Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Joe Mosca Top 10 Video Countdown!

Most people are aware by now of the high regard that we here at The Tattler have for Joe Mosca. Certainly his achievements alone speak volumes about what he has brought to this community. And thanks to the hard work of the fine folks at Neuroblast Films, we now have solid video portrayals of the man, his style, his values, and the inspirational leadership he has provided for us all.

And as a service to the community of Sierra Madre, we are now presenting Joe Mosca's Top 10 Video Hits. A collection of each and every one of his most golden moments reviewed and ranked in the order of their importance to this town.

Come and join in the celebration as we take a trip down the Joe Mosca Pathway to Glory. One remarkable video at a time!

Video #10: "Joe Mosca Supports Glenn Lambdin for Canyon Committee." Now if you were nominating somebody to a community planning committee dedicated to preserving a beloved and historic neighborhood, would you select an individual who has worked his entire adult life to turn it into Anaheim?

Video #9: "Heather Allen Defends Sierra Madre With Eloquence." A favorite with many in the community, this video shows Councilman Mosca being vividly debased by a very angry resident. Special Achievement Award.

Video #8: "Joe Mosca Again Pushing Pro-Development." Joe, who introduced himself to Sierra Madre as a slow growth advocate interested in preserving the community, has pushed more claptrap and bunkum in support of redevelopment than anyone previously serving on our City Council. Watch here as Joe attempts to describe something called "Low Impact Development Standards."

Video #7: "John Buchanan for Joe Mosca" City Council fellow John Buchanan struggles mightily to find a few good reasons why Joe Mosca should become the Mayor of Sierra Madre. And, failing in that, decides to talk about "tradition" instead. Count the number of times John uses the word "criteria."

Video #6: "Joe Mosca Thanks SCAG" At the end of an evening where the stunned leadership of the regional planning organization called SCAG got their heads handed to them by the majority faction on Sierra Madre's City Council, not to mention the many citizens who showed up to express anger at their deceit and dishonesty, an apparently clueless Joe cheerfully thanks them for stopping by.

Video #5: "Joe Mosca Needs A Break." At the end of a City Council vote that allowed the citizens of Sierra Madre to view for the first time a hidden portion of the controversial document that cost a quarter of a million dollars in their tax money to create, Joe Mosca pronounces himself to be "distraught over what just happened" and pleads for a time out. Freedom can do that to some people.

Video #4: "Joe Mosca - That's Why They Voted For Me" Joe wakes up to the fact that the City Council has been deliberately ignoring "seven or eight" of his agenda items, and demands that they be considered, if only out of fairness. As far as we know, most still haven't been heard.

Video #3: "Joe Mosca Flip Flop In 4 Minutes" In one four minute speech Joe Mosca manages to go back on just about every important promise on development he made to the voters of Sierra Madre when runing for office. An astonishing achievement.

Video#2: "Joe Mosca Our Local Deceiver" In perhaps the most famous of all his performances, Joe faces the consequences of his actions as citizens who helped elect him share their disappointment in a televised public forum. Known to many as the "get a life" video, he reacts with schoolyard taunts and belligerence.

Video #1: "Joe Mosca Is Reassigned." We chose this video as our favorite because it truly exposes the pathos of Joe Mosca in political decline. Removed from his position as Sierra Madre's liaison to the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments by the Mayor due to a lack of attendance, Joe asks, "Do you know how embarrassing this is?" The answer being yes, we do.

We here at the Sierra Madre Tattler would like to show respect to our friends Neuroblast Films for their work in making these videos possible. Thank you.


  1. These videos need to be put on a DVD and mailed to every
    voter in Sierra Madre. The cumulative effect is devastating.

  2. or at least handed out to everyone who attends the coffees for the "Slow Growth " people. Count me in on this project.

  3. for DVD--need seed money to produce? need PAC to officially organize the anti-Joe campaign? It is usually not a grand plan to go negative on the part of any candidate that we will support against Joe. check into this someone!!!

  4. Are you kidding? Joe is the best weapon we have. Joe and his Two Little Joes. Whatever poor saps they dragoon into running alongside this loser will wilt beneath their association with this scoundrel. Besides, is it really negative to show people somebody's City Council performances? They're his words and his actions, after all. All we need to do is provide the disc.

  5. What is missing is a Neuroblast awards contest sorta like the Oscars...Perhaps calling it the Joey Awards.

  6. Great idea! We could hold the Joey Awards ceremony as a fundraiser to pay for all those DVDs.

  7. Good morning Tattlers!
    Straight away, I'd like to thank Sir Eric for writing such an auspicious piece featuring 10 signets posted by Neuroblast Films. I would also like to thank all of my support. The comments have been encouraging. It's good to know they are being watched.

    P.S. I could edit up a DVD in very little time.
    Secondly DVD's are cheap! The more you buy the cheaper they get.

    P.P.S. I have posted the need for a treasurer, to maintain donations to the Tattler, Paypal accnt. would be best. Then we (The Tattlers) could try some of these good ideas.

    Neuroblast Films

  8. Thank you TEAM NEUROBLAST!
    You people work very hard to help Sierra Madre know who are their elected officials who do NOT represent the people of Sierra Madre.
    Thanks to Heather Allen for her honest evaluation of Joe Mosca.

  9. With lots of money from outside development interests, Lambdin sued to have the entire ballot argument for Measure V thrown out.

    It cost SMRRD (the Dunns and Zimmerman) money to defend the suit. Fortunately, Lambdin did not prevail, and our small town was saved from the bulldozer.

    It's disgusting that Joe Mosca would support appointing somebody like that to a Committee intended to regulate development in our Canyon.

  10. Lambdin has also come out strongly against adopting and implementing a historic preservation ordinance. And, Mosca wanted to appoint him to a preservationist committee!

  11. Neuroblast, I would add the video where Mosca is arguing for approval of a contract with the Metro Water District to tie into its water line. If memory serves me, he argued that we needed to approve the contract immediatley so that we have enough water to put out fires.

    3 years and two fires later, we still have not tied into the line.

  12. Good Morning,

    Neuroblast needs support on you tube, get yourself signed up and start making comments,
    Let the world know what you think...

  13. Replay of the "blacked out" city council meeting was replayed last night, hopefully, it will be replayed again.....very few got to see it with most of the cable out in Sierra Madre.

    Thanks to all who complained to city hall.
    It's too bad we have to keep doing that, but we do.

  14. won't Joe just go away?

    and take John B with him?

    pompous self serving egomanical blowhards

  15. 10:52, Are you sure the whole meeting was shown? I have seen a playback of only the first part, up to but not through item 4, that was then repeated. Was the playback you saw the whole thing?

  16. Recall Joe almost workedNovember 4, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    I think a great DVD would have Joe's flip flop, and then a bunch of the residents' speeches about the flip flop. Just show it and let people figure it out for themselves.

  17. 10:52 ... The city council meeting aired last night at 5:30 pm but abruptly STOPPED during agenda item 4! Whay happened to the end of item 4? What happened to items 5,6,7 and 8?

    Once the meeting abruptly ended, Channel 3 returned to regular programming (rotating slides) for approximately 20 minutes. Then it aired the PLANNING COMMISSION meeting of October 15, 2009. Unbelievable! Is anyone else as frustrated as I am?

  18. I don't know what happened. My Time Warner cable was out.
    They will use that as an excuse, if they are trying to hide something.
    They did tell people they had the tape, I heard it went black for a few minuets before the city generator kicked back on the power.
    All we can do is call and inquire.

  19. 4:47, yes, I am completely puzzled as to why the problems that plague SMTV cannot be solved.
    Years of mistakes.
    And I am most interested in the later items on the agenda.

  20. The meeting you are refering to was recorded with the help of a generator. The council members were using hand held lilghts. There were several problems with power that windy night. No conspiracy.

  21. As long as no one is getting paid and no one is making any money, you can participate in the political process to your hearts delight. Volunteering your own time and money doesn't require the formation of a Political Action Committee (PAC).

    For more information check out the California Fair Political Practices Commission website.

  22. If you didn't like the stunt that Lambdin pulled on the lawsuit to overturn the language in the Measure V ballot, just wait until we make a mistake on campaign spending to produce a DVD of Joe CC flips and flops to circulate during the next campaign. You can bet the dirts will hook this effort to one or all of our candidates and there will be a complaint to the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Committee) regarding violations of election laws. Let's get it right. Some one will know. We may need an officially registered PAC.

  23. Every private citizen can send out 100 election pieces at their own cost without being a PAC.

  24. Anon 6:26 am,
    I think you are right, but here are some toll free numbers to find out the details.

    Many questions about federal campaign finance law do not require formal advisory opinions. Such questions may be addressed to trained FEC staff members by calling the FEC’s 800 number below. Persons in the Washington, DC, area may call locally. The numbers are:• 800/424-9530• 202/694-1100 • 202/219-3336 (for the hearing-impaired) Hearing-impaired persons may reverse the charges when calling long distance. Questions may also be submitted by electronic mail to


    If you have any questions concerning obligations under the Political Reform Act, you may seek advice from the FPPC. Reliance on the written advice, where all relevant facts pertaining to the case were truthfully disclosed, also serves as evidence of good faith conduct in any civil or criminal proceedings based on the same charges.

    You may write or call the FPPC:

    Fair Political Practices Commission

    428 J Street, Suite 620

    Sacramento, California 95814


    Neuroblast films

  25. Just asking the question: Could Glenn Lambdin have served on the Canyon Zone Committee given the fact that he is currently the project contractor on the Tim Haden project on middle Brookside? He took on this roll to help out Haden when someone dropped the dime on him when he was calling himself the 'project director.' There is no such position in the licensing process within the construction industry--you are either owner-builder or the contractor who hires sub-contractors. So you have Joe and John who wanted to "balance" the Canyon Zone Committee with two men who could not possibly have served on the committee given their current business interests in the middle Brookside project.

  26. Where is Sir Eric's column for today?

  27. How do you spell Conflict of Interest? G L E N N L A M B D I N

  28. Mosca is indebted to Hayden for support from local developers and contractors, and the SMVFD. Hayden has insinuated himself into City Hall for years -- that's how he moves his projects along. And why his client on the 679 Brookside project thought she wouldn't have to pay the $40K fees associated with the project. Hayden wheels and deals in the Development Department.

  29. 5:39, right you are, the problems for playing back this council meeting were due to the wind storm.
    And the 100's of missed playbacks in the last few years were due to .....what?

  30. That makes sense, 8:08, but there seems to be a lot of creative wiggle room in the conflict of interest laws.

  31. 8:08, is there a reason why Mr. Haden didn't just identify himself as the project contractor from the beginning?

  32. Could we please stop rapping on Joe? I for one will not ever vote for him again as I got stung like so many others. No dvd and no more rehashing of Joe please. Let's move on....


  33. SMRRD never registered as an official PAC. It was just a loose affiliation of individuals. Since the Dirts never made a big deal out of that, I think Gula2's paranoia is unfounded.

    Looks like Beth Buck and Lisa Spigai-Perez have gotten into Gula2's head after their attacks against Don Watts shortly after he was elected.

    Let's hope others are smart enough not to fall for Dirt lies and dirty tricks.

  34. 9:39 - Sir Eric has been working hard at the salt mine. Might not be one tomorrow, either.

  35. Hi Not a Dirt,
    Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not participate in the city government, and who do not know the truth about actions some people take, like Mr. Mosca. If Joe shows up at the door with a sunny smile and a borrowed dog, people here are too trusting and they'll think he means what he says to them. There must be an educational outreach to inform the less involved citizens.
    A DVD with nothing but Joe's own words would be very instructive.

  36. 2:45, Gula2 may be more of a realist than you think.
    Don't underestimate the Dirtian desire to get back the majority.
    That side was unscrupulous even when they were the majority.

  37. To Anonymous @ 5:39pm yesterday...I personally attended the meeting that windy night. The council members were NOT using hand held lights. Absolutely untrue.

    Furthermore, it is highly suspect that the playback stopped right when the audio and video were finally "in synch." (If you watch the playback, the beginning has audio, but no video. Later on, the playback has both audio and video, but they are not in synch. Finally, at some point during item 4, the audio and video are in synch.)

    If the recording was finally working correctly, WHY would it suddenly stop altogether?

    It makes no sense.

  38. Anon @ 4:56 I disagree that Gula2 is a realist.

    Given that everyone using this Blog (except Lisa Bartolai-Brandley) is too afraid to use their given name when posting, what makes you think they will donate money to a PAC, knowing that their names and addresses will be a matter of public record?

    K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid

    Trying to organize Sierra Madre residents in the political arena is already like herding cats. Keeping them on message and out of trouble is even more difficult.

    Remember, that there was no organization that got people to vote for serious change in 2006 (ie. Zimmerman & Watts), when the Dirts were in full control of Sierra Madre and its institutions. If it wasn't necessary then, it shouldn't be necessary now.

    Just keep yourselves informed and help others that want to be informed, stay that way.

  39. Old Curmudgeon,
    All that is needed is to promote the Tattler. I had suggested a way to gather funds in order to produce a printed copy for mailing. As well as having a booth at the Wisteria Festival, and a float in the parade (those were some of the ideas). I do not think the is any need to organize any political group. It is more the need to expose the unethical practices of politicians with low character, and lacking moral fiber to citizens.

    Neuroblast Films

  40. Old Cur, I hate to disagree with you, but there was most definitely an organized effort to get Zimmerman, Watts, (and yes, Mosca) elected.
    Took some work, too.

  41. Anon @ 7:48 pm I was there for the entire election campaign. Each candidate had their own campaign manager and ran there own campaigns. There was no coordinated effort between the campaigns and there was certainly NO PAC.

    So, if you have a need to disagree, for the sake of disagreeing, at least get your facts straight.

  42. Neuroblast,

    I too had once suggested a printed copy of the Tattler many moons ago, but the idea was shot down quickly.

    Anon 7:48 PM You're delusional if you believe there was a PAC set up for the campaign of 2006.

  43. Old Curmudgeon, you wrote "there was no organization," and there was. There was a lot of organized effort.
    I never said there was a PAC.
    The point is that it takes a good amount of work and some money to get the word out in our local elections. I agree that it's like herding cats. Timing is everything.

  44. In the political arena--if you have ever distributed annonymous
    material in the past and had it discredited you will know that
    putting your name on the line gives you credibility. This is not
    the equivalent of blogging, where annonimity carries a certain
    uselfullness even if some have figured who is who by detecting
    traits and thoughts. And people do put their names on political
    actions, literature or face to face: Yes on Measure V (SMRDD), the no drive-through group-of-folks, the gpf who got rid of a city administrator, the Friends of Sierra Madre, the Friends of Sierra Madre Canyon, the committee of two to keep the Planning Commission at 7 members. You can name many others. In the past it was conventional wisdom not to have candidates run as a group. In the election cycle with Joe, Kurt and Don the supporters grouped them in their effort to get these candidates elected as they said they opposed the Downtown Plan of Kurt Christiansen. In this next exection if you want to elect someone else in Joe's place and want to use a Flip/Flop DVD and just want 99 copies to be sent out by individuals over and over to show why, who do you think will want to take credit for it? If it remains annonymous it will be discredited. If a group put together a PAC to get a particular set of candidates elected even if those candidates run independently there will be a much stronger message against the performance of Joe Mosca and why he should not be reelected.