Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Second Tuesday of the Month City Council Meeting Tout Sheet

This evening's City Council meeting shows signs of being almost as entertaining as the last few. And, given the absence of anything with the word "Alverno" in it, hopefully shorter as well. Of course, for those of us who are dedicated to the art form, the last meeting was a long 3 weeks ago. Five week months might be good for that extra paycheck once in a while, but for those of us who enjoy seeing the local issues of the day given a good vigorous workout, that wait can seem long indeed.

Now the first few rounds of this meeting deal mostly with the usual spending demands. Preliminary bouts I guess. A couple of shiny new fire trucks are on the docket, as well as renewing our contract with Pasadena for a dogcatcher. Is there anybody upset that we're going out of town for our dog catching needs? Is the Dogcatcher Officers Association (DOA) aware? I guess we'll see. More money for the CRA, payroll, the library, yadda yadda. The MTA comes up. Something to do with the Shenanigan Shuttle perhaps? Interesting that Sierra Madre is being given $45,000 by the Homeland Security folks. Perhaps we're being paid to help keep the Taliban from coming over the San Gabriel Mountains to terrorize Arcadia? This is followed by our accepting some sort of funding for public safety. I guess we're really raking it in. Not that any of this is a complete gift, mind you. The stuff still comes out of taxes that we all pay.

The first feature bout of the evening is sure to erupt quickly as the City Council decides who will serve as our delegate to the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, or SGVCOG for those of you suffering from Acronym Dependency Syndrome (ADS). As was first revealed right here on this blog, our current delegate, Joe "No Show" Mosca, has not been attending very many of the meetings. And given the notion that issues of great importance to the citizens of Sierra Madre are supposedly considered there, this lack of presence is a serious matter. However, Joe doesn't see it that way, and chances are quite good that he will resist removal with his usual snarks and barks. For reasons still unclear, the SGVCOG thing seems to mean a lot to him. Of course, not quite enough for him to have actually attended the meetings in question. Bring plenty of popcorn. This one is certain to make it to the Neuroblast site.

The next feature bout deals with the desire of many in the Canyon to have an "interim moratorium" on all new construction put into place. That is until some sort of permanent Canyon specific building codes and practices are officially established. Colorful hill gentleman from the home improvement industry could put in appearances at the podium for this one, and as gruff and tough as they might hope to appear, the effect can be comical at times.

And wouldn't you know it, SCAG finds itself a place on the agenda once again. This time the California Association of Governments would like us to "accept and file" their exciting new 2012 Regional Transportation Plan. Or RTP for those of you with acronym challenges. Here's a couple of lines from the summary of this chuckle bucket prepared for the edification of our Council members:

"According to the estimates provided by SCAG for baseline year 2020, the City's population is expected to increase by 32 residents for a total of 11,099, and the number of households is expected to increase by 140 for a total of 4,972 over the next 11 years."

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but how can an increase of 32 residents result in an increase of 140 households? I don't care how much Hasan Kool Aid you might be consuming these days, that makes absolutely no sense.

But if you thought that was bad, check out this three-headed dog:

SCAG utilizes widely used cohort-component methodology that utilizes fertility and mortality rates, net immigration, domestic in-migration, and domestic out-migration in their key technical assumptions.

Cohort-component methodology? Fertility rates? What do they think we are, breeding stock? And doesn't "domestic in-migration and domestic out-migration" just mean people moving to - and from - Sierra Madre? Then why don't they just say that instead of relying upon such nonsensical cant and jargon? And you know what they say about assumptions, technical or otherwise.

One item that a few might find to be of minor interest does have some surprising importance in this community for others. That being the request for a "Temporary Use Permit" (TUP for those of you with acronym disorders) for a real estate sign at the site known as "One Carter."A sign being important because without one there to tell you what's up the place could be mistaken for a landfill. And it looks like the gentlemen attempting to market the Stonehouse site have now decided it best to change the name of that unfortunate locale to "Stonegate." As in, "You can't get blood out of a Stonegate."

The final match of importance will be a discussion regarding a "settlement plan proposal" for Stonegate and One Carter. Apparently the developers want us to abandon our Hillside Ordinances so that they can build McMansions up there. Here I hope the City Council just tells these characters where to get off. Such laws are in place for a reason. And if they want to sue, then let them. They're going to sue us over something anyway, so we might as well just get it over with now. And who knows, if we actually fight back maybe we'll win something for a change. After all, wasn't it the Mayor Rob "The Chickenhearted" Stockley administration's fear of lawsuits that got us into this mess in the first place? And, as everyone knows, we were sued anyway. And quite often.

The last two items are nonsense stuck on the agenda by the Greenwash Brothers. I mean, "Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy?" What in God's name is that supposed to mean? Seeing how they are employed by what are two of the more significant greenhouse gas producers in the Western United States, they have got to be kidding. When these guys get going on about this sort of stuff anybody with at least a modicum of common sense will quickly turn off their TV set and get some beauty rest.


  1. Watching Joe go down tonight should be quite a treat. Pride
    goeth before a fall, as they say. Hopefully this will be a good
    lesson for him and he will come out of the experience a much
    better person.

  2. hmmm.....don't count on it, Curly.
    Joe seems to be immune to situations that would humble another and silence another into contemplation......"gosh, wonder if I am acting like a jerk"?
    Team Neuroblast? You should get some great action films tonight!
    I hope Comrade Husan I.(former Soviet Union official) and the guy (former president of C.A.R.) from beautiful El Centro show up to "fight" for Joe.

    Damn it! They can follow our laws or go elsewhere.
    Sir Eric is right, Rob (chickenhearted) Stockley and his gang of wimps, Buchanan, Joffe, Torres pacified the crooked Dorn Platz bunch for years.
    Remember.....pacifist wimpy caving in breeds aggression....always, it's the law of the jungle.
    Didn't Dorn Platz lawsuits prove that to everyone?
    Good God, city council, stand firm on this!

  4. Just Say No To Joe. It's time the little bugger got his wings clipped.

  5. Where do you go when you don't have a lid on your blue recycling garbage can any more. Looks like the trash truck beat it off. Will that be something I would go to Joe with now?

  6. Is that 32 babies born or 32 new homeland security folks moving in to help you? Is a baseline of 2020, 11 years from now a true factual baseline, how can it be..A baseline has to be a real start point, if you don't collaborate with these evil minion, they can't continue this farce. They are tricky, I went to a health expo held by my city, I thought it was about true health, they gave free sandwiches, showed pictures of people intermingling as crowded as times square in new york, and told 300 lb women they would be healthier if the city had more curbs and sidewalks, so it would be easier for them to walk around.
    They gave them forms, divided them into little groups, and in that way got people to contribute to their own demise.. it was a sham.. I left saying I thought this was about health not funding...the next week a politician named adams gave a health meeting in the next city.. that is the way they do it. Thank god you have savvy council people and Sir Eric.

  7. SM dodged a bullet - so farOctober 13, 2009 at 11:33 AM

    I'm worried about the Shenanigan Shuttle and think we better watch what happens around that. It's the foot in the door of the grand scheme to make us a little transportation hub.

  8. Old K, I wish the no more deals with those developer jerks were possible - but remember that they have billions, as their CEO or whatever he was, told us, and we do not. It looks like justice is an economic matter.

    But we've also heard plenty of times about how we WOULD win these lawsuits, so I can't figure out what's really going on. And maybe you're right and we just have to stand up to them.
    Anyway, it's a crime that the wildlife has to suffer so that some rich people can have another place to build a house.

  9. Remember when Joe was trying to be proclaimed mayor,his supporters actually came to the meeting.Wonder if team mosca will show up tonight?What can they say in support though?Attendance doesn't count?

  10. 11:42 - interesting point. maybe the moscateers could show their contempt
    for the attendance question by not
    showing up?

  11. Sir Eric, astute observation:
    " For reasons still unclear, the SGVCOG thing seems to mean a lot to him. Of course, not quite enough for him to have actually attended the meetings in question. "
    I was surprised to see at the last meeting that Mr. Mosca really did seem to care about this liaison appointment. His other moments of being exposed as ridiculous haven't seemed to affect him much one way or the other, as though his stage confidence is such that one could throw a tomato at him and he'd keep on singing. Heck, he doesn't care he was very close to being recalled. However, in the COG discussion, he was involved, interested, really participating, seeming to be personally concerned.
    Why indeed.

  12. The City Council needs to follow staff’s recommendations to deny the sign at 1 Carter. The city code allows a sign for two years following the recording of the sub division map. The time ended in August. They are not entitled to an extension. Other real estate agents in town are not allowed to have huge signs to advertise property that is for sale. Capitol Source screwed up when they loaned money to Dorn Platz. It is not up to our city or residents to help make them whole.

  13. I'm stuck on that 32 residents increasing into 140 households....so all of these new residents are going to get a little more than 4 houses each? It will be fun to listen up at that point and watch the twirling facts:
    "No little small town people, it's not 32 residents equals 140 houses, it's the State Department of Rubybedubee's understanding that the proportion of developer need divided by realtor greed equals an ever increasing, no water for them, number of houses. It's hard for little poeple such as yourselves to understand, so let me show you some charts, slides, a powerpoint made just for you, and my ass as I leave your little town to deal with fulfilling developers' desires.

  14. From Dr. Seuss

    The time has come, the time is now, Joseph Mosca, will you please go now?
    Just go, go, go.
    We don't care how

  15. Hear, hear Pasta.
    The odd thing about the sign is that they want a huge billboard,that can be seen by the neighbors who already live up there.
    What kind of advertising thinking is that.

  16. I heard that a Capitol Source 1 person said the city council was a “bunch of babies” and said “they want, they want, they want.”

  17. The revelation about Hasan's Soviet past has helped me to understand SCAG so much better. Centralized authority dictating to the rest of the state what they must and must not do. Or face the wrath of the central power, which in this case is Sacramento. How completely un-American.

  18. ooohhh. I'd like to see someone call Kurt Zimmerman a baby to his face....yeah, as if they'd have the guts.

  19. Regarding the StoneHouse/ 1 Carter settlement agreement. The ciyt must demand that any properties that may have lot line issues be settled by having Capitol Source give lot line adjustments at NO cost to the property owners and not easements. Kurt brought this up when this issue was aired when Dorn Platz was the owner.

  20. Say it ain't soOctober 13, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    12:12, i think there have been some twists and turns since then, some re-positioning for maximum advantage on the devilopers side. Might not be as clear an issue as once it was...

  21. 12:17, well that's the truth, isn't it?
    Give these developers a condition and they'll give you a fight, a counter offer, and somehow, hey presto, work it around so it's good for them. The city then says "Look at how we are protecting you" and the developers say "Thank you very much, and here's the next law suit."

  22. Fed up 12:07 are you the same fed up on the comments section following the "Horse village attempts to stop developer" story that was in the San gabriel tribune yesterday and is in the pasadena star news today under latest? Aren't you getting your bottom kicked by Bruce and thejusticecard? What are you if you are the same FEDUP a paid troublemaking troll?
    If you aren't I apologize if you are, I am the justice card. You are busted...

  23. 12:46, the FED UP posting here is a regular and highly valued contributor.
    Others can use that name. In fact, quite a lot of people feel FED UP.

  24. Look at the content, 12:46.
    Obviously not a troll,
    Though maybe you are....

  25. I can vouch. Our Fed Up is a Tattler mainstay.

  26. 1 Carter is The Tragedy and Travesty of Sierra Madre! When is enough, enough? To allow a large sign proclaiming the demise of this precious land, which is what it really says, is a slap in the face of the thousands of residents who fought the brave fight to stop this insanity.And they just keep pushing for more and more. I am sure the City Attorney has recommended that the CC cave one more time, and one more time and on and on. Enough! And yes, Rob Stockley was a shill for Bart Doyle as was Buchanan and wannabe Siberell. Good luck to the Canyon after waiting 40 years for a sensible development and zoning plan that actually recognizes the narrow streets, small lots, hillside terrain, and Native Trees.

  27. I am the Tattler's FED UP. I only post on this blog. And the developer said it.

  28. Thank you treelady.
    You're the best.

  29. Then I apologize to your fed up, and to all of you, please Sir eric remove my post, Fed up please forgive me, I shall be more careful,

  30. I am Fed Up with people saying Fed Up is not Fed Up.

  31. Tattler's FED UPOctober 13, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Joe is such an idiot. His bio on the SGVCOG which he is so proud of reads: elected 2026

    Joe Mosca,
    Councilmember, Sierra Madre

    Joe Mosca was first elected to Sierra Madre City Council in 2206. In 2006 Mr. Mosca was appointed as Sierra Madre’s Alternate on the COG Governing Board.


    After tonight it can add. He was removed on 10/14/2009

  32. You should check out the "Joe Mosca for City Council" site. He has a page set aside just for his achievements. There are 3 things listed, the rest of the page is blank.

  33. If you all don't hate me, for being such a jerk and I want to post with more than anonymous, how do I use the poster thing at the bottom to get a permanent name, I am computer challenged..

  34. The number of households will only increase if and only if more houses are built.

  35. Click the blue downward facing arrow and look for Name/URL. Click on that and then type in whatever you want to call yourself. You can ignore the URL slot if you wish.

  36. Been there, done thatOctober 13, 2009 at 1:30 PM

    I once saw a post made in the Star News under a name I had been using here - and the post was not something I agreed with.
    Live and learn. Have to evaluate what is being said.

  37. Regarding the long meeting last time, someone overheard one of the Alverno Trustees saying that they intentionally gave a LONG presentation to eat up time so the neighbors would give up and go home without speaking. I'm pretty sure about an hour and a half of the last meeting was spent on Ken Farfsing and other Alverno presentations before the public speakers. Not very sporting.

  38. We(Sierra Madra) need Doug Hayes back in office. He was one of the last honest Mayors we had. Doug, if you are reading this, we need ya back!

  39. Too long a meetingOctober 13, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    The meeting was to be a continuation of the previous meeting so there was no need for Alverno to make the long case again. Also several speakers who spoke at the first meeting ie. the athletic director spoke again. For or against the second comment should not have been allowed.
    If that is true about the intentions of the long presentations by the school, tisk tisk Alverno.

  40. 1:40 Doug Hayes was against Measure V. We Don't want him back!!!!!Or any of his kind for that matter.

  41. Kurt and Maryanne have been the only honest mayors this decade.

  42. How about a "1/2 Carter Sign Deal? Bottom half to ballyhoo the sales pitch for the developer. And the top half to "WARNING" This property is located on one of California's most dangerous faults. It is in a Canyon which is prone to debris and bolder slides. Periodic fires devestate the hillsides. Mudslides happen. BUY, BUILD, AND LIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE CITY OF SIERRA MADRE CLAIMS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DECISION AND OUTCOME.

  43. 1:40 pm

    Nice try Dirt in Disguise. Doug Hayes was one of Bart Doyle's lackies for 8 years. We need him back like we need Tammy Gates back.

  44. Poster 1:40. For the record, Doug Hayes was one of the ex-mayors opposed to Measure V and in favor of the condofication of Sierra Madre.

    His wife was/is a supporter of Council Member Mosca.

    Still think we need him back?

  45. Now here this!

    Any of you "Former Mayors" get the notion to run again for City Council, and all of your dirty little secrets WILL become a matter for public consumption.

  46. Dr. Janice Nelson-Hayes is as corrupt as Bart Doyle. She and her kept husband would sell Sierra Madre out in an instant, if it meant getting the power and prestige that they so desperately desire.

  47. Somebody brought Mosca to Sierra Madre. It's not like he came here by himself. He was obviously recruited.

  48. Carter used to be a good streetOctober 13, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    Our town, that's the best idea anybody has had about the billboard the developers want to put up.
    Kind of like the pharmaceutical companies have to do - splashy ad followed by grim fact.

  49. 3:18 - kind of like the health warning on a pack of cigarettes.

  50. 2:49
    Your comment about kept man, Doug Hayes and his wife Janice Nelson is absolutely correct.
    All these people who fought with special out of town interest money against the residents of Sierra Madre for the special interests supporting NO on Measure V will be outed on this website. This includes all DICs, DIRTS, and stealth friends of DICs and DIRTS.
    The research team will go after you with vigor and you'll likely end up a laughing stock on YouTube.Neuroblast will find you.
    If you fought us with CAR/BIA/Political party money and will try to get elected to our city council you will be exposed. You can bet on it.

  51. Love the idea of the billboard with full disclosure. And as a condition all RHNA housing should be required to be placed at 1 Carter, the only space available. In Rob Stockleys defense I must point out that it was he who stood up to Glen Lambdin and voted for a Tree Ordinance and Commission, of course this was after it was gutted by Bart Doyle. I have to laugh when I watch Lambdin begging the CC to not by-pass Mosca as Mayor. Wasn't he the one who led the charge for by-passing Kris Miller-Fisher? Such sweet justice. And for Doug Hayes? You have got to be kidding!

  52. Janice Nelson Hayes sent Council member Watts an email beging him to vote for Joe Mosca to become Mayor.

    Does anybody have a copy of the email and Don's response?

  53. It's all on The Tattler somewhere. You'll have to go back a few months to find it.

  54. Good memory skillsOctober 13, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    4:04, I believe you are referring to this gem:

    "Hi Don,
    I would like to speak to you about why you should support Joe Mosca for Mayor next Tuesday. For the sake of fairness as well as tradition, Joe should be allowed his turn. Plus, there are no reasons not to support him as Mayor.

    This is a great opportunity for you to absolutely do the right thing and right the wrong that took place last year.

    I am at the Democratic Party convention in Sacro this weekend but do plan to contact you when I return.

    Best wishes and thanks,
    Janice Nelson MD
    (Janice Nelson Hayes)"

    And DON WATTS' great reply:

    "I'm more interested in protecting the town than advancing the career of a bunch of political party hacks and the unholy alliance of BIA officials in league with corrupt state and local officials who seem to want to drag the state down into bankruptcy in order to make a fast buck..."

  55. Got to love that powerful endorsement, "there are no reason not to support him" Huh?
    1) There are MANY reasons not to support him, and let's start with the LYING thing about getting elected on promising the dsp vote, then reversing himself, and NEVER OWNING UP TO HIS LIE
    and 2) Is that it? You can't find any negatives, so that equals a positive?

  56. GMS
    Gotta love Don (the pit bull) Watts.
    I'm wondering of Nelson was the one who "found" Joe Mosca for us? Her and Doug are two of his biggest supporters. I'll bet they attended the infamous "Order of the Fly" meeting at Joe's.
    She fancies herself a political elitist. She ran for congress twice (and lost) you know. LOL

  57. Janet is also on the Los Angeles
    Democratic Party Central Committee.

    Yep,they really call themselves that.

  58. Heather Allen just kicked Mosca's butt. It was awesome.

  59. HEATHER ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, friend.

  60. Important vote tonight.
    COG and SCAG needed to be exposed for the useless bunch of flunkies they are.
    Look, if Don and MaryAnn can't get small communities to fight these abusive bills from Sacramento, taking our liberty away, then COG and SCAG are of no use to Sierra Madre, and we'll do well to get the hell out.
    Good job, MacGillivray, Zimmerman and Watts.
    Why was Sandra Levin text messaging for several minuets after that COG vote?
    A little bird tells me that vote was more important than we realize.
    You bet.

  61. MaryAnn took a great shot at No Show Joe. After listening to him gas on about SCAG's mysterious methodologies, she cut him off with a "I believe we discussed that 10 minutes ago."