Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sacramento Joe Takes Credit for Most City Government Accomplishments Over the Last 4 Years

Perhaps you've met this kind of fellow in your work life. The guy who is very ambitious and wants to get ahead quickly, but just doesn't quite have the intellectual wattage to do so under his own power. But rather than allow those blessed with greater talents than he to get all the glory, this individual scoops up what he feels are the best aspects of the work of others, incorporates them into his own efforts, and then claims credit for it with the boss.

Joe Mosca has just mailed a postcard that pretty much puts him into that category. Passed over twice for Mayor, and with probably the most meagre record of achivement for any City Councilmember lately, Joe has now begun to employ a very risky tactic in his desperate bid for reelection. That being he is he's taking credit for the work of others.

In this postcard Joe claims that almost everything of consequence accomplished by the Sierra Madre City Council, volunteer committees, and City Staff over the last few years are his personal "achievements." Ironically, a lot of the things he claims for his own on the card came about within the last 2 years, a time when he was in the minority faction on the Council and had little ability to get much of anything done. And a lot of those whose work he takes credit for are starting to complain. Most people do not have an appetite for self-aggrandizement as great as the one Joe seems to have, but on the other hand nobody enjoys having somebody else take credit for their hard work.

Oddly enough, the last sitting City Councilmember who attempted this "it's all about me" strategy here in Sierra Madre was Tonja Torres. She went on to lose her bid for reelection by a greater than two to one margin.

Many here are taking this as a sign of desperation by the candidate. Dogged by accusations that he betrayed his supporters when he broke his promise on the centerpiece of his campaign in the 2006 election - a citywide vote on the huge downtown redevelopment project then in its final planning stages - Joe has now begun to portray himself as a kind of uber councilman, one who has single handedly done more than anyone ever has ever done before. The contrast with his actual record couldn't be more stark.

Here are a few of the things described on this card as "Councilmember Mosca's Achievements," and why he shouldn't be doing that.

Implemented Essential Paramedic Services and Adopted Firefighter Auxiliary Program: Joe's claim to have been responsible for creating Sierra Madre's Paramedic Service is a stretch. While it was voted into existence by the City Council in the early days of his first term in office, it took an Ad Hoc Finance Committee to assure its survival in what was at the time a cash strapped city. This Committee consisted of a group of residents, and also included then Mayor John Buchanan and City Councilmember Kurt Zimmerman. But nobody named Mosca. So while technically Joe can claim to have cast his vote as a member of the City Councilin in favor of our having paramedics, but to say that he "Implemented Paramedic Services" is a rather large embellishment. At best he was a bit player, with the heavy lifting having been done by others.

Completed the Mire Monte (sic) Reservoir Project: The fact that Joe can't seem to spell Mira Monte correctly aside (he is still new here after all), I'm not sure how one completes a nearly $6 million dollar project all by himself. The reality is this project's funding was arranged for by Congressman David Dreier, which is why he was there at the ribbon cutting. And unless Joe was doing some spade work there at the project's end, he completed nothing.

Adopted Hillside Management Zone: Joe displays a little ignorance about the nuances of the Hillside Management Ordinance here. The Hillside Management Zone is simply a definition of a boundary area within the Hillside Management Ordinance, something designed by a Committee made up of citizens from Sierra Madre. The Council didn't have anything to do with this outside of passing it once the job was completed. Here Joe is taking credit for the work of volunteers, which is kind of low if you think about it.

Balanced City Budget Without Program Cuts; $3 Million Set Aside In Budget Reserves: If Joe had balanced the budget, I guess I'd be a bit of an ingrate to knock him for it. But I am just not sure his job pays him quite that much. Much of this work was accomplished by City Manager Elaine Aguilar, and Director of Administrative Services Karen Schnieder, and City Staff. Despite Joe's assurances, things were cut. And as I think even the most casually informed resident will be able to tell you, what balanced Sierra Madre's budget are the people who pay taxes here. Folks who felt that they had to vote themselves a robust 100% Utility User Tax (UUT) hike to do it. This is something every single taxpayer in Sierra Madre did, and it was not just Joe.

Lobbied Federal Government for Funds for the City: The City of Sierra Madre employs a lobbyist firm called the Ferguson Group, whose services cost us around $65,000 a year. Something that is well worth it because they get us about $2.5 million a year in benefits from Uncle Sam. They are situated in Washington DC and work for us on a continuing basis. And unless Joe has an office on Capitol Hill, he just didn't do what he is claiming here.

Created Goldberg Park Recreation Area, Newest City Park in 30 Years: Whether Goldberg Park qualifies as being much of a park or not is debatable. It doesn't have any swings, or a baseball field, and you rarely if ever see any people in it. I've come to think of it as an empty bushy lot with a nicely painted sign on one end. There just isn't much rhyme or reason to the place. Besides, if anything this park was the creation of then Mayor Enid Joffe and some family friends. Friends who made out quite well on the deal, I might add.

There are other things here that could be discussed, but I think you get the picture. "Regime change begins at home," indeed.


  1. I received this slick card in Friday's mail as well as every one of my neighbors. I wish I could send this out with the truth written in bold red to every citizen in SM. How appropro that there is a tsunami coming and it is MOSCA. The scum rises to the top....

  2. That Joe cannot seem to find it in himself to share credit with his colleagues is quite a statement about his character. This card is the work of a selfish child who wants to be at the center of everyone's attention.

  3. I like that sticker in the photo background. "Fire The
    Liar!" How very appropriate.

  4. Everything Joe says he is, he is not.

  5. Many thanks to the Tattler for the clear analysis of the fraudulent phrasing by Mr. Mosca and his campaign team.
    This man is in the wrong town.
    He needs to go to a bigger area where people don't know their council people personally, where they do not know how the council, city staff and volunteers have done their work.
    He can't get away with all that hype in Sierra Madre.
    Tattler, thanks for being the watchdog of truth.

  6. Got the card. Why isn't Matt in the picture with Joe and their son Garrett?


  8. I'm not sure you are aware of this yet. But the Mosca campaign just announced that Joe has made the rain stop.

  9. 11:08, that link doesn't work.

  10. I personally saw Joe in his Superman tights stop the mudflow in the Canyon

  11. Since Joe did all of this stuff singlehandly, we can really save a bundle next year by letting go Elaine, Karen, Elisa, Bruce, Danny and others and let Joe run the City - at his councilman's salary, of course.

  12. He Lies with the Greatest of EaseFebruary 27, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    pathetic pathetic pathetic

    what's next, is he going to borrow a dog as a campaign photo prop?

  13. Let's see... Joe's in front of a computer. Is he going to say he invented the internet?

  14. Joe invented Post Its

  15. Joe writes the Tattler.

  16. Whoever took that picture was really able to capture the essence of Joe Mosca.

    I'd say he looks self-entitled, to say the least.

  17. Still more Mosca signs than Crawford signs..what gives? Better get out their John, not everyone reads the Tattler, exposure, exposure, exposure!!!

  18. Any body seen a recent copy of the "always on time" Mountain Views News?

  19. 2:14, check at city hall - or the senior center. Ya know, the places proof has to be given.
    Maybe that's why Saturday is supposedly the day - city hall is closed.

    2:13, good things come to those who wait.

  20. actually, we should give joe credit for the waste of space that is goldberg park. central planner joe took a chunk of land that kids could use to ride bikes, play war games and toss a ball and turned it into a monument to sustainable vegetation useless to one and all. all at great cost to the city.

    and, of course, joe left off his greatest achievement - measure v. we need to recognize that without his duplicity measure v never would have passed. in bringing it about he screwed those who trusted him and, ironically, saddled his developer buddies with development restrictions that they hate. the perfect political exacta. what a clown.

  21. That's an interesting point, 3:56. Regarding measure V, Joe turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Thoroughly disguised.
    But no way did he do that park. That was Enid from git to go.

  22. Have you looked outside in the last few minutes? Joe is making the sun go down!

  23. Joe Joe Joe
    Is there any limit to how low you will go?

  24. 2:13

    Don't be worrying about Crawford signs.
    They'll be seen soon enough.
    I told you I would make sure you got one.
    Make sure I have your name and address.
    You can write to the post office box John Crawford for S.M. City Council box 1411. Sierra Madre 91024.
    Don't be shy to send a check or cash. Any and all of your kind donations will be appreciated!

  25. You're right, 4:09. When it comes to their friends, it's all about getting them paid out of our money. Enid took care of her pals on that park deal and left us holding the bag.

  26. Is there a condition of pathological "taking credit for others efforts"? Sierra Madre cannot afford to provide another four years for his condition to take credit for the efforts of others while destroying our city.

  27. Sierra Madre needs representatives who represent "we, the people", not destructive special interests who would destroy Sierra Madre with inappropriate excess building and destruction of our hillsides.

    DON WATTS will work for the people of Sierra Madre, not Sacramento development interests.

    JOHN CRAWFORD will work for the people of Sierra Madre, not Sacramento development interests.

    PAT ALCORN will work for the people of Sierra Madre, not Sacramento development interests.

    DON, JOHN and PAT deserve your vote!
    They are clearly the right choice for Sierra Madre!

  28. MaryAnn and Don have done a super hero job of dealing with the Sacramento groups that want to promote over-development and to take away our liberties, even to the extent of the threat of eminent domain!

    We simply must keep Sierra Madre moving forward in the Zimmerman, MacGillivray, Watts platform of the people first, Sierra Madre first! No pandering to special interests out to hurt our town.

    Please educate yourself before you vote or especially if you decide NOT to vote.

    We need to elect (Mayor MacGillivray needs you to elect) her hard working Mayor Pro-tem, Don Watts, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn.

  29. The Watts campaign team needs to step up its game! It doesn't look like they're raising any money or helping Don at all.

    Is the reelection campaign of Don Watss going to be as successful as the recall Mosca campaign?

  30. Don't worry about Don Watts, 1:53.

    He has plenty of support which will become apparent real soon now.

    Don and MaryAnn are critical to our success with SCAG and organizing other small cities to fight Sacramento.

    Don deserves to be and will be re-elected.
    The other incumbent, Mosca does not deserve to be re-elected nor are his running slate mates, Walsh and Moran, even remotely qualified to be on the City Council.

  31. Don Watts has a lot of support. I've seen it up close. He is a beloved figure in town, and it is obvious when he speaks at coffees and other campaign gatherings. Not exactly sure what the poster about is saying. Or why.

  32. A Don Watts supporterFebruary 28, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Anonymouses, be assured that Don Watts is running on an outstanding record; no one can accuse him of selling out Sierra Madre for personal gain or embellishing his accomplishments to pad a resume. Don is solidly behind the residents. There is more to a campaign than a yard sign or a lot of untrue hyperbole on a shiny piece of paper. Don Watts is true blue. Don Watts listens to the voters. Don Watts puts Sierra Madre first! This campaign has six weeks to go and believe you me, you're going to hear from Don Watts in his own good time.

  33. If any incumbent ever deserved to be re-elected it's honest promise keeper, Don Watts.
    Don is a stand up guy who has not let the people of Sierra Madre down.
    Our Mayor, MacGillivray needs Don on the council.
    This council majority has done some fabulous things for Sierra Madre. We are moving forward in the right direction under very challenging times in our State.

    Vote for Don Watts. He's earned your vote, Sierra Madre.

  34. 1:53 Don't know where you get your information, but the Watts campaign is in good order. Don Watts is not mailing out right lies like Joe Mosca. Don can run on his record of service to Sierra Madre, Joe must lie. Voters beware.

  35. I would like to thank Councilmember Joe Mosca for making the sun come up this morning. It really is a lovely day, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

  36. Keep on working, great job!