Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Power Outage Afflicts Maundry Compound - Newly Seeded Front Yard Terrorized

Here at the mouth of the mighty Bailey Canyon the winds they a-howled, large pieces of tree flew about, and trash cans (of all three colors and functions) rolled down the hill, spilling their contents as they went. The power went out and, cut off from the modern world, we were left to nothing more than huddling around scented votary candles and talking to each other. No computers, no television, no Fall Ball Little League practice (Go Blue Bellies!), no Wi, it was all so Lincolnesque.

Thankfully we remembered each other's names.

On the Pasadena Star News website our travails were described thusly:

About 3,000 Southern California Edison customers in Arcadia, Monrovia, and South Pasadena lost electricity. Parts of Azusa, Temple City and Sierra Madre were also left in the dark due to outages but it's unknown how many residents were affected ... In Sierra Madre, Sgt. Charles Kamcharmnan said they had a transformer blow up, downed trees and power outages ... Gusts in Northern Los Angeles County hit 70 mph, the weather service said.

Additionally, large clouds of dust were reported being blown from the One Carter disaster.

So the upshot to all of this is I don't know what happened down at City Hall last night. Did the meeting even take place? Did hardier souls than I brave the elements and head on down to witness local governance in action? Did the passion and the fury contained within SCAG's 2012 Regional Transportation Plan Projections match what was going on outside?

This is an open thread. Share what you know, yo.


  1. Edison charges enough why can't they keep the power on? Everytime there is a little wind storm we loose power for days or hours. They should use their lobbying budget to trim the trees that are over the power lines. Or maybe John could trim a tree everyday he is in town trying to be seen instead of working.

  2. No news from my house, except massive amounts of clean-up needed.
    No channel 3, no tv, no music, none of the distractions.
    I have all the same questions, Sir Eric.
    Do you think there's a chance that if there was a meeting, it will actually be re-broadcast tonight? Or is that a fool's dream...

  3. We were totally blacked out last night. Thanks Edison! But the wildest thing was the ash from the Station Fire. Coming up the 210 last evening it was almost like driving in a fog. Very eerie.

  4. The Iconic Blonde from the Grove Street Bunch braved the howling wind (with her flashlight),
    was witness to the goings on at city hall, with City Council Persons blinking in the dark.....
    Maybe she can give us an Eyewitness account???

  5. There was a meeting last night. Thankfully, Council Member Zimmerman pushed back again on City Staff's ridiculous population and job growth estimates, which they were proposing to send to SCAG.

  6. The Council meeting happened courtesy of a generator. They taped most of the meeting and it will be replayed on Channel 3.

  7. Pasta - you have to wonder what Johnny B Slack gets out of hanging out all day in Sierra Madre. Obviously he's throwing away the most productive working years of his life on something that, at least on the surface, wouldn't appear to have much of a payoff. So what's in it for him?

  8. Any theories on why SCAG holds so much influence over SM City Staff?

    Are they being blackmailed?

  9. 8:50, any idea when it will be replayed?
    Tonight? Tomorrow morning? Maybe three times on Sunday, but no other time?
    I'm getting a handle on the playback scheduling. It's "catch as catch can." The false schedules posted on the city web site ought to come down, and this statement put up:

    Playbacks: Check channel three every once in a while.

  10. Speaking of Zimmerman, I don't understand why the guy has a reputaiton for being so cold. At one point, the Council was voting on the appointment of a youth representative to a City Commission. The two candidates were a young lady and a young man. Both candidates had very similar qualifications (straight A students etc). Three of the Council Members were prepared to vote for the young man. To accomodate both candidates, however, Zimmerman suggested that the young man be appointed a voting member of the Commission and the young lady be appointed a non-voting member.

    Both the Mayor and Council Member Buchanan (in a rare display of solidarity) dismissed Zimmerman's suggestion. In fact, the Mayor went so far as to lecture Zimmerman and the young lady on the value of learning to accept disappointment. Not our Mayor's finest moment. Zimmerman countered by saying that he was 46 and was sure that as the young lady grew older she would experience plenty of other disappointments! LOL

    Eventually, Zimmerman prevailed and the young man became the voting member and the young lady became the non-voting member.

  11. Try to watch channel 3October 28, 2009 at 9:06 AM

    9:02, thanks for posting.
    Mr. Z has a sense of humor too it seems.
    Who can argue with the fact that there are more than enough opportunities to learn about disappointment in this world?
    Anyone know what happened with the library board?
    Or why there was a vacancy?

  12. 8:47, do you know where they left the SCAG numbers? Is the item coming back again, or...

  13. Hopefully the SCAG numbers were pushed back to where they belong, which is zero. And also hopefully the Soviet Commissar in charge won't call in the tanks.

  14. Two things.
    8:45 At 6:00 PM last night the vacant area east of Pasadena HS was generating a hugh cloud of white and grey white dust, which could easily have been mistaken for ash. There is a big problem with this vacant bare ground. It completly filled the sky as far as the eye could see.

    On Edison and its high wire act. The solution is simple and used all over parts of the country. Power, Phone,and Cable should be under ground. The upper areas of Acacia and Camello have underground utitlites and only suffer when the above ground transformers and lines below them are compromised by natural forces. All areas above Grandview and probably above Sierra Madre Blvd should have Utilities below ground.
    The wind produces problems, but wait until we have a more severe earthquake. The rocking above ground power lines produce a fireworks display worthy of the 4th of July. The sparks arc to the ground and produce fire. If an earthquake and santa anna wind ever combine all of Sierra Madre and a lot more will be eliminated. Why can't So Cal Edison, and Sierra Madre with State and Federal Grants get a plan and construct an underground utility system? You can bet Edison won't spearhead this effort.

  15. Good comment Our Town, and a good question.
    "why can't So.Cal Edison and Sierra Madre with State and Federal Grants get a plan and construct and underground utility system?

    JOHN BUCHANAN? Care to answer this question?

  16. Does anyone know if the City Council meeting from last night will be replayed on 3?

  17. 4:45, the answer to your question is......

    maybe, maybe not.

    A consistent playback schedule has so far been impossible for the city to follow.

  18. Well, I hope everyone will call City Hall tomorrow if we don't see it.


  19. Is anyone getting the H1N1 flu shot?
    I heard if you had bad flu in the 1950's you are probably immune. True or False?
    I had it as a child, so I'm passing.

  20. Is any of the vaccine available locally?