Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Things Joe Mosca Would Prefer You Not Think About This Election Cycle

The tragedy of Joe Mosca is that in the end he sold out for very little. An engaging and obviously talented politician, he swept to victory here in 2006, receiving more votes than any other candidate in that election. And he seemed destined to go on to greater things. I supported him, and displayed his sign proudly in my front yard. I believed at the time that he could have gone on to become something truly important, perhaps even the first gay governor of the State of California. The thought that he would have come from Sierra Madre made me feel a part of something good and right. And I know a lot of people who shared that opinion.

But after he was elected Joe turned his back on the voters and the promises he had made to them. He flipped to the position of a relatively few moneyed real estate investors on the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) question, a scheme that would have turned much of the Sierra Madre Boulevard area into a cookie cutter replica of the oversized mixed-use condominium complexes that can now be seen half empty and unsalable in places like Monrovia, Glendale, and Pasadena. This became the most polarizing issue in recent Sierra Madre history, leading to an expensive special election, numerous lawsuits, and a recall attempt. And because of this betrayal Joe Mosca now finds himself in the political fight of his life, desperately trying to hang on to his small town City Councilship by any means possible.

Talk about squandered potential.

Just before the recently reorganized City Council began its fateful deliberations on the Downtown Specific Plan in early 2006, newly elected City Councilmember Joe Mosca released a statement that reiterated something that had been a theme of his successful election campaign. And that is he supported the right of the residents of Sierra Madre to decide the future of our downtown area with their vote. Here is a part of what he had to say. (The entire statement can be accessed by clicking here, and scrolling down to article #8.)

Once the DSP has taken shape and the process has been completed in the coming months, it will be put to a vote by the people of Sierra Madre, hopefully with our County elections this fall.

As a City Councilmember who represents all of Sierra Madre and also believes in preserving our jewel of a community here, it is my hope that through the DSP and with voter approval, we will be able to restrict development and promote a plan that preserves our downtown.

There is a lot of misinformation and fear being spread about the DSP and some correct information. I encourage you to please get involved and attend meetings on the Downtown Plan, so that we can shape the eventual document into something that will preserve our community and also be something we can all be proud of.

In the end, I hope we are successful in shaping the document into something that will protect and preserve our community. Ultimately, it is up to the people of Sierra Madre to decide. I believe in and will support a city-wide vote on the DSP.

And that is what we believed Joe Mosca was all about when we voted for him in 2006. A stand up guy who, though very new to this town, understood our love for this community and the need to save it from the wrecking ball. The Downtown Specific Plan was radical in design and would have brought a massive and highly negative change to Sierra Madre. Which is why the City Councilmembers supporting it were resoundingly voted out of office in 2006. The voters overwhelmingly disapproved of this plan, and fired those responsible.

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few years about exactly how the Downtown Investors Club got to Joe Mosca. That is, if they didn't already have him. Some say that he was a plant all along, a Manchurian Candidate recruited from the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats organization and brought in to serve as an emergency monkey wrench should the DSP supporters on the City Council fail to be reelected. Others have said that Joe was little more than a glib and shallow opportunist who saw this issue as a way to get elected, and exploited it. Only to sell out to the blandishments of well-financed DSP investors later on.

But that Joe Mosca turned his back on the people of Sierra Madre, and in the process broke the promises he made on the DSP vote question, there can be no doubt. On the Neuroblast Films website there is a video of Joe Mosca delivering the infamous speech he gave on June 13th of 2006 before joining the majority in the 3 to 2 City Council decision to deny the DSP vote to Sierra Madre's residents. The same vote he promised with such seeming sincerity when he ran for election. It is a shoddy and dismaying performance by someone who had at one time been a hero to many here, and about as stark an act of political betrayal as this town has ever seen.

You can find this video on the Neuroblast Films site by clicking here. Scroll to the 2nd video in the column to the right, the one entitled "Joe Mosca Flip Flop In 4 Minutes." It is the smoking gun.

In viewing this video you will see that the parsing Joe practices is lawyerly enough, but the message is still unmistakable. He was no longer in favor of giving the voters of Sierra Madre the decision making power over the fate of their downtown. Instead he had now switched over to the side that lost the 2006 election, that elite group of people who had invested so heavily in the Downtown Specific Plan. People who knew that the DSP would never survive a citywide vote, and therefore had to stop it. And Joe was there to help them.

If you think back to the events of the last 4 years, you can see that Joe's betrayal on the promises he made to the people of Sierra Madre had a very destructive effect here. The Measure V election, which cost this City 10s of thousands of tax payer dollars, was held because the people had overruled their City Council and used the power of the petition to get back the DSP vote that Joe reneged on. $170,000 was pumped into this town by corporate pressure groups in the failed attempt to deny Sierra Madreans their downtown vote. Lawsuits were filed against vote supporters, and those subjected to them forced to pay for lawyers out of pocket to defend themselves. Our recent Mayor Kurt Zimmerman being one of them. Pornographic websites, including the one then Mayor John Buchanan praised in the Pasadena Star News, were created to demoralize and defame those who supported a vote on the DSP. Neighbor no longer spoke to neighbor, the town was divided into two camps, and to this day there are people who refuse to talk with those on the other side of this question. And a petition calling for the recall of Joe Mosca was circulated, and had a few hundred additional signatures been gathered that too would have been the subject of a Citywide vote.

All because Joe Mosca could not keep a simple and basic promise he'd made to the people who elected him a City of Sierra Madre Councilmember. And if he didn't honor the promises he made a few years ago, how can we believe anything he is saying now?

Like I said, Joe would prefer that you don't think too much about that one right now.


  1. Thank you Sir EricJanuary 25, 2010 at 7:04 AM

    Thank you Sir Eric for this objective and well organized article on this HUBRUS I would rather forget. Remembering how I got sucked into his lies still makes me sick. But, now I have a sequenced story to explain to those who need to know the facts.

  2. HUBRIS, it is early...

  3. Copies of this need to be distributed downtown. This must be
    seen by as many people as possible.

  4. I urge everyone who cares about Sierra Madre to print copies of this article! Mail or distribute it to all your friends and neighbors.

    I hope there will be a part 2 to this issue, Sir Eric. SACRAMENTO JOE:

    Joe is extremely dangerous, the fact he is so obsessed with going along with the SACRAMENTO/SCAG/RHNA issues on DEVELOPMENT proves he still threatens the sovereignty of our small town.

    Thanks for this excellent history of Sacramento/traitor Joe Mosca's short but treacherous term in Sierra Madre.

    Sierra Madre! You simply can't re-elect this man, Mosca. Only means downside for our town.

  5. Monrovian for Sierra Madre sez-

    I still think a cheap flyswatter would be a great anti-mosca campaign tool.
    Portable, simple and cheap- they can be hung in store windows, carried about town on a stroll and used in lieu of one's own hand should that nasty fly ever offer to shake your hand.

    Were hand sanitizers created to counter the contagion of a Mosca campaign handshake?

  6. I absolutely agree with Poster 7:05. People in this City need to know about Joe Mosca. He fooled them once and could easily fool them again.

    Please, please, please distribute this article (and I would add some of the other hard-hitting articles) about Mosca to as many people as possible in town.

    Also, Perhaps somebody could mention this website and this particular article at the next City Council meeting!

  7. My biggest fear about this election cycle is that our side will fall into the we "need to be nice trap."

    Telling the whole, ugly truth when it comes to Mosca may not be nice, but it's necessary.

  8. "We all just need to get along" was Rodney King and the DIRT's mantra during the Measure V campaign. Of course, what they were saying and what they were doing were two entirely different things.

    The DIRTS also tried to neutralize Zimmerman by telling everyone in town that he was not nice and never smiled. Of course, that strategy failed miserably.

  9. Just in case the rest of you haven't figured it out, the DIRT candiates are going to run on a "we're nice and will heal all of the community's wounds if elected."

    Of course, they'll neglect to mention that the DIRTS actually caused those wounds.

  10. Instead of distributing this article couldn't it be read at the next Council meeting?

    People need to know!

    Of course, if it's read at the next Council meeting the tape of the meeting will be lost or technical difficulties will prevent the Council meeting from being shown again.

  11. As one who voted for Mr. Mosca, I have not forgotten what he said and what he did.

  12. By the way, the MVN for Saturday January 23, 2010 was out in print form as well as on the web. Susan is now Mrs. Nieby's BFF and did you notice she was wearing black over the weekend? Retch, retch.

  13. Monrovian at 7:29....I sure like the way you think! LOL

  14. I don't know who is worse, Susan(bad check) Henderson or Sacramento Joe Mosca.
    Both are diseases in this town, actually, any town.
    Bad people.

  15. Joe is running a Wizard of Oz campaign. I
    think his slogan is going to be: "Do not
    look behind that curtain!"

  16. Posters at 8:41 8:43 and 8:51 You are absolutely correct.

    I am against taking the "high road to nowhere" by falling into the "if we're nice to them, they'll be nice to us" TRAP!

    If we're nice to them, they will do what they tried to do to Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray, they will try to slander and defame them, because they can't knock their record. Because they are working for the folks!

    Remember, these dirts are NOT working on behalf of you-the voters best interests. They work for the best interest of developers, greedy realtors and crooked politicians in Sacramento.

    Pasivity breeds's the law of the jungle.

    Fight back at Mosca, Moran and Walsh on their RECORDS, or their lack of experience and/or their ties to the No on V. crowd.
    Remember Joe Mosca had a NO ON V sign in his yard, he had a John Buchanan and Karma Bell sign as well. He consistently lobbies for development and Sac. crooks.
    Josh Moran was a vocal supporter of the downtown dirts, also listed on their horrible website.
    He is also inept and unqualified to be on our city council.
    Nancy Walsh is influenced by John Buchanan and is misquided.

    We have three SUPERIOR candidates.

    JOHN CRAWFORD.....all readers of this blog, know this man is a crusader for truth and will serve us in the tradition of Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray.
    PAT ALCORN....will also serve us in the tradition of MaryAnn, Kurt and Don. Most folks know Pat. She is and always has been for preservation of Sierra Madre!

    Please support and vote for these three integrous people, who have no self interest in this election, other than to SAVE their community.

    WATTS, CRAWFORD and ALCORN......SIERRA MADRE FIRST! Let's keep the good agenda of Zimmerman, Watts and MacGillivray going!

  17. "Fool me once,shame on you.Fool me twice,SHAME ON ME"!

  18. Mosca's "Don't worry, be happy" campaign tactics are designed to avoid any conversation of his 4 years in office. If this election becomes a referendum on his DSP flip-flop shenanigans, then he is lost.

    Who knows, maybe he's planning on putting big yellow smiley faces on his lawn signs...

  19. all I know is that the dude lied straight to my face and did a complete turnabout from what he promised me on my front lawn

    I will never vote again for somebody who moves into town and within a few months immerses him or herself into "volunteering", clubs or political offices

    I will never vote again for somebody who was dormant in volunteering and then all of a sudden makes a mad rush to volunteer, join every club or bamboozles his/her way into community positions like Little League President.

    I will cast a wary eye on the "resume" of candidates and question their motives and timeline. Plus anyone endorsed by a former Mayor or real estate mogul.

    I made the mistake of voting for Joe once, I won't make it again.

    Dude is swarmy and makes my skin crawl.

  20. So let me see if I have this straight. Joe was a carpetbagger candidate who made a lot of promises that he didn't keep? Which resulted in some of the worst chaos this town has ever seen? Now that is quite a resume..

  21. Sounds like an opening salvo in a campaign for CC, YEEEEHAAAA!

  22. Incumbents have to run on their records. Joe needs to realize that. And if that seems negative, well whose fault is that?

  23. Has anyone,by chance,seen the plans for the "New and Improved" Sierra Madre as envisioned by the investors felled by Prop V?

  24. I hadn't heard that they have a plan. They
    are pretty much "grab and go" at this point.

    Of course, that is until Joe Mosca's Sacramento-led SCAG committee, CEHD, hits us with a new RHNA number under the guidlines
    of SB 375. ETA 2012. A number which many here believe will be immense.

    Thanks Joe!

  25. Too bad the person who called Susan Henderson a disease on this town didn't have the b#lls to use their real name.

  26. Rich, could you give your understanding of the matter as it pertains to the court case and the verdict that found Ms. Henderson guilty?

  27. 1:19, how about the cleaning lady that Susan refused to pay? What's the story on that one? Or the defense about her getting into trouble with shoddy credit card practices and false resume claims to the Democratic Party?


    Don't re-elect them.

  29. Rich - are saying that someone has bells?

  30. lol Rich Johnson, can't be the real person who writes for Susan's rag. The same Susan who falsified expense forms for the Demo party and was subsequently fired disgracefully. Can't be the same Rich who writes for Susan who was found in contempt of court and hasn't lived up to her legal obligations or the same Susan who pulls the race card whenever it suits her but didn't hesistate to be sort of racist to a Hispanic cleaning lady? Can't be the same Rich could it who writes for Susan who made up her resume'?

    Susan isn't a disease to the town, she's a plague.

  31. Susan Henderson preys upon the seniors in this town.
    Something should be done about it.
    How about kicking this old grifter out of Kiwanis and CofC?

  32. Same Rich Johnson. And thanks Jerome for using your real name (possibly presumptuous of me.) By the way Jerome, do you know first hand the veracity of all these charges leveled at Susan? Have you done your homework or are you relying on second and third hand information? If I'm not mistaken Susan Henderson supported Measure V.

    Elbert Hubbard (if you don't know who that is, google it) said in the 19th century, "To escape criticism-do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."

    Whether you agree with her or not, Susan Henderson is out there doing something. That opens her up to criticism. What have the assembled group of "anonymous" contributors to this blog done that puts them at risk of criticism?

    Rich Johnson (and proud of it)

    P.S. Sir Eric is a great writer. And I agree with him more often than not. Which is immaterial because he is a great writer whether I agree with him or not. Someday I hope to be as good as writing that is : )

  33. Sounds like a review worth quoting!

  34. RE 3;19 Now there is a stout man with blinders and proud of it!

  35. Goodness, Mr. Johnson, are you just flat out ignoring the judgement of the court?

  36. Susan's hold over otherwise rational men is mysterious indeed.

  37. We must convince new people in town, not only what Joe did to turn on so many of us, but that he will RUIN Sierra Madre. Yes, let us get back to the FACTS: his behavior and his voting record. His character cannot convince anyone with common sense that he is an honest, ethical and a politician FOR THE PEOPLE.

    We need to get this article printed and passed out. Not at CC. Not quite politically correct. No matter what he will get people in his corner of his universe to agree he is a picked on baby, "poor Joe." We need to emphasize the good of the 3 BEST CANDIDATES: WATTS, CRAWFORD AND ALCORN.

    They will not be dishonest and they will NOT vote for development.

    Yes, copy this article and get out to everyone with a conversation first.It will have greater impact.

  38. My favorite Joe Mosca story (reported here on the Tattler of course) was when he rode in the 4th of July parade, in a Pontiac GTO with the ignoble license plate "U GUILTY".

    Talk about Fate taking the upper hand!!

    "Each man is the architect of his own fate" - Appius Claudius

  39. Yes, Joe's green GTO. Quite a mixed message he was sending, eh?

  40. This is a good thread tonight!
    You posters are on your game.

  41. Here, here, Sister Virg-it's funny how things play out.

  42. Ask anyone who has ever spent any social time with Susan Henderson over a cup of coffee or a light meal if she ever picked up the tab. Pretty sure you will find that she was always smoothing the check over to the other party.

  43. Mr. Johnson, below is Susan Henderson's bio from the Pasadena Dems. website. As you will see, the false claim is still being made that she is a graduate of Berkeley.

    "At Your Doorstep" Cable Show Host: Susan Henderson. (Former Executive Director of the California Democratic Party under, then chairman, Bill Press). Susan also publishes the Mountain View Times a weekly publication serving Sierra Madre and Pasadena. Susan is a Berkeley grad who brings an extraordinary background in politics to this component. The show shall highlight local, statewide, national and international issues that are essential to the overall edification of our audience.The show shall be in magazine format and shall include, as well, studio guests expert in the issues planned for the individual shows. The cablecast shall also have viewer call in capabilities to enhance interactivity between the viewers and the show’s host and guests. The Show shall also be streamed to the PCAC website.

    Perhaps you should ask Susan about whether she really went to Berkeley.

  44. I like Rich, but the guy has his head in the sand when it comes to Susan.

  45. 9:28 - Susan has a two-step she does when asked this question.

    #1) "When they checked the records to see if I attended, they asked for the wrong dates."

    Then, when asked why she doesn't just produce the documents and shut her critics up:

    #2) "Oh, I'm done with all that."

    It's astonishing that there are people who buy into that ridiculous dodge.

  46. Resume falsification can lead to legal action.
    So can failure to meet the requirements for adjudication.
    Seems that Ms. Henderson likes to play chicken with the legal system.

  47. Back to the point, in dealing with the "let's all get along" argument we should not be shy to point out that candidates watts, crawford and alcorn agree.

    the problem is that HONEST JOE MOSCA created the discord. Put simply, there would have been no measure v had he simply kept his word. If we are to have peace in our time the cancer must be removed. this can be pointed out nicely without being perceived as negative.

    while i agree HONEST JOE MOSCA is a cancer and the source of discord in this town, i do not harbor the same feelings for others - including john buchanan - who openly and honestly disagree with my anti-development views. it would serve the campaigns well if they would make nice with the reasonable folks on the other side as it would isolate HONEST JOE MOSCA as the true source of discord.

    by the way, how the heck did you people vote for someone who just moved to town and whom you did not truly know?

    now, every get out your checkbooks and support the troika.

    and by the way, why does susan henderson think i want to read opinion pieces on national issues in that rag of hers? oi!

  48. The columnists are all required to write on topics that have nothing to do with Sierra Madre. Only Susan has the right to discuss the affairs of this town. It is where her bread gets buttered, and she trusts noone but herself to do it.

  49. Joe Mosca. Would you buy a used car from this man?

  50. 10:05, John Buchanan is one of the people responsible for destroying portions of our hillsides.
    At the moment he was called upon to fight for our city, to uphold the HMZ and the General Plan, he collapsed into the developer's threats and was every bit as much of a traitor as Joe Mosca.
    He has never publicly acknowledged it was a mistake, or offered an apology to the community for his terrible decision.
    In fact, he had the gall to use a picture of a tree on his last campaign sign - he who was responsible for the death of countless trees.

  51. No I wouldn't buy a used car from Joe, nor would I be in the same room with Susan Henderson without watching my wallet!

  52. Amen 11:08. Don't forget to mention John Buchanan's fight FOR the ruination of downtown, known as the DSP. And when the citizens wanted to see the EIR for the ruination, what did Buchanan do? Fought it. The guy does NOT ACT for preservation, no matter how much he promotes the library and says "We all want preservation."Just empty words. Don't listen to what he says, watch what he does

  53. Since Buchanan has been on the council, anything pro-development has his approval, including giving SCAG the RHNA numbers it wants. Check the record.

  54. John and Joe are SCAG/Sacramento enablers. And I love their surrender monkey approach. "But we don't have any choice! We need to cut the best deal!" Bull-effin'-sh*t.

  55. From the poster at 10:05,
    "i do not harbor the same feelings for others - including john buchanan - who openly and honestly disagree with my anti-development views."

    Just for clarity's sake, the majority of supporters of the viewpoints so ably presented by Sir Eric are "slow-growth." Being a preservationist (the real kind), or a slow-growth advocate does not mean being "anti-development."

    When you blur the distinction, it leads to people getting polarized, freaking out about slow growth policies, and making pleas for the economic vitality of our businesses. That economic vitality is important, as any preservationist (the real kind) will tell you, and we do need it, especially when our very own chamber takes the money it makes in town out of town to spend.

    To claim "anti-development" is to give fuel to the pro-development side.

  56. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on meJanuary 26, 2010 at 12:44 PM

    Fan at 10:05, Joe Mosca insinuated himself into the community convincing good, well intentioned people like Gary Hood who agreed to be his campaign manager of his sincerity, but who was infact was ill used by Mosca for his contacts and knowledge. Make note of how many of the Tattlers acknowledge voting for Joe at the time, who were duped into believing he was honestly interested in Sierra Madre and all it stands for. Remember he fooled us once four years ago; if he fools us again just who are the fools?

  57. To 10:08 - The only restriction I have ever had from Susan Henderson has been a request that I not be critical or disparaging regarding the Sierra Madre Tattler. With few exceptions I choose to write what I write because the city needs a court jester, someone to lighten the load. And that is something I am fairly certain Sir Eric would agree with me on.

    As to this person called Maxie and his/her perjorative, (yet accurate) description of me as stout: I hope you will come forward and confess to any physical, mental or emotional flaws you might have. That way we can keep the discussion off of issues and onto the much more relevant and important slurs against the individuals.

  58. It is indeed tempting to out myself, to accept your challenge, but I remember a young man, a friend of yours if I recall correctly, who was notorious for his lurid, untrue, provacative, and pornographic posts about some of Sierra Madre's most honorable residents. As time went on he progressed from jest like, load lightening humor, to profanity and vulgarity. I recall having seen you at Bailey Canyon after his death toasting this unfortuate man's humor that brought so much unhappiness to so many Sierra Madreans. So you see Mr. Johnson, many of us are unlikely to trust you with our name or smile at your jocularity.

  59. Rich Johnson

    I understand you have a bit of a checkered past yourself. No wonder why you work for Susan. And, to my knowledge, you are the only person that thinks you're funny.

  60. Not true, I think Rich is funny. I enjoy his work.

  61. Oh, Rich, please!

  62. Checkered past? Let me throw down the gauntlet before the one of many anonymous who won't reveal who he/she is: Please elaborate on my "checkered" past right here on this blog.

    And those of you who "know" rather than "conjecture" regarding my friendship with Jim Snider: You know I disapproved and was constantly trying to get him to clean up his act. I met and befriended Jim when the Measure V battle was in full swing. He was a pleasant, likeable fellow (much more so than what his more disgusting Cumquat contributions suggested.) Obviously in retrospect, and evidenced by his untimely demise, Jim was a severely troubled individual driven by whatever demons were driving him.

    As to whether I am funny or not, of course that is subjective. I don't think I am particularly funny. Thank you "another anonymous" for your kind words.

    But to all you who pontificate hiding behind a mask of anonymity, why not put your name out there and be willing to stand publically behind your statements and beliefs? So many anonymous contributors out's hard to tell you apart.

    (Rich Johnson - anonymous #327)

  63. AnonymousanonymousanonymousanonymousanonymousanonymousanonymousanonymouseJanuary 26, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    United we stand!

  64. Do we really need to turn this blog into all about Rich?

  65. I love the idea of Susan Henderson preaching about taking the high road. That is the single tactic most consistently used by the Dirts. As a poster wrote before, muddy the waters and then point out that they are muddy.

  66. By the way, Susan Henderson was pro Measure V and not a "dirt"

  67. Which makes her 180 degree turnaround even more remarkable. Even Joe Mosca didn't flip that fast.

  68. 3:58. So true. Now, it seems, her paper never misses an opportunity to praise Joe and John and slam MaryAnne, Don and Kurt.

  69. Her paper referred to John Buchanan as the "voice of reason" LOL.

  70. I don't know, lately it is all fluffy feel good stuff. Which is probably why it sits around in big piles unwanted and unread. Kind of like The Outlook.

    Back when Susan was spitting nails it was much more popular. Sierra Madre loves its red meat.

  71. 3:56. So, you're saying that in addition to all of her other and serious faults, we should add betrayal.

  72. Susan just follows the cash. When she was getting money from the Dunns, she was all about Measure V. But when that dried up she found other sources, and then she became pro-development. Susan cares about nothing but where her next check is coming from.

  73. John Buchanan as the voice of reason?
    It's more like, John Buchanan as the voice. Reason left the building.

  74. John Buchanan is like the old RCA dog Nipper.

    In this case His Master's Voice being whatever the BIA is putting out these days.

  75. Let's not forget Susan was the promoter of KARMA BELL against NANCY SHOLLENBERGER.
    KARMA BELL is a PUPPET of Bart Doyle's, she even works at the TITAN (are they still under investigation by the DA)?
    Karma would have been devastating to Sierra Madre, just as Bart Doyle has been for the past 20 years.

  76. Susan conned the Dunns. She befriended a nice lady Katina and her husband, actor Kevin Dunn.
    She not only stole their paper, and worst of all, she betrayed their TRUST.

  77. Rich, how could have you been buddies with Jim? Did you egg him on? Did you laugh as your friends were being stabbed in the back?

  78. It's pretty hard to be polite to Susan when I see her in town, which come to think of it is pretty rarely. She's a con artist pure and simple.

  79. .....Susan, Joe, and now you Rich. You are what I hear about the horrors of bad SPEED DATING! Meeting the most self centered people who are here for the moment.

    Farewell, so long, good nite! Your 15 minutes of fame are over!

  80. People do not forget the truth.January 26, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Only the lowest of people can turn on someone as good a person as Katina Dunn. That's how low Susan Henderson is, and anyone who associates with her is just as horrible. Remember what your parents taught you: you are judged by whom you associate with. People in Sierra Madre will never forget the ultimate betrayal done to the Dunns. NEVER.

  81. Katina Dunn asked me to write for the paper and I happily obliged. I consider both Kevin and Katina friends.

    And when Katina vanished from the paper I called her and told her I was prepared to walk away in a minute from the paper if she was getting the short end of the stick. She asked me to continue writing for the paper. And that's the last thing I ever heard from her.

    And I sure wish I understood what Elated was talking about.

    One more perplexing question. One of the platoon of anonymous contributers commented on something he/she heard me say at the Bailey Canyon memorial for Jim Snider. Was that person there? Under false pretenses?

  82. Good question. Did anyone at Bailey Canyon check for credentials?

  83. People of character walk away from a bad thing they see happening to a good person and someone they call a friend. It is what you DO, not ASK. You knew when you asked that Katina got the short end of the stick.

  84. Katina Dunn was awarded DAMAGES in a court of law in Pasadena. Susan Henderson LIED, stole the paper, and was ordered to pay Katina Dunn.
    SUSAN HENDERSON LOST IN you hear that, Kiwani people???? SUSAN IS A CROOK, she lied, cheated and stole Katina's paper.
    In yet you chumps keep believing her lies, and even giving her money$$$$$$ Incredible.
    You are losers, all of you.

  85. i wonder Rich, if Katina and Kevin consider you to be a "friend", that's a two way street and to throw out "friendship" at whim is pretty self serving

    bottom line, the MV Whatever isn't a real newspaper, it's a fluff piece that printed erratically and hides behind bogus circulation or print run numbers.

    honestly, how many people actually read an article? 100 or 200 and that's stretching it? In my circle of friends not one considers the paper to be a viable source of information and I haven't ever heard a single person mention, "hey did you read Rich's column this week?"

    Of the few times I've seen someone pick up the paper in town, I watched them scan the paper and consistently it was breezed through in less than a minute and then tossed in the trash

    I'd like to be a salesperson for the SM Weekly, I don't know how they lose any advertising dollars to the MV Whatever but the Weekly doesn't have a backbone either since Katina left.

    Rich, certainly Katina told you to keep writing for the paper because if she asked you to stop she'd hurt her own legal case, I'm amazed that you didn't figure that one out.

    Too bad Salvatore isn't around or doesn't have the funding to produce a short print run and publish the court findings and the rest of Susan's garbage.

  86. Still read the papers, but not that oneJanuary 27, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    I also have seen that paper scanned and tossed - and it's a quick scan.
    I heard a rumor, and I want to emphasize it was a rumor, not something I know for a fact, that some of the advertisers get a real deal to stay in the paper.
    So The Weekly can't compete if businesses get to advertise in the MVN for just about nothing.

  87. Makes sense. Susan is all about keeping up appearances.

  88. you are probably right because advertisers can't be that bad of business people to spend $ without any circulation or printing numbers provided by Susan's paper.

  89. Salvatore Tesoro is still around, and I hope/believe, doing well. I can't blame him though, for not publishing a paper anymore, considering all of the knives that were stuck in his back by people that now go around calling him a "toxic personality."

    All we can do is be grateful that he contributed to the preservation of Sierra Madre, when and how he did. He was the White Knight, so-to-speak, that was so desperately needed at the time.

    Maybe, someday, I'll get up the courage to show up to a Council meeting to publicly thank him during public comment.

  90. Jerome......I'm pretty sure Salvatore funded the paper out of his own pocket.

    If past is prologue, I doubt he would waste his time or money on the likes of Susan Henderson. He certainly never wasted his time or money on Beth Buck, Steve Tobia, Von Rees or Larry Wilson. Unlike them, Salvatore maintained his focus on issues instead of personalities.

    Besides, do you really want Salvatore publishing a newspaper again? He can't be controlled or influenced; whether by money, social stigma or coercion. Do you really want a stubborn idealist that is independently minded involved in politics again?

  91. We would be blessed to have Salvatore Tesoro publishing the Sierra Madre News again. Selfishly, I wish he would put his life on hold again just for us.

  92. Salvatore was the only truthful voice in the public for an important time, but he's got a slash and burn style that can really backfire - and a tendency to call everyone a spy.

  93. 9:17

    Would you care to explain your allegations? Or are you just another Dirt sock puppet attempting to slander someone, in an obviously, back handed way?

  94. So the rebel writer/publisher has become the sacred cow beyond reproach.There is no overstating how important a service Mr. Tesoro gave to the community.But that "Enemies of the People List" that came out just before the Measure V election generated sympathy for some of the people on the list, and cost Measure V votes.Talk about focusing on personalities.
    And it looks like if you criticize anything about Salvatore's paper, you have to be a dirt sock puppet. No surprise in that.

  95. 9:17

    Sure is one heck of an indictment. In typical Dirt fashion, you have stated something that cannot be proven. As far as I'm concerned the passage of Measure V is due in large part to Mr. Tesoro's efforts.

    If you're not a member of the Dirt clan, as you suggest, then you are obviously very jealous of Mr. Tesoro.

    Perhaps you could try to produce better results yourself, instead of maligning someone you seemingly can't compete with.

  96. Ha! The only people that ever complained about that list were Dirts.

    LMAO.....They still haven't gotten over it, huh?! I guess they don't like having to taste their own medicine.

    Hmmmm.....looking over that dusty, old edition of the Sierra Madre News....Yep...everyone of them a stone cold Dirt....probably could have a added a few more names too.

  97. Yikes, check out those delusions of grandeur!

  98. Only thing I'm hoping for here is that Salvatore gets a new issue of the News out just in time to join in the glorious political burial of Traitor Joe.

    By the way, anybody taken a look at Joe's new photo portrait in City Hall? The only thing missing is the brown shirt and the little black mustache.