Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter in the San Gabriels

You might recall that back in the earlier days of this blog we did an article about some of the good works being accomplished by a group of folks calling themselves San Gabriel Mountains Forever. They had financed a poll regarding how people truly feel about our mountains, and the results showed that preserving the wilderness areas surrounding us is among the highest priorities for those who live in our little slice of the world. The results of this poll were sent on to Congressman David Dreier in hopes of enlisting his support in helping to preserve our mountains and wilderness areas. If you would care to read the article, it has been kindly reproduced on the San Gabriel Mountains Forever website. You can access it by clicking here.

Yesterday I received a press release from this great organization, and I thought that I should just reproduce the whole thing here on The Tattler. There are many ways to celebrate Easter this weekend, but few more charming or beneficial than the one they have put together for us all.

People of Faith Gather for Easter in the San Gabriel Mountains in Support of Wilderness Protection. Local Partnership Working to Preserve Water, Open Space, Recreational Benefits and Spiritual Values of Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests

Los Angeles, March 30, 2010 - Several churches from the San Gabriel Valley will meet in the San Gabriel Mountains this Saturday - the day before Easter - to express their support for more protection of the mountain range.

The San Gabriel Mountains serve as a spiritual sanctuary for people of many faiths, with baptisms every weekend, pilgrimages up Mount Baldy, meditation retreats at church camps, and prayer services by the river.

On Saturday, April 3rd, at 9:30 a.m., an early Easter service will be held at the East Fork of the San Gabriel River (Heaton Flat). By breaking bread together, praying in community, worshipping in the midst of creation, and singing for God, participants hope to raise greater awareness about the need for further protection of these mountains and rivers.

The morning will include an Easter worship service, a hike to view proposed Wilderness designations, a light lunch, and a letter-writing campaign to Rep. David Dreier, the congressman whose district includes the mountain range.

Easter worshippers are asking for two federal protections to further protect our public lands: Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River designations. They seek to add 30,000 acres to three existing federal Wilderness areas: Sheep Mountain, Cucamonga, and San Gabriel. In addition, they would like to see 46 miles of the San Gabriel River, San Antonio Creek, and Middle Fork Lytle Creek preserved with Wild and Scenic River protection. Currently, no rivers in the Angeles forest have this protection.

"The mountains bring incredible peace to people of faith, providing quiet and solitude that allows them to experience the closeness of God, pray, meditate, and find renewal," said Casey Crosbie of Progressive Christians Uniting. "The San Gabriels are a precious spiritual resource that we must protect."

Beyond its rich spiritual value, the Angeles National Forest is an irreplaceable natural resource that gives Los Angeles County 70% percent of its open space and more than one-third of the county's drinking water. The forest also serves as critical habitat for many endangered and sensitive plant and animal species including the mountain yellow-legged frog, Nelson's Bighorn sheep, California condor, mountain lion and the spotted owl. Without further protection, the mountains and rivers may face future damaging development including roads and power lines.

The Easter in the San Gabriels event is being organized by San Gabriel Mountains Forever, a diverse partnership of local business owners, residents, faith and community leaders, recreation groups, health and social service organizations, and conservation groups who have united to preserve this mountain range in the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests.

Interested participants can attend the Easter in the San Gabriel service by meeting at the Rivers and Mountain Conservancy at 9 a.m. (100 N. Old San Gabriel Canyon Rd., Azusa CA 91702) to carpool. Visitors can also go directly to the place of worship at Heaton Flat parking area. National Forest Adventure Passes will be provided for all parking at the East Fork of the San Gabriel River (Heaton Flat).


  1. Morning AnonymousMarch 31, 2010 at 6:48 AM

    Thanks, Mr. Crawford, for reminding us about the "spiritual sanctuary" we find in nature.

  2. This is a very nice idea. Bringing together the religious and the secular communities in the fight to save our wilderness area is an inspired notion. I need to get to know this organization better.

  3. One of my favorite things to do is to just go outside and stare at our mountains. Contemplate their beauty. If you contemplate long enough you can actually see the energy coming off the tree tops, it is truly an inspiration!

    Thanks for posting the article, John Crawford.

    Happy Easter season to us all!

  4. The fight to hang on to what we have, here in Sierra Madre and in the San Gabriels, is a constant one. We owe so much to those who take up the fight and endure what those who wish to ruin our heritage for narrow gain throw at them.

  5. This effort comes in many forms. Save Our Saints is a group working to save open space in southern California mountains by focusing on saints names given to these areas by early Spanish explorers: San Gorgonio, San Jacinto, San Antonio and San Bernadino. This is one way in which all souls can work together for the common purpose of health, love and nature in our hearts.

  6. There has been a Zen Buddhist Meditation Center in Baldy Village area for many years and many Asians hiking the trail in Sierra Madre are meditating as they hike. It is Confucian philosophy to take care of the body, the physical link between heaven and earth.

  7. John, nice article pointing out the emergence of shared values between traditional religious vernal celebrations and the sacred found in natural settings that are vital to human well-being:

    Quotation from John Muir: "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness".
    John Muir's Birthday - April 21
    First president and founder of the Sierra Club to protect Yosemite
    Muir Woods National Monument established in his honor
    National Park Week April 18-25
    Earth Day April 22
    Arbor Day April 25

  8. I see a beautiful day when we raze the moutains, extend the Gold Line to Lancaster and build affordable housing from here to Bakersfield.

  9. This seems like something we would all want to support. Thank you for printing this.

  10. Thank you everyone for your requests for John Crawford, Don Watts and Pat Alcorn's yard signs!

    Our teams of "sign design engineers" (fancy title for us volunteers) will deliver to your property on request.

    Please call Diane or John Shear at 355-4776, give us your first name and address and we'll deliver asp.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Remember to vote on Tuesday April 13th! Vote YES on Measure ED! Along with your important votes for John Crawford, Pat Alcorn and Mayor Pro-tem Don Watts!

  11. Thanks for your post Laurie Barlow!
    Important dates to observe this season!

  12. Newcastle United Fan RickMarch 31, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    I would like to note that one of our own - Laurie Barlow AIA - has risen to such lofty heghts of society that she earned the coveted "highlighted mention" from Larry Wilson! Congratulations Ms. Barlow.

    PS: Why not have soccer fields in the parking lots and at the unsightly wash?

  13. I think that the affordable housing should be free. So much of our tax money is being spent to bail out banks who made bad investements in housing, and it is my opinion that we should be paid back in kind. Wouldn't it just have been better if the government bought up troubled housing and gave it away? Certainly a better use for our taxes than propping up some failed banks.

  14. I have heard Bart Doyle has opened his house to meet our low income RHNA numbers, a big THANKS to the Bart-inator

    Copy & paste, & you can sign the petition to save Hahamonga.

  16. You know, I don't think there was anything about Good Friday or Easter in the Mountain Views News this week. Was the paper's publisher so consumed with rage and loathing that she completely forgot about two of the most important dates on the Christian calendar?

  17. The reason I mentioned the Central Arroyo as a location for the soccer fields is primarily because when I worked on the Hahamongna MP with Miralles over a decade ago, we found that it was not compatible with Hahamongna's use as a spreading basin (it floods and is designed to do that), among other things. Plus with all that usage it requires roads and parking in a natural park preserve, just too destructive.

    Meantime, all that parking and open space in the Central Arroyo can be very well served by replacing those acres of asphalt with surfaces that absorb water. Tim Brick has already got a project down there that pulled out some parking spots to plant trees and allow rainwater to absorb into the ground. And the access roads and parking areas are already there. Minimal cost to adapt this area as well as use it effectively since most of the time it sits empty when the Rose Bowl is not in use.

  18. Thanks for the link to the petition, 10:30. It's a chance to actualize wilderness preservation, rather than the all too common experience of regretting the loss of it.

  19. We have had terrible losses in our hillsides in Siedrra Madre. Don't even want to think about what has happened to the wildlife of One Carter and Stonehouse.

  20. One Carter symbolizes everything that can wrong when bad government controls our town. That is why it is so important that we vote on Apr 13. John Buchanan's hand picked puppets should never be given a chance to duplicate the kinds of devastation his vote in 2005 brought to this town.

  21. All you San Gabriel mountain lovers ought to be aware that our local, slowly recovering, slopes, and our Mt Wilson Trail herself, are at this moment being threatened with additional firestorms thanks to scofflaw slobs camping out at Orchard Camp and burning campfires to keep themselves cozy and warm. "No campfires" signs are posted at the Trail head and at First Water. But two Sunday mornings in the past month I've been to Orchard and caught these "nature lovers" at it, burning fires, not even cleaning up their ashes afterward. After lecturing them not to do so(not that I have the authority), I tried turning them in to, in order, our police department, our fire marshall, and finally the U.S. forestry. The lack of interest was resounding and universal. The police dispatcher wasn't sure where Orchard Camp is, or even possibly where the Mt Wilson Trail is, and told me neither of them were in SMPD jurisdiction anyway. Then call the Forestry, I urged her, but this seemed beyond the scope of her duties (the indifferent conduct of Sierra Madre's rogue police department, which continues threatening the city with lawsuits, ought to be THE focal point of this election but no candidate seems to possess the spine to make it so). I paid a visit to the Santa Anita boulevard office the next day to check and no call to Forestrywas received. Forestry, too, brushed me off, contending that maybe those campers at Orchard had had fire permits. Yeah, right. My former collegue from the SM fire department, Inspector Snyder, was going to get back to me about this, but has not. During the conflagrations of last year nany of us experined sleepless nights hoping the upper Mt Wilson Trail was going to be spared. It was. Now it's thretened all over again. And no agency supposed to be safeguarding it seems to care. Ideas, anybody?

  22. Are you sure this is the real Joe Scalzo? Upper case letters, correctly spelled words, punctuation, and spacing.

    But nonetheless you bring up a valid issue.

    Thank you for your post.

  23. Armed rangers, empowered with shoot to kill orders would be the way to go. Anybody sets the forest on fire deserves summary justice.

  24. Please Don't Harrass Me Officer BerryMarch 31, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    I have been waiting for my opening, and Joe has given it to me. Let me discuss my two favorite issues - the police department and our mountains.

    The Council has apparently determined that we will not receive the same level of service if we farm police services out to the Sheriff or PPD. If that means we won't be harrassed by our bored and litigious constabulary as they troll for criminal soccer moms in our bucolic two square miles, I say AMEN!

    The numbers are plain. We pay $3.6M (54% of our general fund) to our police department. La Canada pays $2.1M with twice as many people, twice the area, freeway crime access, and more business. If we cut a lousy deal we could decrease our police costs by $1.5M. Don't you think we could live with the level of police service that the super wealthy right wing residents of La Canada live with?

    This waste of money has a cost. What you say? The $1.5M would have served as a nice downpayment on the One Carter Wilderness Park and Joe Mosca Cultural Center. Oops. Too late for that. Still, Stonehouse and much of the hillsides remain available for purchase and preservation.

    The council candidates can't touch this because the bubbies with cats in the trees will go crazy. Still, governing is about choices. By continuing to waste money on excessive police services we are choosing to ignore our hillsides and other good uses to which $1.5M a year could be put.

  25. You make sense to me, 12:57. That comparison with La Canada is maddening. Anybody want to elaborate, or say why it doesn't apply to us?
    My only other question is, what are bubbies with cats in trees?
    There was a moment in time when Carter could have been saved. What a shame.

  26. Saving wilderness requires leadership. At the time Dorn Platz was sinking his teeth into the hillsides, we didn't have any leadership.

  27. 12:57. I had to laugh at Susan Henderson's lame report on the review to contract out our services and according to her, it's a mute point and she's decided that we are better off sticking with our yahoo staff of underqualified staff.

    first, i doubt that any of the agencies approached took the request seriously, no reason to take serious because it wasn't handled seriously within our city staff

    i notice arcadia declined to present a proposal because they know this was just a smokescreen attempt to appease a growing groundswell of concern that are we receiving a quality service from our SMPD

    in my experience, when I received a bid request and it was obvious this wasn't a sincere review, basically a waste of my time, i always bid very high, just to prove a point, and that is what happened recently

    when we (the city) was serious a few years back, the numbers were quite competitive, some lower and arcadia pd was a bidder

    this survey as reported by Henderson was bogus and she didn't even have the jounalistic sense to question or look deeper into the process

  28. 1:04: we also didn't have any money to either buy the one carter property or litigate in earnest. which is why we can't waste the money we have on excess police services.

    12:57: a "bubby" is a grandma.

    your friend Please Don't Harrass me (because you have nothing else to do) Officer Berry.

  29. Susan is all attitude, no brains. She is an embarrassment to this town.

  30. Still read the papers, but not that oneMarch 31, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    I think it's been pretty well established that "journalist Henderson" is an oxymoron.
    And earlier poster who wondered where Henderson's reference to Easter was?
    It will be in the next edition, maybe with the front page a local lawn with many delightful children finding treasured eggs under a Wisteria Vine, and it will be full of special advertising for Easter, that people might see the week following Easter. Might.

  31. Good point, 1:15. The New Years celebration at the MVNews lasted until almost February this year.

  32. 1:11 the incompetent leadership we had during the loss of One Carter, and the developer-loving attorney Colontuouno, should have defended the Hillside Management Zone in it's first form. Then we'd have some houses on the flatlands of Carter, & that would be a drag, but much of the property would still provide great habitat for the wildlife. Instead that stupid or/and corrupt council did not take a stand, and we have spent years and years of legal fees as a result. Surrender monkey strategies cost more than you might think.

  33. OK 1:11, I'm a grandmother, I have cats, and I am strongly in favor of forcing the Police Department to come down in cost, or contract out.

  34. Does anyone know just what kind of price tag there is for all the many years of Carter legal bills?

  35. The legal costs price tag should be zero since we settled with Dorn Platz to avoid lawsuits.

    Are you claiming that the lawsuits happened anyway?

  36. Just wondering what kind of legal expenses we have had throughout the years working it all out. There have been a bunch of lawsuits. Ms. Levin has spent a whole lot of time on it, at least according to the closed council meeting agendas. Dorn Platz to Laing Luxury to DP in bankruptcy/default and on to Capital Source, fighting all the way.
    Do you think it's been free?

  37. Attorneys charge for working on settlements.

  38. It looks like Joe Mosca took today off from work. He ignored the "No Trespassing" sign and placed a glossy, 8 1/2 x 11 flyer on my front door.

    "He" wrote in pen on it, "Sorry I missed you. Joe"

    I'm not sorry I missed him and I definitely won't miss him after he's gone.

    Joe Mosca better never trespass on my property again.

  39. 1:59, do you have signs up for the slow growth candidates? Just wondering if Joe's ignoring those, or if mine will act as a deterrent to that visitation.

  40. 1:59 - was it the flyer where Joe takes credit for every single thing ever accomplished by the City of Sierra Madre, its elected officials, staff, and sundry employees? Along with raising the mountains, hatching the parrots, and making the sun come up in the morning?

  41. Bet he signs a stack of flyers at one time just like an actor signs promotional photos.

  42. Maybe residents should have a flyer that has a picture of a shoe whizzing over the head of a running figure that also says, "Sorry I missed you!"

  43. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Mayor Jaffe who boasted that she was able to get a great contract for the police in Sierra Madre?

  44. I'l make one that says

  45. I, too, have seen the campers out at Orchard camp with a nice fire pit to boot. It's a matter of time before the an ember escapes and the whole area goes up again. I was just as shocked to see it too since I didn't think they allowed camping there much less fires.

  46. 2:19

    I love it! That's hilarious.

  47. It should surprise no one that Bill Coburn has just posted his 2010 Election Candidates Endorsements on the site. And again it should surprise no one that Alcorn, Crawford and Watts didn't make Bill's list, although Pat almost did.

  48. Bill's endorsement has been the kiss of death lately. And half of his 9 readers don't take his advice.

  49. Bill has spoken, all hail the mighty Bill and Hendson Media GiantsMarch 31, 2010 at 3:22 PM

    Bill Coburn, there's another self made and promoted heavyweight in Sierra Madre, he's about as sharp as my butter knives, at least I really don't care what his opinion is, especially since he as the Chamber of Commerce Prez, why in the world is he supporting Josh Moran, a candidate that has called for a boycott of Sierra Madre businesses. Bill should resign from the Chamber for just being plain out of his mind.

    Why would anybody vote for a guy who has advocated and pushed hard for a economic boycott of Sierra Madre business owners like Josh Moran, as a realtor for Webb Martin, did just a couple years ago? It's no surprise that Moran's backing is mostly a few friends and out of town realtors.

    One thing I did notice that I haven't noticed Moran signs on the lawns of more prominent realtors that live in town, which speaks a zillion times louder than whatever squeaks from the media empires of Coburn and Henderson.

    You know if somebody hadn 't posted Bill's opinion on this blog, probably 99.9999% of the people wouldn't know and still don't care.

  50. Hahahahahaha....

    We've got a comedian in our midst today. Keep them coming.


  51. The Tattler is the only place where the dirt media even gets talked about. And then only because they're just so much fun to ridicule.

  52. The San Gabriel mountains are so beautiful. Each morning the sun comes up, and hits the peaks with golden light, the shadows in blue. By mid-day, the light brings out the greens and purples and grays in them. In the late afternoon, the sun moves to the west, a hits the peaks with orange light, the shadows now, purple. Every single day we have the gift of "our" mountains, how lucky we are.

  53. One of my favorite views of the mountains is at night when they are dark against the night sky.
    Here's to decreasing light pollution.

  54. Something needs to be clarified in the "mainstream fallacious newspapers"

    The speakers at the last public comment.
    No one, NO ONE, contrary to what was printed by Coburn and Henderson spoke for 20 minuets.

    Joe's "unfortunate" friend, Paul Hovsepian spoke for 7 1/2 minuets, because MacGillivray was being kind. No one else would have been allowed to ramble as he did about ?????? your guess is as good as mine.

    Fay Angus spoke 5 1/2 minuets
    Shirley Moore spoke 4 minuets
    Teryl Willis and David Darbyshire spoke 3 minuets.

    Just setting the record straight Coburn and Henderson.

    Had Mosca not been so ill advised, and hasn't sought and bought the endorsement of the Democratic Party, Moore, Angus, Willis and Darbyshire would not have made comments.
    Joe crossed the line of decency and fair play.

    It seems the dirts are campaigning against MacGillivray (a fine and effective Mayor we are SO LUCKY to have).
    Is MaryAnn MacGillivray running? I don't see her name on the ballot?
    Can't you dirts find legitimate talking points to counter Crawford, Watts and Alcorn.
    All I've heard it Mosca, Moron and Walsh copying the platform of Crawford, Watts and Alcorn and knocking MadGillivray for being "mean" to Joe?????

    I think MacGillivray is too kind. Fair and kind to a FAULT. Had I been interrupted by the "infant Mosca" that evening, repeatedly as she was, I would have bopped him with the gavel.

    Joe is a sophomoric narcissist and unfit to serve in a public office.
    He's also a lobbyist for Sacramento special interests who is fighting for his political "career" this election.
    The people of Sierra Madre will NOT return this lying lobbyist back on our council.

    CRAWFORD, WATTS and ALCORN.....for honest government. Effective government FOR US, THE RESIDENTS!

  55. channel 3 watcherMarch 31, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Mr. Darbyshire actually spoke very briefly -under a minute!

  56. Thanks for the correction Channel 3 watcher.

    Perhaps team Neuroblast will run the speeches for us (please spare us Paul H.) and we can all time them exactly.

    The point is, the 20 minuet speakers Harriet and Bill complained about....didn't happened. Never happened. But, it is to be expected, they LIE, just like Joe.

  57. Thanks to all the nice people who put ordered signs today!

    I want to especially thank you for candidate Pat Alcorn.

    Pat has a broken foot, but she was out going door to door today to meet and talk to people.

    It's just an honor to be a volunteer for candidates like Alcorn, Crawford and Don Watts.
    They have true service hearts!
    They aren't politicians, they are real people.
    Real nice people, I might add.

    Please call me if you would like their signs.

  58. The world population now at 5 billion. Estimated to be 10 billion in 20 years. Ye of faith pray hard for the San Gabriels. The odds are they will be burned, trampled, or polluted, to death in the next 20 years. Or better yet pray that the worlds religions see the light and stop overpopulating our stressed out planet

  59. SShhh 5:36!! SCAG will hear and jack up
    our RHNA numbers to around 10,000.

  60. Actually, the current global population is around 6.5 Billion. China alone is approaching 1.5 Billion.

  61. More birth control, before Mother Nature whacks us but good.

  62. 5:41 :) right on!

  63. From the BBC

    Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
    Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet.

    The man who achieved global fame for his theory that the whole earth is a single organism now believes that we can only hope that the earth will take care of itself in the face of completely unpredictable climate change.

    Interviewed by Today presenter John Humphrys, videos of which you can see below, he said that while the earth's future was utterly uncertain, mankind was not aware it had "pulled the trigger" on global warming as it built its civilizations.

    What is more, he predicts, the earth's climate will not conveniently comply with the models of modern climate scientists.

    As the record winter cold testifies, he says, global temperatures move in "jerks and jumps", and we cannot confidently predict what the future holds.

    Prof Lovelock does not pull his punches on the politicians and scientists who are set to gain from the idea that we can predict climate change and save the planet ourselves.

    Scientists, he says, have moved from investigating nature as a vocation, to being caught in a career path where it makes sense to "fudge the data".

    And while renewable energy technology may make good business sense, he says, it is not based on "good practical engineering".

    At the age of 90, Prof Lovelock is resigned to his own fate and the fate of the planet. Whether the planet saves itself or not, he argues, all we can do is to "enjoy life while you can".

  64. Please, spare us the global warming rhetoric.

  65. 7:18 You bet and thanks for the memories...good by.

  66. I thought the post about Prof Lovelock was pretty good. Not rhetoric at all.

  67. avoid national politics but...April 1, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    There's been some very interesting money poured into the campaign to encourage the public to ignore global warming. Guess which businesses are funding the campaign?
    Just as realtor/developer money was spent to try & defeat Measure V, businesses that generate lots o'global warming are doing their best to stay alive.

  68. Some of the biggest GHG producers are also those who declare themselves to be the greenest of the green.

    Car companies, electricity producers, and
    developers number among them.

  69. Garbage trucks usually declare their greeness. Seems to be a law of opposites.