Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Local Papers Don't Cover The News Very Well

You really do have to feel a bit sorry for the innocent souls that pick up either the Sierra Madre Weekly or The Mountain Views News and assume the stuff they're reading is somehow connected to what most people accept as reality. Because more often than not what is being reported in either of these papers really doesn't have much to do with the factual.

Now here at The Tattler we offered up a lot of coverage on last week's City Council confab. There were some important issues dealt with at this meeting, including a regime change in regards to our representation at the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, aka SGVCOG. It was a good news story, and we had some real fun reporting it.

But apparently not everyone quite understood what was going on there. Here's how the Sierra Madre Weekly dealt with one of these key issues at last Tuesday's meeting. Their story was called Mosca Voted Out as Delegate to Council of Governments.

Councilmember Kurt Zimmerman proposed a compromise that would select Watts as a delegate due to his development experience and Mosca as the alternative ... "When you walk away from the regional voice, you're going to get state mandates, but (if replaced) I'm afraid we are taking Joe's three and a half years of work and throwing it away," Zimmerman said.

Now you'd think that the Sierra Madre Weekly, a paper that has shown occasional flashes of clarity in the past, would send somebody to this meeting who could tell the difference between Councilman Kurt Zimmerman and Councilman John Buchanan. Not just because there are some fundamental philosophical difference between these two gentleman, but also because they don't look alike, either. The quote above, as reported by SMW news hawk Sameea Kamal, was actually spoken by John Buchanan, who was desperately attempting the spare his fellow BIA water carrier the embarrassment of being fired from his SGVCOG slot. Something that could seriously damage Joe's reputation amongst people who could help further his overweening L.A. County bureaucratic career designs. Also, John Buchanan had proposed Don Watts as alternate, and not for the actual SGVCOG delegate slot for Sierra Madre.

Now Susan Henderson's Mountain Views News had a rather novel approach to reporting the biggest news story of last week. The paper said nothing. There apparently being an unspoken policy regarding the reporting of any news that might be construed as not being helpful to the political interests of Mr. Mosca. Which results in her publishing very little about Joe. There was something about the 2010 Rose Princesses, bear sightings, and possible mudslides. Oh, and yet another article where the MVN attempts to credit the Kiwanis Club for the Sierra Madre Fire Safe Council's hard work creating our new Emergency Alert AM radio station. Ms. Henderson being, of course, the president of the Kiwanis Club.

Another story that garnered considerable interest in Sierra Madre last week was the happenings regarding One Carter and whatever it is we're supposed to be calling Stonehouse these days. And while nothing was actually resolved, the three City Councilfolk who represent the interests of the people of Sierra Madre did take the opportunity to let the developer know just how adamant they are about protecting this city's rights. But obviously all of that was way beyond the understanding of the Sierra Madre Weekly's intrepid reporter, Sameea Kamal. Check this mess out:

The development group Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, LLP. stepped in to take over the litigation for prior developer, Dorn Platz, who city council members said left a big mess to be cleaned up ... Representatives from Manatt said they have scaled back on the amount of grading and build-able lots that their predecessor had originally planned, reducing the original amount of lots from 35 to the current 20 ... "It is not our intent to grade anything more than we have to," said Susan Hori, a partner in the firm.

The name of the development group is actually Capitol Source Finance, an investment corporation whose assets number in the billions of dollars. The reason that we now have to endure their presence in our little town is because someone in that corporation was stupid enough to lend Dorn Platz tens of millions of dollars to purchase and develop One Carter and Stonehouse. And now they're stuck with what is a very risky mess for them. Manatt, Phelps is actually the rather prestigious law firm Capitol Source Finance hired to help them deal with the likes of Sierra Madre. And Susan Hori is hardly a partner at Capitol Source Finance. She is the lawyer representing that company as her client.

And it looks like this is yet another very important issue the Mountain Views News took a pass on. My guess being the paper will not touch a story that might in any way put a developer's interests in an unfavorable light. Proving once again that the MVN is willing to take Sierra Madre's tax money, but not report its news.

What a mess.

Update - Neuroblast Films taking no prisoners.


  1. One paper doesn't care enough to get the facts straight, and the
    other is in the hands of a simpleton who thinks she is a political

  2. The worst thing is many people get their misinformation about the city in these so called papers. By the way did Susan ever give her circulation/subscriber numbers to the city manager?

  3. Good question, Pasta, and by the way did Susan ever pay her cleaning lady the $700 she owes her?
    I guess that's a dumb question, show me someone she ever paid! Deadbeat Henderson.

  4. She probably has not paid her debts to anyone. Susan knows that we all know about her fraud and deceit. She finds it impossible to look any of us in the eyes. She is afraid of this blog and those who support it.

  5. I expect lousy news coverage from the Weekly and the MVN, but was hoping that the Star News would have written something about last Tuesday's Council meeting.

    We're sure lucky to have Sir Eric and his Tattler!

  6. Did the Weekly reporter actually attend last Tuesday's Council meeting? Even if she wasn't at the meeting, how in God's name could she attribute the statment in support of Mosca to Council Member Kurt Zimmerman.

    Kurt must be furious.

  7. No wonder The Tattler's readership has grown like it has. There is no other dependable news source in this town. Sad to see print in such a tailspin, but in this case they did it to themselves.

  8. Would an elegant wordsmith out there volunteer to seek a retraction/correction from the Weekly?

    I'm horrified to think that hundreds of years from now a website archaeologist might find that article attributing Council Member Buchanan's comments about Council Member Mosca to Council Member Zimmerman. The horror, the horror.

  9. News flash from the Sierra Madre Weekly: Ceasar Kills Brutus!

  10. Kurt himself, or a staff member at his office, should demand a retraction from the Sierra Madre Weekly.
    Isn't it strange how these dirt supporters seem to have a dread of Kurt Zimmerman?
    What are they afraid of?
    Afraid Kurt is building up political capital?

  11. It is kind of odd how inept and goofy the opposition has become. They don't show up to meetings, and you never hear anything from them. Are they just assuming the big money boys will show up again and do all the work for them? Do they get together and drop the names of influential statewide power brokers to each other? It's like they've totally removed themselves from the community.

  12. when i read the SMN quote it struck me as incongruous. especially since the article goes on to note that mr. z voted to oust mr. mosca.

    finally, at the risk of being called a pro-development bad guy, let me say that the criticism of mr. mosca might best be toned down in the interest of civility. frankly, i am beginning to feel bad for the guy as he sits through council meetings alternating between tears and the snarky remarks of an ill mannered teen.

    think of it from his perspective. he ran for office thinking SM would be a stepping stone to regional power. he got appointed to the what's what of alphabet groups. he set up sunday office hours with the rest of the pro-growth crowd at starbucks. and in was he hoped would be his crowning achievement of leadership, he attempted to split the difference on development by simultaneously coming out agains the DSP and coming out for its completion. yes, we all know that was stooooopid in the extreme. but he didn't.

    regardless, being ambitious, dumb as a stump, and a raving narcissist is not a crime. let's not crucify him over his failings. i say let's start treating brother joe really nice before we vote him out in the next election.

  13. I agree 11:51.
    I will be always polite and kind to Joe, as soon as he is out of any political arena.

  14. Treat him nice, hmmm, that is very turn the other cheek. Then I read all of your insults fired out with a hurtful tone,.....strange.....
    is this Glen Lambdin?
    Neuroblast Films

  15. I like that! Ambitious, dumb as a stump, and a raving narcissist. Yeah, I can be that kind of nice, too!

  16. Don't forget "stooooopid in the extreme"
    That's got to be Lambdin, he had so much riding on Mosca, and he's been disenchanted with his selection for leadership. If you slum to his blog as I have, you will see the insults fly, in a similar style.

    Here is one where he insults Don Watts, what a class act.
    Neuroblast Films

  17. LOL
    You guys are good this morning!

  18. Glenn Lambdin is one of the most dangerous characters in town.
    He is not only a bully, but he likes to take out of town money and sue his neighbors.
    This man is one of the biggest BS artists in Sierra Madre + being the town thug!

  19. based on the 12:11 post i started searching excitedly for the glenn lambdin blog. but for the fact i am scared of him and have to cross the street whenever the family and i see him sitting at starbucks, he is my absolute favorite sierra madre character. actually, he is second to that nice belly dancing lady. in any event, if such a blog exists could someone please provide the address.

    back to the point. while searching i came across something that made my day: the glenn lambdin center for spiritual development.

  20. 11:51 That "ill mannered teen", is a very articulate 37 year old woman who like many people voted for Joe and was betrayed by Joe. Although I am quite sure she will be pleased to be called a teen. Dispite what Joe said...he does not represent the best interests of small cities.

  21. 12:41: the term "ill mannered teen" referred to mr. mosca. the term "comments" referred to "get a life" and the sort. mr. or ms. neuroblast has recorded for these posterity.

    the post does not mention any 37 year old woman. in fact, i agreed with the 37 year old woman's comments, but thought her delivery a wee bit over the top. and who, in their right mind, would be "pleased to be called a teen"? r

  22. Poster 11:51. The Dirts were pretty infamous for demanding "civility" from Measure V supporters, while busily defaming Zimmerman, Watts, the Dunns and Ms. Angus.

    P.S. Nobody feels sorry for Joe Mosca. And since he was passed over for Mayor, nobody who supports him or his ridiculous positions even comes to Council meetings anymore.

  23. I'm with 1:03. The hypocritical Dirts were always pleading for civility during the Measure V campaign. It was just a lame and failed effort to silence Zimmerman and cast the very honorable SMRRD in a false light.

  24. Yes, 12:41, I agree.
    Heather did support Mosca, just like almost everyone who posts on this blog did. The truth is, 80% of the people who voted for Joe really trusted him and believed him to be honorable.
    We were duped, but won't make the same mistake again, and Mosca, if you think you can win an election with 5 or 6 hundred votes....tops, you're delusional. The 20% who voted for you either were stone cold dirts, friends of dirts or just didn't care, got what they deserve. They got a man who doesn't care at all about Sierra Madre, a man who is bought and paid for by special interests.

    Heather Allen! You did the right thing to call this guy out. I respect your respect for truth and integrity. Something Joe lacks.

  25. 11:51 was a sarcastic discourse pointing out Mr. Mosca's failings.

  26. if you want media coverage claim he was taken up in a balloon

  27. The civility issue was as badly abused by the Dirts as the green issue has been abused by the development strategists.

  28. Unbelievably sloppy errors in the Weakly - and they're still there for all to see, online, where a responsible person really should edit for corrections...

  29. Too late... I already made a movie,'s up.
    Neuroblast Films

  30. Wow neuroblast!
    Great work!

  31. Thank you,
    Please sign up with youtube, and leave your comments, and ratings.
    Neuroblast Films

  32. How do you do that?

  33. Click the link I created for you in the highlighted name section called "Youtube"
    and follow the instructions.
    Neuroblast Films
    email me if you have issues

  34. The new dirts to try and ruin Sierra Madre are Sameea Kamal and Susan Hori. They are dangerous and we know about them NOW, unlike Joe who fooled us. Thanks Sir Eric for giving us warning! They probably are here on a pre-existing condition.

  35. Long about the time that the recall Joe Mosca was in the works, he was still calling me and asking to meet me for coffee--never had the time, shucky-darns. Well, anyway, there was a City Council meeting where tons of people were in attendance wearing "I support Joe" buttons. They were people that I had pointed out to him, while refusing a coffee date, that during the election did NOT have Mosca signs on their front lawns. They proudly sported Torres, Keith and Brandly signs. One of then NO-Joe now Pro-Joe even asked for a prayer to be said once he was elected. What an about face. They joined the Joe team when it was obvious he was their guy to go to for development a la the newly formed DICs.

  36. Say it ain't soOctober 19, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    Funny 3:51.
    If you look on the Manatt site, you'll see Susan Hori's bio. She graduated from Berkeley - Boalt. And she's defending these guys....also looks like she specializes in water and development? Guess that doesn't include Sierra Madre.

  37. 4:19 that might explain why they never show up for him anymore - they were Mosca supporters by default.
    Their behavior is very puzzling to me, because loyalty in action as well as word is so important.
    I know other slow growth advocates remember many times and meetings when we had to hang in there.

  38. I remember that, 4:19.
    How could we forget? It was outrageous.
    I know the person you mention who wanted a prayer for Joe!
    This was more than an about face it was hypocrisy!
    This same person was so fearful Joe would get elected, after he won, this pious individual (bigot) made the remark "God help us".
    Why? Shall we say because Joe was "different"?

    We all asked God to help us, as well, but only after the first time it became obvious, Joe Mosca was a plant....a development/Bart Doyle plant. He turned out to be our worst nightmare, but not for the same reason this bigot was so fearful of him getting elected.

  39. I always wondered why Joe Mosca got 100 more votes than Kurt. Then it occured to me, those were the people in on the joke. They knew Joe was a ringer weeks before the election. And that is the DIC hard core. 100 people.

  40. Yes, 4:35
    This is true. Two women in town, both well known dirts, made the remark to some people "I don't know why you're for Joe Mosca, he's on our side". This was BEFORE the election.

  41. And the Dirts say the slow growth side is dishonest.

  42. Check out the lastest Neuroblast link...updated
    at the end of today's Tattler article.
    Neuroblast goes after the quote Buchanan made, that they claim Zimmerman made.
    Email or call this paper and demand an apology to our former Mayor, Kurt Zimmerman.
    Thanks, Neuroblast.

  43. What I've noticed about the Newsy Views is that it has actually been coming out every week.
    Looks like Susan heard about the consequences of her erratic publishing schedule.
    Can't say she isn't canny.
    Canny con.

  44. Newsy Susie only writes about what Newsy Susie thinks you need to know. She wants to be your big sister.

  45. eeeeeeuuuuuu
    Actually, this might make a good Halloween costume:
    The gals can dress up like Susan, and the guys like developers.

  46. who is paying for Susan? how does she stay in business? we know she is dishonest and a thief. but who is backing her with dirty money? our big story in this little town is as disgusting and dishonest as the story on wall street. GREED. it is as old as time. but with Sir Eric we can catch the thief. This makes all of us puke that the people who shout the loudest are the ones who are the biggest liars and the lowest of the low..............aaaaaarrrrggghhh

  47. I believe the advertisers are paying Hendersons freight, so if you REALLY want to harm her, go after the advertisers one by one, state your case in a clear and concise manner, see what happens, but if you do nothing then nothing changes. Boycott ALL businesses that advertise in her rag and send letters to those business owners that you, me and many others are refusing to u8se their product, service, facility..etc until they pull advertising from the paper. You've got to choke the horse at the waterin' hole.

  48. I don't think it is necessary to go that far. After all, the businesses advertising in her paper are probably blissfully ignorant of the agenda at work there. The best way to do it is this. Walk into a business that advertises in Susan's paper, compliment the owner on just how nice a place it is. Then say something along the lines of, "I never would have thought that a business advertising in the Mountain Views News could be this nice." Then buy something, smile, and leave. All you need to do is create a little bit of doubt. Business owners are very sensitive to the perceptions of their customers, and chances are they aren't all that committed to the MVN anyway, and they'll decide to try spending their advertising dollar elsewhere. Never use a sledgehammer when a feather will do the job more effectively.

  49. we can't hold Susan Henderson's paper to any journalistic or ethical standards because she doesn't have any personal standards of ethics - she is a liar, plain and simple - that is a fact in a "court of law".

  50. Here is a list all of her support. Please feel free to contact them with links to Susans shorts on Neuroblast, as well as articles detailing her unsavory character flaws. I included telephone numbers, and websites as well.

    Cafe 322 (626) 836-5414

    Bean Town (626) 355-1596

    Yoga Madre (626) 303-1004

    The Four Seasons Tea Room (626) 355-0045
    75 N Baldwin Ave

    Drop A Load Laundry (626) 355-6213
    370 W Sierra Madre Blvd.

    ASR A. S. Rogers Income Tax Service
    (626) 282-2156
    529 W Main st. Alhambra

    Niko & Friends (626) 510-6151
    Coffee & Deli

    Huntington Veterinary Hospital
    (626) 357-2335
    535 W Huntionton Dr. Monrovia


    Right at Home
    in home care and assistance
    (626) 261-4281
    (626) 584-8130
    (818) 306-4841

    Burger Continental
    535 S Lake Ave. Pasadena
    (626) 792-6634


    Home Made
    Cleaning Services
    (626) 836-8353

    Huntington Learning Center
    (626) 294-0500
    1207 south Baldwin Ave.

    Websters Fine stationers
    (626) 797-1135
    2450 N Lake Ave. Ste B
    Alta Dena

    Risque Lingerie Boutique
    1045 E. Green St. Pasadena
    (626) 796-1100

    Foothill Computer Services
    (626) 355-8315
    62 W Alegria Ave

    June Chandlers
    Comedy improv club
    (626) 355-4572
    @ Casa Del rey

    FootsmArts Reflexology
    2453 N Hermosa Ave

    San Marino Community Church
    (626) 282-4181
    1750 Virgina Rd. San Marino

    swift realty inc.
    (626) 280-1812
    9060 Telstar Ave. Ste. 205
    El Monte

    Bevin Eustance realtor
    (626) 821-1213
    15 E. foothil Blvd

    R & B Reverse mortgage

    Margit Holakoui
    1012 Northview ave

    Barristers nursery
    (626) 441-1323
    Barristers Gifts
    686 South Arroyo Parkway, Suite 4
    Pasadena, CA 91105

    Gem Plumbing
    (626) 355-3496
    140 E Montecito ave

    Jack Froelich
    (626) 793-8218

    Sprinkler Works
    (800) 414-1004

    Dickson Podley
    (626) 408-1401

    (626) 836-8578
    1436 S Balwin

    (626) 355-3908
    120 W Sierra Madre Blvd.

    They all advertised in the last rag.
    Neuroblast films

  51. careful how you approach advertisers, letters would be most appropriate - make that civil letters and no negative or whiny threats.

    If I were an advertiser and I had waves of people (that never shop with me or eat at my place) show up and say they weren't going to patronize me, well I wouldn't care.

    turnabout is fair play because our real estate friends were "boycotting" Susan Henderson before but now that she is towing the party developer line, they don't say "boo", even during Halloween.

    the issue is that Susan lied about herself, lied to a judge, refuses to honor legal obligations and is that the type of "business" that the advertisers want to associate with?

    I would bet that the advertising is so cheap or free, that many advertisers say, "what's the harm?" and I bet than none have a clue about the real published numbers that most of what is claimed by the sales reps is empty air.

    A simple direct non-fanatical approach will have the advertisers questioning Susan.

    What she needs is advertisers to insist on seeing her actual notarized printing invoice. However, she could be printing 10,000 copies and only 500 are being distributed and read.

    Her online numbers of readership are as ridiculous as Beth Buck's dirt website and Bill Coburn's numbers.

    Made up just like her history.

  52. 10,000 papers broken down into bundles of 25 would means it would have to spread out on 400 racks. Seems highly improbable

  53. If I interact with any advertisers, I'll just ask & see if they are aware of local politics. Otherwise, it reminds me too much of what the Dirts did to the good local paper we used to have.

  54. Yes, 11:01 they stole it from the Dunns who left town without the $40,000 that Harriet Susan Henderson MVN editor in thief, owed them from a court settlement. Add that to the money she stole from the republican party or was it democrat ( she is both depending on the day )
    to go on a lingerie and disney land shopping spree. She publicly slandered the Dunns, and has been caught in lies about her education, as in she has never been to any colleges she had claimed. Now she uses the local rag to spin the dirt political agenda.

  55. Editor in Thief.
    That's a good description.

  56. it takes all of my mediocre upbring to be polite or distantly civil to Henderson when I see her in town. But if she ever asks me why I rarely talk to her anymore, I'll tell her why - that she is a liar, a racist, a hypocrite, a thief, a cheat, a false prophet of doom, a thieft, a liar, a cheat, a lousy writer, a thief, a liar and what else did I leave out...a liar.

  57. Why doesn't the Tattler start printing a newspaper?

  58. 4:57, Costs money, needs advertising - this way, Sir Eric is beholden to no one.
    FREE press

  59. saw the Pasadena Star news had an article on the 19th about the police shooting and a copy of the lawsuit , why won't our local papers even mention the incident

  60. Bet they will, 5:16. They just have to mosey on up to it when they're getting ready for the week in review. The Weakly is Weekly, and Sue'sViews is whatever.

  61. Print is dying, and the internet is killing it. Wouldn't going from an internet news site to print be going backwards?

  62. The dumb state law needs to be changed.
    We shouldn't be under the gun to have to pay Henderson for the legals.
    We shouldn't have to pay any paper.
    They should be online on the city website, also posted in print at City Hall and the City Library.
    That should work just fine.