Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miss Susie's Latest News Lapses

Sometimes you just have to watch what you wish for. Last week I complained that the Loony Views News wasn't covering the important stories here in Sierra Madre. And to some extent that hasn't changed as Joe Mosca's recent removal from his SGVCOG duties has yet to grace the pages of our adjudicated paper of record. News suppression being an important priority at the Loony Views, especially when it is something that involves one of the publisher's special pets. But can you believe that there was finally a story about the City Council's recent One Carter and Stonehouse deliberations, and it didn't come with a picture of a stone wall? Yes, it looks like Mount Cliche' has at last been scaled.

There isn't much point in discussing this senseless LVN article as journalism. The paper's publisher, who doubles as the one person there entrusted with the awesome responsibility of writing about Sierra Madre's news, couldn't carry a thought to conclusion in a wheelbarrow. And if the topic heads north of Hello Kitty on the complexity scale, well, you'd better start dropping bread crumbs.

So rather than wading across this mile of muck, I thought we'd pluck out a few fine examples of LVN synaptic dysfunction, and then set the record straight. An absurd exercise, I know. But in the great search for what is truly important in life, sometimes you just have to improvise.

CSF was represented at the council meeting by Susan Hori, an attorney with the high powered law firm of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, and Brian Salsner, Director of the project.

Couple of problems here. The first being that Susan Hori is not an attorney with this firm, she is a partner at the firm. There's a big difference in that. And rather than taking the LVN publisher's word, ask a real lawyer. And Brian "Salsner" actually spells his last name Sosner. And Sosner is hardly the "Director of the project," he is actually a national executive in charge of CapitalSource's financial problem children. Here is how they describe this gent's responsibilities on the CapitalSource site:

As a Portfolio manager within CapitalSource's Structured Finance Group, Mr. Sosner is primarily responsible for managing a portfolio of troubled real estate assets and implementing a special servicing asset management operation for all nonperforming classes of commercial real estate and real estate owned as well as procedures to turnaround, reposition, and/or liquidate such assets.

In other words, he's the guy who deals with the company's toxic investments. If it's a fiscal basket case, then Brian is the guy who has to handle it. And that he flew all the way out here from the company's corporate headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland, is saying a lot. I guess that puts One Carter into a very special category of unmitigated disaster.

And you thought this guy was nothing but the smirking fellow we all saw seated behind Lawyer Hori two weeks ago.

Since the original owners of the properties, Dorn Platz, defaulted on their loans, the properties were taken over by Capital Source Funding (CSF).

There is no firm currently owning property in Sierra Madre called "Capital Source Funding." The folks who came by our City Council meeting two weeks ago are from a company called CapitalSource. "Strength You Can Bank On," as they like to say. And with $28 billion in assets to back the claim up.

And I don't want to get too politically correct on you guys, but weren't the original owners of the properties in question Native Americans? The Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribe to be exact? I mean, we all know who Dorn Platz is, and I'm sure the Loony Views News is as enamored of them as they are any other developer. But to suggest that their ownership of One Carter extends back for thousands and thousands of years? Is the publisher claiming the existence of a Dorn Platz Tribe?

And I cannot believe that the LVN's publisher fell for this bit of chump chum:

Hori pointed out to the council that they have made several changes to the original settlement plan including decreasing the number of units on Stonehouse from 35 to 20. Said Hori, "Our desire is to arrive at a point to finalize the Settlement Agreement."

Swallowing and printing Hori's fictitious claim about having reduced the amount of home sites from 35 to 20 at Stonehouse is just terrible journalism. Whether out of ignorance or from rancor, this really is inexcusable. The count at Stonehouse has been 20 houses since November of 2007. Tracy Thomas gives a very clear explanation of this in a video available on the Neuroblastfilms Channel. And since this LVN article quotes Tracy elsewhere, you can only wonder why that particular fact went astray.

Another perplexing item. Can anybody please tell me what the following sentence means?

"However, whether or not residents will ever the developer of the projects is doubtful."

Maybe the LVN's publisher should take the sign's advice and write for free help?

Now this last item is kind of painful for me, because it involves two of my former colleagues from the old Mount Wilson Observer. Yes, we're talking about Rich Johnson and Hail Hamilton. And frankly, as outre' as either of these gentlemen can occasionally be, nobody deserves the fate they are currently suffering. Denied the "privilege" of discussing the affairs of Sierra Madre by their controlling publisher, both have been forced to cast their journalistic nets far and wide to find allowable topics to discuss. And what is it these two are currently fighting about? Something called "the tyranny of capitalism."

I'm telling you, it's like another planet over there.


  1. Somebody told me that the paper has been offering business
    owners columns. Especially if they buy an ad.

  2. Doesn't anyone associated with that paper proofread?

  3. Sir Eric, maybe there's been no article about Joe's demotion, uh, reassignment, because Henderson is still researching and writing it. Maybe it will be a series of 3 or 4 articles chronicling Joe's troubled path to political glory.

  4. Any journalism or English teachers teachers want to comment?

  5. I'm wondering if it is only Susan's articles that aren't proof read. That seems to be where the majority of the errors are to be found. Perhaps nobody over there at Poolestown has the guts to give her unpleasant news? There is also the possibility that her articles are kept secret until publication because of the incredible importance of the information to be found there. And because of the security issue, never get proofed.

  6. My favorite Hendersonian contribution has been her descriptions.
    Before she took the paper:
    1) the pro-development crowd, a small, bitter, vocal group
    and after:
    2) the slow growth crowd, a small, bitter, vocal group.

  7. The Paper offered Kurt Zimmerman a column after he became Mayor. To his credit, Zimmerman declined the offer. He must be the only politician with the integrity to decline free publicity.

  8. That baffling sentence, "However, whether or not residents will ever the developer of the projects is doubtful" just needs a verb.
    Pretty basic stuff.
    Doesn't require much in the way of skill.
    Who is responsible for proof reading at the LVN?

  9. Zimmerman was also the only Council Member with the guts to cast a vote against approving a contract with the City to publish its legal notices in Henderson's paper

  10. I kan wriet like susanOctober 27, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    Susan writes like her resume reads - full of lies, BS and not proofread.

    Susan is bitter, bitter that we all caught her in her lies and she's been exposed for what she is - a fraud.

  11. Harriet Susan Henderson is a large, bitter, vocal, illiterate.

  12. Curly, about Susan offering articles written by advertisers in exchange for advertising - she was trying to do that from day one.

    Katina put the brakes on that because she said it wouldn't be ethical and such articles would be basically advertising. Katina offered to cover local businesses but not play favorites to advertisers.

    Obviously, Susan disagreed about simple ethics of journalism with Katina, which hasn't surprised anyone.

  13. Sir Eric?
    Would it be possible for you to contact Ana Ramirez again and ask if Henderson ever paid her the $700 she owes her?

  14. I wonder if Susan is getting any financing from a special interest group?
    She seems the type that's got through life playing the system angles, mostly not playing it straight.

  15. It's sad to think that for some people that paper is their only source for local news. It probably never occurs to them that it is filled with half truths and nonsense.

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  18. Neuroblast...Last Fri night a new TV show "White Collar Crime" premiered @ 10:00 PM. The show was probably the best I have seen in some time. But the real kicker was that the premiere show was free of ads for a full hour. You have no idea what an interesting and entertaining hour that created. I had no idea just how much TV advertising dominates the media and the distractions it brings. Amazing!

  19. Thanks, Neuroblast!
    For any of you reading this, go over to Neuroblast's YouTube site and check these out.
    You'll soon learn what we all are responding to.
    Check out the one on Susan Henderson, it speaks for itself, just like Mosca.

  20. My comments on 1 Carter and Stonehouse projects made at the Oct 13, 2009 City Council meeting were directed at the inadvisability of these projects because of the geologic and natural disaster potential of these sites. Truly devestating things will eventually happen to homes placed there.

    My next comments will deal with the developers plan to sell sites with no home development plans or timetable to complete the project. (For comparison the Pasadena project at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Sierra Madre Villa involved aprox. 20 homes. It was started about 2 or 3 years ago with all 20 homes completed as a "neighborhood") Three years and its done!

    By contrast our next Council decision for a similar number of homes, Stonehouse, now called a "troubled asset" by Capitol Source will apparently call for approval of building sites only. Construction will be ad hoc as lots are sold off, with no timetable for completion.

    What a mess we have!! Grading, cement trucks, construction noise (air hammers, electric saws, delivery trucks, air compressors, worker boom boxes, trash piled in yard, framing & roof noise,
    and dust abatment water trucks) for 20 homes, one at a time for god only knows what length of time.

    Most Cities in modern times require a "PUD" plan for a project developing a sub division of 20 homes. Start and End dates for total project very critical, City control over the construction activity; ie, noise, disruption, dust, sub contractor complience, trash, hours for construction, street clean up (dirt), etc. would be minimum standards for approval.

    Stonehouse, a "troubled asset" is being manipulated by Capitol Source and Brian Sosner as an "LLC" for quick lot sales leaving the City of Sierra Madre with a much bigger "TROUBLED ASSET". Now is the time for the City to Act!

  21. Our Town, great remarks.
    An astronomer lived in town for a while close to the One Carter site.
    He made a youtube of what your talking about, Living Next to One Carter.
    You can get to it from the Neuroblast site too.
    I notice that they've put in some sidewalks up there - took about 3 years.
    Maybe there should be different conditions when the projects are multi-year.

  22. the bear is back. i am excercising extreme restraint. that is, i am not calling in SMPD or, more lethally, APD. that said, the bear is running out of chances.

    and let me be preemptive. i will not be freezing my trash, moving it into the living room, or waiting for athens to replace my trash cans with bear proof units. he needs to go back to the woods. now.

  23. Hi Ranger,
    Do you drink coffee, or know anyone who does? You can put the grinds on the top of the trash, and that helps deaden the deliciousness of the smell. And even better:
    "The best way to keep a bear out of your outside garbage can is to soak sponges or rags in ammonia and place them on top of the inside of your cans. Ammonia gives off a very strong smell that the bears do not like and it also masks the smell that attracts the bears in the first place. If you have a baby, you should know that bears are extremely attracted to the smell of dirty diapers. Ammonia should ward off the bears from your garbage and keep them from coming back to your yard, since their easy feast will now be ruined."

  24. thank you for the ammonia tip, which i will try. i would, however, note that the strongest smell in the garbage yesterday was that attendant to our coffee grounds (unless the bear likes the smell of spent pacifico bottles). moreover, last night there was nothing remotely tasty in the cans. i suspect this explains why the bear felt it necessary to knock over both black cans.

    finally, it is important to note that our ursine friends are not just cute and cuddly. they are KILLERS rampaging through our otherwise peaceful neighborhood. for example, here is a story about a cute, little 150 pound bear attacking and mauling a man who, as part of group of three armed men, cornered it:


    if three armed hunters can't stand down a bear, what chance does SMPD have?

    worse still, this welterweight bear attacked this 100 pound animal lover and ripped her face off:


    as sgt. esterhaus used to say, "let's be carfeul out there."

  25. Ranger...Actually the bear is in his woods. Actually you are in his woods....Get a Life

  26. Why Proofread? I'm making up this stuff anywayOctober 27, 2009 at 2:36 PM

    what happened to the infamous out of town exclusive realtor for One Carter?

    she was quick to point out how blantatly stupid we (the non-dirts) were about opposing the development and how One Carter and Stonehouse were perfect for Sierra Madre.

    M., true. Many in town don't know the truth about Susan, how she lied and stole the paper and prints half baked facts. All I can do it tell one person at a time.

  27. I see SCAG's RTP is on the agenda for tonite's CC meeting. Any chance staff will try to slip some bogus jobs number by us?

  28. 2:36 you are talking about Ms. Sandy Saraganian who was hired by Dorn Platz. Guess that when Greg Galletly, aka Dorn Platz, went belly up, she lost out, along with the Teegardens. You have to give Saraganian some credit though. She put a pretty good scare into people about the HMZ, as the public face of the larger realtor organizations mobilized against it. Yeah, another chapter in the fight against overdevelopment.
    Or maybe Ranger Smith shot her. Sounds like he wants to shoot something....

  29. If anybody sees any bears, chase them up into the mountains.
    With residents like the ranger, this is a very dangerous place.

  30. Maybe we should hire the bears to chase CapitalSource off the mountainside. We
    could pay them off in garbage cans and
    unloved pets.

  31. Just so everyone knows, the story Ranger Smith posted about three hunters chasing a bear up a tree with dogs, and one of the hunters fires a non-leathal shot. It was only then did the bear attack anyone.
    the story
    It sounds as if the hunters were of the Deliverance type.
    Neuroblast Films

  32. Bears vs. Billionaires. I like it!

  33. 4:11 okay, you got me. the hunters were knuckleheads - hence the comparison to our local crime fighters.

    and i agree the bear was provoked. still, he attacked the weak sheep - the 83 year old man. in fact, there is a pattern here. the lady who lost her face to the bear weighed only 100 pounds.

    and 2:25 and 3:58, i deal in facts and irony. so quit being so personal and nasty. in fact, if you persist in calling me "dangerous" and telling me to "get a life" (didn't JOE MOSCA say that?), i WILL CALL THE POLICE on brer bear. his life is therefore in your hands.

  34. Lone Ranger Interesting logic don't forget to chase off the Gypsys, they steal babies you know.

  35. Ah Ranger, I had you figured for an authority caller from the get go. Too bad you don't live somewhere more urban.

  36. Anybody know the story about the library Board of Trustees, and why there's a vacancy?

    And regarding the RTPs for SCAG? I thought that the council requested to bring that item back this meeting so that they could have a say in what number the city submitted, rather than its being a job that staff carried out by its lonesome....

  37. Staff was instructed not to do it by Kurt Zimmerman. Good thing, too.

  38. I wentd to susan henderson skool of jornalismOctober 27, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    back when Katina ran the paper and was in charge, she would openly welcome opposing views and offered both positions on issues to submit articles (she would edit as any "real" editor would because of gramatical errors and wordiness)

    now, Susan, on the other hand, will not ever let any view or article that polar to her own distorted view or that conflicts with her agenda ever be published

    therefore the Looney View News is not a real journalistic paper, if a fluff paper

    eventually she'll run out of money, tap out all the equity in her house and she'll be gone

  39. To Ranger: What woods? Possibly you need to go outside and take a close look at the miles and miles of hillsides that were burned and realize that the bears lost their homes and have nowhere else to go. Give 'em a break, they have no food, no water and no houses and can't qualify for welfare from the state so it is up to you and all of the residents across the foothills to chill out, have another Pacifico and clean up the trash in the morning. Excellent exercise and cheaper than the gym. Disgusting that anyone would even think about shooting them, they are homeless!

  40. Breezy last night.

  41. ummm,10:53 ever heard of HBO?

  42. Did you hear about the little girl riding her bike and a bear tried to grab her on Mountain Trail, oh, but nothing happened, so don't call the authorities.