Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does State Senator Bob Huff Love Ed Roski A Little Too Much?

The celebrated new NFL stadium was signed into existence by Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger this week. So great was his excitement that he flew all the way to City of Industry for the occasion. And we certainly must acknowledge the hard work of many of our finest elected officials that helped bring it into existence. And soon not only will this great stadium rise from the wasteland that is the City of Industry, but a vast new shopping center as well.

Now there has been some discussion about how certain of our august state legislators, for various reasons, might have been just a little too close to the company behind this football mall. And that ties to Ed Roski, both owner of the stadium and the shopping emporium's developer Majestic Realty, were in some cases just a little too close for ethical comfort. And perhaps nobody was any closer to Ed Roski than our very own State Senator, Fightin' Bob Huff.

On its "Leftovers from City Hall" blog, the lays it out this way:

I spoke with State Sen. Bob Huff Wednesday, who was less than pleased over allegations he had a conflict of interest when casting a vote in the Senate last week ... The vote in question was a procedural one to help move an environmental bill to the Senate floor. Problem is, that environmental bill -- which passed -- will exempt a proposed NFL stadium in Industry from state environmental laws ... Members of the Citizens for Community Preservation Inc., which has a lawsuit filed against the stadium, said the vote was unethical because Huff and his wife's involvement in Industry and (with) the stadium's developer, Majestic Realty ... Huff called the allegations "about as bogus as the lawsuit," and said he consulted with legal counsel, who told him there was, in fact, no conflict ... Huff said he originally was not going to participate in the vote at all. But then he was asked to step in, and even the Senate President -- along with others -- told him there was no legal conflict ... He didn't vote when the bill finally hit the floor.

So how close are old Bob Huff's connections to Ed Roski and Majestic Realty? Hand in glove, apparently. An article in the SGV Tribune from last August ("Lawmaker, wife both lend support to Majestic's NFL stadium project") shared these insights:

But it wasn't a simple vote of support. Huff's wife, Mei Mei Huff, has worked for Majestic since 2001, Huff said ... As Majestic sought support for its stadium proposal, Mei Mei Huff led the charge in the San Gabriel Valley's vast Asian community.

And then there is this:

Mei Mei Huff is a senior vice president at the Pacific Palms Resort, a 650-acre resort which sits on land owned by Industry. The property and its facilities are master-leased by Majestic, its CEO Roski and the company's Vice President John Semcken under a partnership called Majestic Hills, LLC.

Care for one more?

Last year, Mei Mei Huff's two businesses reported receiving income from Roski's Majestic Realty Co. ... Mei Mei Ho and Associates, her business consulting firm based in Diamond Bar, reported income of $10,000 to $100,000 through late February, with one of the identified clients as Pacific Palms Resort/Majestic Industry Hills, LLC, according to the most recent financial disclosure reports ... The business was "disposed" in February 2008 and replaced with another business consulting firm, Mei Mei Ho Consulting, LLC. The state senator reported the company's income was over $100,000 beginning Feb. 20. Two of its identified clients are Majestic Realty and Pacific Palms Resort/Majestic Industrial Hills, LLC, records how.

My my (or should that be Mei Mei), that sure is one squeaky close tie between Big Ed's operations and the Bob Huff family. Like perhaps a direct financial tie with a stake in future profits? And we certainly can't see any conflict of interest whatsoever in the Huffster voting to further the empire of Ed Roski now, right? Naw, not one little bit. And then there is this:

During his successful senatorial campaign last November, Huff received $28,200 from Majestic Realty and its representatives, according to state campaign records.

Listen, if every state legislator who received money from Roski had recused themselves from voting on Big Ed's stadium and rather large shopping emporium, there wouldn't have been enough folks left over for a hand of bridge.

There was a great comment attached to the original cite I quoted from at the beginning of this post. Its author, James I. Flourney, pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. Here is what he had to say:

Legally Huff may get a pass. I understand that the Citizens (for Community Preservation) have filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) ... Ethically Huff failed to live up to community standards. Huff's wife works for Pacific Palms which is owned by Majestic and Roski. California is a "Community Property State." ... Huff said he was conflicted but when faced with the choice of following the rules or suspending the rules, Huff voted to suspend the rules thus bypassing sending the bill to committees which which would have given it the hearings it deserved ... Bob Huff must resign ... "Huff said he was not going to participate in the vote at all." This was the correct choice ... "But then he was asked to step in." By whom? Steinberg? Romero? And why? Because if he had not fallen on his sword for Majestic the vote would have failed ... Senate leadership should re-examine its procedures if the allegations about Huff's vote are even remotely true ... Who's legal counsel did he consult? Majestic's? Getting political cover does not make his vote ethical ... Bob Huff must resign.

Sacramento is just so disgraceful.

Oh, and speaking of disgraceful, here's something from one of my favorite inspirational blogs, Orange Juice. Apparently when you're an elected state official in California, the gifts just keep on a-coming.

State Legislators have spent over $3 million on luxury cars since 2007: Our state is broke, but we have spent over three million dollars over the past three years providing luxury cars to our state legislators ... Republican State Sen. Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, who represents Chino Hills and part of Chino on the western end of our county, drives a Cadillac CTS that cost the state $41,300, including $4,226 for upgraded wheels and Bluetooth, according to an L.A.Times report.

Sacramento issued IOUs to school teachers because there wasn't any dough to be found there, but they still managed to secure a few bucks to keep Fightin' Bob stylin' around the Valley in a top of the line convertible Cadillac with tricked out wheels and a really cool state of the art remote dial cellphone.

Here's a site you just might want to visit ...


  1. $4226 for wheels! are they rounder than the wheels that came with the car?

  2. Bob's wheels? I hear they're pimpin.'

  3. This makes me so angry I'll skip any coffee this morning, and just rev up on indignation.
    What a disaster these people are for us.

  4. Football, shiny new cars, slick huge tires, beautiful women, lotsa money, School? Teachers?
    Education? Nah? CALIFORNIA DREAMIN !!!

    Pygmalion with DEEP pockets.

  5. As a certain City Council person has been saying for years, if you really care about who you vote for willing to abstain from the "Free Candy Band Wagon", stop voting for the Republicrats, vote based upon ethical behavior, character.. Huff has to go.
    Unfortunately, you would have to vote 85% of the legislators out.
    This kind of corrupt practice has become so common place in Sacramento, it's starting to look legal.
    We may have to build an additional prison just to deal with these people. They should be prosecuted and given prison terms.

  6. 11:24:
    You write:
    "This kind of corrupt practice has become so common place in Sacramento, it's starting to look legal".

    Good God, you are so right!
    Isn't it sad that we have to write such grim commentary these days?

  7. The part that gets me is Huff actually has the nerve to sound
    like he's offended that anyone should even dare to suggest
    that he might have a conflict of interest problem. It's like he
    feels he can do whatever he wants in this regard, and has no
    fear that anyone in Sacramento will call him out. This criminal
    conduct runs so deep that the crooks don't even bother to
    hide their crimes. They just deny everything and expect that
    to be the end of it. What a catastrophe for California.

  8. The whole thing is just sickening. And note the repetitious theme of suspending environmental protection laws. CEQA is trashed whenever the moneyed interests want a project in. Isn't that nice? Private profits and socialized risk--We developers will take the profits and leave you the citizens holding the bag. Now that's current California statesmanship. And the cars, well, isn't it just about appropriate for a cat like Bob Huff to be driving a class A pimp-mobile. It's the embodiment of what is going on.

  9. Dr Staccato - the ultimate irony is SB 375, which supposedly is going to help California control its contribution to global warming, also cancels CEQA reviews when inconvenient to a developer building in a transportation corridor. Which apparently is any area with trains or buses. California is just one big lie now.

  10. Sir Eric, I think huff's connections go more toward the inordinate amount of huff families in compton, there are huff's from MT, huff's from TX, huff's from NY, huff's from OK & the local compton CA huffs, or is it that isidore hall born in louisiana is kin to v huff of diamond bar also born louisiana?

  11. 2:44 - yeah, but I'll bet none of those Huffs have the stylin' pimp mobile we the California taxpayers bought for California State Senator Bob Huff.

  12. ok how about this a book called "Mei ling in china" illustrated by gayle garner roski???

  13. Check out the breathy-- everything is hunky dorry in California in this weeks Time magazine.

  14. 3:29 - sounds like your prescription for medical marijuana has come through. Congratulations, I guess.

  15. Interesting picture with the article Sir Eric. Nice to see a daughter supporting her father like that.

  16. How is the recall going?
    The sign up dates seemed to stop in September...

  17. 4:07 - apparently the young woman the State Senator is pictured with is a Chinese pop star by the name of Jolin. More pictures of her can be accessed here:
    Bob's favorite Asian pop star
    If you scroll all the way down you can see the photo in its original setting. Now there seems to be some sort of controversy surrounding Jolin. We are currently researching the matter.

  18. Jolin Tsai is a Taiwanese pop star of considerable note throughout Asia. She has been somehow tied in with a controversy involving Edison Chen, a film star from Hong Kong.

    More soon ... I have somehow translating some material for me.

  19. Wow, this Sen. Huff is a real jet setter.
    Fancy cars, hanging out with rock stars, and it's all on our dime.
    On another sickening matter....check this out all you Santa Anita fans or employees.

    From the Los Angeles Times:

    Governor signs bill to help horse-racing industry
    October 23, 2009 | 5:39 pm
    California’s horse-racing industry is struggling to compete with expanding casinos and other betting alternatives, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Friday he has signed a measure allowing horse track groups to take a larger cut from wagers to fix up their facilities and offer bigger purses.

    Senate Bill 517 was backed by several race-related organizations, including the Los Angeles County Fair, Santa Anita Park and the Oak Tree Racing Assn.

    The bill by Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter) allows a thoroughbred association or fair to increase the amount it deducts from horse-race wagering. It also provides the groups more flexibility to spend the money on improvements, including the purchase of tracks and training areas, and allows winnings that are more competitive with those offered in other states.

    Legislative analysts estimate that a 5% increase in the amount taken out of wagers would generate $200 million annually for the horse-racing industry.

    Florez said the bill "is about self-reliance, reinvesting in California for growth and protecting jobs for the future."

    --Patrick McGreevy in Sacramento

    This will really kill horseracing in Calif.
    Wonder if this isn't the idea. We have no one to lobby for us either.
    Many people I know think Arnold wants slot casinos. I was never in favor of them at the racetrack, but it could be the only thing to save horseracing. It's a dying industry.

  20. Fan site detailing the career of Jolin Tsai. Scroll to the bottom for reference to the "Edison Chen photo scandal."
    Jolin Tsai

  21. anonymous 3:35,
    what is wrong did you search the book find it online, and notice the remarkable resemblence to huff's daughter?

    The story is about connections,,,

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it....

  22. anonymous 6:49 perhaps it is bobs favorite asian pop star...

  23. Maybe Bob's a Hello Kitty fan.

  24. Only after Kitty has had eyelid surgery.

  25. Sacramento is a pay-to-play operation, and nobody has his hand out farther than Bob "Cadillac" Huff.

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  27. Another winner for team Neuroblast!

  28. ya,ya,ya, blah,blah,blah, yadda,yadda,yadda, lets build the freakin; thing and GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!! Looking forward to Rush and the Rams WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ya, Lets go BABY, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????!!!!!!!!

  29. Now there's the perfect fit for that stadium.. Big Ed and Rush Limbaugh.

  30. Thank you Neuroblast so very much for your postings. Great way to cut to the chase and appreciate your efforts. Would also like to thank Maryann for being such a first class human being and Mayor. Her calm steady hand and head is so important to the chaos that seems to be Sierra Madre. And a big thank you to Sir Eric for bringing to the light of day, the insanity that seems to be so prevalent in the world of politics as evidenced in this incredible article.

  31. Treelady,
    I appreaciate your thanks, keep up the good fight!
    Neuroblast Films

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  33. "State Legislators have spent over $3 million on luxury cars since 2007: Our state is broke, but we have spent over three million dollars over the past three years providing luxury cars to our state legislators ... Republican State Sen. Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, who represents Chino Hills and part of Chino on the western end of our county, drives a Cadillac CTS that cost the state $41,300, including $4,226 for upgraded wheels and Bluetooth, according to an L.A.Times report."

    State paid for vehicles are provided to legislatures to conduct government related business - Don't you expect to be reimbursed by your employer for expenses accrued using your personal vehicle to conduct business related matters? Its kinda like the same thing, although most people like yourself are too dumb to realize it. Those wheels were also returned and stock Cadillac wheels were put in place - he also happened to purchase an AMERICAN car, so this money is coming right by to OUR ECONOMY, or are you too dumb to understand that as well? Why don't we stop worry about a petty $44k and worry more about the $9 BILLION we give to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS EVERY YEAR?!

  34. Aww, how cute. An apologist for Big Ed's favorite boy has come to lecture us. So Cadillac Bob needs a $41,000 automobile to conduct state business? You mean like riding around at 4th of July parades waving at the citizens? No wonder we're going broke. By your goofy logic the economy could be saved if the government bought us all American cars. And you do know, Mr. Revisionist, that the LA Times article had nothing about Tailfin Huff returning those wheels. Did they ever print a retraction?

    11:06 deleted for obscenity.

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Eric, yes... we went broke because state legislatures get vehicles... nevermind all the money we waste each year on people who don't even belong here. We went broke, not ONLY because of the irresponsibility of our government, but ALSO because of dumbasses who can't do simple math and figure out that variable APR is a bad thing. Maybe you should spend more time lobbying people to take a finance class rather than bitching about a Cadillac... WOW - do you get all your news from the LA Times, and whatever isn't printed in that paper must not have happened, huh? Those wheels were returned. Now how about you go bitch about all the other state legislatures who picked up new rides, also.

  37. "All The News The Other Fellows Won't Print"

    Want to know why its "news the other fellows won't print"? BECAUSE ITS ALREADY BEEN PRINTED AND ALL YOU DO IS INJECT YOUR NOT-SO-INSIGHTFUL OPINIONS.

    Example: "Sacramento is just so disgraceful." Wow, really? Did they teach you this in your introductory poli-sci class today?

    Learn to write something original and maybe your trash will be printed too.

  38. Thanks for this. Great stuff. See this morning's article at 7.

    Wotta maroon. All that rage over the car, not about the Huffsters (MiMi and Cadillac Bob) getting dough from Big Ed, a person whose interests he voted to approve. You have to wonder if maybe it wasn't written by Cadillac Bob himself.

  39. Oh, and 11:35 deleted for obscenity. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  40. Hey, do you live your life with your retarded mentality?