mayor's job here being merely "honorary" is bunk. Picking the members of the General Plan Commission ain't beanbag, it is the most important job any Mayor does here. And setting City Council agendas is almost as important. Plus the opportunities for bloviation are endless. Mayors in this town have certain powers that are not shared with the other members of our City Council. And if that was not the case, why would Joe want the job so badly? So he can carry a big shiny baton at the Fourth of July parade?

And then Larry cuts loose with a whopper so large Pinocchio himself would not attempt it.

"The council majority decision is not only petty - it's mean, and it's perverse. The supposed logic behind it - that Mosca is somehow less-dedicated to historic preservation in the essentially one-issue city than the other council worthies - is nonsense."

The issues involved here have precious little to do with "historic preservation." Larry's sources should have hipped him to that one before he attempted to write his column. Of course, blunders as bad as this are what happens when journalists write about events that they did not attend, or things they know absolutely nothing about.

The issue that Larry was groping for here is high-density overdevelopment. You know, that thing that turned Pasadena into the sad mess it is today? Which is perhaps why Larry now hangs out in Sierra Madre. And Joe, who ran as a slow growth preservationist candidate, went on to advocate and vote for things that were the exact antithesis to everything he had promised his supporters. Those being:

1) Reneging on his promise to support a city-wide vote on the Downtown Specific Plan.
2) Not only joining SCAG, the pro-development uber-bureaucracy that is the bane of every small town attempting to preserve its traditional way of life here, but also becoming a member of the committee that assigned RHNA numbers that, should they become City policy, could enable cramming into Sierra Madre a wave of unwanted development.
3) Politically aligning himself with pro-development proponents, many of whom stand to make large sums of cash should Joe prevail in his betrayal of those who helped him get elected. You do know that in the end it's always about money, right?

And would it be a Larry Wilson column without at least a little bit of smarmy condescension?

"There's something in the council dynamic, as in the stroller moms' dynamic, that is strictly something the rest of us will never understand."

Two answers to that one. First, leave our stroller moms alone, Larry. Some of them are actually pretty tough and could kick your pale fanny from here to Azusa. And secondly, if you don't understand something, what in God's name are you doing writing a column about it? You owe it to your readers to actually know something first. 


  1. This is called Spin. It's clear that a little birdie whispered something in Larry's ear that had nothing to do with reality but was an effort at creating another reality. And either Larry doesn't know better or he does. If he doesn't know any better, then he's lame for perpetuating the spin. If he does know better, he's lame for perpetuating the spin. In other words, he's lame

    Another possible reason for the two women not speaking to each other is because one is for high density development in the downtown and elsewhere and the other does not. This issue has split the town based on all manner of unfounded assertions that have nothing to do with the betterment of the town but have everything to do with the betterment of the pocketbooks of a few people--many of them who will pack their bags with cash and never be seen again. Good riddance, but too late. If one were for development and the other not, that would explain completely why they have nothing to say to each other.

    Larry witnessed something symbolic whether it was intended to be or not and he didn't seem to realize. Which shows what he knows about Sierra Madre.

    Get some new advisors, Larry. The people you're listening to are spin doctors who can't sell their own special brand of voo doo.

  2. Yet another smarmy Larry Wilson column, always polishing his "nice guy" fabricated identity,

    while sticking the knife in, sideways.

    I notice he hangs out Sierra Madre often, trying to "mark out new turf" no doubt,

    Hah!! he does not know that "smarm" is not tolerated there!

  3. So Larry thinks the big issue splitting Sierra Madre is
    historical preservation? Yeah, that old blacksmith shop
    and carriage turnaround has driven this place to the
    brink of civil war.

    What a knucklehead.

  4. It's sad because the editors of most other newspapers would have used the occasion of the City Council reorganization to write an editorial focusing on the significant accomplishments of the outgoing Mayor. In former Mayor Zimmerman's case, they include balancing the budget, completing financial audits, recovering grant money ($3 million plus)to defray most of the fire fighting costs, restoring transparency in government, rebuilding the reservoirs, completing an emergency operations center, etc., etc., etc. And, it's sad because the editors of most other newspapers would have used the occasion of the reorganization to profile the new Mayor, MaryAnn MacGillivray, and after interviewing her, comment on her plans for the future. Of course, Larry Wilson, the editor of the Pasadena Star News did neither; instead, he chose to write about why he thought it was so unfair that Council Member Mosca -- a man who broke the campaign promise that ensured he would be elected and was so unpopular as to have been the target of a recall campaign -- was passed over for Mayor. But it's really sad when, as Sir Eric describes, that same editor distorts the truth about Mosca's postions on development (Larry, here's a hint: everyone in Sierra Madre including the realtors and commercial property owners that support him know that Joe Mosca is not a preservationist). Larry Wilson is the reason I stopped subscribing to the Pasadena Star News.

  5. Thank you for exposing yet another "yellow jounalism" story, Sir Eric.
    Thank you posters Mama Clem,Virginia Hoge,Curly and Anon. at 7:17. You totally nailed it!

  6. This pretty much fillets the nasty beast known as Larry Wilson. You can only imagine the phone calls he got begging him to write this sad mess. And in the typically arrogant fashion of the man, he didn't even bother to get his facts straight. It's only Sierra Madre, so who cares. The senility of the Pasadena Star News has never been more evident than it is now. If its editor has standards as low as the ones he exhibited in this column, its no wonder the influence and prospects of the paper have fallen as low as they have.

  7. Trying to paint Sierra Madre "stroller Moms" as unfriendly or uninterested is comical at best narrow minded at worst.

    To think that Joe Mosca was passed over "tradition" just further solidifies the fact he is has not done is homework.

    Larry, Sierra Madre is full of very passionate folks...come talk to us...we have a lot to say. We care about our city and it's future. Seeing you seem to spend a fair amount of time taking in the sights at the bean...the least you could do is talk to your table neighbor.

  8. First the smokers went after stroller moms, and now Larry
    Wilson? What is it about moms with kids that drives some
    people to say such crazy things?

  9. Stoller moms are nice and attractive young women.
    Just as well some of these creepy out of town lurkers and loiterers like Larry Wilson and the "smoker protestors" don't talk to them or their children, imho.

  10. For those of you who don't know this already, the late Fred Riggings was on the Phoenix Arizona Planning Commission. His rules are considered the bible of government body deportment. The Riggins Rule that Sir Eric cites to is #39. It has another part which I wanted to bring to your attention. That part of the Rule provides that a government body should NOT appoint somebody to a senior leadership position merely because that person is "nice" and "hardworking." Hmmmm.... didn't Mosca's supporters tell us he should become Mayor primarily because he was so "nice" and so "hardworking."

  11. Too bad we didn't have the Riggins Rules at the City Council meeting last Tuesday. Whatever thin claim to legitimacy the Downtown Investment Club had then would have vanished into thin air.

  12. hmmmm, why HAS Larry Wilson been hanging out lately in Sierra Madre??

    I saw him mention being in, a few times, Bean Town.

    what does he want from there?

    that is the question you need to ask yourselves.

  13. He's there to "lurk" at Stroller Moms and visit with dirts.

  14. I'm not sure Larry is here with indecent intent. Honestly I suspect he just made the stroller mom story up because he needed to fill his column. Obviously he couldn't just whine about Joe being treated unfairly. That had already been done. He needed to tell a story.Dumb? Sure. But stalker? Not there with you on that one.

  15. Okay, George, that's possible.
    But.....he sure is there to visit with dirts, maybe get fallacious scoops from Glenn Lambdin or John Buchanan or Carol Canterbury? LOL

  16. Without a doubt. He's been a dutiful messenger biy for that lot for years. Just another cog in the war on small suburban cities like ours.

  17. I think all of your answers aply to you also john

  18. The Wilson "stroller moms" observation was simply Wilson attempting to portray Sierra Madre as a divided town where neighbors are effectively nasty to each other. Is it true, I suspect not....but is it good for Wilson and the paper, probably. He stirs the pot and creates a reaction and thus people following his column.
    The best thing you can do is simply ignore Wilson, don't buy the paper, don't follow the articles on the web and MOST importantly DON'T advertise in the paper. Get your friends to boycott advertising in the paper especially those that might be in the real estate business.....that is the single largest source of revenue for the paper.
    Wilson is simply meaningless so treat him as such.

  19. Wilson is hardly "meaningless".

    He lords over the Media of the San Gabriel Valley and very much wants to keep it that way.

    (thats why hes hanging out at Beantown, can you imagine how threatened he must be by Sir Eric and the Tattler??)

  20. Not being friendly when walking down the street is a serious menace to our society. But there is an equally dire threat coming from its opposite extreme. Please view the attached video and see if you don't agree. Thankfully there is now a cure.

    Too Happy

  21. "he lords over the Media of the San Gabriel Valley and very much wants to keep it that way." - ok, so why let him?
    Wilson is only meaningful if you enpower him to be, if he is ignored but more importantly revenue goes down and it can be attributed to his "opinions", well I suspect he will be the lord of nothing other than his own home.

  22. I agree with gilman.
    I've been telling my friends to not buy that paper. It's very rare Larry allows anything to be printed that is the truth about our politics here in Sierra Madre. He's a friend of Bart Doyle and the dirts.
    Let's not empower him.

  23. 11:13, that cracked me up. Thanks for posting the video!

  24. I think boycotting a community newspaper because of a person's opinion in their column/article... is like the expression -- "throwing out the baby with the bath water". A newspaper(site) serves a lot of other purposes/areas... boycotting is an affective tool, but one needs to pick their battles. Thank you Eric. I appreciated this very insightful blog. Please keep up your good work.

  25. Usually that paper is just so full of nothing it is easy to boycott. The only time anybody seems to care about it is on those rare occasions when they actually cover something about Sierra Madre. And then usually its nothing complimentary.

  26. Just a thought here....when did the Star News become a community newspaper for Sierra Madre? I think never may be accurate.
    The paper is simply a business and if such a business provides no valuable service to the area, well then why use it or give your patronage to it?
    I suspect something along a boycott might get the folks in town some coverage of the issues that actually effect their lifes.

  27. How did Larry Wilson know the "Stroller Moms" didn't speak to each other? They may have smiled or nodded.
    I'm sure he was watching their butts!
    You're a nerd, Larry Wilson. Stay in Pasadena.

  28. It would sure be nice if people would just post thier comments without being rude or insulting

  29. You mean like Larry Wilson calling our City Council leaders "petty, perverse, and mean?"

    Yeah, that would be really crappy.

  30. On his "Public Eye" blog Larry Wilson describes his self-appointed mission this way ... "My focus is on our culture, our cities, our people, our politicians, and THE QUALITY OF MEDIA COVERAGE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA."

    Kind of like having the garbage man write food reviews, y'know?

  31. What I find most frustrating is the willful denial of the "It's Tradition" Downtown Investing Joe Supporters. It obviously makes no difference how often or by whom they are told that in fact, actual historical fact, it is NOT TRADITION. And is it too inconvenient for Mr. Wilson to listen to fact?

    And what kind of idiotic observation is that about the young mothers attitude towards each other? He was expecting what? He'd sit on his ass and watch euphoric village people communing?

  32. Plain and simple Larry Wilson is dangerous because he prints lies and many people read his paper and BELIEVE HIM, because they do not know any better. He not only lies about our town but about what is happening in Pasadena and the rest of the SGV. I have friends who work for PUSD, and you know he puts a SPIN on education so he gets his bread buttered by that board to get whatever he wants from whoever is the Sup of the moment (and you know they have had their problems). He covers the politico of Pasadena from the angle he sees fit and spins the police stories and City Hall with the same journalistic style he does for Sierra Madre. He will forever be the Big Boss who believes he is a journalist but it does not take much common sense, sophistication or savvy to see through his tasteless, desperate, pathetic tabloid shock-jock writing that he can only hold the attention of those who are not willing to look deeply into any issue.

  33. You know what I really am thankful for?
    Sir Eric's columns and these activist posters who can back up anything they say with the facts, either written or on video tape or in the case of the Henderson case, the actual court papers, proving her a fraud and a cheat.
    Old newspaper articles.
    We have many old time residents who have a vast library of records.
    Unlike the hideous downtowndirt websites, and the vile Cumquat and Qunt, Susan Henderson's fallacious fact sheet, that comes out every 8 to 12 days, (sometimes), and Bill Coburn's misleading yellow journalism,
    the Sierra Madre Tattler tells the people the truth.
    Like our past wonderful Mayor Zimmerman, Sir Eric, doesn't promise us peace, joy, serenity, dance around the maypole bs. He promises to tell you the facts!
    Thank you Sir Eric.

  34. Only an arrogant man could be as careless with the facts as Mr. Wilson. He just doesn't believe that anyone can or will challenge him. The PSN hasn't had circulation above 30,000 since 2004, but still this little fellow thinks his voice is just about the only one that matters. So let me ask you this. How many people in this area do you think get their information from the internet? Certainly a lot more than the current PSN circulation number of 27,900. Perhaps Larry thinks that silence is the sound of everyone agreeing with him. Personally I think that what he is hearing, or not hearing, is the sound of nobody caring. The world has gone elsewhere.

  35. Larry Wilson is a "dirt", and I believe you do not overlook someone like this,

    you keep an eye on them, but you've got the BEST "eye" in the San Gabriel Valley right here anyway,

    Sir Eric Maundry

  36. Comment left by Carol Canterbury on PSN site beneath ... Larry's column: "Boy, you hit a nerve with (Sir Eric)! I don't know if you read his blog (and I use the term loosely) but they are just ragging on you."

    (Translation: Please please please say something about this, Larry!)

    Carol continues: "Anywho, thank you for all your words that you write everyday!"

    (No sucking up there!)

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Sorry spunky, but you need to go click on the troll head (to the right and up, you can't miss it) and review some of the important material he has there for you. After you've gone through it and feel you are ready, do come back and try again. Thanks!

  39. Snarky Larry is that big a deal for the
    Realty ladies? Well, he is prettier.

  40. Carol Canterbury?
    To quote her and her pals who sit out in the foray during city council meetings and laugh at speakers.....we say to you Carol......


  41. I heard a lot of cackling out there. I thought somebody was feeding sneaky pete to the chickens again.

  42. i haven't read the thoughts, odd or not, in these many comments. i'll try to find the time to later -- it looks like a lot of fun to do so. but i did scan mr. tattler's post, and ... well, it is very odd indeed. but with such an otherwise insightful and beautifully designed blog site, he gets a pass. sierra madre is lucky to have such a concerned citizen and all that. so the only oddness about me i'll address is: "one most noted for his carte blance contributors rights at the pasadena star news." how to say this without sounding defensive? how about: it's just my job! i get to do it full time! it's like saying of an insurance executive, "noted for his carte blanche freedom to oversee the writing of local homeowners' policies." it's what he does. it's been my full-time job for 23 years next month, nine as editorial page editor; then 13 as editor; now for over a year as public editor of our newspaper group. the star-news has been covering sierra madre for 123 years -- from before there was an incorporated sierra madre. so there's not much odd about me continuing the covering tradition. i used to oversee news; now i oversee opinion. so opinion's what you get, three times a week in my columns, seven days a week on our editorial page in the unsigned editorials. see y'all at beantown, larry

  43. Hmm. Nothing about incorrectly identifying the big issue here as "historic preservation," Larry?

    That laughter you hear echoing through the hills has nothing to do with coyotes, you know.

  44. Sierra Madre business ownerMay 8, 2009 at 5:04 PM

    Mr. Wilson has time to focus on one turn of phrase from Sir Eric, give us a run-down of his career, but does not have time to read the comments posted by the citizens of the town he seems to enjoy? Hey, that's the kind of denial that would make him a good member of the Downtown Investors Club, and a staunch supporter for Mosca and Buchanan.

  45. Business owner - could we descibe that as being not only petty, but mean and perverse as well?

  46. oh -- thanks. that's easy. in built-out cities such as we live in, being for historic preservation of the good stuff, and the good stuff is mostly what sierra madre is blessed with, is being against over-development, ipso facto. i believe joe mosca if for preservation and is against inappropriate development. larry

  47. If you think Mosca is a preservationist or a slow growth advocate, you are using doublethink to get there. It also shows that you haven't been paying attention to Joe's votes, and you missed his reversal of his campaign promise. You could take a look at the youtube postings if you want to be educated about Mosca's actions.

  48. I see Larry isn't fond of admitting to his screw ups. Of course, if he thinks that Joe "RHNA Numbers" Mosca is
    against "inappropriate development" (which I guess would mean he doesn't want to build a nuclear power plant here, but then again, who knows?) you can pretty much talk yourself into anything.

  49. My dad taught me when I was a kid that
    the thing most people don't know about
    rattlesnakes is that they move sideways
    very fast.

  50. This is how people like Mr. Mosca succeed; they look right. To someone who doesn't listen or observe, as long as a politician plays sincere, they're taken at face value. Check out the great comment Sir Eric has posted in the Tattler Commentary - that writer got an accurate read on Mosca. Larry Wilson is falling for the appearance of things. Wouldn't it be funny if he was entirely wrong about the stroller moms too?

  51. Hey, larry,
    better get over to Beantown....just drove by there, lots of cute little stroller moms walking around.

  52. Larry Wilson, Joe Mosca is not a preservationist. He is not for slow growth. He is not for keeping the village the way you say you like it. Instead of going to Beantown, spend some time in our library and take a look at a document called the Environmental Impact Report for the Downtown Specific Plan. Then review Joe Mosca's speeches and votes pertaining to that document and the Downtown Specific Plan itself. If you accomplish that research, you will understand the anger and frustration you have caused by promoting a development lackey as a preservationist.

  53. Larry.....did you post that awful post our moderators had to delete?
    Or was it another sicko dirt posting?
    Guess what Larry, people in this town for the most part don't think very highly of Joe all. Just read what they say.
    You should have went around to people's doors that signed the Mosca recall.
    I personally got over 50 signatures on Vista Circle Dr. in the canyon. Those folks up there don't like old Joe. Why......simple......he lied to them. Took money from people. Accepted their volunteer work, promised to stop the DSP, and then betrayed them.
    "Why don't they like Joe" BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR AND A PAWN of your buddy BART DOYLE and the rest of the hard core DIRTS.
    GET OVER IT, LARRY......WE DON'T LIKE JOE and I'm beginning to not like you either.

  54. Larry Wilson?
    Are you sure you're not Baghdad Bob?

  55. Larry Wilson is as irrelevant to Sierra Madre as Bill Coburn and Susan Hendersen.

    They each share the same small clique of "readers" in Sierra Madre of 100 or so Dirts. The Pasadena Star News never had much of a subscription base in Sierra Madre, and never will.

    Mr. Wilson's audience lives outside of Sierra Madre. That audience, by the way, is comprised of the same people that would love to exploit Sierra Madre for every last penny.

    I think it is a shame that so much time and effort is being wasted on Mr. Wilson, and I am certain that he is getting a lot of satisfaction from the free publicity and promotion you are all giving him and his B.I.A. backed bird cage liner.

    Let us PLEASE, move on to more relevant and important matters.

  56. Sweeping out the dirt.May 8, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    I think there is a good chance that the Larry Wilson posted on here is really not the Mr. Wilson in the SN rag. Without proof of ID of a poster who really knows. One thing is for sure, when you know the facts and you read them on here you feel refreshed that some people are posting the truth and have the strength to put their name on it. I don't have the strength to put my name on here but respect those that do.

  57. Hey Larry & the dirts: Let's have a parade for your 23rd anniversary & just like in the fairy tale of the king who believed his dressers...just show up in "No clothes" & parade down the Sierra Madre BLvd. Sorta like exposing ypurself publicly & then you won't have to anymore, therby gaining yourself some real time to research & print real news to benefit the readers of SGV. Something that you & all of us need is the good that is being done in this world & leave the stroller moms to the thing that their doing best..taking care of their kids & raising brilliant kids to eventually be great leaders & thinkers. Happy Mother's Day Moms!!!!!

  58. Day @ 5:41 - Larry do some research? Not likely. Research could actually lead to knowing something. Larry, on the other hand, is into believing. As in "I believe joe mosca if (sic) for preservation and is against inappropriate development." You see, believing is so much easier than actually doing the spade work necessary to get into the real meat of an issue. He'd rather just pull something out of his a** and then go hang out at a coffee shop.

  59. Damn. They removed the comments under Larry's column on the PSN website. Now that's just not right. There was two of them there just a couple of hours ago, and now they've vanished! Somebody call the UN.

  60. Larry, would you oblige us and explain why you think Joe Mosca is a preservationist? I'm not asking for your opinion, but the facts that "inform" your opinion. I enjoy reading your editorials and frequently find them insightful. Your characterization of Mosca as a preservationist, however, is just plain bizarre.

  61. I hope we get a part 2 on this. Anybody think Wilson will reply in his paper? This is mighty fine reading!

  62. Bad Karma,

    "...mighty fine reading" for people that have nothing better to do with their lives.

    This subject is great, if one is trying to keep people distracted from what is really going on.

  63. Preacher at 1:34, give it a rest!

  64. I posted at 9:18 p.m. yesterday. I'm still waiting for the "facts" Larry W. relied on in reaching his conclusion that Joe Mosca is for preservation. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in Mosca's record as a Council Member that supports that characterization.

  65. Anonymous @ 1:34 - What topics would you like to see discussed? I've covered 147 since last December. Maybe what you're looking for is in there?

  66. lw: "it's been my full-time job for 23 years next month"

    thats 23 years too long!!

    lw: "now i oversee opinion"

    that explains a lot.

    (lower-case lettering is so gauche)

  67. Bip: "They removed the comments under Larry's column on the PSN website."

    Why?? I had a comment removed from Topix on a Star News article yesterday,

    what is going on at the PSN pray tell?

    not Censorship I hope! (and Larry in charge of Opinion)

  68. most interesting

  69. Still waiting for Larry to tell me why he believes Joe Mosca is a preservationist. Guess I'll be waiting forever.

  70. Still, still, still waiting for Larry to tell me why he thinks Joe Mosca is a preservationist.