Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Do They Hate Our Downtown So Much?

One of the truly wonderful things about Sierra Madre is its downtown. An area as unique and homegrown as the rest of the City. In an era of cookie cutter "could be anywhere" development, strip malls, sprawling car dealerships and large big box convenience stores, somehow our town has maintained its sanity and realized that the benefits of such things are fleeting, and that the loss of our small town charm would be an irreplaceable tragedy.

Michelle Zack, in her gorgeous book, Southern California Story, Seeking The Better Life In Sierra Madre, describes this sense of uniqueness:

As the first decade of the new century draws to a close, the evening scene along Sierra Madre Boulevard or North Baldwin is one of small town charm set against an awesome mountain backdrop. Over time, people by the millions have come to Southern California seeking health, beauty, and personal redemption - and a good few found it here. While challenges, imperfections, and unfinished business will always be around to annoy the human beings who insist on taking these problems on, at this moment they are drowned in foothill scents of sagebrush mingled with more domesticated rosemary and oregano. Background sounds of diners, laughter, and music create a life-filled cacophony. Neighbors out for a stroll, the cry of a baby, words hanging in the air: indeed it looks, smells and sounds like the better life in Sierra Madre tonight.

All things that you will probably not see or experience in the newly redeveloped neighborhoods that can now be found in so many of our sister cities here in the San Gabriel Valley. I personally think that this is something many recognize as being important to our community, and binds us together in that sense of pride we feel from living here.

So it was with some considerable joy that I came across the following comment left on Wednesday's post about the dangerous greenhouse gas effects of high density development:

I just received the mailer from John Crawford regarding seven story condo projects in Sierra Madre. All I can say is, "Wow." Amazing that people think there is an ounce of truth behind this ridiculous and absurd exaggerations (sic). What a waste of money it was to send these out? How dumb to think the residents of Sierra Madre are (sic)? ... It is people like this and their "no-growth under any circumstances" ideals that are to blame for the boarded up building across from city hall. If you like vacant buildings I recommend Detroit. I hear it's great this time of year.

Actually, the picture on my postcard depicts six story condos, not seven. And I for one can recall no such "seven story condo projects in Sierra Madre." However, you can find those 6 (or 7 if there is something behind the fence) story condos in places like Glendale, Pasadena, and Burbank should you wish to do so. Products of the same subprime mortgage insanity that fueled the somewhat similar Downtown Specific Plan here in Sierra Madre. Something that could have been built locally had not the citizens of Sierra Madre risen up against its duplicitous City Council and passed Measure V. But this isn't to say that such a thing couldn't happen now. After all, it looks like the same people who pushed the DSP are now back with a revitalized sense of purpose, and some exciting new historical revisionism. And backed up by the huge state mandated development requirements of SB 375, if they are elected it really could happen here. No matter what they're saying now.

So let's take a second and discuss this a bit more before we get on to the rest our critic's struggles with the English language. First of all, don't you think that comparing Downtown Sierra Madre to Detroit might be just a little over the top? Here is a passage from the Encyclopedia Britannica site that I think brings light to this darkness:

According to the Michigan Association of Realtors and Detroit Board of Realtors, the average sales price of a Detroit home fell to $11,533 in March (2009), a -43.9% decline from the $20,514 average home price during the same period last year.

The article then goes on to declare that you can purchase a home there with a $50 a month mortgage! Now perhaps I've missed something here, but I don't think that level of home price deflation has been happening in Sierra Madre. Quite the contrary, home prices here have maintained their high value quite well compared with many other places, probably because of the unique and pleasantly residential nature of our community.

And as far as the Skilled Nursing Facility and those famous boarded up windows, there is some good news here as well. The City Council will shortly vote on and pass a "blight law" that will make that sort of thing very expensive for persons who commit such atrocities in our community. No longer will real estate investors be able to buy property on speculation and then allow it to sit and rot until an economic uptick makes their investment profitable. Based on a similar law passed last year in Glendale, those who do not keep up their abandoned investment properties will be faced with considerable and repeated fines. As they should be. The lax attitude of the Joffe and Buchanan mayorships towards such blight just doesn't cut it in Sierra Madre anymore.

Our highly exercised critic continues:

Instead of blocking change and common sense ideas, we should work together to promote responsible growth and development that increases tax revenue and creates a downtown that we can be proud of while upholding our unique historical values.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm not sure there is much to be ashamed about regarding our downtown area. As a matter of fact, I take considerable pride in it, as I believe most living here do. Even in times as tough as these it remains the kind of viable downtown that I suspect many cities would trade their eyeteeth to have. Especially those who sold out to subprime era redevelopment when we did not. And doesn't all this downtown bashing sound strikingly similar to what we heard from the "No on V" people a while back? That we should be taught to hate our downtown and want to replace it with something a bit more, um, Burbankesque? A very strange tactic.

Late last year on the Huffington Post site there was a very insightful article called "Zombie Buildings: Are They The Next Economic Calamity? And its description of what has come to be in so many other parts of the country is also a cautionary tale about what almost came to pass here. Check this out and see if you don't agree:

While the overall U.S. financial system is showing signs of stability, a rapidly rising tide of troubled loans for commercial real estate threatens the survival of hundreds of the nation's small and medium-sized banks.

Financial reports this month from federal regulators and industry analysts detail a new cycle of uncertainty that they fear could cripple the economic recovery. Billions of dollars in commercial debt will have to be paid back or refinanced at a time when property values have plummeted. About $500 billion will come due in 2010 alone and an equal amount every year through at least 2012, according to the Federal reserve.

Many banks that cater to regional and community developments were largely unscathed by the residential mortgage meltdown. Bit now they are facing huge numbers of possible defaults by builders who erected thousands of office buildings, condominiums and shopping centers with the easy credit available five years ago. With few tenants, those developments are turning into what industry insiders call zombie buildings.

Ironically, the new blight that is now hitting many cities hard right now (and soon the taxpayers' pocketbooks if the banks get their way), was built only a short while ago. And the kind of economic travail caused to this country by the home mortgage crisis could return. So much for the "responsible growth and development" that was called for by Sierra Madre's DSP advocates back in 2007. And apparently now, by the exact same folks, in 2010 as well. Funny to think that they're asking to be trusted twice.

One more point. I think our commentator friend might be a little confused on the differences between an industrial city and a residential town. I'm pretty sure that there are not many people living in Sierra Madre right now because they thought they'd be able to get a job assembling aircraft or work in an automobile assembly factory here. Rather they came to live in Sierra Madre to get away from all that. They want raise their their families in a place that is secure and clean, and where their kids can grow up safe from drugs and crime. The economic growth in Sierra Madre doesn't come from what we manufacture, it comes from what highly skilled and well-paid wage earners bring back to this town from their jobs elsewhere.

And if somehow Sierra Madre is turned into just another urban core city, with cookie cutter "mixed use" development as far as the eye can see, you will drive this town's most financially reliable source of prosperity away. Its successful professional and business class. The people who came here to get away from that sort of thing, and stayed because this is a pristine enclave in a county of 11 million people. Most of whom would give everything they have to live in a place like this.


  1. Looks like the "downtown investors club" is

    not only terrified of Watts, MacGillivray and Zimmerman, but have added Crawford to their list.

    Keep posting the truth "big John".

  2. Why are Kurt Zimmerman and Mayor MacGillivray supporting John Crawford?
    I'll bet they are supporting Don Watts, as well.

    Why don't you people just accept the fact that Sierra Madre needs to fall in line with the Sacramento plans, let it be developed, let the DIC's make money, they are much more important than you're little investment- your home.
    Don't you people of Sierra Madre know these DIC/DIRTS know better than you, the silly residents? They are realtors and shyster lawyers, developers, they know more than you stupid people.
    Especially Bart Doyle and Glenn Lambdin and Joe Mosca and John Buchanan, they know what's best for you, the unwashed masses of Sierra Madre. You voters are so bothersome.

    You people of Sierra Madre need to understand......if John Crawford and Don Watts get elected, MaryAnn MacGillivray will get together with other silly little towns and fight against politicians and greedy developers. She might even WIN??????
    Then where would you all be?

    Oh yeah, you would save your town, your home and the future generations of those who fought so hard and won.

    Disappoint a dirt today....Support John Crawford, support Don Watts, support Pat Alcorn.

    Send a loud message to Sacramento......little Sierra Madre is going to fight and we're going to win! can't hijack our town!

  3. On target..this is what the election is all about.Does Sierra Madre retain it's unique quality or become just another collection of "Collective Hives" which were the design of choice observed in Central Europe following WW2 and now,regretfully, seen in neighboring communities.

  4. That a handful of people with investments in properties downtown think that they have the right to destroy our town so they can make their money back is the worst kind of presumption. That is what it is all about, too. Money. Save Sierra Madre!

  5. Local control, repeat after me--local control. That is what this election is about. Vote for Crawford and Watts and Alcorn.

  6. I hope we get even more new readers of the Tattler! Welcome aboard!

    Please join in the conversations.

    Please post about issues that concern you and someone on the board will find you the article/information you are looking for. John has dozens of articles concerning Sierra Madre and thousands of comments from you the readers.
    Many of our posters are from surrounding cities, these posters are valuable to us and offer some very expert comments.

    I've been a proud reader of this blog since it's inception, and can honestly tell you all, nothing is more important to John Crawford than preserving this town and the integrity of good elected representatives of the people. Nothing is more important to this man than the truth.
    Like Kurt Zimmerman and Don Watts who promised to tell you the truth and fight for you, they kept that promise, John Crawford will as well.
    Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray is another PROMISE KEEPER! Like Kurt and Don, she works tirelessly for all of us.
    MaryAnn is a total GIFT to this city. Thank you, Mayor MacGillivray!

    Some very good things have happened since Kurt Zimmerman, Don Watts and MaryAnn MacGillivray have been working for us.
    It's critical we elect John Crawford, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn to continue this.
    These good people, along with Mayor MaryAnn MacGillivray and retiring councilman, former Mayor Kurt Zimmerman work for YOU, YOU THE PEOPLE. They do not work for Sacramento scoundrels, Building Industry Association sleazy lawyers, or unscrupulous realtors who go by the California Association of Realtor's handbook suggesting "how to take over slow growth towns"
    They don't work for the Downtown Investors Club.
    They don't take advice from Bart Doyle, Rob Stockley, Glenn Lambdin or John Buchanan.

    Let's keep Sierra Madre the "pride" of the San Gabriel Valley.
    Our home prices will remain solid, even in these troubled times.
    We are unique.
    Let's fight to keep that! It's so worth it. That's why we all live here, isn't it?

    Old Kentucky notes that there is a growing rage about voting for incumbents, and rightfully so, in most cases.

    There is one incumbent here in Sierra Madre who absolutely has earned your vote to re-elect him. DON WATTS. This man has sacrificed for us all and really deserves your support, please support Don, he is invaluable to Mayor MacGillivray. Don's a quiet guy, but he is a fierce fighter for you all. Make no mistake about it.
    Don (thumbs up) have my vote and my respect and my $$$ contribution to your committee to re-elect you.

    John Crawford, you are just an amazing guy.
    Everyone who reads your great articles everyday on this blog knows exactly where you stand on issues.
    You sure have my vote, my support, both financially and labor wise. I'm proud to be on your team.
    John needs to be elected, Sierra Madre.
    Like his (alter-ego) Sir Eric Maundry, John's the "man on the white horse".

    Pat Alcorn, many of you know Pat, she has been a loyal volunteer in this town for many years. She is highly competent, she is quiet like Don Watts, but will fight and then some for all of you.
    Pat Alcorn has my support and my vote.

    Read these candidates statements, listen to their comments at the candidate forums, talk to them,read the Tattler and be an informed voter and I'm sure you all will come to the same conclusion Old Kentucky did.
    Don, John and Pat are THE ONE'S we need on the council.
    Thanks, Tattlers.

  7. Are multi-story appartment and condo buildings really that bad? I'm an appartment dweller. I'm happy to have affordable housing in this nice town.

  8. John at 8:47

    Apartments are great, just so long as they are no more than 2 stories.

    Some people like to live in high rises. You can find plenty of vacancies in Pasadena, Arcadia and Monrovia.

    They aren't appropriate for this town. You are in the vast minority of apartment residents in Sierra Madre, they moved here and pay good rent here to live here, because it's small.

  9. PS
    I live in an apartment. I love Sierra Madre.

  10. I moved to Sierra Madre 12 years ago with the hopes that my future children would grow up in surrounded by the beauty that is Sierra Madre. We are so unique...walk to downtown, grab a slice of pizza, a coffee, a newspaper...maybe ice cream. Go downtown mid afternoon during the week and see all the school children enjoying the charm that is Sierra Madre. I can guarantee that folks don't let their kids do that in other cities.

    We bought a house here (not cheap, I might add) BECAUSE there was no condo's/mixed use, over development downtown...I will support Mr. Crawford for that exact same stand...people say Sierra Madre is Mayberry ... I can't agree more!

    Mr. Crawford...carry on, you have my families vote!

  11. Hey John:

    Apartments are great...I lived in one in Sierra Madre for 7 years before I bought a house here...

    I can guarantee you that living in a mixed use condo/apt would not be an inexpensive endeavor. Pasadena charges approx $ 2500.00 for a apt in Paseo....keep that in mind when you want mixed use..

  12. Actually it looks like your critic was correct in his calculations of building height. In the picture we all got in the mail, there are six stories shown rising above a wood fence. It is an accurate assumption that there is another floor behind that fence which would bring the total to 7 stories.

  13. I lived in an apartment for years, Kate. No reason why apartment dwellers shouldn't have what Sierra Madre has to offer. But I think the topic here is overdevelopment in an already built out town. Did I miss something here?

  14. Could be a parking level, 9:17. Or nothing depending on the angle.

  15. 9:18.....There are plenty of apt blds in Sierra Madre put in new ones through mixed use THOSE would rent for $2500 and up .... that's not what Sierra Madre needs..

  16. That is what has happened in other towns. When the plans are made many of the condos are supposed to be low income. But once they get built the developers decide it would be cheaper to give up the the government incentives and just sell them at the price the market will bear. Of course, often they haven't been able to sell them no matter what the price, and they end up trying to rent them. The 'for rent' signs have been up at Monrovia Commons for a couple of years now.

  17. That post highlighted in today's article is a beautiful demonstration of the light-our-hair-on-fire hysteria we've seen before: it's development my way, or it's economic death due to the only conceivable alternative, no growth. No one I have heard in this town on the slow growth side takes the NO growth position. Slow does NOT equal no, you dufus.

    The post in it's entirety a few threads back, also has this gem of doublespeak, a perfect match for the linguistic games we have discussed on this site before. Check it out:

    "I am for preserving the integrity of Sierra Madre while encouraging smart and responsible development."

    Define smart and responsible, and while your at it, I'd be very interested in hearing what you think "integrity" is....As Mr. Crawford has so clearly pointed out, some of us are proud of our downtown already. What is your measure, poster, that you are not?

    Have you read the Environmental Impact Report for the Downtown Specific Plan? It's available in the library.

  18. Yes, Bad Karma, that be the kicker about the so-called low income housing. Didn't Ms. Warner use the expression no covenant? So it can be built low income, satisfy Ikhrata and his masters, be rented out low income for an initial period (a month? a year?) and then it's Let the good times roll baby.
    What a hustle.

  19. Good point, 10:05.

    The DSP EIR was shocking.

  20. Think people: Once we begin to tear down Baldwin, Kersting Ct and SMB for mixed use for "smart and responsible development" there goes the charmn of Sierra Madre. It will be a mess and not to mention UGLY and unnecessary. People will shop elsewhere during construction and the shops in that area will lose business. The new mixed use buildings will rent for more money and people will leave. There goes the charm and the money goes into the Realtors and BIA pockets and the politicias are so happy.

    Now we are like every cookie cutter town and the traffic is worse and it is NOT friendly, no one knows one another, and the parking? c'mon no one really has that figured out.

    It sounds like SF or NYC, but worse because it is Sierra Madre in ruiniation and it is not SMART and the whole idea is MAD and CRAZY.....but listen to John and Joe because they always HATE it when they cannot get it, and everyone knows it but them...

  21. Some of these posts make about as much sense as the yellow flag alert on thursday, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, ataboy, the politics of fear is alive and well right here in mayberry!

  22. how come nobody has stated the obvious? Business does not bring money to the city!

  23. John Crawford....
    sorry to hear you got the flu. Missed meeting you at the Wine Tasting party last night.

    I guess you've been so busy working, writing and canvassing Sierra Madre door to door, you forgot to get a flu shot!

    Someone told me one of the little Crawford boys had the flu last week. That will do it.
    Price of having little school age kids that bring home more than homework from time to time.
    They're worth it, however.

    Get better soon, John.

  24. Opened the page this morning, got hit with that guy's face and just had a howl. At least his dental work is good.

  25. Back to Stonehouse and after the fact 1 Carter. The LA Times today details the disaster unfolding in La Canada because in desperation residents are placing all sorts of barriers up to deflect the debris away from their homes. The problem, they are rouiting it to homes below theirs. Note to City Planners. Build on alluvial plains (Stonehouse) and and you will end up in "mudsvile". And to those below watch out it will eventually end up at your house as well.

  26. The Tattler is always about bold graphics, 11:15.

  27. Hey 11:15 and 11:29

    It looks just like an aging Glenn Lambdin!

  28. Poster 8:47. The construction of condos in the downtown is not about providing current or new residents with affordable housing. That lie was put to rest by Kurt Zimmerman during the Measure V campaign.

    It was/is about developers cashing in and then leaving town.

  29. Exactly 12:43! EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!

  30. Yep.
    As long as there is a 'no covenant' walk for the developers, there will be no affordable housing.
    They're not building that stuff for the common good you know.

  31. 10:43. The politics of fear? you mean like when the DIRTS and DICS sent a flyer to everyone in Sierra Madre with a picture of the multi-story, low-income housing project that would be built if Measure V passed.

    How about the flyer falsely claiming that the City would lose control over projects in the downtown if Measure V passed.

  32. Sorry poster 10:43, I meant poster 10:40.

    BTW, you are right, the sales tax generated in SM is basically irrelevant. Less than $200k per year.

  33. 2:25. I agree, the DIRT/DIC argument during the Measure V campaign that we needed new businesses to expand our sales tax base was pretty lame. And, by the way, candidate Nancy Walsh trotted out a similar argument a few days ago when she was interviewed by the Star News.

  34. Nancy is in over her head.

  35. Good Lord. You mean they're just recycling the same old stuff? It didn't work the first time!

  36. New businesses = eviction of old businesses.

    Funny, how many of the merchants in town who opposed Measure V never figured that one out.

  37. I hope some of those merchants read post 2:37. They need to realize that there businesses will be in jeopardy if we start encouraging new businesses to locate in the downtown.

  38. Councilman Buchanan, for one, is a proponent of bringing in new businesses to "revitalize" our downtown. Lately, he's been talking about how we need to do something with the Howie's market property. I assume he's referring to shutting down our local market.

    I can't believe anybody voted for him.

  39. Hello out there....dirts! ??????

    There is a Commercial Real Estate meltdown.

    Drive down Foothill towards Monrovia, or anywhere for that matter.....block after block of For Lease signs.

    We're doing good here in Sierra Madre.
    Only reason SNF is vacant is the greedy developers are asking way too much for it.
    They don't want to sell it. They are waiting for the dirts to take back the city council.
    They will wait 'till HELL FREEZES OVER.
    Ain't gonna happen, Aint gonna happen.

  40. John Buchanan has publicly dissed Taylors more than once. Not too long ago he called it "nothing there."

  41. Buchanan totally dissed Taylors a month or so ago. I was so embarrassed for our City. All he cares about are his investor pals.

  42. 2:49,
    he's probably one of those "investors".

    Sure enough worked hard to defeat the PEOPLE'S Measure V.

    John Buchanan is not a nice guy, at all.

  43. The DIRTS remind me of a man who marries a woman, and then signs her up for all the plastic surgery he can afford. Or a woman who marries a man, and then nags him ceaselessly about getting a better paying job.
    So they want Sierra Madre to get a face lift, boob job and bring in more bucks.

  44. Let's see... Taylor's Market is alive and well with terrific meats and great produce; wants to expand but the greedy LLC won't give them a lease so they can put in an expanded grocery and hot deli. SNF is in deplorable condition (but I've heard the SMCC is attempting to put together an offer to buy since their big building plans blew up over parking); and the former Steamer's building is empty because their overhead was so high (thank you Rick and Margie) the SMCC could no longer underwrite the lease. The Charcuterie seems to be thriving, UGO's seems to be busy; a new spa has opened; Dickson-Podley is culling the former Webb-Martin non-sellers from staff; business is slow for some but the storefronts are attractive. How is it that Measure V has been bad for Sierra Madre? Once again, John Buchanan, why isn't it that businesses won't come to Sierra Madre? Is is Measure V or a slow economy? Even the second gas station is open under new ownership! The Chamber of Commerce has had to hire an administrator to deal with all of the new members. Let's get real folks! It's the LLCs and Mr. Fish who are the losers! Wait until the blight law passes...

  45. Chunga's RevengeFebruary 20, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    To put it into classic political language, Walsh and Moran are swimming with the red herring. They have no real issues, just rewarmed Johnny B blather.

  46. You know what's really sad, 5:25?
    When we elect John Crawford, Pat Alcorn and re-elect Don Watts, we will still be stuck with that
    windbag of pontificating nonsense, Buchanan.....


  47. Perhaps if Pat, John C, and Don are elected, we can award J.B. a golf club and tell him to go play golf, because that's the only thing he will be doing for his last two years in office.

  48. He sure was a "failed" mayor in 2006.

    He had the majority on the council, endorsed the porn/smear site, The Cumquat, in spite of evidence and protests by residents, like Fay Angus, who was viciously smeared. Buchanan refused to apologize to Fay.
    I think Neuroblast has that one on tape?
    Then he lost the $170,000 special interest financed No on V Campaign.
    Gave Mayor MacGillivray a weak lame answer to her council majorities request that Buchanan explain the "shenanigan years" budget scandal.
    When he was on the infamous "shenanigan council" in 2004 he voted to allow the destruction of One Carter. Mayor MacGillivray and the majority had to fight to save lot 3 for the city.
    Yes, Sierra Madre, Buchanan was a failed Mayor, a failed Councilman, and should have never been re-elected. Sierra Madre won't make the same mistake with Mosca, another lobbyist lawyer for special interests in Sacramento.

    Sacramento Joe needs to be fired.
    He lies. He doesn't work for us.
    One lobbyist for Sacramento is one two many on our city council....we don't need two. Fire Mosca. We're stuck with Buchanan for another 2 years.

    Yep, Sierra Madre, that "hope and change" we all voted for with Kurt, Don and MaryAnn is working just fine for Sierra Madre! Thank you very much!

    We need to continue it with the re-election of Don Watts, John Crawford and Pat Alcorn.
    We owe it to Mayor MacGillivray.

  49. I can't believe that somebody would compare our beautiful downtown with Detroit. That is just ridiculous.

  50. The mailer was about SB375 and state mandated development.
    Why are is the Downtown Investors Club taking this so personally?
    Did they just look at the picture?

  51. One of the "shenanigan years" ex-mayors once told a group of Sierra Madre residents that "this town will dry up and blow away" if they didn't get the horrible DSP (downtown specific plan) passed, otherwise known as NO ON V.
    The people of Sierra Madre didn't want that DSP, but this "shenanigan years" ex- mayor, who was also responsible for the One Carter destruction, was desperate to beat down the Yes on Measure V.
    There were rumors he had investments in the Howies Market property.
    When the Kurt Zimmerman and Don Watts ballot Measure V WON, this man walked around town looking like he needed to be on a suicide watch.
    You shouldn't have gambled on this, R.S.
    The people in Sierra Madre are more important than your "investments".

  52. Oh, John! Don't you see? The Downtown Investors Club has lost its oomph! A few grey haired has beens down on their political careers trying to salvage dignity by appearing at local events and tippling too smartly of the fruit of the vine. "Let's talk about the past," they say. Never "let's get on with what's best for this town." You, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn are just what we need! Fresh vision, fresh energy and total dedication to the residents of Sierra Madre. Remember, Voters! These three aren't looking to line their pockets by sitting on City Council. No back room deals and no selling of information between the AAR, the BIA, and developers. Vote Don, John and Pat on April 13th!

  53. Crawford?

    How about an interview with Laurie Barlow on the Tattler?

    Laurie knows how dangerous and destructive to California (including Sierra Madre) this Senate Bill 375 will be.

    Laurie is an architect from Pasadena who works statewide with people fighting this.

    She posts often on this board, but I would like to see an entire column of a question and answer interview with her.
    I think new Tattler readers would find it very interesting.
    Several of my neighbors who got your card about SB375 in the mailer the other day are interested in finding out more information.

  54. The "old guard" sure did not support the Library fundraiser on Friday evening. Your absence was noticed but you were not missed.

  55. Be sure and check the article in today's LA Times about the " measure J" up Carpenteria way as a sequal to Roski Field "a ten story oil derric" is being lobbied by an Oil Co. right in the middle of a residential community and a seal rookery. The oil company is attempting to bypass CEQA with money and a ballot initiative. Not far behind Roski! Get ready the battleships are coming.

  56. Thanks 9:44

    See, people, this is going to happen on a regular basis in California if we don't stop Sacramento!

    CEQA laws protect our State, they protect Sierra Madre. We need to fight this.

    CRAWFORD, WATTS and ALCORN along with Mayor MacGillivray will fight for CEQA rights.

  57. Not so funny that Governor Ahnold, who claims to be El Supremo on all things Green, is leading the charge to gut CEQA. I voted for him, and do I have buyer's remorse!

  58. Yes, we know how you feel, 10:01

    75% of the posters and probably readers on this blog, voted for Joe Mosca in 2006.

    Talk about remorse!!!!!!!!

  59. Without a doubt, the worst vote I ever cast. Bar none.

  60. We didn't vote for Arnold, we got that one right, but we did vote for Mosca.....MISTAKE

  61. Don Watts and Kurt Zimmerman both voted for Joe Mosca in 2006. They believed he shared their platform on the DSP.
    Joe Mosca betrayed them on his very first vote for developers.
    Think how they felt! Isn't that sad?
    I'll bet Joe Mosca never voted for Kurt and Don.

    A high class person can be hurt only by a low class person, low class people don't care.
    Joe didn't care.

  62. "A high class person can be hurt only by a low class person, low class people don't care"

    this is one of the dumbest things i have ever read! i'm ashamed to call myself anonymous.

  63. "How dumb to think the residents of Sierra Madre are?"

  64. "dumb is as dumb does"

  65. Sure would be nice to see someone running for office on their own merits, instead of other peoples' coat tails.