Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun Couples

It's good to see fun couples getting out and enjoying themselves. Often people who have been married for a while need to pull themselves from that "stay at home and watch TV" rut and step out and do something interesting and exciting. Life is to be enjoyed, and those who don't just won't get very much out of their time here. Which is why some relationships suffer as the years stretch on.

Now the Roskis and the Schwarzeneggers had a good idea. They went out on a double date. And they didn't just go out and hang around Hollywood like some other people we know. No, they attended a fundraiser for USC's Thornton School of Music. And the picture on the left, torn from the torrid Society Pages of the San Marino Tribune, pictures the happy foursome as they basked in the glow of all that Trojan culture. While they're not the kinds of people one might immediately associate with those of a more sensitive and artistic nature, the power of music seems to have lifted their hearts and brought beaming smiles to their faces. And who could possibly have a problem with that?

And maybe they have a little something to celebrate as well? After all, it was Arnold that helped Ed get his little football stadium thing going. You might recall that the Governor saw how Ed was being unfairly assaulted by frivolous local residents concerned over the possible environmental effects of a 75,000 seat NFL Football Stadium and attached semi-monstrous shopping mall. So Arnold stepped in and gave the local obstructionists something they deserved, he terminated (so to speak) their CEQA review rights, effectively cutting the ground out from under any lawsuits they might have been plotting.

But just because there will be no ongoing state environmental review of the project should not be taken as proof that we're talking about some ecological pariah. No, according the the author of the special "this case only" legislation that ripped CEQA from the hands of the football haters, we are talking about a Green football stadium! That's right. Just because there will be 40,000 cars in the parking lot it should never be taken for a global warming event. (And just you wait until 75,000 beer loving football fans get a crack at those water-free urinals!)

Here is how Assistant Speaker pro Tempore Isadore Hall, III (D - Compton), the author of the bill to save Ed's Stadium, puts it on his official website:

The California State Senate today approved ABxxx 81 by Assistant Speaker pro Tempore Isadore Hall which would facilitate the development of the nation's first "green" NFL stadium in Los Angeles County. The measure was approved by a vote of 21 to 14. Located in California's largest media market, the proposed 75,000 seat LEED certified stadium complex...

Now as most of you already know, LEED ("Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design") certification is what you get when your building project has been deemed green. And while I'm not quite certain what it would take to make a football stadium green, there is one thing that troubles me. How would you know if this thing is worthy of a LEED certification when it hasn't even been built yet? Don't they do tests or something first? The Assemblyman goes on to quote himself:

"While exemptions to the California Environmental Quality Act are rare, there are extraordinary times when exemptions such as this one are necessary," said Assemblymember Hall. "This is an extraordinary time for California's economy: requiring us all to find ways to protect our environment and build our economy."

Well now. Since waiving CEQA rights is at the heart of SB 375, and one would expect that development projects created under its aegis will be neither rare or in any way extraordinary, I don't see how this was really all that unique an occurrence. Under the current regime in Sacramento it strikes this observer as being an almost daily event. And doesn't the Assemblyman's argument in favor of the Roski Bowl sound very similar to Meg Whitman's claims that AB 32 needs to be put on ice because the state's economy demands it? So many questions, so few answers.

One other thing. Going back to our fun couples, did you know that Ed Roski is one of the interested moneymen supporting the Thornton Schools at USC? In two posts on 12/28 from "Hocus Pocus" the following was revealed:

Development is a "diktat" in California, no market forces any more. What's not to love for an Austrian? There's more to this than Ahhnold. Check out the money half, Thornton. USC's Population Dynamics Group came up with the rationale for the RHNA numbers ... The Flora L.Thornton Foundation, heavily connected to USC among other Universities, is a funding source for USC's thinktank activities, which have been co-opted by development interests. Follow the money, as always. That's why Roski is the Chair for that Thornton fundraiser. Ahhnold is a sideshow wannabe. The Kennedy dynasty is burning out, particularly in California.

Nice tie, Ed.


  1. oh great, just great, Arnold the Terminator down here doing his dirty work, and snarking around (as usual).

    Well, as we well know, our gubernator, who has literally brought our beloved State to its knees with his careless, ruthless "governance", never even grabs a Starbuck's croissant with anyone who he can't wheel and deal with.

    And every single interest Arnold is "interested" in, is corporate (and monied). The people of California? Arnie could care less about them.

    So what is his "interest" this time? A friggen' "Green" football stadium?? Why green is not even the color of USC's red and gold, but it IS (conviently) the color of money, Arnold's favorite (just so long as it ends up in his and his corporate pal's pockets).

  2. Waiving CEQA in order to build a "green" stadium"
    is whatI would say is an oxymoron. It's kind of hard to spin this one, even in government speak.
    I think Alice has been toking too much ganga in the Sacramento rabbit hole.

  3. The likes of Roski, Doyle, and messenger boys like Mosca and Buchanan, use the language of the environmental movement to justify crass developments like football stadiums, shopping malls, and condo complexes. It's all part of a very Big Lie.

  4. This is a very sad time for California.

  5. Well, that's outing an agenda. To catch Isadore Hall III flat out saying "requiring us all to find ways to...BUILD our economy."

    As an architect, I see many, many people who can't solve problems and don't know what else to do just go and build a building. Kind of a one-trick pony. Doing that now when the economic environment is collapsing like a house of cards, nullifying any coherent fiscal projections, is pure insanity.

    Welcome to California, ground zero of the global economic collapse - we sold those toxic mortgage tranches all over the globe. All based on illusionary real estate projections.

    We desperately need some problem-solvers in Sacramento, get rid of the busted system we have. Where are the smart, pragmatic people who know how to make things work based on real income and value? Oh, right, offshore. Unemployed.

  6. RHNA numbers and SCAG "visioning" growth projections
    are illusionary? Has anyone informed the Downtown Investors
    Club yet? They're still sitting on the pier anxiously waiting for
    their ship to come in. I'm sure they'd be quite upset to hear
    the scow is quietly rusting at the bottom of the Pacific.

  7. Is there any way to stop any of this?

  8. Thanks for your post Laurie B.
    As usual you give us all good information, along with Sir Eric, we are well informed.

  9. Stop this? Dethroning Prince Joe here in Sierra Madre would be a good start. But to undo the damage Sacramento is doing will take far more than that. There are a lot of cities sick of the RHNA farce, so getting them to work together will help. Outlawing lobbyists in Sacramento would help. And a wholesale cleanout of the crud in the Legislature would help as well. California is in terrible shape, and the malaise extends

  10. Pasta - that's why good people need to work together to fix things.

  11. Well isn't that sweet? Gag me with a spoon and there goes my breakfast. Get a load of the choppers on those men, better to rip and ravenously shred their prey. Harpies..

    Collusion on a cracker, San Marino appears to be going downhill.

    I wouldn't want those men anywhere near my children or anyone elses children.

  12. 11:07, outlawing lobbyists is the best idea I've heard in a long time.
    Lobbying is the most corrupting political practice of all, and not in keeping with the founding principles of America.


    Ought to name the teams:
    Brain Breakers
    Early Demises
    Daring Dementia

  15. The Die Youngers

    The Addled Lads

    Dead Men Running

  16. 2:14 - sorry knucklehead, but Al Davis re-upped his agreement with Oakland last month. Even he knows a plucked turkey when he sees one. But you know, I do like football. Which is why it is great we don't have a team in LA. That way they'll always show the good games on TV, rather than having to air whatever loser Rotski going to have play at Sempra Field of Industry.

  17. Hah! They'll bring in some awful franchise like the Buccaneers, and all the L.A. fans will show up and cheer for the first couple games. But then after they lose 3 or 4 in a row all the fans will disappear and the place will be half empty. Just like when the Rams and the Raiders were here.

    Good luck with that, "Starved!"

  18. Still read the papersDecember 30, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    They can name the team the CTE's, chronic traumatic encephalopathy

  19. Has anyone seen Susie's Views?
    It's not online.
    Do you think she may have said Merry Christama and Good by?

  20. How about they name Roski's team in honor of their great
    hero, Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger?

    "The City of Industry Steroids."

  21. Eric of Tattler FameDecember 30, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    The Tattler made the "Metro Transportation Headlines" today for the Shenanigan Shuttle post. Go to "Sites of Interest" and click on it.

    Might not seem like much to some, but it is actually a pretty big deal. Lots of folks get the e-mail blast. Like thousands.

  22. I found a choice bit of video, which tattlers will find interesting, there is a dramatic line in which emily isigaki says "the state doesn't want to have anything to do with TV llc" Some of the rain and mud from leung/titan may have splashed on don barton doyles shoes. If you go to city of el monte website click city agenda 2009 and click the see video portion of the 12/15/2009 meeting, jump to 502, they are discussing the finality of having to not receive the 2.4 million dollar EB-5 grant for a bio building, due to the mumble mumble inability of the parties to proceed. Watch the efforts to keep the blood money, tainted by fraud less than 6 months ago.
    Quintero is new, Macias is new but cannot say guar antor.
    Hope springs infernal in the hearts of the city players a new developer will come to the rescue.

    Thanks Sir Eric for being such a great writer, Here is to 2010!

  23. Would it be out of line to email Isadore Hall and tell her she is a lying a**hole and that developers are a notch below mortgage brokers and real estate agents. Used car salespersons should be happy that they no longer are the gold standard for lying and cheating.
    First we dismantle the business schools...

  24. 4;40, isasdore is a man, if you check voters they are at least 50 huffs in his area, and as an ex car salesman, it is the sleaziest business on earth. right after politicians

  25. Isadore is actually a guy.

  26. He Man wasn't just a cartoonDecember 30, 2009 at 10:56 PM

    They will always build football stadiums instead of schools, ever notice that one. Even in schools they will always build a football stadium instead of an Art Dept, a Women's Gym (look at the fuss about Alverno, did the neighbors fuss when La Salle wanted to build a gym?)and the area the football stadium is in sorely needs a theatre. God forbid culture could supercede football. Funny how AAronld married into a family so well cultured as the Kennedy's but none of it seemed to rub off.

    Money and power over class and culture. The Fall of another empire. Calif was once a lovely place to live........

  27. I dunno, I always thought it was the Kennedys that married into a cultured clan when Jack married Jackie.

    I think the old man ran booze for the Bronfmans and spanked starlets with Louie Pantages before he got kicked out of England for crushing on the zeig heil crowd.

  28. Speaking of the zieg heil crowd, you do know that Ahhnold's poppy was an Austrian nazi, right? And an SA Brownshirt to boot. Ahhnold has gone to great lengths to distance himself from uber pop, and has raised millions of dollars for such things as the Wiesenthal Center.

  29. A few weeks ago at Hollywood Park racetrack they had a special ZENYATA day.
    There was a good sized crowd and Arnold showed up, went on the microphone and was promptly booed by the crowd in attendance. Racing channel TVG actually tried to block out the sound of the jeers, but those of us in attendance could hear it all over the grounds.
    Arnold is the worst governor we have had in California as far as the racetracks are concerned....he has seriously hurt the industry.
    Racing fans know this, and on top of his piss poor record as Gov. of California, he sure did deserve the negative reaction of the crowd.

  30. Pretty sad state of affairs.

  31. I equate Arnold S. with Joe Mosca
    Both were popular when they ran for office, both lied to the folks, both are inept at their job.
    Both won't be re-elected.

    That's not a sad state of affairs, 8:25, that's a GOOD THING!

  32. RIP, I think the earlier reference to Kennedy was not the Kennedy you're thinking of. It's Susan Kennedy. From the wall Street Journal:
    "She is now Mr. Schwarzenegger's closest adviser and "partner," as the governor called her in an interview in his smoking tent in the Capitol courtyard, where the two often enjoy stogies in the afternoon. As an example of their affinity, Ms. Kennedy displays in her office a picture of her sitting in Mr. Schwarzenegger's lap after lawmakers passed the February budget."

  33. The Susan Kennedy thing caused a flap in some circles because she is a Democrat. Her pitching in with Steroid Arnie was seen by some as a sellout, especially after the political demolition of Gray Davis. But you must also remember that Maria Shriver is of THE Kennedy clan. And I see the poster's comment as being a reference to that.

  34. Who cares, it's New Year's Eve-does everyone have their life changing festivities planned?

  35. Happy New Year to all the Tattler readers.
    Look forward to the New Year!
    Exciting good things gonna happen!

  36. 12:59 - I don't know about life changing, though the number on the calendar seems to be going up a digit. Is that something I should be concerned about?

  37. . . . drove home via El Monte, Valley Blvd. to Santa Anita and took a look over my shoulder just at the right time to spot a huge neighborhood to the northeast of that corner all boarded up homes and barely hidden behind chainlink. Is this the area of the transit village. Welcome to the likes of Sierra Madre Nursing Facility. El Monte is in for a long mess and doesn't deserve it anymore than Sierra Madre does.

  38. 5:39 - We are both the victims of the same people. Get rich quick real estate hustlers that never seem to be able to bring their projects home. And end up leaving huge disasters behind.

  39. Happy New Year everybody!!

  40. 5:39

    Dead Man Walking in El Monte

    The New Decade should see some changes. Raise a toast tonight!

  41. To you Dear friend...

  42. For all you Tattler "New Years Day, couch potatoes out there......

    Here is a 93 year old blind man who walked the entire Rose Parade today! Over 5 mile walk.