Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joe Mosca Weasels Wildly

You have to wonder if perhaps the mental health professionals might have a term for it. Reality Aversion Condition? Acute Nixonophilia? Eddie Haskell Syndrome? Weaselosis Prognosis? I should hope that there would be some form of recognizable diagnosis here, because the suffering of the afflicted is real, even if they aren't completely aware of it themselves.

Now I was seated before my computer this evening enjoying some of the usual first class reportage by Alfred Lee in the Pasadena Star News on-line, when I came across some very distressing information. Apparently Joe Mosca was once again suffering from an outbreak of whatever the condition is that I was trying to explain above. Joe's afflictions are of great concern to us here at The Tattler, and I was thoroughly disheartened to see his miseries flaring up anew.

Joe Mosca's problem is that no matter what the issue, he always attempts to take each and every side of it. And this can't be an easy thing to live with. An example would be his struggles with the issue of over-development in this town. You see, he was against it before he was for it, but he's also not for it while at the same time working to make it happen. I mean, how painful can that be? If you repeatedly tell the entire town you're opposed to over-development, yet at the same exact time you're working long and hard as the head of the very SGVCOG committee tasked by Sacramento to locally implement SB 375 (the Great Satan of high density uber-development laws), well, that really is quite a predicament. And I am certain Joe feels positively split right up the middle about it.

Another example can be found in the Pasadena Star News piece that caused me so much concern. The article, Sierra Madre eyes contracting out for police services, points right to the veritable heart of Joe's anguish. You see, what is discussed is the possibility of Sierra Madre contracting out certain city services as a way of saving costs. The driving force here, the 100% Utility User Tax increase initiated to pay for some of those services, has become unpopular as of late due to certain irregularities in how it was hyped to the voters. And Joe, keenly aware of this situation as are all Tattler readers, felt the need to leap to both sides of the issue.

If we were able to realize some savings, and we did take that step, of course that would mean the utility users' tax, which was put in place for public safety, would obviously go down," he said.

As anyone who has followed the controversies surrounding this much unbeloved tax can tell you, there has been no greater champion of holding the line on the UUT hike than Joe Mosca. So for Joe to now consider the other side of this issue as well is, if not completely unexpected, at least a bit abrupt. You can only wonder what caused it.

But hold on, because when you're dealing with Joe, there is always the fine print. And if we don't read into it carefully we could very well miss the actual meaning of what he's laying down.

Mosca added that he was against contracting out fire services, saying it was "off the table" as far as he was concerned.

Now as heroic as his standing up for our Fire Fighters may be, I detect something of a swerve here. Isn't the purpose to farm out some of the costs of running City services so that we can get some relief from the UUT hike? So wouldn't contracting out fire services actually cost us more since ours is a Volunteer Fire Department? I mean, volunteers don't really get paid all that much. Just ask the staff here at The Tattler.

Red herrings aside, the real problem is that big fat raise given by the City in 2007 to our Police and their frisky union by the floundering administration of then Mayor Enid Joffe. A singularly unfortunate and poorly executed event that would have driven Sierra Madre into bankruptcy without the UUT hike. And, as Alfred Lee pointed out, the resulting numbers are not very pretty.

Sierra Madre's recently adopted budget allocates $3.4 million out of the city's $19.8 million budget toward its Police Department in 2009-10. That would account for 52 percent of the city's $6.4 million in general fund expenditures.

So, since most of the increased costs that drove the UUT hike are due to the Police Department raise, obviously what Joe must be considering in his newly found desire to get us some UUT relief is contracting out for police services, right? After all, other cities have done it, and with some success.

Well, maybe not.

"Having your own police department, from a community perspective, allows for the type of policing that Sierra Madreans have become accustomed to," Mosca said. "The police know the residents' names, know the folks in the community, and work with residents to make sure the streets of Sierra Madre are as safe as possible."

Well there you go. Pure Joe Mosca. The only player in the game today who can stand on all 4 bases at once.


  1. Joe Mosca might try to be all things to all people, but in reality he is nothing but a messenger boy for the big development real estate and construction lobbies in Sacramento. Beneath all the cooing and puppy dog eyes is a careerist bureaucrat with one priority only. The furthering of the career of Joe Mosca. And there is nothing that he won't do or say to make that happen.

  2. Please don't disregard the right answer just because it comes from an odious source. Joe Mosca is right about one thing: Sierra Madre will NOT be a better community in any way except short-term dollars with a contract police service. Mosca's quote is correct, even from his forked tongue, ""Having your own police department, from a community perspective, allows for the type of policing that Sierra Madreans have become accustomed to," Mosca said. "The police know the residents' names, know the folks in the community, and work with residents to make sure the streets of Sierra Madre are as safe as possible." It's unfortunate that Joe has lied so much that we can't appreciate the truth when he speaks it.

  3. I'm certain Joe's claim that the Sierra Madre PD knows the names of the people in this town is true. After all, they've given most of them tickets.

  4. Appreciate the truth when Joe speaks it? A broken clock is right twice a day, and Joe doesn't even rise to that low threshold. And he certainly didn't with anything he said in this Pasadena Star article. There are a few things we'd be better off without. Joe is one of them.

  5. Joe Mosca is apparently planning to run for re-election.
    Let's see, over 1000 residents want him recalled enough to sign a petition. Reason...Joe is a liar!
    He shamelessly pushes SCAG and RHNA programs which are NOT in the interest of Sierra Madre.
    Sir Eric is correct in regards to his duplicity.
    Mikey is right "there are a few things we'd be better off without, Joe is one of them".
    I'd say he's the NUMBER ONE thing we can do without. He's totally narcissistic and self serving, hungry for a higher political career.
    He needs to get out of politics. However, Joe if you're reading this, you have the majority of politicians who are exactly like you.....we don't need a one of them either. Sadly we can't vote them out of office, but we can vote you out and we will.

  6. Old Kentucky,
    you failed to mention how impudent Joe is to our Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray, and has a dreaded jealousy of Kurt Zimmerman he can't hide at these meetings.
    Joe is a liability on the city council!

  7. The issue comes down to having a Professional Police service in town.All this blah blah about police knowing your name is really beside the point!Get rid of this bunch;we don't need to submit any further to their Union's extortsion and intimidation!

  8. Joe Mosca Translation ServiceJuly 18, 2009 at 8:48 AM

    Translation from weaselese: "I'm for cutting the Utility User Tax, but I would oppose any of the outsourcing that would make it possible. But I am for cutting thee tax, so don't you go saying I'm not!"

  9. Also at the last meeting - Joe bent over every which way to tell the lady who was trying to get out of paying the new development fees that he understood and completely, totally, entirely sympathized with her - then voted against her request.
    You got it Sir Eric - he really can take more than one side simultaneously.
    Maybe that's how he got through law school - his ability to argue everything in exactly the same way.

  10. Translation Service, superb.

  11. "I want to thank everyone for taking part in the process" screw you

  12. Let's not forget Joe and partner, Matt's cruel decision to not choose the WWII vets for the parade marshals. This was done out of spite, especially to our Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray who had gone to the trouble of securing a military band to perform at the 4th parade.
    Dozens of people sent Matt email. Mayor MacGillivray sent him two that are posted on this website, in addition to making a personal call (at least one) to Matt Bosse.
    It was ignored.
    I say let's ignore Joe on the next ballot for city council.
    He doesn't deserve to get our votes.


    We can only hope our dear veterans will be with us for another parade, where the "committee" doesn't consist of a jealous councilman and his equally vindictive domestic partner.

  14. What I appreciated the most in Lee's article were the statistics he used to compare our situation with others - especially La Canada. They have more people, more money, and yet manage to pay much less - there's something to learn there.
    Thanks Mr. Lee.
    Just you might want to double check anything Mosca sells you, oops tells you, with other people in SM.
    Despite that chipper smile and sunny disposition, Joe's nothing but an embarrassment.

  15. My 2 cents:
    I don't care if the police know my name. I just want them to come right away if I call them. Efficient and well-trained trumps socially pleasing.
    Did you catch the attorney's report of the closed session at the end of the last council? A sergeant was dismissed.

  16. Unfortunately our cops are neither efficient or socially pleasing. We need a new strategy.

  17. Our police department remains one of the "best" in the area. Now, wait a minute and before you stone me to death, please thoroughly read and understand my comment.

    Our police department remains one of the lowest paid in southern california. Now, I know what all of you are saying and I agree. Our PD should not receive the same amount of salary as our neighbors do, and I think our PD would agree. But, lets throw our coppers a bone, and show them a little more respect.

    Now, all of this financially issues began about ten years ago when John Gillison was our city manager. Yes, it was true that Gillison was part of a "County Services" spokes person, and wanted to have County Fire and Police take over our town. But, there were some facts Gillison left out. Such as initially our city would save a few bucks. In the long term, our city would be worse off then the UUT. Yes, it would cost more to the city. Can you believe that! More money to have County Services! Let alone the Fire & Police buildings would be gone FOREVER, and turned over for land development.

    During the period the police department did not receive a pay raise or even a cost of living expense. That ONLY applied to the police department. However, the rest of the city departments received a raise, including John Gillison. Now, I ask you was that fair? I know for a fact if the city council, or Gillison just threw the PD a bone they would have been happy.
    Better yet, if Gillison or city council explained the city's financialy position, the PD would have understood. This simple act of human compassion (something our current chief does not possess) would of been greatly appreciated, let alone understood and the two could worked harmonliously together through these finacially hard times.

    Well, that didn't happen. Let us just say the remaining city departments received something and our PD received nothing, NOTHING for almost ten years! I have been told by one of our "finest" that during this time of hardship that a top step janitor for the city made almost as much as one of our police officers. With all DUE respect to our city janitorial services that was wrong. What do you honestly think?

    The bottom line is the UUT is NOT going to be the end of our PD it is going to be at the hands of our incompetent Chief Diaz and her side kick Captain. With all of the lawsuits pending against her, and there are several to follow, you have to ask yourself, can we really financially support her and her spending habits?

    I ask our city council to please wake up and take a long hard look at our PD, and interview our officers and try to re-develop the relationship that once was. Going to county services is not the answer.

  18. 10:13, I'm not really prone to stoning anybody anyway, so don't worry. But are you familiar with the previous Tattler articles on this issue?
    I am a law enforcement supporter. I have known crazy people and have needed the police to put those crazy people someplace safe. I believe in law enforcement as necessary for any society, and I'm glad there are people who want to do that work.
    The suit brought by the POA disgusted me.
    The law firm they used to bully the people of this town, who for the most part are also pro-law enforcemment, disgusted me.
    County services work great for others - why not for us?

  19. the original FED UPJuly 18, 2009 at 10:31 AM

    When the Enid contract is up, the city should make the police an offer. If the police take it fine, if not let them leave. The Contract is about 1/2 over. Next year the UUT will go to 12% and then start to decline by 2% a year. All city employees should be "at will" no more contracts with people like the Agular, Inaman, or Weaver.

  20. Hey Original FED UP, that sounds reasonable.

  21. Is it true that Aguilar makes $147,000 a year?
    I like Aguilar, but if she is making that kind of salary for a town of 11,000, then she needs to do all the "consultant" work herself.
    If it's out of her area of expertise.....she's a smart lady, she can study up on the problem, look to other cities, now they have dealt with it...have Mayor MacGillivray or Kurt Zimmerman or even Buchanan......offer input. Zimmerman is a top class attorney, Buchanan is an Edison attorney, not in the same catagory, but may offer something of value, "may", if it's his own thinking and not Bart Doyle's. Mosca is useless.
    Anyway, everyone needs to earn their money.
    This isn't Washington DC and we aren't going to give DEVELOPERS and REALTORS WELFARE.

  22. To top it all off, our police chief is only about 10% less....Go figure. There is our money hard at work

  23. I'd like someone to prove that John Buchanan actually works for Edison. Not only where he works, but when he works? Like Mosca, Buchanan spends his days in Sierra Madre.....politicking.

  24. 11:29 It is up to the City Counci to force "at will contracts". If the current majority remain in office, then it will probably be happening. There used to be only "at will".

  25. JB's job for Edisson is making sure their agenda is promoted. Just as Joe's job with Simpra Energy.

  26. A Public Records Act request for documents will reveal what Aguilar is making. And don't forget when Gillison and Tammy Gates were in office, they started fudging the numbers, "ascribing" costs of administration to different departments to hide what was really being spent on the ever-ballooning administration. You have to dismantle that accounting in order to determine what the expenses of administration really are. They definitely should be doing their own consultancy work with what they're being paid, but I'm afraid we don't even know the half of it.

    As for the police department, we should be very careful. First of all, if we go with county services, the buildings will not likely go to development. They will likely be used by the County Fire and Police Departments and very likely everything we own will be sold to the county and used to provide services to LA County. Personnel would be absorbed into the County system; the police will continue to work here and they will not just forget our names overnight. Our fire department will become "has beens" because 1) they are volunteers and 2) they are untrained and therefore unqualified.

    I just wish someone would get rid of the current chief and retrain our volunteers. Get rid of the "overhead" ascribed to the fire department that hides Aguilar's and all the other paper-pushers' salaries and go back to training a highly-competent volunteer fire department. When I moved here about 30 years ago, SMVFD was fabulous--one of the quickest response times in L.A. County. Look what politics and poor leadership has done. I think this can be fixed.

    On the Police Department, don't be so quick to condemn Chief Diaz. She inherited a department dominated by chauvinism and cronyism and was one step short of corruption. Catching a law suit may not mean that she's doing something wrong--she could be doing something right.

  27. Sierra Madra needs to get back to basics and stop trying to be something that we're not!

    Bring back Doug Hayes.

  28. Big energy companies love big development. John and Joe work for both. It is no coincidence.

  29. Wild. All these posts and not one single defence of Joe. How did it get so bad for him?

  30. The big lie at the beginning didn't help.

  31. 3:19
    Doug Hayes? You mean the husband of Dr. Janice Nelson?
    The same Doug Hayes who was on the city council with Glenn Lambdin, Bart Doyle and Rob Stockley?
    That Doug Hayes? The one who ALWAYS voted with BART, GLENN and ROB STOCKLY? UH.........
    The same Doug Hayes who was one of the former Mayors who accepted Building Industry Association and California Realtor's Association money to fight Yes on Measure V? That Doug Hayes?
    Uh.......I don't think so.

  32. How did rhis City ever get into this mess.I have heard about the past outrages but it appears nothing has changed.The insolent Police Union thugs brow-beats the city into an agreement that threatens the solvency of this community.Followed by an illegal hike in the utility tax.Then we hear that we were lied to regarding the financial condition of our city.Has there been any effort to amend this whopper for the citizens?Ofcourse not!To top it off, I have been informed that the Cops are still suing us along with battalion of others.Guess we are just following tradition.

  33. You want to see the legacy of Doug Hayes? Drive up Baldwin to One Carter and look at all the empty Ho lots. One of the worst mistakes in Sierra Madre history, and Hayes was one of the handmaidens.

  34. Joe has earned the dislike you find in these comments. He lied to get elected, and has never admitted it, or apologized for it, even though it can be shown on tape. He's bluffing his way through local politics.

  35. On the subject of never admitting/apoloigizing, how about the Gang of Four on One Carter?
    Has anyone ever heard green John say he was sorry?
    Sierra Madre has a bad case of denial.

  36. Why not keep the Police and FireJuly 18, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    ....the truth really is "history has a way of repeating itself" and we have to be very careful of anyone connected with Gillison and Hayes.....yes, Doc Staccato has a very valid point we cannot just switch over to the COUNTY and think it is going to be a QUICK fix. It could be a disaster!!

    Remember the people who ran the City ran it for themselves, not with the citizens in mind.That is why our Mayor calls it the Shenanegan Years. We might want to think more openly about our Chief. who REALLY knows her that well to judge her?

    What really is going on in the PD? We know that
    Inman, Mosca, Buchanan are not respected by most people. But, what REALLY is going on in the Fire and PD that is so negative? Most people I talk to say "I dunno?"

  37. Off topic, sort of...

    "Cardboard P.U.S.D. Measure TT Firewall Committee" Apparently the PUSD has a byzantine defense structure up to keep you from knowing what they've done with the $350 million in Measure TT men we footed the bill for.

    Doesn't Joe Mosca carry water for the PUSD?

    Click on "Pasadena Sub Rosa" in Sir Eric's Sites Of Interest listing. Their top article right now.

  38. Oh Mr. Jones, I wish you hadn't gone there.
    I remember too well that duplicitous son of a gun from PUSD who came to SM city council to sell Measure TT.

    Watts pushed him to admit that none of our money in Measure TT had to come back to Sierra Madre - none of it guaranteed. (A knowledgeable friend said that's the way it is & if SM parents want any of those tax dollars, they have to go to the school board meetings & fight for them.) So ok, but then...

    Watts kept asking if they were planning to expand that upper campus, which he clearly was against, & the duplicitous guy got downright huffy saying No, there are no plans for that. Watts persisted to the point that the guy said, "Why, do you want expansion?" Smart aleck.

    And what do you know, they're going to expand that campus after all.

  39. They are expanding it so they can BUS more kids from across town. Also by expanding the middle school campus to 6-8 that will let more kids attend the K-5 school. Again more across town kids bussed in to town. Joe and John should be screaming about being green. We don't need more busses, traffic, and congestion in our neighborhoods

  40. Day, there have been so many OUTRAGES here in Sierra Madre and elsewhere, I had forgotten about that PSUD thing......
    People, WAKE UP!
    I just got a call from one of our posters about a major outrage in the LA TIMES today.
    Developers again, want to destroy the hillsides west of here. I told this person to call Sir Eric, I'm sure he'll be reporting on it.
    Mayor MacGillivray! Councilman Zimmerman and Mayor Pro-tem Watts....GET US OUT OF SCAG and let's hook up and form a large statewide protest.
    We can do it! We really can. Let's go for it.


  41. The Tattler has brought into the light some very interesting items to chew over.All of it has not been flattering to the city's management.The revealed history of the attemped urbanization of this tiny community was particulary enlightening.It appears that all is intertwined..City Employees,some members of the current and past City councils along with some lobbies and citizen cliques pushing their self serving agendas.To seek some insight into this puddle,why don't we follow thru with the suggestion of a forenic audit which was mentioned by Councilman Zimmerman early on.The saying,"follow the money" makes perfect sense in the light of the byzantine workings of the gang in contol of the establishment.The fact that Councilman's suggestion was not pursued (city could not afford it) suggest that they were perhaps afraid of what it would lead to.They prefer to play it safe.

  42. channel 3 watcherJuly 18, 2009 at 6:25 PM

    Ariel, I surely agree. It will cost money - what a bummer, but after all the huge sums that have been wasted in the last decade?
    Penny wise pound foolish not to have an independent audit.
    Maybe RBF will return some of the quarter of a million dollars it got for a terrible downtown development plan? No?

    Last I saw, Mr. Buchanan agreed to help out in explaining the lack of audits shenanigans.

  43. I'm for a forensic audit. I don't think it will solve everything, but answers are better than questions.

    The resistance to a forensic audit suggests that there may be quite a few bodies buried there.

    I'm a believer.

  44. Yes, indeed, Doctor Staccato, and I would be betting most of the bodies are buried under that drunken troll's rat's nest of a house on No. Baldwin.

  45. there are no secrets you fools...........July 18, 2009 at 9:01 PM

    ...secrets and resistance to the truth say only one thing......LIARS!! GET rid of JOE and JOHN they have played toooo many games with the DIRTS in control at our expense toooo long. Kurt was absolutely right about the audits. He KNOWS what is best for our town.

    Thanks Old Kentucky! LA TIMES......"the land is designated for multiple family residential units in Los Angeles' general plan," according to project manager Mark Dierking for Snowball West Investments which bought the golf course in 2004. There's more, the article goes on to explain gets worse....

    Sunland-Tunjunga residents refused to be snowballed with increased density and they are fighting back. (my words)

    Yes, we MUST form a Statewide protest. That is the only way to preserve our State and stop this horrible and un-necessary over growth that is being pushed down our throats.

    Go to Kansas and build the City of Oz you pesky greedy scarecrows, there are no houses there.

  46. Dr Staccato, you seem somewhat wise to the way our town operates. I bet you have seen quite a bit over your thirty years of residency.

    Why is it when times get tough our city has always thought about contracting with the county for law enforcement services? I believe this has been going on since the beginning of time. This is becoming rediculous. Why can't the city commit to the police department and back them accordingly.

    I have been told by city hall if we did in fact contract with the county, the current building would most likely be turned over to the county, or our fire department would take it over. The remaining officers would have been absorbed (only if they could pass the backgrounds) and assigned to other departments, as needed by LASO. That was the whole purpose behind going to county services to begin with, to save our city money and to dramatically downsize.

    I personally do not know Chief Diaz, nor do I want to. Diaz seems to be a bit "full of herself" and personally I don't like that much. I much preferred Chief Bailey to Diaz.

    As far as chauvinism and cronyism, I have never seen it, and I have lived in town over twenty years. It seemed to me at the time (prior to Diaz) all the officers like it here, that's why they stayed.

    Wow, one short step away from corruption! That is hard to swallow. Really, could our department be any more corrupt then Pasadena, where incidentally Diaz came from? I think not. As far as all of the lawsuits pending against Diaz, I really couldn't tell ya. I have ran into a few of our officers at starbucks and I have been told they are not happy with Diaz, or her practices as chief.

    By the way, does anyone know what happened to Abernethy? He was a home grown and worked his way up through the ranks. He should have been Chief.

  47. He should not have been chief. He was part of the cronyism, in my opinion. Had he been subject to the regular regime, I wonder if he would have made it as far as he did. He was hired because his father was on City Council. That was the accepted view and he did a number on a few officers that weren't part of the inner clique.

  48. Doc Staccato...Good luck getting George Enyedi to go along with a forensic audit. He's got too much to hide and too many Dirts that know where the dirt is on him.

    I'm with you on the audit! But, I doubt the dumb ladies in this town with the wool pulled over their eyes will ever be savvy enough to ever question his motives. Remember how he played Nancy like a fiddle?

    Let's not forget, he made a lot of his money in DEVELOPMENT.

  49. I'm no fan of George Enyedi, he's an old fool. He supports Susan Henderson's paper.
    That said, 1:43, he has no power one way or the other to go along with or not go along with much of anything, with the exception of his role in the Sierra Madre Playhouse or the Pioneer Cemetery. He's been a good volunteer in this town for many years, but as I said......he supports Susan Henderson, anyone who does that is more than a fool!
    Enyedi is irrelevant as far as important city business is concerned.

  50. We can talk around and about the outragious conduct of the past as well as the present;but these issues are only symptoms of the pathology.A forensic audit is a must,perhaps only the beginning.Otherwise we are blowing into the wind,chasing phantoms,wasting time and energy.Go to the source,"FOLLOW THE MONEY"

  51. The gibberish our City Manager has used to explain away the lost million bucks ("accounting error") is laughable. Why should we be a party to covering up the gross incompetence of the Gang of 4 era? We should be doing all we can to expose the dumb idiots. And making sure everyone knows that chump Stockly is one of them.

  52. Unless I am missing something, only Council Member Zimmerman is in favor of the forensic audit. And, I don't call that internal audit being overseen by Council Member Buchanan a "forensic audit."

    Also, unless I am missing something, only Council Member Zimmerman is in favor of rolling back the UUT. I much prefer Mayor MacGillivray and Mayor Pro Tem Watts to Council Members Buchanan and Mosca but we need to face facts. The Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are not aligned with Council Member Zimmerman on these issues and have really left him hanging.

  53. Lately, Council Member Watts has been doing his level best to undermine Zimmerman. Case in point, last Tuesday's City Council meeting. Watts voted to eliminate development impact fees for a proposed project that was before the Council to give his developer friend a break. Thankfully all of the Council Members including Zimmerman voted the other way.

    I'm sure Zimmerman's real happy that he voted for Watts to be Mayor Pro Tem.

  54. I don't know about the differences between Kurt and Don on that issue, but I do know they both share our glee on Joe being dumped for mayor.

  55. Old Lady...You're saying that the City Treasurer is irrelevant where City Finances are concerned? That's frightening! I would think that if there was going to be a committee overseeing a forensic audit, that the person elected to oversee the City's finances would be on that committee. Instead, we have 2 City administrators interested in keeping their exorbitant salaries and $1,500 a month PPO health care bennies.


    As far as his "volunteering" is concerned, that's about as valuable as any other Dirt's so called volunteerism.

    A Dirt is a Dirt is a Dirt. Especially, someone that tries to sweep things under the rug, OLD LADY.

  56. Screw the Audit and increase taxes even more!

    That will chase out all the trash that's been mucking up Sierra Madre.

    Yes...they're all crooks. But they're the crooks this city deserves. People in this town are too lazy and willfully ignorant to have democracy. Bring in a dictator and let's move on.

  57. Understanding City Finances CountsJuly 20, 2009 at 12:10 AM absurd! 2 days of comments and we end up with the classic! Total denial that the CITY TREASURER IS IRRELEVANT WHERE CITY BUSINESS IS CONCERNED.....

    Amazing, totally amazing, either you are a Dirt or you are too old a *lady* to get it.

    Thanks Anonymous, we all SMELL AND SEE/SAW THE RATS when the AUDIT was not supported by the very people who should be ethical and DEMANDED IT LONG AGO?

    Ignorance is not bliss and neither is supporting liars and robber-barons.

  58. Anon 3:32

    Disliking Joe Mosca isn't the standard by which we should be judging our City Council members. We elected them to produce positive results on our behalf, not engage in personality conflicts.

    Don has been very inconsistent in that regard, and needs to be questioned about it. His rhetoric may be what we want to here, but his voting record leaves a lot to be desired.

  59. Oops....

    here = hear

  60. Who's this George Enyedi character? I've been watching City Council meetings for the last couple of years and never seen or heard of a George Enyedi. If he's our City treasurer than why isn't he on the dais at every Council meeting, so people can ask him direct questions about the City's finances. If he's an elected official, then isn't his responsibility to oversee the City's finances on behalf of the people that elected him?

  61. If Don has turned against MaryAnn and Kurt and thinks it's sound policy to subsidize developers with taxpayer money than he shouldn't run for re-election.

    It's called going over to the Darkside.

  62. Getting rowdy over here. Everyone is entitled to a mulligan once in a while. Give it a rest.

  63. Having your own police department, from a community perspective, allows for the type of policing that Sierra Madreans have become accustomed to," Mosca said. "The police know the residents' names, know the folks in the community, and work with residents to make sure the streets of Sierra Madre are as safe as possible."

    ???? What? You mean accustomed to harrasment and guns drawn at 10 year old kids? You mean tickets handed out like candy to residents and heavy handed responses to little old ladies making a illegal U turn?

    The sooner we contract out the safer our streets will be from our own police force. Come on, the dispatcher got promoted and now carries a gun and the police chief refuses to disclose the training and background of her hires.

    Only a couple of our officers know the name of citizens and Joe is downright laughable with his wishy washy mamby pamby pandering to who ever listens to him. Will Joe please just go away?

  64. Have any of you read the comment by a "Local Law Enforcement Employee" posted on the Sierra Madre Weekly site under their article on the issue of contract police services. It is pretty clear from that how the SMPD feel about the residents.

    Question, Joe Mosca why is contract fire services off the table? Volunteer firefighters are great, but I would prefer they augment a professional contract service that use more agressive fire fighting techniques. I would prefer a fire staff that was poised at the fire station ready to go instead of on call.

  65. WOW - this IS a hot one, idn't it?! The police not only do NOT know our names, they don't care to know our names. They are resentful towards the residents and cast blame upon us for their financial woes. They have made (and retained) very few friends over the last five years because of their abysmal approach to the community's law enforcement needs.

    If we once had a decent department, and that was before the dirts got a hold of it (the decline and fall started with the hiring of the gestapo chief King Davis, a move promoted heavily by Glenn Lambdin and Bart Doyle), we can build another one by starting with a clean slate. Get rid of everybody, including Chief Diaz, and start fresh with some well-established parameters on the table for all new recruits so expectations on both sides of the table are known before contracts are signed (i.e., lower salary - small town, not much happening, etc. - and community police presence/behavior expected - friendly, helpful, trust- and confidence-inspiring?). Seek out retired police officers who would like to continue working, but don't want the high-stress of other, more "active" cities. There is an approach (call it Sheriff Andy Taylor syndrome) we've come to expect from a local PD - if we cannot have that, why have a local PD? We can get nasty attitude from any police force, county or otherwise. We are not currently reaping the benefits of maintaining a local PD, so we need to make the necessary changes to form a friendly, efficient force or outsource.

    As far as the Fire Department goes, money should always be set aside for training but we should get rid of the paid fire chief and/or marshall position(s) - seems unnecessary.

  66. Anon @ 7/19/09 2:36 pm

    Your statement about the Mayor Pro Tem is incorrect. He is in favor of putting the UUT on the ballot. He feels it should be decided by the people.

  67. Retired but still kicking!July 20, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    I do not know who posted at 2:47 pm but it's a false accusation to say that Don Watts has been trying to undermine Kurt Zimmerman. Nothing could be further from the truth. Don voted in favor of the waiver last Tuesday night because he feels there is a lack of justification for the fee. When someone builds a new house, they pay hook up fees. (These charges are separate from the development impact fees that were discussed last Tuesday night.) The person also pays bills. (Let's use the water bill as an example.) Part of the water bill goes for infrastructure improvement and repairs.

    Don is concerned that the $40,000 will be used to pay for overdevelopment/new large development. That $40,000 doesn't go into a fund specified for that particular street. It goes into a big pot used for whatever the city deems necessary.

  68. Poster 1:36, Watts favors putting the UUT on the ballot? Is that why he keeps his mouth shut whenever Council Member Zimmerman has made that proposal?

    This is like Joe Mosca claiming he favored a vote on the downtown specific plan.

  69. Anybody who would compare Don Watts to Joe Mosca is obviously dealing from the bottom of the deck.

    This one is shut down.


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