Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Is Susan Henderson So Spitting Mad Over A ... City Hall Audit?

Now you'd think by reading the new issue of the Loony Views News that some kind of heinous crime had been committed. Was it Grand Theft Auto? Horse Thievery? Dog Napping? Or even running off with somebody's newspaper? No, apparently what sent Susan Henderson to the very edge of a full-blown case of the bananas was --- (are you ready?) ---- Kurt Zimmerman proposing that the City conduct a (gasp!) forensic audit!

I know, this is a family blog and I shouldn't be talking about things like that here. But hey, who's perfect? Certainly not me. Maybe I should bring in a rating system for articles such as this one. I guess we'll just have to rate this one "F" for Forensic.

Of course, the reason for a forensic audit as opposed to the more commonplace bookkeeping variety is that it is just a bit more aggressive in its methods. You know, these guys really dig in. Like let's say a City hadn't done it's audits in 4 years, incurred $25,000 in Sacramento fines because of it, and then when it finally did complete them discovered it actually had a million dollars more than they even knew? And let's say that City had gone and cajoled its beloved taxpayers into approving a utilities tax hike based on numbers that later turned out to be more than that million bucks off? You know, those kinds of shenanigans? A forensic auditor will tear into something like that with, to use the Apocalypse Now terminology, extreme prejudice.

The way this woman is carrying on you'd think that somebody (or somebodies) of close personal interest to her had something at stake here. And can it be that an aggressive audit might possibly be seen as a threat in her bubblicious social circle? I just don't know the answer to that. The overreaction seems kind of odd to me.

But, of course, there is a reality-based explanation for having a forensic audit conducted. It would be done to reassure the voters they were correct when they voted themselves a 100%+ Utility Users' Tax hike in 2008. And that the City is not just trying to keep their money without properly explaining what is, let's face it, a public relations nightmare. I mean, how many times do you hear about small cities such as ours misplacing a million bucks? Maybe never? The trust of the taxpayers is an important thing, and problems such as this one cannot simply be swept under the rug just because it might make somebody uncomfortable. These are a serious matters and must be treated that way.

Speaking of a possible case of head implosion, did you read Susan's editorial, "91024?" Hoo boy, I wonder who had to clean up after that one. And if they got paid once they finished the mopping. Check out this truly bizarre fit of rage:

"The other face, the face that a few hate mongering, angry people put forth, has brought our town nothing but shame and ridicule. They would have the world believe that Sierra Madre is a city that doesn't understand the electoral process or civility. Their behavior would lead you to believe that Sierra Madre is intolerant and has absolutely no respect for another persons' opinions or rights. That is not Sierra Madre, that is the pitiful world that these angry individuals live in. They don't represent Sierra Madre, they represent their personal agendas of fear and intimidation."

So what is she describing here? A wave of barbarian invaders sweeping down Baldwin and refusing to tip the waitresses at Lucky Baldwin's Delerium? Butter crescent muffin thieves at the Wildflower? Spoon snatchers at Ugo's? Noisy kids?

Nope. Apparently these supposedly very angry people that Susan Henderson is very angry about are those who supported MaryAnn MacGillivray for Mayor over her special buddy, that poor misunderstood Joe Mosca.

And just to prove there is no edge that Susan is unwilling to go over, she takes her spittle-flecked choler a step further:

"What was most disconcerting is that the voices of most of the speakers - speakers who work hard to make Sierra Madre a better place to live by volunteering and serving the community, was totally ignored by the council in favor of speakers who give the city absolutely nothing."

Now, of course, what Susan again is talking about are those people who supported MaryAnn over poor misunderstood Joe Mosca. But isn't this is just plain ignorance on Susan's part? To say that people like Caroline Brown (Mountain Conservancy, FSC), Lee and Barbara Cline (everything imaginable), the new Commissioners who also supported MaryAnn, and, of course, Fay Angus, our Citizens' Concerns Articulation Commissioner, do nothing for this City is just crazy talk.

On their behalf I'd ask Susan for an apology here, but I suspect she is a little bit too angry to give one right now. And there is always the possibility that in Ms. Henderson's "leading citizens" social set they don't really understand there is more to serving the community than just purchasing wine by the glass at benefit socials.

See you at the meeting tonight!


  1. Wonderful article Sir Eric,we all own you so much.We do need the services of real professionals to uncover this ongoing,never ending mess.Maybe they will find another Million lying about in a bottom drawer or shoe box.Could we also consider a plan to out source our accounting and budget departments to maybe India?

  2. Maybe Susans mad because the lighting in the city council meetings made her look so bad as she was spreading her lies to the city of Sierra Madre and the world via CH3 SMTV, feel free to watch the replays over and over forever on youtube. I'd like to think she'e my biggest fan.

  3. It is rare that you see such unfiltered rage in print these days. Most people, particularly the publishers of newspapers, fear making themselves looking ridiculous in print and stay away from such invective. But not Susan!

  4. Thanks for replying to that "hideous" rant in that paper by Henderson, Sir Eric.
    How dare Susan Henderson refer to people like Caroline Brown, Lee and Barbara Cline, Fay Angus and other citizens who spoke as "doing nothing for the community"! How DARE HER!!!!!
    These people have NO financial gain, unlike certain speakers for Joe Mosca. NO FINANCIAL GAIN.
    While we are speaking of financial and/or political gain, let's mention the fact that:
    Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray have NO FINANCIAL/POLITICAL GAIN.
    Former Mayor Kurt Zimmerman and our Mayor ProTem Don Watts, spent THEIR OWN MONEY to help us FIGHT FOR THE PASSAGE OF MEASURE V. Their only reward was in spite of all odds (180K in BIA AND CAR money to fight them) was the support of the majority of the voters who backed their valiant fight. They won because their courage and commitment to the truth prevailed!
    Both Zimmerman and Watts were hideously abused by prominent DIRTS, Beth Buck and Glenn Lambdin who threw law suits, bogus law suits at them.
    Kurt and Don are strong men, but it's a wonder they held up under what they had to endure. Thankfully, they did.
    I remember an "article" on the vile website of the dirts, Cumquat. I read it in horror one morning and called Kurt's father and asked him to "please don't let Kurt's mother see this".
    I can only imagine the pain and disgust that Don Watts family endured if they saw that website when they hideously attacked Don. His wife , his daughters. I can only hope they didn't see these filthy lies, vile computer generated pictures.
    Let's also mention Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray, who had ZERO financial gain and ZERO political gain, just a love for her town and the people in her town. Let's also mention MaryAnn and her family spent several thousand dollars on attorney fees to ensure MaryAnn getting to vote on hillside issues, when some of us offered to help pay, Duncan MacGillivray just replied, "no, that's okay, it was well worth it to MaryAnn and I". MaryAnn had promised in her campaign platform to support hillside preservation as well as downtown preservation.
    Since the Cumquat, Qunt and Downtowndirt.com had been shut down, MaryAnn and her family were spared the pain the Zimmerman and Watts family endured, via the Cumquat. However, Harriet Susan Henderson picked up for the Cumquat, by printing lies about MaryAnn in her "paper" A MONTH BEFORE MARYANN EVEN FILED TO RUN FOR COUNCIL!!!!!!!! After she was a candidate, there were constant lies and slander both to MacGillivray and to our city clerk, Nancy Shollenberger, who was running against a very well financed campaign of Karma Bell, Bart Doyle's Building Industry EMPLOYEE. Slander in Susan Henderson's "paper".
    MaryAnn and Nancy won anyway. Kurt and Don won anyway.
    Kurt Zimmerman kept his promise. He promised to bring you the TRUTH, no matter what. Thank you Kurt for keeping your promise.
    Don Watts also promised us the TRUTH....Don has kept his promise, thank you Don.
    The DECENT people, the INFORMED people of Sierra Madre are not hateful, they are not angry, they just want truth and transparency in government.
    Susan Henderson and the DIRTS who support her are the angry people. However, they are angry for a reason, they have money to lose by not pushing their agendas through at you, the citizens expense.

    It's your town, it doesn't belong to Bart Doyle and his DIRT followers. It doesn't belong to outside building and real estate interests. And it doesn't belong to Susan Henderson, she is not "entitled".
    It's our homes, OUR HOMES........these are ARE INVESTMENTS. It's our TAX MONEY.
    Please attend and/or watch the City Council meeting tonight. Please show your support and gratitude for the efforts of Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray.
    Please remember, they are supporting YOUR best interest, not the Building Industry Association and the California Realtor's Association, and a handful of DOWNTOWN DIRTS who have investments in propery they want to over build.

  5. Susan must not have liked her YouTube debut.
    Too bad her contempt case can't be put on YouTube for the world to see. Or perhaps it can. Cameras are allowed in court last I heard. Anyone have a digital video camera and some spare time? Lights, action.

    Ain't technology great?

  6. In my humble opinion... Susan doesn't care a twit about the UUT. She cares about rabble rousing against Kurt Zimmerman! If he were for, she'd be against. The DIC's are her vehicle to acceptance in Sierra Madre, she thinks. The fine folks of the Slow Growth movement see her for what she is, an opportunist trying for acceptance in a community that's leery of snake oil salesmen and carpet baggers.

  7. It's nice to see the real Susan Henderson reveal herself. That is one stone cold hater.

  8. Good post 8:28

    Most people in Sierra Madre are decent and honest

    people, who value these qualities.

    Sir Eric is doing a great service to his

    community by exposing those who do not fit these

    qualities for what they are.

    The previously un-informed are becoming aware.

    Awareness is powerful.

  9. Talk about hypocrisy!

    Susan seemed to love those so-called "angry individuals" that "give the City absolutely nothing" when she showed up to SMRRD meetings, pretending to care about the City.

    The "angry individuals" that Hendersen appears to refer to, like Shirley Moore and Carol Parker helped give the City Measure V. A permanent law that protects Sierra Madre's village character, in fact.

    The other speakers Hendersen refers to as "volunteers," such as Kathy Childs, are always the first in line at the public trough, (Yes, I'm comparing them to pigs) looking for free money, variances, C.U.P.s, reduced or eliminated permit fees, trips to Anaheim, meals, booze, shirts, you name it. Basically, they "volunteer" to take our tax dollars. Now that the good people of Sierra Madre are turning off the spigot, these PIGS are the angry ones, in fact.

  10. Great post, 9:57!!!!!!!!!
    Let's not forget all 40+ people who carried petitions from door to door to get Measure V signatures. We got so many, the officials in Norwalk stopped counting them after 1800+
    Less than 5%, if I'm not mistaken were all verified signatures of registered voters, to the credit of the petition carriers.
    We didn't do this out of anger, we did it to save our town! YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oops!
    Made a typo there.
    Less than 5% were not verified as good signatures, not registered, or not residents.
    95% were good, maybe more.

  12. Thanks Old Kentucky,

    I would certainly never forget you and the others that worked tirelessly to gather signatures for Measure V. I was merely pointing out that Shirley Moore and Carol Parker were original members of SMRRD, before the name SMRRD existed, and Susan Hendersen (riding on Katina Dunn's coat tails) was there as well.

    Of course, I also recall seeing Susan Hendersen reconnoitering with Joe Mosca, out of town, during that time, in what they apparently thought were obscure meeting places. Interesting how all the pieces start to fit together. ;-)

  13. "Poor misunderstood Joe Mosca." LOL!!

    Yes, Joe is such a victim. A gold-plated one.

  14. Hey, 10:23, Shirley Moore and Carol Parker are awesome! They helped us elect Kurt and Don (and sadly, Joe)They helped us win Measure V.
    Both Moore and Parker held fundraisers and/ or were very intrumental in the election of Mayor MacGillivray.

  15. The most powerful aspect of SMRRD was and is its anonymity and its ability to remain faceless to the Dirts. They could identify some but not all of the players and never really knew how many SMRRDies there really were. How could so few accomplish so much? And the ones they could identify they tried to crucify! Lest we forget their attempt to defame Carol Parker by sending out the infamous e-mail purporting to be information she was sending to DIRTS! Don't forget the DIC's dirty trick contingent! Remaining anonymous in the face of their tactics is powerful - don't be baited!

  16. 10:44...lol....with all the moles and double-agents in Sierra Madre, one would be naive, if not foolish, to believe that their activities are truly anonymous.

    Some of the dirtiest moles and double-agents are very chummy with Sir Eric. The DIRTS and DICS know what he's doing every minute of every day.

  17. 10:44 you make a good point.
    Some of the people are pretty well known who speak at city council.
    Those of us who carried petitions door to door, some of us to hundreds of homes, also were/are pretty visable.
    But again, you make a valid point.
    Another reason to post anonymous on these blog boards. That said, I admire people who do use their names.
    But I understand the fear and/or strategy of those who remain anon.

  18. 11:04 - Now THAT is funny. I can only wonder what cosmic benefits knowing my every move would garner the Downtown Investors Club.

  19. Downtown Investor Data Bank B4-1BMay 12, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    pssst ... sir eric is buying bread and milk at albertsons ... pass it on the mission control ... repeat, bread AND milk. and grapes. He's buying grapes ... mission control, repeat ... grapes ... yes, purple ones ... no, not seedless ...

  20. 11:36
    I saw him talking to the clerk who checked out his order.

  21. Downtown Investor Data Bank B-4 1-BMay 12, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    yes ... he forgot his albertsons card ...

  22. Sierra Madre is made up of everything -- just like any other place.
    Ever since I moved to Sierra Madre I have heard people say things like "That's not Sierra Madre" or "We don't do that in Sierra Madre."

    I just have to say, once and for all "Yeah it is and yes we do." Sierra Madre isn't just for one kind of people Ms. Henderson.

    So if I live in Sierra Madre, sit on my butt and decide that I don't like Joe Mosca for mayor, I have just as much say as some guy that runs around hacking up trees that no one asked him to touch in the first place or some failed business owner who decides she wants to be in charge of this useless group or that do nothing chamber.
    It's called Democracy -- Look it up.

  23. Bravo/a anonymous butt-sitter. One of the things I enjoy most about our town is that you don't have to be any one way to live here. All kinds of people are here, politically and economically. One of our neighbors lives on about $10,000 a year, and I'm pretty sure that some people live on even less. How about the guy who supposedly lives behind the reservoir? See, it's not all rich developer supporters here. We are really unpretentious, working class/middle class people, and the Dreadful Specific Plan and things like it, were trying to fancy us up.

  24. Most of the folks in Sierra Madre are not "developer supporting types" AnonymousIII.
    Slow growth people like to live here because it's not like Pasadena or Arcadia or Monrovia, etc. We pay too much money for our homes and our rent for homes.
    Regardless of our incomes or what kind of homes we live in, we all have that one thing in common.
    The Dirts and Dics are not the majority in Sierra Madre, not even close.
    Things are changing for the better here in Sierra Madre, thanks to people like you Anonymous III and Anon. at 12:34!
    As Mayor MacGillivray likes to say "the shenanigan years" need to come to a close".

  25. Anon 12:34 ...Democracy look it up....I think YOU should know we live in a Republic,...lok it up.

  26. Any news on Mosca's noontime chat today?

  27. Is there a video of Joe's $11.00 speakeasy meeting of the dark side?

  28. I think Ms. Henderson is really mad about the reposting of her speaking at the city council meeting. It is probably painful to watch yourself make error after error in regards to her legal woes. I'm certain she isn't mad about the audit...it's everything and everyone else she's angry with.

  29. Nice subversive tactic Anon III.

    Suggesting that the DSP was meant to clean up Sierra Madre; you just don't give up! I wonder which Developer's PR firm you work for.

  30. I'd like to see our woefully inept Code Enforcement Officer fired for any of the grossly mismanaged situations she gotten herself into.

  31. 1:41 I've heard that pathetic line too many times. If you like Rush, Sean & Bill so much then stop wasting your (and our) time here.

    A Republic is not a system of government; Democracy is. A Republic is an association of independent states. If we lived in a true Republic, the Federal government would not have so much control over our everyday lives. Decisions on healthcare, education, environment, etc would be made by each individual state.

    If you want to promote the Republican party, find someplace else to do it, please.

    And one more thing. Don't pretend that Republicans are conservative, because that would be terribly false as well.

  32. "We are really unpretentious, working class/middle class people, and the Dreadful Specific Plan and things like it, were trying to fancy us up." I don't think this is a DIRT statement. I think this person is saying the DSP was trying to make downtown into a Disney/Dickens Village -- all false fronts and no substance, like the sausages dressed in white organdy with ribbons that paraded about during the Centennial with Huell Howser.

  33. 4:18

    Lisa Volpe is a tool. She'll do whatever it takes to keep her job, just like every other wonk. If you don't like her personally, that's your right, but. Getting rid of her doesn't eliminate the reason for her existence.

    But, then again, maybe you're a Dirt that would prefer that she take the fall, instead of any or all of the Dirt ex-mayors and/or former administrative staff, like John Gillison or Margie Tucker.

    Or maybe, you're a coworker that thinks it would be easy to save your job by throwing her under the bus.

    Regardless, your suggestion doesn't solve any real problems.

  34. Not buying it 4:24 et al.

  35. 4:24 The last refuge of scoundrels...

  36. I'm giving 4:24 the benefit of the doubt.The original post seems OK to me. Let's play nice, kids..

  37. 4:11 Whoah Nelly - charging off at 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction. Too clever by far. I was not doing a tricky post. You projected a whole lot of negativity on it that wasn't there.

  38. 4:24 got what I said.

  39. The Republic of Sierra Madre! Each house an independent state I suppose. I guess I can do as much butt sitting in a pseudo Republic as I can a pseudo Democracy.

  40. 4:26 4:28 4:29 It was Samuel Johnson who said, over 200 years ago, "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels." This painting every blogger with the DIRT brush is stale.

  41. Only about 28 or so people showed up for the Joe talk today. Judy Webb Martin's office bunch were there. Some ladies from Arcadia. Ann Luke was there for the Loony News. Very boring is the review.

  42. That's the same thing the dirts did when we had the town meeting at Sierra Vista rec center on the DSP.
    It was 80% residents for slow growth, a handful of Downtown Invester's Club pirates, the rest were all realtors, realtors from Arcadia, mostly, but all the Webb Martin bunch were there, several from Pasadena.
    I know I wondered, at my table, "why are there 4 people here who are realtors from Arcadia at a town meeting for Sierra Madre residents"?
    I came to fully understand why.
    The same bunch of Arcadia realtors sent flyers around everywhere in town to all the Sierra Madre realtors to alert them "They are starting to ciculate petitions for 2-30-13, stop them at all costs". I saw one of these "memos".
    Butt out of our town, Arcadia realtors and take your pals from Pasadena with you. It's bad enough we have to put up with the Webb Martin bunch!

  43. I feel the same way about business owners who don't live in town but want all the laws and policies to suit them instead of what is in the residents best interest! You don't own us, buckos!! You barely contribute to supporting the town with your puny sales tax generation. It is about time these business owners felt the wrath of Sierra Madre. I say it is time for a boycott of these buttInSKIISSSS businesses that promote their greed over our town!!!!!!!

  44. I'm with ya 6:38, just give us a list of the businesses we need to boycott and I'll boycott the hell out of 'em!!

  45. my question is what exactly has Susan Henderson done or given to the city?

    she stole a newspaper and spread lies on behalf of some realtors, so that doesn't count

    she calls the city racist, so that doesn't count

    she lied about herself and her resume, so that doesn't count

    she mistates the facts about city finances, so that doesn't count

    i'm perplexed, what exactly has she done

    oh, i guess she was talking about herself

  46. Don't have time to read through all of the comments, so I apologize if this has already been said. We ALL give something to this community, by default: TAXES. Property and, of course, utility taxes, which we recently increased. Just because we don't brown nose down in town and volunteer at events does not mean we do not contribute. We contribute every single day, dollar by dollar. What I'd like to say about this woman you cannot print.