Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Carter Clews Take On Ed Roski

We've added to our "Sites of Interest" roster today Get Liberty.Org, a Libertarian-leaning site that has a incisive take on the goings on up in Sacramento. More proof that we here at The Tattler don't give a damn about ideology, it is all just about whether we're hearing the truth or not. Because that is something that always leads us to the same place no matter what the political wrapper. And the Executive Editor of the site, Carter Clews, is just spot on with his observations. The article we are reposting here covers a couple of issues that have been popular on this site. All that and it just happens to be a very good read.

Have a great weekend!

Ed Roski Jr and the World's Oldest Profession by Carter Clews

Earl K. Long - "the fine governor of the great state of Louisiana " - once denounced those who accused him of buying politicians in the strongest possible terms. "That's a G-D lie," Earl bellowed, "I never bought a congressman in my life! I rent 'em. It's cheaper."

California money mogul Ed Roski, Jr., doesn't disagree with Earl in principle, politicians being the notorious practitioners of the world's oldest profession that they are. But, he does strongly disagree in practice. Ed would be more than happy to buy every politician his procurers can dredge up. But, he'll be doggone if he's going to keep renting them.

Which is why he is a prime mover and proud financier behind the latest campaign to rob the Golden State of its highly popular term limits law. Never mind that the good people of this state have voted on three different occasions now to put - and keep - term limits intact. To Ed Roski, renting politicians every six to eight years has become a very expensive proposition. And he's looking for life-long paybacks.

Make no mistake about it, Ed is a past master at getting his money's worth from those whose path he has helped grease. Since 1999, he and his Majestic Realty Company have filled the bulging coffers of his handpicked water carriers to the princely tune of $2.6 million in campaign contributions.

And, apparently, once bought, the prositu- ... excuse me, politicians - have stayed bought. Assembly Bill 81, the measure to exempt his proposed football stadium from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provides a case in point.

Now, keep in mind, California is a state for which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a $3 million federal earmark to protect a swamp rat. That's how obsessive those tofu-eating sun worshippers are about keeping their environment pristine and intact. So, when Big Ed decided he wanted to build a new football stadium to lure in an NFL team, the CEQA automatically kicked in, requiring the usual passel of environmental impact reports.

"Not so fast," Ed bristled. "That may be all right for the common folks - but they don't hire their own politicians." So, quick as a billionaire with a bone to pick, he called in his favors. And the fawning factotums went to work.

Within days, State Senator Isadore Hall (D-Naturally) introduced AB 81 to - in the words of the bill Digest - "waive environmental review and land use planning requirements as they apply to a football stadium project in the City of Industry." So much for that.

Less than five weeks later, the bill had sailed through Assembly committees, been passed overwhelmingly and was sitting on the Governor's desk. He, of course, signed it into law as quickly as an aide could say "campaign contribution."

And oh, coincidentally, Roski just happened to have made the following contributions to the sponsors and co-authors of the bill that exempted him from everyone else's environmental laws:

$500 to Isadore Hall (D), $1,000 to Anthony Adams (R), $3,600 to Anthony Adams, $3,300 to Anthony Adams, $1,000 to Paul Cook (R), $3,600 to Paul Cook, $3,300 to Paul Cook, $1,000 to Bill Emmerson (R),$1,500 toBill Emmerson, $3,600 to Bill Emmerson, $3,300 to Bill Emmerson, $500 to Bill Emmerson, $3,600 to Curt Hagman (R), $3,600 to Curt Hagman, $57 to Edward Hernandez (D), $2,500 to Edward Hernandez, $1,000 to Jim Silva (R), $3,300 to Ronald Calderon (D), $999 to Ronald Calderon, $3,000 to Ronald Calderon, $1,000 to Rod Wright (D), $500 to Rod Wright, and $500 to Rod Wright.

Now you can see why Ed Roski, Jr., so strongly disagrees with his fellow political slickster Earl K. Long: at those kinds of prices for just one lousy bill, rentals just don't make it. You need to purchase your politicians outright and build up some serious equity.

All of which explains why Big Ed has already spent a whopping $300,000 in his latest attempt to gut California's term limit laws. Money may not buy happiness. But, Ed Roski, Jr., believes it sure as heck should be able to buy some prostitu- whoops, there I go again; excuse me, "politicians." And then, with term limits out of the way, they can make him happy as a john for the rest of his live-long life.


  1. What a great column!
    Carter Clews! I really like your thinking!
    I'll be reading your comments.

    Thanks for posting this, Tattler!

  2. Good to see old Anthony Adams got to stick his snout deeply into the Roski trough. Bur that does raise a question. Is he now moving on to another career, or retiring on his savings?

  3. Just the Facts Mam,February 13, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    Now these are the facts we need to know. These facts should be brought out every time they can be found. These kind of facts show us tax payers what the real problems are in our government. Shenanigans such as these should be known by every one so we the voters can do all we can to stop law breaking Majestic Realty Company acts such as these. You just can't trust the legal system to do their job of making sure laws are followed equally. The tax payers of Sierra Madre have fought off attacks on our city for years. Now more than ever, we as a city, need to work with other Cities, to stand up to Sacramento shenanigans that will change towns way of life. With elections coming up we voters can vote on 3 candidates that will fight to protect out way of life here in Sierra Madre. I'm voting for Pat, Don and John, look out Sacramento we are not rolling over.

  4. I thought you guys would enjoy this quote from Gail Collins in the nytimes today:

    "Picking the worst political culture is tricky since you always wonder if the states with the most politicians in handcuffs are the most corrupt or just the ones with the most efficient law enforcement system."

  5. So, Big Ed is paying politicians so he can screw us? Does that make him the John, and The State the Pimp? And us the poor workin girl on the corner? I dont like it. I don't like it at all. It sounds a bit sleazy, are we sure Bart Doyle isn't involved? This seems a bit to sorted for him not to have his greedy little Troll stubbies poking around for an unscrupulous dollar.

  6. Bart and Big Ed belong to a lot of the same organizations. And they want to rewrite the state constitution. You know, so things work more smoothly. Especially for them.

  7. This problem runs so deeply at the state level, we have hardly put a scratch on the paint job. This isn't the exception, it is the rule, and almost looks like it's legit. Vote all incumbents down, and start over.

  8. I'm voting for John and Don and Pat, along with one of my favorite posters, "just the facts".

    Joe Mosca deserves to be defeated in our city of Sierra Madre election.
    He works only for these Sacramento interests.
    He is both intellectually bankrupt and morally corrupt.

    He has lied and lied and lied and continues to lie. Just read his bogus brochure!
    1. LIES
    2. LIES
    3. LIES
    4. LIES

    Please join "just the facts" and I and vote for John Crawford, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn.

    They will do the right thing for Sierra Madre, and will not be influenced by Bart Doyle and his corrupt Sacramento friends.

  9. I have always been nervous about the parallels between America and Ancient Rome, just wondering where we are on the old collapse of the powerful civilization timeline...hoping it won't fall in my, or my children's or grandchildren's lifetimes,and that in the future they'll find the new good place and emigrate before the chaos.But this article that so clearly exposes the complete degradation of political integrity in one of the premier states in America doesn't bode well for any of us.

  10. Maybe you're right, 476 A.D., but we're doing pretty good so far in this little town.
    Keep the majority of slow-growth people on the council & we might weather the storms.
    Get rid of Mosca, stall out Buchanan, never vote for a realtor...keep the barbarians outside the town's political structure.
    And support Crawford, Watts, Alcorn.

  11. 476 AD - my take is California is sliding away from what has traditionally been thought of as democracy in America to something more along the 3rd world political model. Strongman central government concerned with the interests of their partners in the moneyed and landowner classes, with the rest of us just a marketing problem. Something to feed lies and fairy tales. They want what we have, and all that they're doing is so they can get it. Sacramento has become a black hole, and it's sucking everything into it.

  12. Bad Karma, that's a pretty good description of the ruin of civilization, when oligarchy is the real form of government no matter the label.So in your scenario, the Barbarians are already inside, and busy consolidating their power.

  13. At times I think we're in the Alamo here in Sierra Madre. They keep sending in wave after wave, and somehow, and by the skin of our teeth, we just keep pushing them back. But we only have to fail once and the Moscas of this world will gleefully bring in the wrecking ball. You won't even recognize the place once they get finished.

  14. You are so right about the skin of our teeth.

    First of all we were not interesting enough, too inconvenient and dull for much attention.
    Then when that started to change, developers found us a bit too stubborn.
    Then Bart & the BIA & the fight got bad...
    The activists who have protected the town have done such a good job (well for the most part -RIP Carter & Stonehouse land) that many people who live here do not know what has gone on.
    One of the nice things about living in Sierra Madre is that you can enjoy the real village and not know the struggles that go on to keep it that way.
    Maybe we should get some copies of that old DSP map out & about, & say, look at what would have happened.

  15. Sierra Madre didn't just happen. And if people don't fight
    to preserve it this little place will just turn into everywhere

  16. Oh Lordy Bad Karma, not the Alamo!
    They were wiped out!
    How about....the Battle of Marathon, in which the simple Greek soldiers demolished the larger Persian army?

  17. That cyborg Terminator Arnold, is at the top of the list to depose. He is primarily responsible for the graft and patronage our state government has descended to. Our state is in a mess, Bad Karma you are right, we are following a 3rd World political model, and we have to do everything in our power to fix it, and yes, keep up the fight!

  18. Our Governator doesn't think there's anything wrong with socialism, it's more efficient. Old Austrian legacy.

  19. Bad Karma is right, it is like the Alamo.....we will fight till the last one of us is standing to fight off these greedy people trying to destroy our town.
    We can win.
    Vote for Crawford, Watts and Alcorn.
    Don't buy into any of the bs the dirts put out.
    It's all lies and we'll prove that it's all lies.

    Hang tough, Sierra Madre!

  20. I disagree 1:22. The old Austrian legacy is not socialism, it's paternalism. One big Daddy to rule all...

  21. Kind of like another Austrian politician of note...

  22. The California State Legislature is a vortex of evil. Scag is a vortex of evil. Joe Mosca is a vortex of evil.

    Only a handful of honest representitives.

    Be sure you vote for them in our city council election.
    Crawford, Watts and Alcorn. They are the honest ones.

    Others are part of the "vortex".

    Caution ain't the word, Sierra Madre

  23. you have got to be kidding ,right? April Fools is over a month away, why so early John?

  24. It's Valentine's Day, Raygun. And here's a love offering to the people of Sierra Madre. If we're going to protect our Downtown from Sacramento Joe's wrecking ball, we're going to need CEQA. The Tattler is a big tent that everyone gets invited to. Even you. And if we can get conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and independents of all stripes to defend CEQA from Ahnold and his specially connected pals, we all win.

    Except the Downtoen Investors' Club, of course. But then they never seem to win anything except invitations to tap dance shows.

  25. Why would somebody like "R, Raygun" be defending corruption?

  26. Listen up people.
    You had better take this next election seriously.
    We are facing some real serious threats to our little town.

    We need intellegent, clear thinking honest representives of the people.
    We don't need Mosca and his two lightweight running mates. They will not protect us.
    They will not be able to cut it.
    MaryAnn needs Don Watts, she needs John Crawford, and she needs Pat Alcorn.
    I'm sure you'll all do the right thing and get the vote out for these honest people who are trying to save our town from the Sacramento crooks!

  27. Sacramento Joe and his wrecking ball indeed. Make him Mayor
    and you won't recognize this place in a couple of years.

  28. It's going to be worse than that 5:20

    The goal is to over develop every square inch of this town! The will do it, if we falter. They will use eminent domain if they have to.

    Joe Mosca's no friend of Sierra Madre and never has been.
    Him and John Buchanan work for special interests.

    Sierra Madre is respected all over the area because we fight and WIN. We won Measure V in spite of the $170,000 "donation" by special development interests.

    Keep Mayor MacGillivray and Don Watts valiant fight against SCAG going. Keep Sierra Madre moving forward, our slow growth people must keep control of Sierra Madre or we go 10 steps backward, and it will be finished for Sierra Madre, we will not recover from the damage these dirts wish to inflict upon our town.


    Your home, your town, the future of Sierra Madre is at stake.

    VOTE and get all your neighbors to vote.

  29. Everybody have a nice Valentine'sDay? The restaurants were packed with amateurs. Next year we're staying home.

  30. What strikes me is just how low a price these idiot politicians sell out for. I mean, peanuts. Not even the pretense of principle. That tells me there's more water in their trough than we even think.

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