Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Parade Update: Joe Mosca's Green Car

Parade Update: As you may recall, there was some controversy over the choice of Midge Morash as the 4th of July Grand Marshal. Many in town thought it would be better to select our World War II Veterans, and judging by the response they got from the crowd today that would have been a very good choice. 

However, Matt Bosse's 4th of July Committee wanted someone with Green Credentials to serve in this honorary position, and Midge was chosen. Which is fine, she certainly has made some great contributions to the community and deserves to have been honored.

So after all that, what do Joe Mosca and Matt Bosse show up in for the parade? A full blown V8 Pontiac GTO "Judge." A fine automobile to be sure (dig the spoiler!), but about as far from Green as you can get without walking into the radioactive core of a nuclear power plant. 

But if the car was Green Inappropriate, at least the license plate got it right. And honestly, I couldn't have picked a better one if I'd had a week to think about it. "U Guilty." If that doesn't suit this guy perfectly, what does?
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I remember thinking as a kid that my favorite holiday of all was the 4th of July. Christmas was great with presents and the tree and all. Easter meant having to wear uncomfortable clothes, though I did enjoy the chocolate rabbits. Of course, birthdays are a big occasion for kids. Any event where you get that much stuff just for making it though another year is a pretty good deal.

But the 4th of July was different. It was ... relaxed. The parental units acted like us kids, as if the great weight of adulthood had been lifted from them for a moment or two. There was nothing too formal about the day, either. And for kids formal always meant trouble. Like having to sit with your hands folded in your laps listening as your elders spoke to you about the most uninteresting topics imaginable. 

But the 4th of July! Now THAT was a whole different ballgame. There was a military parade, there was the village get-together, and then there was fireworks! And ALL the family would show up. It wasn't just the individual clans parked in their houses awaiting seasonal homage, nothing like that. This was about bar-b-que, aunts and uncles, baseball games, and a million kids running amuck, screaming at the tops of their lungs. And having a world of fun because of it. Fire crackers, water pistols, watermelons, and anything else that seemed like a good idea at the time. For kids it really was all about freedom.

The 4th of July was just always so much more fun. See you at the parade!
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One other thing. In the 4th of July special issue of the Loony Views News (distributed downtown just this morning so that all can appreciative its jovial and sincere brand of journalism), Susan Henderson has this heartwarming anecdote to add the the festivities:

"A year or two ago, an elderly woman (85+) with whom I became acquainted, as editor of this newspaper, angrily confronted me in the most violent and hateful manner, yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs because she did not agree with something I wrote or said ... It was frightening to hear this woman, of Jewish descent I must add ..."

Sad to think that our city's adjudicated newspaper is going down that route

Anyway, Happy 4th of July!

Oh, and in case you can't make it to the fireworks this year, click here


  1. Susan Henderson is a cancer on this town. I am not at all surprised she would think that turning to kind that kind of politics would help her cause.

  2. I'm sure the elderly woman was very well justified in telling Henderson she didn't like her editorials! Very few people do, good for her!
    Happy 4th to you and your family, Sir Eric, and thanks for the Tattler.

  3. The thought of an 85 year old woman giving that crackpot Susan Henderson hell made my day. Happy 4th of July everybody!

  4. Susan Henderson is a racist and a con artist.
    I will cheer the day she leaves our town.
    She really has been a detriment to Sierra Madre.

  5. Bill of Rights?.... Free Speech?
    Ever heard of them Susan?

    Happy 4th.
    See ya at the parade.

  6. Susan Henderson got chewed out by an 85 year old woman
    2 years ago, and she saved this earth shaking news for the
    4th of July, 2009?

    Mmm, been stewing about this one for a while, Susan?

  7. Gosh, I sure wish we would have known about this wonderful old lady who told off Harriet.
    I would have nominated her for the parade marshal!
    Oh wait, if Mosca/Bosse didn't select the popular choice of the old WWII vets, they wouldn't ever have considered a senior who told off their pal Harriet Susan Henderson.
    A very Happy 4th to the woman who told off Harriet from Old Kentucky and family!

  8. Just got back from the parade. At the beginning of the parade there is a sign...No throwing candy. John B in front of City Hall, gets out of his car and throws candy to the crowds. Guess the rules don't apply to him.

  9. Did you notice John and Joe's Green cars? A V8 Mustang and a V8 GTO. What would Midge say?

  10. Only thing green John and Joe care about is the color of $$$$$

  11. Joe "The (Green) Judge" says "U Guilty" and he's in the car that gets 6 miles to the gallon. I think this is referred to as Cognitive Dissonance.

  12. I thought Democrats wore Blue and Republicans wore Red. Perhaps that is another conflict Joe is having with himself.

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  14. Do as I say and not as I doJuly 4, 2009 at 4:44 PM

    What Joe says and what Joe does are almost always two very different things. And today he took it on parade. Not very "transit village" of our special boy.

  15. The amount of water wasted today is unforgivable and leadership in SM City Hall should have declared a ban on ALL discretionary water usage today, disgraceful. It's such a frivolous waste of water, especially these days when we are being told by City Hall how and when we can use water. Where was Mary Ann, Kurt, Don, John, Joe to take a stand and do the right thing, I guess it would have been extremely unpopular to ban Water World for this year, to hell with City Hall and all those that proclaim leadership, I'm washing my freakin' car tmrw at noon..**ck "em!!

  16. Great fireworks link Sir Eric! Thanks!

  17. I am aghast at the Newless Views Comment, "a woman, of Jewish descent, I must add"

    Why must that reference to ancestry be added? Are we to be buffaloed by Susan Henderson playing the Race Card? Give me a break. Is it only racist if we mention people of colour? How Henderson know her ancestry? Guessing?


  18. Susan has been, still is and will always be a fraud - her advertisers should be boycotted but if they want to throw anyway their money, more power to them

  19. Susan knows the writing is on the wall. She will lose the paper in Court fairly soon. Look for lots of graceless and bitter renunciations from her as she blames the world for failings that are nobody's but her own.

  20. Susan is a racist. She has called more than one person in this town a "cracker".
    She has mentioned more than once about the bigotry of the people of Sierra Madre.
    This is the way she bullies her way through life.
    Susan Henderson is a person with some real serious issues, who takes her hatred out on nice people.

  21. I only saw one sign about libraries. What happened to that one? How is it a leader of Stockly's caliber could only turn out 1 library sign?

  22. One float rider reported seeing one library sign held by a man wearing sun glasses and a trenchcoat near the Only Place in Town. Rob's plan was a bust.

  23. Anon. at 7:06!
    Did they get a picture???? LOL
    Rob Stockly! LOL LOL LOL

    Not much action on the Tattler today....guess everyone is checking their email to see if they got Michael Jackson "funeral" tickets?

  24. Float riders said he looked about 30 to 40 and scruffy.

    I did not get any tickets.

  25. I didn't get my tickets either 9:16 pm.
    Al Sharpton must be selling them on eBay!

  26. Hey Rob Stockly!
    What happened to your Save the Library protest?
    We never saw one sign? Just the one reported near the "Only Place in Town".
    Did you call it off? I hope you did, pretty embarrassing to call a protest and no one show up.

  27. I gave some advice to the "Humvee" entry in the parade a few years ago and I think Joe Mo could use it....."Viagra is cheaper and more effective". I never saw the "Humvee" contingent in the parade again. Coinsidence!??!
    Yours Truly, Local Yokel

  28. The Library that isn't in danger had a protest to save it that didn't exist. And the Green Heroes rode in V8 muscle cars and waved to the crowd.

    Pretty much sums up the state of dirtdom these days.

  29. Someone said they had a few signs down near the start of the parade.....and had kids waving library cards?????? No one I know saw it, but someone who was in the parade did see a small group......between The Women's Club and the Library.
    Obviously a move by Rob Stockly, to make it seem like he has a group of protestors.....but the main reason was to do a photo shot of them for the Looney Views News and the Weakly.
    For Rob Stockly to use children like this is really outrageous. Unless Rob can prove to us that our library is in dire danger of being closed down......this was not cool, Rob. Not cool at all, but then you never have been a cool guy, have you. Just a dirt ex-mayor with some major baggage.

  30. Lying to kids about their library being taken away?


  31. What's wrong with our old library?
    This very well could be a dirt scam to just build another big building in town.
    Not very "green" of you dirts, now is it?
    Dirts are trying to sabotage Mayor MacGillivray's agenda as Mayor. They are accusing her of all kind of nonsense.....that doesn't have a grain of truth in it.

  32. Eric, What happen to today's story on Montecito?

  33. I recycled for enhanced editing. Stay tuned for exciting developments.

  34. Thanks Sir Eric.
    I've always told folks that Sir Eric Maundry is the only real integrous columnist in Sierra Madre, if there is something inaccurate....he corrects it.
    You know you're getting the facts, not some Susan Henderson, Bill Coburn, Larry Wilson SPIN.

  35. Susan Henderson is quite the are Joe and his Matt, JB, and the whole hypocritical lot of them. They just make me sick.

  36. In no relation to the 4th of July, whatsoever...

    Sierra Madre's City's Council. Their continuous neglect is soon to create a legend.

    Some years ago, someone I know submitted plans to build a restaurant, gallery & Wine Bar. Time after time, the Sierra Madre City Council has claimed that they have lost his [approved] plans for building. It is my personal opinion that said claim[s] are frivolous and fraudulent; a raw product of the inexcusable negligence of Sierra Madre's City Officials -and their personal employees- who continue to deceive the American People of their own God damned city. I have two words for the City Council, et al; "Good" "Luck"

    At the onset, even though approved for initial construction, the Ground Hog was told that he could not excavate the wine cellar via heavy equipment. Per the City's Order, he obliged. With that said, he knew he had no choice but to excavate by hand. And so it began. By pick and shovel. Hence the name, "Ground Hog".

    Time went on. Shovel full by shovel full; bucket by bucket; truck load by truck load the Earth was removed. Then out of the clear blue sky, after God only knows how many [r]eplaced city inspectors, [r]eplaced officials AND some three and one half years later, a new city inspector appears only to say "..You don't have any plans or permits for this project so you must stop work immediately" when, in reality, they were telling him "...there are no approved plans or permits on file for this project because we are irresponsible and have failed to comply with procedures under the Administrative Codes of Sierra Madre. You will have to cease work on your project immediately".

    The project has been neglected by the city of Sierra Madre for so long, just the concrete and steel alone would require more money to dismantle, extract and fill than the City of Sierra Madre ever held in their greedy little fists. The nerds running the City of Sierra Madre. They lose plans and permits; the owner pays out of his own pocket for it? I call Horse-Potatoes.

    This is my story, in brief. The bottom line? Can Sierra Madre afford another costly legal burden? Additionally, does the everyday business owner/builder in Sierra Madre have half a chance? Not without playing Circus and jumping through all the hoops. But my answer to the above questions ...would be an affirmative.

    In closure, and to the very founder of this wanna be blog, whom I have recently met in person, you are a COWARD; a COWARD for pulling this mornings article because of someone misleading you during a phone call. I thought you had cahonies. But I was wrong. You have no cahonies. You are Webosless.

    Anonymous? Me? Hardly. I am not a coward like you.

    Gary Lemke

  37. ...and I thought you were the guy that printed what the "other fellows won't". (sic). A misnomer, indubitably. If html was accepted here I tear you down with media alone; not one single word would I need.


  38. Yep. I can see I've made some good choices lately.

  39. Long live the Tattler, and thanks for all you do!

  40. Sometimes their way of showing it can be rough and unappealing, but can't you just tell that they care? Before the disappointment there was love. But when too little wants too much, the end result more often than not is the howl.

  41. The problem here is that if the fellow with the lost plans had taken his case before the City Council, produced those plans, and had identified the guilty parties, then this would have been taken care of a long time ago and we wouldn't have this soap opera to deal with right now. Or, if going to the City Council was not appealing, then perhaps a lawyer should have been hired and, armed with the owner's copies of the three plans the City Council (?) had lost, the case taken to court and proven, then the restaurant would now be open.

    But none of that happened. And what, 10 years have passed? Doesn't make sense. If the paper work exists, and the things that were promised were not delivered, or the project was held up for the wrong reasons, then why not just go for it? Is it really expected that the case can be tried on a blog? And why is it so important that it be done here? Can it be because there really is no other place to go?

    Sorry, but this is not my fight. I opt out. I back a lot of risky causes, but not this one.

  42. Poster @ 7:19, cojones without brains get you nothing - which you sound familiar with.

  43. Are we talking about the Wanna Be Wine Bar on East Montecito? Because that project was never approved by the planning commission or the City Council. I believe it was deemed an inappropriate use for a variety of reasons. Not to mention the neighbors concerns. So I don't know how this guy could have had approved plans. If its the same guy I'm thinking of he tended to have selective hearing.


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