Friday, December 4, 2009

Could SB 375 Be Dead By This Time Next Year?

Now the hostile intent of this brand new statewide ballot initiative I'm posting about today isn't specifically aimed at SB 375. The real target is AB 32, which, as most Tattler readers are well aware, is the greenhouse gas initiative designed to cap such emissions at 1990 levels by the year 2020. Which in itself is either devastating news or a godsend, depending on how you view these issues.

But where things got corrupt and ugly was with SB 375. This is where hyper-development lobbyists with such familiar acronyms as BIA and CAR wiggled their fat patronage wallets at our eminently susceptible state legislators and got them to fold an entire building angle into the greenhouse gas thing. And while the notion that coercing low density communities such as Sierra Madre into becoming high density mixed-use condo ghettos will save the world from Global Warming might seem absurd to people living here on the planet floor, within the Sacramento space bubble this apparently made perfect sense. After all, lobbyist largesse speaks far louder than anything mere taxpayers might want, and with enough money to spread around you can create your very own alternative reality up there.

What will be upsetting for many is that the cynicism of Sacramento, fueled by the greed of certain interested lobbyists, could very well result in the green baby being tossed out with the patronage bath water.

So if AB 32 is the foundation, and SB 375 the multi-unit housing built on top of it, wouldn't the whole thing just collapse if you pulled out that base? I'm just not so sure you can have SB 375 without AB 32. And if a California State Assemblyman by the name of Dan Logue gets his way, there could be an opportunity to do just that.

This interesting development is from a newspaper called the Appeal-Democrat, out of beautiful Marysville, California:

Logue wants air rules to face popular vote - Assemblyman Dan Logue is looking to put AB 32, the 2006 state legislation meant to address emissions and global warming on a statewide basis, before voters next year ... Logue, R-Linda, said the economic impacts associated with AB 32 are such he wants voters to decide whether it should be in effect while the economy is in recession ... "This has been the blind leading the blind, political correctness that has collapsed the economy in California," Logue said. "California already has the fifth-cleanest air in the country, so why are we doing this when no one else is?" Logue, who's joined with government reform measure veteran Ted Costa in the effort, said he wants a ballot measure next November that would tie implementation of AB 32 to the state unemployment rate ... The state's unemployment rate is now 12.3 percent, and many economists believe California's unemployment is likely to remain above double digits well into 2010.

Ted Costa, in case you are wondering, is the guy credited with driving the 2003 California recall election that deposed then Governor Gray Davis. Look for petitions to start hitting the streets after the holidays.

Now Dan Logue's idea here is very similar to what candidate Meg Whitman has been pushing since she announced her candidacy for governor here in California. This from the San Francisco Chronicle's site:

Whitman would suspend AB 32 - Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay who is running for governor, said today that if she is elected she would immediately suspend implementation of California's landmark greenhouse gas reduction law, Assembly Bill 32 ... In an Op-Ed in the San Jose Mercury News, Whitman argues that the economic hardship facing the state will be compounded by AB 32 and called on Gov. Arnold Schwarzennegger -- who signed the measure into law with much fanfare -- to immediately issue an executive order to put a moratorium on "most AB 32-releated rules." ... "And if he does not, I will issue that order on my first day as governor," Whitman wrote.

Looks like the Republicans have found an issue to run on in 2010. And apparently Arnold, who sees his "green" agenda as both his legacy and enduring gift to the world, is not very happy about it. I would sure love to get a look at the polling that is sending the GOP in this direction.

Bonus Coverage

What would a day be like if we didn't get at least one laugh at the expense of SCAG? This from the San Clemente Times:

San Clemente's Vision & Strategic Plan Moves Ahead - The first major hurdle in working toward the completion of the city's General Plan update was cleared Tuesday when City Council voted 4 - 1 to receive and file the San Clemente Vision and Strategic Plan ... Councilmember Bob Baker voted against accepting the document, arguing that it didn't go into enough detail. "I thought we paid $160,000 for a detailed study on what our direction was going to be, and I don't see it here," said Baker. "I want more specifics." Baker pointed out that elements of the document included reference to statistics that could be misconstrued by the public, such as the inclusion of employment and density expectations from the Southern California Association of Governments. SCAG projections call for 6,000 new jobs to be created in San Clemente by 2030, a number Baker says (and all of council agreed) was absurd.

I'm telling you, SCAG is a joke wherever you go. All we really have to do is get cities to talk to each other about these things, and let the cards fall where they may. But $160,000 for a report that includes some dumbass projections from SCAG? Damn. I don't care how much money they have in San Clemente, that is some crazy stuff.


  1. The problem in San Clemente was that the didn't pay enough. $160,000 of tax payers money? Peanuts. Here in Sierra Madre, we know how to do it up right - $300,000 will buy us a tussle with SCAG and probably some Wisteria theme front covers too!

    As Faye Angus said at the last council, our city administrators orchestrate consultants who manage our cities.
    Our money is monopoly money to them, and our quality of life is irrelevant to the state.

    Here's to Logue, Costa and Whitman straightening out this rotten infiltration of all thing green.

  2. My hands are trembling, and I'm shaking my head in disbelief.
    For the first time in my life I can actually see myself voting for
    a Republican? The world has truly turned upside down.

  3. What I feel sick about is the way the legitimate leaders of the green movement, motivated by ideals of faithful stewardship and a healthier planet, got suckered into promoting the development industry as the solution. What fools the environmentalist leaders have turned out to be, and what terrible damage they've done to their own cause.

  4. Just the facts mamDecember 4, 2009 at 7:08 AM

    Wow, Sir Eric, you have delivered an early Christmas present, you have cheered up the day for many with this information. Now, what can we all do to help make this a reality, support these people and VOTE for a starter. I'm going to have a great day, thank you. Curly you make me smile.

  5. Yet another informative article by our fearless leader in TRUTH...Sir Eric Maundry.

    Most decent Californians care about our environment. We re-cycle our stuff, we don't litter, we don't want over development destroying our beautiful hillsides and small towns. We worry about our large cities being shamefully over-developed. We respect the wildlife and we respect and cherish our liberty we have in this country.
    What the crooks and bums in Sacramento and the crooks and bums in these groups like the BIA, SCAG and other evil gangs are tying to do in the name of "green" is just criminal.
    The only thing green they give a damn about is OUR MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS, and the pockets of the people who give them kick-backs.
    Let's be honest about this, Sierra Madre.
    Why would any honest representative be supporting this destructive agenda?
    I'll give you one's "green", and you're going to have less of it in your pockets after they are through destroying Calif.
    Find out who these politicians are that voted for SB375. Campaign AGAINST them.
    Let's send them pink slips......payable at their next elections!
    Gov. Schwarzenegger is the king pin of these bums in Sacramento......he was at Hollywood Park last weekend on champion racehorse, Zenyata day.....the large crowd booed him, vigorously.
    It was just heartwarming! LOL
    Bye, bye, crooks and bums, we are taking back California.

  6. Speaking of "pink slips" how about everyone sending one to Joe Mosca next April, in the form of a blank chad by his name on the ballot?
    Works for me.

  7. I hear Joe is already getting inquiries from Realtors(r) about the possibility of his house going on the market in early May of next year.

  8. It's not as simple as Logue would have it. This regulatory structure set up by the legislature is an attempt to respond to the Federal law that requires reporting of GHG emissions. The SB 375 includes a methodology for reporting this. It's obvious that emitted gasses are only a small fraction of the real problem, but California is trying to hide an elephant behind a flowerpot.

    We have to change our whole Western (World Bank) system of finance, development and accounting to incorporate natural capital in order to actually make any difference.

    It's not that hard, people are doing it all over the world.

    SB 375 has to be rejected by the people on the basis of its environmental and social destructiveness, which is supposedly the reason it was enacted.

  9. Sorry Poster 8;32, but I have very little faith in the voters of Sierra Madre. Measure V should have won by a landslide (even with the money spent by the anti-Measure-V campaign). Worse still, those same voters returned Buchanan to office with a huge number of votes. And, Buchanan's contributions include voting for the approval of One Carter and spearheading the approval of the downtown specific plan.

    I'm afraid that those same out-to-lunch voters will re-elect Joe Mosca. Especially, if Joe takes credit, which he will, for all of the wonderful things Zimmerman accomplished when he was Mayor with MacGillivray and Watts' support.

  10. 9:24 - Sierra Madre threw out the bums in 2006. And Sierra Madre will do it again. Don't sell this town short.

  11. If the Government would control the border there would be less need for low income housing, uninsured motorist coverage, over crowded emergency rooms. I don't blame the people who want to come here, their country is a sewer, but when the life boat is full, you can't let more people try to get in.

  12. I am sure the BIA just loves that low cost labor too.

  13. Yeah, but there are two big lies in the whole SB 375 push.
    1) Lie: Population is growing in California and we need a place to put all the new people. Fact: California is now losing population, people are following the jobs Sacramento has chased out of the state.
    2) Lie: Cars are the major contributor of greenhouse gases, and therefore their use must be discouraged. In their place we must build high density condos with public transportation access. Fact: The largest producer of greenhouse gases is electricty production. A full 40% by Federal estimates. By building more housing in already high density urban neighborhoods, and creating new ones eleswhere, electricty usage will increase markedly. Increasing the production of greenhouse gases.

  14. Any news on yesterday's meeting?

  15. Whose that guy who works for the electricty company, So. Cal. Edison?
    Oh yeah, it's John "green" Buchanan.

  16. Sierra Madre at 10:03

    Good points. It's just horrible the way these special interests LIE.
    I don't know how Mosca and Buchanan can support this stuff with a straight face?
    I guess they have no shame. Just lobbyists doin' their jobs.

  17. Had a number of reports from people who couldn't get on the site today, or couldn't post. Blogger (the Google service I use for The Tattler) had some serious technical issues. The account owner board I get to look at has hundreds of comments about "999" issues, whatever they are. Good news is whatever it was seems to have been fixed, and we are back in business.

  18. I hope the dirts didn't hack our site!

  19. The councilman with a brain in San Clemente is Bob Baker. Interesting that he was the only vote against accepting that expensive document wrapped around the Scagian absurdity.
    Brings back some bad memories about not having enough representation for the citizens on the Sierra Madre council!

  20. Ouch 5:57, I remember those times too.

    Sierra Madre's dimmest were ignoring Sierra Madre's brightest.
    Bad, bad times.

    The One Carter Estates should really be named The Shenanigan Years Estates.

  21. How about that financial report of the shenanigan years that we're supposed to be getting.What ever happened to that, does anybody know?

  22. I hear Joe is claiming he should count as two councilmen now since both sides of his psyche seem to be debating themselbves lately.

  23. 6:02, the "report" on the years of missed audits has been shelved in the same place the independent audit was shelved, i.e. don't bother yourself with those petty concerns because we won't be able to find out anything anyway, water under the bridge you know, legal considerations you know, nobody knows the trouble I've seen, lack of institutional memory blahblahblah.
    So much for financial transparency.

  24. Anon X, don't forget that it's toooooo expensive to find out why so much of our money has been wasted and just generally squirreled around in hard to follow accounting non-systems..

  25. In and out of SCAG, now they're back

    It doesn't seem to matter except that now SCAG can say that they had everyone's input. Even though it's crystal clear from reports on this site that SCAG input is useless; it's just cover.

    Hope Sierra Madre can make more out of leaving the table than these folks did.

  26. 5:53 - I don't think the dirts could hack a Google hosted blog. Hell, most of them can't even string Xmas lights...

  27. Do your homework...December 5, 2009 at 9:05 AM

    It's not that hard, you just need to create a script to auto generate responses to a certain URL or IP# if it's static or dynamic, flood that site with incoming data, and wala, nobody gets through, it's called a DoS attack, Denial of Service, it's done all the time. I could start one right now if you would like, and I'm not even a dirt, just informed

  28. Not sure Google would enjoy that.

    Your legal insurance up to date? They do defend themselves, you know.