Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Meeting Nobody Has Seen Yet (Unless You Were There)

It really is late. And there is literally a ton of stuff that needs to be written about. But it was quite a meeting. Plus it is one that everyone at home probably didn't get to see much of because SMTV3 took one of its periodic trips south. So where to start? Might as well take it in chronological order.

The first thing of real importance was MaryAnn discussing our victory at SCAG. But I'm saving that for another article when I have all the numbers in front of me. In short the hardball tactics of MaryAnn, Don and Kurt paid off for all of us. Proving once again that surrender monkey strategies just don't work when you're negotiating with our favorite regional planning authority. But more on that one soon.

Next up was was public comment, the highlight being Fay Angus's reading off of Joe Mosca for the misleading campaign literature he's been handing out on his campaign walks. As you might have read here before, Joe has been claiming credit for a lot of things that really aren't his doing. Raising $3 million all by his lonesome for the efforts to fight the Santa Anita Fire being one of them. Protecting "our city from unreasonable development" being another equally absurd claim. Classic cheesy campaign tactics that you can get away with in a lot of L.A. County cities, but not in Sierra Madre. And Fay was quite clear about how she felt regarding "misrepresentation" on the candidate's part. Joe, who got that shiny uncomfortable look he gets when public comment turns against him, asked Mayor MacGillivray if he could speak. MaryAnn cast him a wary eye, but nodded her assent. Joe then proceeded to launch an attack on what he ironically called Fay's "attack" politics which, when you consider just how proper and refined a person his target is, made several people in the room gasp. It definitely was not his finest moment.

Now I've been trying to puzzle out what exactly Joe's campaign tactics are for this campaign. And I think that I have figured it out. Rather than discussing anything relating to his performance in office so far, which at best is nothing much to write home about, he has decided to run what I call a "soap opera campaign." That is, rather than allowing his opponents to dwell for too long upon some of the unfortunate incidents of his tenure here (his flip on the DSP vote being an example), Joe has decided he is going to try to make the race all about personalities. And while that might seem titillating to his fans, I am not sure how it is going to play with voters whose concerns are a bit more pragmatic. Most people would prefer a good discussion on the issues rather than all that endless drama.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars 75th Anniversary presentation went very well, and I thought that all involved did a great job. Mayor MacGillivray cited them for their generosity in raising money for some very good causes in town, including the $15,000 they raised for improvements at our Little League fields. Something they would never have talked about themselves. There is something to be said for charity given without any expectation of recompense. It was nice to see everyone in the room standing up and applauding out of respect for these guys. They remain heroes even now.

Going to reel through the next batch of stuff pretty quickly because it's late and I want to go to bed. The Emergency AM Radio Station project got a big boost from the City Council, all agreeing that it is a worthy project deserving the support of everyone. Hank Landsberg was put in charge of the project, which makes sense since he has been a guiding light for this project all along. The Wistaria Festival got its T.U.P., though it did come with some conversation about insurance.

Historic Preservation issues received a lengthy and in depth workout. The City seems to be moving towards establishing some sort of advisory committee on the topic. Sierra Madre has some truly classic homes, and they do add to the quality and viability of the community. I did like the observation Don Watts made about how a history of these homes needs to be written as well. Something to breathe real life into all the nails and wood. It would take an architect to see the romance in what for some is just a Home & Gardens kind of thing.

Streaming Public Meetings Through The Internet would apparently involve a volunteer force to maintain all of our many meetings on whatever site is chosen to host them. And since the bulk of our volunteers in town are people whose media preferences are decidedly analog, well, you get the picture. I think the preference of the City Council was that we test the concept out by having live streaming of their meetings be the test case. But the impression I got was that most if not all felt that a little more drawing board time is probably necessary.

Emergencies And Mandatory Evacuations turned out to be the night's most unpleasant administrative chore, and it fell upon Elaine Aguilar to handle it. People in places like the Canyon have become a bit weary of being asked to flee their homes every time it rains, and they've been voicing their resentment. And the word is that lately these evacuations are being generally ignored by the affected. But Elaine soldiered on, and she did bring up a couple of important points. There will come a day when people will have wished they had gotten up and out when they were asked to do so. Our beautiful mountains can turn vicious on occasion, and you wouldn't want to be in their way when they turn bad.

The League of California Cities has an answer to Sacramento's bad habit of property tax confiscation, and it is called The Local Taxpayer, Public Safety And Transportation Protection Act Of 2010. Something that it will take about a million signatures to get on the ballot. But the idea here is that small cities such as ours have a difficult time planning things out sometimes because they just don't know when Sacramento is going to show up with its siphon and suck up all of our hard earned tax money. The City Council unanimously expressed their support for the measure, and hopefully this worthy effort succeeds. There are petitions at City Hall if you want to go out and get a couple hundred thousand signatures.

OK, and after that things got a little sticky. It didn't start right away, but once the ball got rolling it was quite a sight to see.

The Dust Control Ordinance was the next item up for consideration, and this one has its roots deep in one of the most contentious issues this town has faced in its recent history. The dust we're talking about here is One Carter dust, that ill fated and seemingly endless development project that was unwisely set in motion by one of our lousier City Councils a number of years back. Stripped of most of its natural vegetation by the fine folks at Dorn Platz, it quickly turned into a dust bowl. And so the residents up there, sick of having to breath unhealthy particulate matter every time the wind blew, began lobbying for this ordinance. Something that would require the offending developers to hose down the dust or face stiff fines. Now much of this hinged upon Bruce Inman giving a presentation, and since he wasn't available for such a thing the matter wasn't completely aired out. But the City Council did decide to direct staff to put together a dust ordinance for them to look at later. And if you thought that Johnny B and Joe were kind of tentative in their support of the project, well, so did I. We'll just have to see how this one plays out.

Now my pet cause, unromantically described in the agenda as "Ordinance No. 1306 Requiring Maintenance Of Vacant Commercial Property," came up next. Personally I prefer the term Blight Law because it is just so much more sunny and cheerful. The obvious target of this is the Skilled Nursing Facility, though nobody in a position of authority seemed to want to bring that elephant out into the open last night. What makes this issue particularly delicious is that for years the forces opposed to Measure V have tried to affix responsibility for this eyesore upon those who supported keeping our town small and organic. And what this Blight Law does is wrench that issue from their hands and focuses the blame where it really belongs, on the LLC that owns the place. Changes were suggested by the City Council for the ordinance, and it was returned to staff for further polishing.

The final act was in many ways the most dramatic. Who would have ever thought that the topic of Newspaper Adjudication could be the cause of such high drama? But when you're talking about Susan Henderson, you're talking heavy attitude. And for those who enjoy that sort of thing, she did not disappoint. The contrast between the fussy little newspaper and the angry woman who runs it couldn't have been greater than it was last evening.

But you know, we've been down this route before, and I'm growing tired of running this woman down. We all know what she's about, so why should I go on about it now? The reduction of what was a simple business request into a personal confrontation, the inappropriate insults (the use of the word "liar" was particularly unfortunate), the claims of victimhood when called upon to comply with what is merely standard City procedure, none of this was really surprising. It almost seemed like a routine.

In my opinion Kurt Zimmerman was dead right in his claims that we are not getting our money's worth from the Mountain Views News. The questions he raised about poor distribution and publication gaps seem worthy of serious consideration to me. But for Susan to just hurl insults at the City Council, and then turn her back and storm out of the room will only harm her cause in the long run.

Fay Angus, as is her wont, summed up the confrontation best. If and when they finally broadcast this meeting on balky old SMTV3 you will really have to see it.


  1. You had to be there. There was a live stream to the internet but because the city had not publicized it very much, no one knew it.


  2. How Interesting that our Channel had the FLU!To bad we were unable to see the vermin scurry about!Thank you for keeping us informed!Truly sorry to miss Faye's presentation..she is such a trooper!Wonderful news regarding SCAG..Congrats to Mary Ann,Don and Kurt!!!A job well done...

  3. Thanks, JOHN CRAWFORD for the report on the meeting.
    I know many were disappointed to have the meeting cut off by SM3.
    At least not before they heard most of FAY ANGUS confronting Mosca on his bogus campaign flyer.
    Thank you Fay Angus.

    Thanks to our City Manager, ELAINE for giving an excellent report to the folks on the difficult canyon evacuation situation. I sure got it, hope others did as well, I'm assuming the council meeting will be re-broadcast! You need to hear this, Sierra Madre canyon residents.

    You are absolutely awesome!!!!!!!
    How many cities have representatives who actually represent us? Not many.
    Sierra Madre does. MACGILLIVRAY,WATTS and the retiring super lawyer, KURT ZIMMERMAN.
    We'll sure miss you, Kurt. Thanks to you and DON and SMRRD and the majority of voters, you saved Sierra Madre from the DSP disaster.

    Thank you TERYL WILLIS and LESLEE HINTON for your excellent reports on the DUST CONTROL ISSUE.
    Thank you DAVID DARBYSHIRE for providing us with some downright scary photos of dust clouds up at One Carter.

    I have one more request for our overworked city manager.....Elaine? Please go after these cable people, these broadcast errors should not be happening.

  4. Everyone who is registered to vote in Sierra Madre needs to go to the polls or fill out your absentee ballot.

    Mark that ballot:


  5. Here is my question. Why would the owner of a newspaper who
    gets money from the city attack the people who sign the checks?
    Is there a disconnect here somewhere?

  6. Please watch Susan Henderson at the Council Meeting last night.

    It is the most obnoxious, rude, arrogant, vicious, and aggressive reflection of who she is.

  7. Note to self--question, big time, how a newspaper editor can possibly claim to be impartial (a nice position for a theoretical hometown newspaper) when at the end of an agenda item with legitimate questions about the circuation and publication consistency of said hometown newspaper, the editor says '. . . and Mr. Zimmerman, I am glad you are not running for reelection. . .' Note to Pat, Don and John--do you expect that an interview with this newspaper editor would produce anything positive for your election?

  8. Joe Mosca!

    You showed the most weakness I've ever seen on a candidate running for re-election.

    All you can do is whine about being victim of an "attack" on a lady who rightfully calls you out on your mid-statements on your campaign flyer?

    The poor me, soap opera campaign is a sign of weakness. Not the strength of leadership we need.

    Get over it Joe! Deal with the issues.

  9. Susan might as well just change the name of the a paper again. Calling it the Joe Mosca Fanzine would be more accurate.

  10. Thank you Kurt Zimmerman for pointing out that the City is paying to have its legal notices published in a paper that publishes on an irregular basis and which is not published weekly.

  11. Normally not paranoidFebruary 24, 2010 at 8:41 AM

    Is there anyone else besides me that believes the Tattler is responsible for last night's SM3TV debacle? Agenda Man laid it all out and Whoops! Hey howdy! the screen went blurry after fighting for a half hour with the sound. We all know the D.I.C. has infiltrated the SM3TV committee... do ya think?

  12. The exchange between Susan and Kurt deserves its own story. I'm afraid nobody will get to see it on SM3TV.

  13. trying to watch channel 3February 24, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    The SMTV3 thing is just the most incompetent aspect of our city.
    It's impossible to tell whether there is intention behind the mishaps or not- I tend to think that people are just not that organized - but this kind of slipshod operation damages the city government's efforts to be transparent, in a big way.
    How many times does that channel 3 system need to go wonky before that committee fixes it?
    We're at, what, 40, 50 failures?

  14. Channel 3 being on the blink is good for the Downtown Investors Club and the Dirts for sure. but just ask anyone who has tried to keep up with council business by the TV. The schedule is characterized more by when it's running wrong than when it's running right.

  15. All the more rteson for the recorded discs to be at the library. Did the meeting get recorded, with sound?

  16. Can't we just hire a new company to do our TV? This one should have been fired years ago!

  17. Does anybody know, is there actually a recording that worked?

  18. Carlson says there is a recording. Deluge Carlson and Aguilar with demands to replay immediately and often! Do not let the Dirts control communication out of City Hall!

  19. Perhaps the reason no one at the council table said "The SNF is inspiring the Blight Law" is because that kind of statement might kick up some litigation.
    If memory serves, dredging up some old developer conflicts, that's a big point lawyers make when coming after cities - as in "You put this ordinance in just to get meeeeee and it's unfair to meeeee and myyyyyy project/s!"
    So maybe that's why it's not singled out. The blight law is for the good of the whole town, not just the SNF, and with all those foreclosures, and the buying up of them for resales? We need that law here. Probably every town in CA needs it now. Florida too.

  20. There is a saying,"The Truth Will Set You Free,"Methinks some mighty despondent souls were performing "Dirty Tricks".After last eve,we have your number.Hiding out is you only option..

  21. Trulia lists 29 foreclosures in Sierra Madre

  22. Is it just me or did Josh Moran make a fool out of himself last night?

  23. How come whenever Kurt Zimmerman takes people to task for doing the wrong thing or fights for preservation he's called divisive?

  24. Josh made a little fool out of himself last night. Susan Henderson made a big fool out of herself last night.

  25. What did Josh Moran do? I saw him sitting quietly near the back of the council chamber taking notes.

  26. 9:48 They are trying to change the focus from what they are doing or have done to someone else.

  27. I thought the Don Watts smack down on Moran was choice. Talked to him like he was an out of order schoolboy.

  28. Poster 9:52. It's never a good idea to call Kurt Zimmerman a liar when he backs up everything he says with incontrovertible evidence.

    Last night he stated that Susan's paper was published at irregular intervals and did not come out every week. Kurt then proceeded to show from Susan's own online archives that the paper was published at irregular intervals and was not published weekly.

  29. Josh is right the Town is divided..He and his fellow DIRTS are on the bottom and the rest of us are on top.No more Slash and Burn,destroying our hillsides or pulverizing the rest of the community with their mixed use high rise atrocities..Get a real job Josh!

  30. In summary, Josh delivered that tired DIRT refrain that "we all just need to get along." Then he tried to cast himself in the role of the great diplomat, who would bring peace to Sierra Madre if elected to the Council.

    His performance behind the podium, however, was classic goofball.

  31. He talked about needing to end the 4 years of discord, but then launched into some very divisive stuff if his own. The 180 degree turn was so quick you'd have gotten whiplash.

  32. At one point, I heard Susan Henderson say that her own archives didn't accurately reflect when her papers were published. Huh?

  33. Would someone please post a live link to Don Watts' website?

    I couldn't find it. Heard it was very cool.

    Thanks in advance

  34. This close to a major election, every city council meeting should be shown "convenient" breakdowns.

    The reply tape in it's entirety should be re-broadcast at least 2 times daily so all the voters can see what's going on.

    They will be watching and have a right to know.


    Was just there. Great site.

  36. Just tried to google that link and also tried it on luck.

    I'll email Don and see if he'll send me a live link.

  37. Hey,
    Josh Moran,
    keep talking man, you may get as many votes as Bill Tice. Well.....maybe not quite.

  38. 9:48, people in this town have gotten way too used to big blabberers who use a lot of words to say a little, so when some people who really have the gift of direct speech, like Kurt and Mary Ann, say what they think succinctly and clearly, by contrast it seems short and abrupt. That's because Kurt and Mary Ann are making their lucid remarks next to the veritable fountains of words of Joe and John, and other past council members from what the Tattler called "one of our lousier City Councils".

  39. Hey, John Crawford! Thank you for actually going to the City Council meeting last night! If you hadn't we'd be up the creek without our paddles. And, thanks again and again for Agenda Man and today's Tattler. If you just posted weather and the price of gold you could be a full service blog!

  40. Susan is a con artist. She falsifed expense reports with a previous employer and claims law degrees that she does not posess. She is a brat. If anybody is a "liar" it's Susan.

    Joe Mosca is a con artist. He claims actions that are not his and then attacks those who has the audacity to question his own statements. He has been a fraud since he moved into town.

    Josh is a joke. He's a Joe clone.

  41. Josh is an opportunist. Here, Josh. Let me spell that for you O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-S-T. Sitting with Dirts at the Canyon Zone Meeting on Monday spouting less government platitudes. This run for City Council is free advertising for the tike's new take 'em to the cleaners home loan gig.

  42. I thought it was funny to hear Joe going on about the League of California Cities deal. Here he wants Sacramento to keep their hands off of our money, but on the other hand he's all about SCAG and Sacramento's theft of our rights to control city planning. Ridiculous!

  43. Below is a copy of an e-mail I just received from Elaine Aguilar in response to my complaint:

    I understand the frustration when City Council meetings aren’t broadcast so you can view the meeting. But, please let me explain that the problem with SMTV3 is not a problem of staff oversight, or staff ineptitude; nor it is lack of oversight by the Community Media of the Foothills (the company that “films” the Council meeting.) I have been informed that the problem is related to a project that is being undertaken by Time Warner Cable that the City has no control over. (State law has removed most of the over sight that municipalities used to exercise over cable companies.) The problem only pertains to the “output” and not the “input” side of the system – which is why other cable channels are working. I assure you that we are in constant communications with Time Warner in order to resolve the current situation.

    We will be posting a notice on our website regarding the cable company’s technological difficulties and provide information regarding other ways for residents to view last night’s Council meeting. In addition, the meeting will be re-broadcast (correctly and in its entirety) on SMTV3 as soon as Time Warner resolves their technological difficulties. Time Warner cable has not provided us with information regarding the timing of their correction of the problem.

    In the meantime, there are other ways to view City Council meetings (I know that this isn’t as convenient as SMTV3 – but other options are available.) For example copies of the Council meeting DVD can be checked-out at our Library. Additionally, in about 24 to 48 hours, you can view the meeting on-line. Here is the link to the website for replays:

    Go to about the middle of the page, under “City Services” , then click on SMTV3 Program Archives. That will take you to the website where Council meetings are archived for viewing.

    Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. I would be glad to speak to you personally about this issue, in case this e-mail doesn’t adequately answer your questions.

    Thank you,


  44. Never say you were not warned!February 24, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    Susan Henderson loves the drama and has always had it out for Kurt. He is brighter than she is and he is always correct in everything he says about her. She throws her little tantrums because this is all she has to hide the truth. She is an overgrown spoiled brat who bully's everyone and gets what she wants by manipulation and lying. She also can be as sweet as sugar when she sees the dollars coming. She is to be feared and anyone who has anything to do with her needs to be forewarned they are in for a dangerous attack in the future. She is mean and vicious and out for herself only. She will do anything to get what she wants. Anything!

  45. Somebody needs to tell the city manager that council discs have not been available at the library for months, so scratch that option.

  46. Josh is an OPPORTUNIST!February 24, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Josh: stop embarrassing yourself! you do not know what you are saying or doing. Do you know what is actually going on in City Government? Or the Canyon Zone? I was embarrassed for you Monday, as you are obviously planted there for the real estate industry and do know you are not going to get hardly any votes. Run while you can!

  47. Set your DVD and go to the meetings. You will be supporting the candidate that we are going to re-elect--Don Watts--and Pat Alcorn, who is at every meeting with De Alcorn, MaryAnn's appointed director of volunteers--which is most apt as Pat Alcorn is the ultimate in volunteers in this town. Also, you can respond more forcefully to the Tattler blog and reinforce the message there from our other candidate, John Crawford. Sitting at home and watching the meeting never gives you the full story. The nuances off camera are a big part of the story. Fay's speech was direct and that you must remember, always seems like an attack when in fact it is just the unflattering truth. The camera just points to the speaker but there is lots more going on that you need to be there to see in person. See you there in two weeks.

  48. Hey, I was there! I usually sit at home and write up these meeting articles on my laptop while it's on. That way I don't stay up until 3AM writing these things like I did last night.

    More latte' please...

  49. Big John Crawford was indeed there. The entire meeting.

    After April 13, he needs to be there at each council meeting for the next 4 years!

    Vote for Crawford. Vote for Watts and Vote for Pat. They will keep their promises, they will serve rather than just "use" the position for other interests or their own, like Mosca for instance.

    The other candidates are not up to par with these people. Two are not qualified and one is a lobbyist for Sacramento development special interests....Mosca. After everyone watches last night's council meeting, it will become very clear who you need to vote for.

  50. Crawford!

    Can't wait for your report on the big SCAG deal MacGillivray and Watts got for us.

    What a huge hit to developers in Sierra Madre.

    Additionally, we don't have to listen to Joe and John tell us we have to cave in to Sacramento demands.

    MaryAnn and Don fight and win.
    Joe and John cut and run and oh, yeah, and the only thing they are econimical with is the truth.

  51. Just hit the newswires from PSN @ 12:08 ..

    Sierra Madre to get Emergency AM Radio Station

  52. I hope Anita and Elaine are right about the replays.
    I would like to watch them.

    Very entertaining stuff from the podium, from what I hear.

    Did hear Fay Angus, most of her report, calling out Joe Mosca on his narcissistic and bogus campaign material.

    I guess "horrible Harriet Henderson" (H.H.H.) was her usual con artist, bully self. I hope Kurt Zimmerman and Kevin and Katina Dunn call her bluff and take her to court after Kurt steps down from the council. H.H.H. will wish Kurt stayed on the council.

    Josh Moran, is just "sad".

    I want to hear Leslee Hinton and Teryl Willis' report on the serious dust problem.

    I understand it was chilling. Kind of takes your breath away, actually.

    Yes, please air the replay.

  53. Repeat Performance ,please!February 24, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Why not have an entire "replay" of the meeting?! Faye please come to the podium again, and deliver your words of truth and warning to the people of our town about our SERIAL LIAR, and our Mayor Mary Ann please repeat to the people what happened at SCAG, since we cannot pick it all up on a replay!!

    Thank you again, Lovely Faye. Don and Mary Ann for cutting the ties to SCAG! We wasted way too much time!

  54. 2:12, no ties to SCAG were "cut"
    In fact as the Mayor pointed out, she and Mayor Pro Tem Watts did just the opposite of what John & Joe accuse them, or any other preservationist, of, hiding their heads in the sand.
    Great moment, look what can be accomplished with intelligent leadership.
    Perhaps Mr. Mosca would like to retract that comment that he made in the Star News (and probably anywhere else he can get people to listen.)
    Through SCAG, the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem just might make a very powerful coalition of small towns.

  55. Hey, what a concept! You mean the regional government associations that supposedly represent the cities might actually represent them, might be FOR the cities instead of against them?

  56. Easy does it 2:28.
    The developer/realtor consortium ain't gonna just whistle & walk away ya know.

  57. 2:31?

    What will the developer/realto consortium do when the MacGillivray, Watts council gains John Crawford and Pat Alcorn?

    The realtors will have to go back to being honest and so will developers. We welcome honest realtors and honest developers in Sierra Madre, they do exist.

    Watts will win in a landslide, so will Crawford and Pat Alcorn.

    The dirts have the weakest ticket since Ron Brandly, Tonja Torres and Roger Keith.

  58. I'm told last night's City Council Meeting is up right now on SMTV3. Get the corn popping!

  59. It's playing right now.

  60. Susan Henderson is practically daring Kurt Zimmerman to challenge her adjudication in court. Has she lost her mind?

  61. Susan apparently believes that she can bully anyone into submission. It's part of her shtick.

  62. Last time I checked, Kurt Zimmerman could not be bullied. Susan picked a fight with the wrong man.

  63. Really stupid movie on Suzy's part to insult and try to intimidate Kurt.

  64. The exchange between Kurt and Susan was great, but I also like the way the City Attorney stood up for Kurt and smacked Buchanan down.

    You should have seen the look on John Boy's face when she told him that Kurt was completely justified in requesting information from Susan regardong her paper.

  65. It seemed to me that John B was trying to delay the passage of the anti-blight ordinance. Kurt apparently sensed that and moved to pass the ordinance as soon as it came back to the Council after public comment.

    What was Buchanan up to?

  66. Anonymous at 4:33, he was responding to his constituency, what else? His agenda is not the same as ours!

  67. Buch won't show his hand until he absolutely has to. But when he comes down on the side of the owners of the Skilled Nursing Facility, then he is officially the defender of blight. A privileged, politically connected blight.

  68. Buchanan really showed his hand, did anyone catch the snide remark he made to MacGillivray about "SCAG"? Something about "don't be so sure about that, they still have "wiggle room".
    Well, Buch, MacGillivray and Don Watts will close that "wiggle room". Too bad, you lobbyist, John Buchanan....
    I hope Kurt Zimmerman and the Dunns take Susan back to court. She hasn't paid Katina the money she was awarded for stealing her paper.
    Henderson has gone through her entire life bullying and cheating people.
    Run her out of town, Kiwanis....what the Hell is the matter with you people, to keep giving this old grifter money? You are fools! Wake up.
    By the way, Henderson, have you ever paid your cleaning lady the $700 you owe her? Dumb me anyone she has ever paid!

    Please, Kurt, Katina and Kevin, go after her.
    She needs to be stopped.

  69. From the City:

    The City Council Meeting for February 23 will air tonight at 5:30 p.m. on the City’s public access channel, SMTV3 tonight. The meeting will replay on Thursday, February 25 at noon. City staff continues to work with Time Warner technicians to resolve issues and improve the equipments reliability. Alternative ways to view the meeting are:Check-out a copy of the February 23rd City Council meeting on DVD from the Sierra Madre Public Library. Call the Library at 626-355-7186 or check online to view the inventory and availability of all City Council DVDs. In approximately 24 to 48 hours, the meeting will be available for viewing online at to about the middle of the page, under “City Services” , then click on SMTV3 Program Archives. That will take you to the website where Council meetings are archived for viewing. To edit your preferences or unsubscribe from the City of Sierra Madre email notification service, please click on the link below, login and change your personal settings.

  70. Doesn't Josh Moran own the Christmas tree lot next to the skilled nurse facility? That would explain his intrest in the development of that lot.

  71. Sierra Madre would make a great TV show.

  72. That's helpful information about the availability, but there's only one council disc from 2010 listed as being in the library...maybe the others can be put there too.

  73. Crawford's opening speech?

  74. The dirts only have a weak ticket if they are believed by the public to be good leaders. We can never be too sure. We must keep working to convince the people of Sierra Madre what the truth is. Remember Joe is great at spreading his lies with his sweet face, the dog and he can be believed if new people in town have not heard the truth......Nancy and Josh may have a following.

    Never sit still and assume you will win.

  75. if somehow Josh Moran was elected, he'd have to recluse himself from a majority or if not all of any council conversations or votes on anything having to do with development, zoning or related to residental or commercial real estate

    I don't trust him, he's got a unethical vibe about him

  76. It's because he's a Realtor working for Webb-Martin.

  77. Josh isn't a realtor anymore. His license to practice in that trade lapsed due to non-renewal. What he does now is hustle loans. Apparently from a picnic table at Mary's Market. This is not a very sophisticated person.

  78. Not a very qualified one at that 8:04.

    We need people who will move us in the positive direction we're going.

    Only Crawford, Watts and Alcorn are fit to serve.

  79. Hey Josh do you know the difference between LIBOR and Labor? Probably not.

  80. The 5:25pm email from the city re. the 5:30 broadcast didn't quite work. My other option appears to be noon tomorrow but I have this pesky thing called a job I have to be a all day. Time to get Tivo.

  81. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that 1) Ms. Henderson doesn't have enough subscribers to maintain adjudication; and 2) she isn't able to pay her printer and that's why the paper's publishing/distribution schedule is erratic?

    All of the nonsense spouted by Ms. Henderson and the attempted rescue by her son are nothing more than desperate attempts to avoid the truth -- the Mountain Views News cannot survive as an adjudicated newspaper.

    Instruct the City Attorney to file suit and be done with it!

  82. Anonymous at 5:34pm...

    No Josh Moran does not own the tree lot...that would be JIM Moran with JIM Alden.

    Oh and to another "Anonymous" at 3:11pm, it's Ron BrandlEy not Brandly.


    PS. Don't forget we're having our Belgian Beer Festival right now. Sounds like a few of you need to come in and RELAX and have a couple :)

  83. Honestly Lisa, blogging is far more enjoyable than hanging around a bar.

  84. Lisa, just a couple? four sounds about right.

    don't mix up Josh Moran with Jim Moran. Jim has done alot for the city and regardless of his political views (which I don't know what they are), he's a stand up guy that's owned several businesses in town and is one of the good realtors

  85. I'm not so sure about that 8:07. Jim's wife (Karen Clemens) was a notorious dirt, and ex-girlfriend of Rob Stockly's.

    Birds of a feather, flock together.

  86. yuck, she dated Rob Stockley? girl was slumming around lol

  87. You guys are bad...

    Lisa :(

  88. Ah, the greatest sin in Sierra Madre - being bad, being "not nice." But actually I agree with you on this one Lisa. No reason to dis people's taste in romance. Maybe 8:42 had a hangover.So "not nice" is important to remember while discussing personal issues, but entirely irrelevant when discussing political, especially development, issues, as in
    "It's not nice to criticize Joe Mosca for terrible attendance at meetings he claimed he was representing small towns in."
    "It's not nice to criticize John Buchanan for habitually talking 5 times longer than he has to, and it's not nice to criticize his devotion to complying with anything the state or developers threaten."
    "It's not nice to derail the DSP that RBF and the Downtown Investors have worked so hard on."
    "It''s not nice to try and control development in the hillsides"
    Want nice? Preserve Sierra Madre.

  89. Be Nice at all CostsFebruary 25, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Just let the realtors take charge, let the Downtown Specific Plan rise from the library shelves, let the developers make their own rules, or just abide by the city's rules ;) ;) give big welcoming parties to the millionaires filling those boring hillsides with their beautiful mansions, and get some manners.
    What right do you have to be rude when helpful people want to remake your town?

  90. MaryAnn MacGillivray is nice.
    Don Watts is nice.
    Kurt Zimmerman is nice.
    John Crawford is nice.
    Pat Alcorn is nice.

    They are what they say they are and they walk their talk.

    Dirts for the most part are not nice at all.

    ;) Have a nice day

  91. Oh come off it 2:37, who are you? The morality police?
    Whoever Lisa is gets to be human, and she gets to defend anybody she wants to without an anonymous threat from a saint.
    This is exactly the kind of drivel that leads threads to nowhere.
    The point is that the pro-development side complains about the slow growth side lacking courtesy. It's not true. The slow growth side has to fend off attacks, and that makes them appear harsh in some instances, but they are not the aggressors.
    And let's keep it that way.

  92. Everytime you bring up Joe's flip flop on the DSP, expect a wail about "attack politics." Joe can't run on his record because it is awful. Whining is all they have left.

  93. Joe Mosca is a lobbyist for special interests.
    He has no loyality to this town. He takes credit for things that Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray did. He certainly doesn't deserve to be on our city council again. He lied and he has actually caused a lot of harm to our city.

    His running mates: A senior citizen tap chick who may or may not be a nice lady, I don't know her, but she is controlled by John Buchanan, so at best, she is weak and naive.

    Josh Moran.......out of respect for his mother, I'll not comment except to say he is not qualified to sit on the city council.

  94. Well I finally got to see the meeting, Thursday night after work, or most of it anyway.
    So my question is, why was Buchanan working so hard to protect property owners who let their properties get into a condition of blight?
    If you take care of your property, there's no problem.
    So who was he talking for?

  95. And also, I haven't noticed anyone commenting on the chamber "survey" results about the blight ordinance. The results were presented with serious consideration, but were actually contradictory and odd. They were a 6% response, but of what number remained a mystery. 6% of 10? of 50? How about of 100 people - so we were listening to responses from 6 people? The questions were obviously the point.
    I've taken a survey in my household, and there's 100% response and there's 100% positive support for the Blight Ordinance.

  96. I'm not sure that the Chamber of Commerce's pronouncements are taken as seriously as they might hope. They totally fell for the "we're quitting SCAG" ruse. But what is also kind of goofy is that if there should be widescale redevelopment in town, most Chamber members who think they support this stuff would find their fannies and goods out in the streets. Look at what Dorn Platz did to longtime shopowners with Lincoln Crossing in Alta Dena.

  97. Roger Keith owns the lot (used as a Christmas tree lot) next to the Skilled Nursing facility. Connect the dots.

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